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April - May 2012

Automotive Component Manufacturers Association of India

Delegation to Modern Machine Shop 2012

CEOs' delegation to France & Sweden

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“Communication skills have to be developed. 2012 The workshop objective was to create ability in the delegates to communicate effectively. They are the heart of interpersonal skills and the greater the awareness of how it all works. ideas. or feeling so that it is satisfactorily received or understood • to open into each other He discussed the 7 Cs of Communication. definition. participants were shown a number of videos to link in a better manner. whether speaking. or behaviors. Samaresh Shah focused on business development and organizational transformation projects. Atul Dua. Shah started with the definition of communication that Communication is an exchange of feelings. the more effective communication will be. organization or association a lot of time. needs & Characteristics • Self Test To support the topics. Communication is • to convey knowledge of or information • to reveal by clear signs • to transmit information. b) Concise. The topics covered at the workshop. honed and added to on an on-going basis. said Mr. thought. d) Correct. e) Coherent. Every day miscommunication or differences in communication cost your business. and explained them in great detail. signals. energy and money”. Mr. a) Clear.Auto News FROM THE REGIONS EASTERN REGION Workshop on Good Communication Skills Jamshedpur: April 14. g) Courteous. c) Concrete. Regional Council Member. The faculty. an ability that distinguishes one individual from another. Also. April-May 2012 3 . writing. f) Complete. • Communication is never one way • Feedback is important throughout the communication • Constructive feedback • Active listening and its skill • How to improve communication • Develop your own communication style • Assertive communication. and information. Mr. ACMA (ER) at the workshop.

together with off-the-shelf production aids. President. 2012 ACMA (Northern Region) organized a visit of its members from the region to witness the prowess of the machine tools industry and initiate discussions on their requirements based on the mid and long-term strategies to the “Modern Machine Shop-2012” exhibition organized by the Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers Association (IMTMA). material handling and quality control systems and equipment. April-May 2012 5 . software & consultancy to address today's rapidly changing productivity and quality requirements.Auto News NORTHERN REGION Delegation to Modern Machine Shop 2012 Greater Noida: April 5. The objective of the show was to see potential and futuristic technologies in the field of metal working machinery. Rico Auto Industries. Arvind Kapur. accessories. The exhibition Modern Machine Shop 2012 was inaugurated by Mr. Kapur in his address said that IMTMA members should work on bringing down the cost of the tools manufactured in India and also improve the technology to enable them compete in the global market. ACMA & MD. It was a one-stop-shop for engineering SMEs. consumables. low cost automation. Mr.

Statistics helps in delivering wonderful results if focus is placed on analysis of true. April-May 2012 7 . said that 7 QC Tools helps in targeting for zero customer complaints and is a ‘Continuous Improvement Process’ which helps in analyzing problems on the basis of facts and data collected. which ultimately helps in Greater customer satisfaction. implementing various actions based on such analysis. through delivery of superior quality and services to Customers. elementary. adequate and relevant data. The emphasis was placed on clarity of concepts and applications of these fascinating yet simple. instituting necessary control and repeating the cycle to achieve the goal of being a leader through continuous improvement process. The workshop was designed to serve creating a clear understanding among participants on how day to day problems of any kind including those related to quality can be easily solved using these seven tools applied in a structured approach. The workshop also enabled participants to understand how these tools & techniques can be used in various organizations to exploit vast potential for making sound decisions promptly and managing various situations effectively. easy to learn and cost effective tools in dealing quality in diverse fields through varieties of case examples from real life. Pareto Analysis. Mr. He also detailed the history of new seven tools of QC along with their relation with the basic seven tools. The faculty also briefed on the Associate tools for Problem Analysis through Brainstorming.Auto News Workshop on 7 Tools of QC New Delhi: April 11-12. from real experiences/examples and helps in anticipating problems in advance. Stratification. Manoj Mathur. Check Sheets. Mathur discussed on the New Seven Tools of QC and the benefits of incorporating these tools to organization. Scatter Diagram. He also shared details on the 7 Management Rules Mr. he said. Why-Why Analysis and What if Analysis. Mathur elaborated on the magnificent 7 QC tools namely Cause and Effect Diagram. Histogram and Control Charts. Mr. 2012 The workshop faculty.

Muthu. anything that has to do dealing with other people with far more confidence. He also detailed the role of managers in organization and the building blocks of effective teams.Ford. Listening. 2012 A 2-day Workshop on APQP & PPAP was organized by ACMA (Northern Region) which aimed to brief members on APQP & PPAP. Muthu. PPAP has now spread to many different industries beyond automotive he said. he added. Chand said that it is designed to help organizations to effectively plan the design and development of a new product and had been acknowledged by the automotive industry as the a c c e p t e d standard. Workshop on Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) & the Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) New Delhi: April 26-27. APQP steps. making an impact. PPAP is also a standard part of the Advanced Product Quality Planning Process (APQP). The communication skills training included influencing. Communication tools also helps to enhance holistic personality said Mr. Objective & Benefits. listen to what he has to say and engage in dialogue said Mr.Auto News Training Programme on Communication Skills to Enhance Role Effective New Delhi: April 20. in the training : • Nature of managerial performance/Managerial/Supervisory roles and responsibilities(R&R). Elaborating on Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) which he termed as an important part of the product development process. mentioned that. and supports the requirements described in ISO/TS 16949 standard. He further said that knowledge is like circle which needs to be increased in order to increase the circumference. Communication process and techniques. Non-verbal communication/Body language. the faculty for the programme Mr. Barriers to communication. The following key topics were covered by the faculty. Chrysler. Management Information Systems (MIS)/IT support. Explaining Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) as a structured method of defining and establishing the steps necessary to assure that a product satisfies the customer Mr. Muthu also gave brief on Non-verbal communication and its forms. a good communicator often feels totally confident in those situations where one doesn’t always feel comfortable. dealing with conflict and difficult peoples. Mr. The faculty elaborated on the 4 Quadrant model. • • • • • • • • • • Role of effective communication/Importance in the Business World. negotiation. allowing producers to evaluate the components and sub-systems which they receive from suppliers. Kanwal K Muthu. The f a c u l t y elaborated on its Goals. Forms of Communication/Upward/downward/horizontal (inter departmental) communication. Subhash Chand. Management across various functions. Quality International Management Systems was the faculty for the workshop. 9 . assurance and authenticity. Presentation skills/Business presentations and public speaking. Mr. and in turn helped in establishing confidence in the supplier's management systems. Being an effective communicator means that other people take the person seriously. Communication helps in defining the role and role clarity opined Mr. 2012 During the workshop. He further explained that PPAP was initially developed by AIAG (Auto Industry Action Group) in 1993 with inputs from the Big 3 . Muthu. and GM. Elements of good April-May 2012 planning. Managerial communication/Instructions/meetings. perspective & Perception. Six P’s Presentation. planning & Preparation of communication. Chief Consultant. Features & Step by step approach.

He further explained Basic concept of performance and productivity. Gemba Kaizen. quality. Mr. reducing risk and mitigate threats. we should ask for 3 key questions • Do we have a standard? • Is the standard adequate? • Was the standard followed? He also enlightened the participants on Visual Management as the effectiveness of a workplace where all members understand and manage their own work in a safe. Mathur suggested using visuals like posters. Organizational Improvement. He also discussed and elaborated on the 3 kind of difficulties on DWM namely Mental difficulty.Auto News Training Programme on Daily Work Management New Delhi : May 4. Muthu. Kanwal K. functions. Culture building & Build to last i. DWM addresses maintenance & continuous improvement functions of management. Mr. and processes. Mr. 2012 ACMA (Northern Region) organized a training program on Daily Work Management. Explaining the importance of DWM he said that when an abnormality occurs in the current process. Training Programme on Operational Improvements through Productivity New Delhi: May 11. People Centered Management & Corporate Social Responsibility) 11 . standardized. also thoroughly cleared by the faculty. controlled and improved by the process owners. The faculty. pictures. He also illuminate the 4 levels of world class management which are. The faculty of the programme. he added. Corporate Consultancy Services. It is a part of the organizational structure and has defined roles and responsibilities. said when operational processes and systems are efficient and flexible. 5-S. Self Improvement. wherein processes are defined. 2012 The programme was aimed to brief members on Operational performance & how it is a critical part of business success. graphs on safety. (Values / Ethics. quantity and cost which were the best ways of focusing attention. President. 5-W & 2 H/4-M/3-G & Production Pyramid. Traditional productivity improvement April-May 2012 techniques. Skill enhancement & multiskilling.e. He further explained DWM as the management of routine processes by discovering abnormalities taking countermeasures and preventing their recurrence. Manoj Mathur defined Daily Work Management as a system that provides the ability to manage departments. He laid stress on Safety and training of operators in order to create ownership and accountability. Development of positive attitude among team member is crucial for the organization. clean. pride and continuous improvement. organized environment that fosters open communication. an organization can more easily respond to changing business conditions. Habit forming. System strengthening. Technical difficulty and Organizational difficulty. allowing taking advantage of new opportunities.

This technique is a highly effective way to reduce ‘Mistakes’ and boost ‘Quality’ and is a useful device which prevents incorrect parts from being made or assembled or easily identifies a flaw or error said Mr.HR Professionals. F R Singhvi.Auto News Training Program on POKA YOKE New Delhi: May 18. Sequential Inspection and Source Control. Associates was the faculty of the programme. 3rd HR Conference : “Engage HR as Strategic Partner and Cultivate Internal Skills” Gurgaon: May 9. Aquil Busrai talked about “Human Resource Development – Whose responsibility is this . JBM Group. Hari Nari. Chairman. General Manager – HR. CEO. pressure etc. Vice President – HR. which is defined as an error already occurred & Prevention which is termed as an error which is likely to occur. He briefed on the major causes of defects and typical issues of this system through some common examples of Poka Yoke with the participants. Vinod Razdan. Shigeo Shingo to avoid human error at work for achieving Zero Defect. IR & Skill Development Committee gave welcome address and thanked speakers to spare their valuable time to join the conference. 2012 ACMA (Northern Region) organized 3rd HR Conference on “Engage HR as Strategic Partner and Cultivate Internal Skills” with the objective to discuss and understand the paradigm shift in the role of HR & IR under changing global scenario and projected growth of Automotive Industry. who is working as a Consultant in S. Aquil Busrai.K. Mr. Aquil Busrai Consulting. Employers to strategies to develop each and every individual employee to meet company objectives. Mr. mechanical. Sunil Srivastava. create. He elaborated on the types of sensing devices like Limit switches. Poka – Yoke mechanisms can be used in electrical. The Conference had presentations by eminent and experienced HR professionals like Mr. Proximity switches. Mathur. He mentioned that In view of projected growth in the automotive sector. an integral part of CEO Team in shaping the future of the company and aligning HR’s role with the goals of the company. He also elaborated participants on the 7 keys to successful implementation of mistake proofing system and the seven step methodology of mistake proofing. procedural. visual. He stated that the objective to give zero defect products & services to customer is the first principle of quality. Business Managers or CEO’s?” April-May 2012 13 . Nikos Consulting. Sr. HR. Mathur explained that there are two types of mistake proofing –Detection. 2012. Giving further introduction of POKA YOKE he said that it is a Japanese technique started in 1961 by Dr. or any other form that prevents incorrect execution of a process step said Mr. 2012 ACMA (Northern Region) organized a one day training programme on Poka Yoke on 18th May. Mr. Advocate (Labour Laws). CEO. micro switches. Singhvi emphasized that all CEOs should realize and work towards making HR Department. we need to adopt the best practices and establish ourself as the most preferred employer. This may facilitate employers to retain employees in company and also sustain their interest to innovate. Manoj Mathur. Mr. He defined Poka Yoke as a technique used for avoiding simple human errors at work. Beam sensors and the sensors used to detect changes in physical condition like temperature. Mr. Mr. S. Mr. He also shared 3 steps to achieve zero defects which are Self Inspection. Kaushal & Associates on some of the relevant topics with opportunity for participants to interact and seek clarification. Mr. manage and deliver the products of highest quality at lowest costs for the Global markets. Visteon Climate Systems and Mr. human. help in personal growth and achievements of its employees. Mathur. photoelectric switches. M M Kaushal.

. He stated that HR is not rocket science. The conference addressed issues of Leadership. and motivation drivers. Stretched targets. Ramkumar. client focus along with result oriented growth. Immediate Past President. besides HR Personnel. He suggested HR Professionals to take self initiative and implement innovative practices as per their requirement. Success for every organization is must if top to bottom level have conviction to achieve targets. F R Singhvi thanked all the speakers for their time and contribution. Prince Augustin. Technology). Culture and Culture of Innovation. Welcoming the delegates and the speakers at the Conference. ACMA and Joint Managing Director. Managing Director. Having a Frugal mindset while delivering superior quality at low costs were ways to think differently he added. Mr.. Arvind Balaji. which he felt would be a defining factor for corporate. Sharing insights on Mahindra “RISE”. innovation. M M Kaushal gave presentations on Industrial Relations (IR). The objective of this culture was to appreciate colleagues for small / big help and assistance provided.National Conference on Building A Stronger Corporate Constitution Chennai: April 12. Sharing experiences from the Cognizant view point. Cultural transformation was the need to make the difference in the mindsets of people. Time pressure. Vice President. Shortage of Leaders was limiting the Growth mentioned Mr R. Reality checks. Bad. challenges and future gave a perspective on importance of culture in building a stronger corporate constitution. 9 Box Matrix Succession Planning. Mr. what makes employees stick?. Mr Dattatreya Gaur. April-May 2012 15 . Mr. The industry should look at providing a healthy work culture which would in turn help in innovation and IPR Creation. Mr L Ramkumar. Mr. Mr. invention. He shared his experience of implementing Green Culture in one of the organization. take customers as coach approach as some of the traits of leaders.’’ The role of HRM has gain more importance in the year 1980 and 1990. He concluded. Human Resource up to the early 1960s was typically considered to be a subfield of IR but in more recent years. Mr F R Singhvi. Executive Vice President (Group Human Capital & Leadership Development). “RISE” while driving the positive change also changed the destinies of people both internal and external and brought about the entrepreneurial mindset making it globally inclusive he said. Augustin said. Mr Srivats Ram. sharing the TVS Story. Benefits of corporate governance and also shared practices at Murugappa Group. Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions India Ltd. Ramkumar mentioned that the company looked for global mindset. alternate thinking and driving positive change were the key pillars of RISE. he mentioned was a proactive strategic decision of the company to improve Brand Recognition. His presentation covered overview of Bosch. fostering innovative organization and innovation management in Bosch. role model and responsibility. connect and bond with consumers. Reward & Recognition and leadership development. People. Accepting no limits. Chairman (SR). 2012 ACMA Southern Region keeping in line with its theme for the year organized a National Conference on Building a Stronger Corporate Constitution. challenging limits and celebration of failures to increase the risk appetite brought about this change in M&M. Terming HR as the core DNA of successful companies. Sunil Srivastava gave presentation on “A Paradigm shift towards Business Partnership”. it is just common sense and execution excellence. Innovation happens when one takes chances. creativity. He touched upon Performance Management System. Hari Nair. Bosch History – Leadership by Innovation. Vinod Razdan and Mr. curiosity and observation. The bold step he said was taken by the company on the strengths of its people. presented on how Bosch was able to develop a culture of innovation. Process. Sad and Glad Approach For balanced & harmonious industrial relations one should work with great focus on details Credibility of Management should be enhanced Mr. SVP – Marketing and Communications. mentioned that the challenges facing members brought about ACMA organizing this conference. the two fields largely been regarded as separate work profile. Wheels India Limited. due to liberalized government policies of various countries the human resource started floating from one country to another which led to diversification of workforce and cross culture took . • • • • • Engage workforce Workers Participation in Management (WPM) Be sensitive to the workforce and manage emotions with Mad. One notable trend was the replacement of the old term ‘‘personnel management’’ with the new one ‘‘human resource management. he mentioned saw the R&D pool grow from 100 people in 2003 to over 3000 people in 2012. ACMA & Managing Director. Sansera Engineering Private Limited in his presentation covered Culture.Auto News He shared his experience of working as HR Professional in various leading organizations and the changing role of Human Resource Management from 1960s till now. Mr. Mr. creative thinking vs. Tube Investments of India in his presentation on Corporate Governance covered various aspects including what corporate governance meant. Challenges. Elements of Corporate Governance. Balaji called for ways to unlock the potential of people to surge ahead of competition. Mr. its values. Corporate Governance. He urged the participants to benchmark across the industries and not only against competitors. RISE. Consumer should relate to the company and business he opined. Mahindra and Mahindra. value systems. Cognizant Technology Solutions while addressing the participants on Leadership. drew an analogy of an Eagle’s lifecycle to the transformation process of M&M during the adoption of RISE. he added. agility. In the workforce a concept of “Auto Passion” was being developed which would sow the thought to think for innovation. Chairman-HR Committee. process and continuum. Business Managers and CEOs as well. HR is responsibility of Line Managers. The company. followed by regulatory framework in India. HR (People. Some of the key points mentioned and deliberated by the speakers during the conference are :HR has to be at the shop floor to actually realize the problems and build cordial relationship with associates. SOUTHERN REGION ACMA (Southern Region) explores new avenues .

Welcoming members at the IP Rings facility. The Variant Work Order Process enabled the company to handle 3. Harcharan Singh. Best practices on 5S. Cycle Time reduction and use of Low Cost Automation was showcased. The workshop addressed various steps for the trainer to prepare oneself for delivery and evaluation and touched upon topics like why training?. Mr. leading the delegation to two member companies IP Rings Ltd. he said. Ltd. principles for conducting sessions. Members were able to witness the practices shared by the company. Ltd. CEO & Chief Consultant. Myth Buster. setting training objectives smart. The best practice on Flow Manufacturing to achieve “Total Process Management” was shared and witnessed during the visit. DGM. The company was working closely with IIT. WESTERN REGION Workshop on Value Stream Mapping Pune: April 11. 4 types of facilitation skills. The company had a unique proposition to its customers of even accepting a “single piece” order. 2012 Learning from the best practices has been a healthy tradition in ACMA said Mr. mentioned that the company was a OE supplier with 80% of its business coming from the OE segment. Sr. Mr. Identification of training needs. mentioned that learning from the ACMA-ACT Cluster of which the company had been a part of. Ravi Sharma. My machine concept was well accepted and included the involvement of office staff. With the objective to create awareness of the power of such tool and use of same in cross functional way to improve production and reduce the cost. Weekly audits on 5S were carried out in the 5 Zones bifurcated by the organisation and had a flag system to highlight the score in each zone. Balachanar. Workshop on Train the Trainer Chennai: May 24-25. Daily Work Management and Variant Work Order Process were shared with members. Training aids. 2012 The faculty for the workshop on Train the Trainer was Mr. & Madras Engineering Industries Pvt. 6 steps in objective setting. Madras on product development. Training methods. Advantages of Training. training development system. explained the faculty Mr. 3C. Chennai: May 18. Madras Engineering Industries Pvt.Auto News Southern Region organises best practices visit to IP Rings Ltd. Sridhar. J. Advantages of Training.500 part numbers with high SMED turns. The company which has been a part of the ACMA-CII and ACT Foundation and Advance cluster had benefitted a lot by engaging in the cluster movement. what makes a training program effective. Trinity HR Solutions. Why do we need training assessment. 3M. 2012 Value stream maps serve as a critical tool during the review process and can reveal substantial opportunities to reduce costs and improve production. designing a program. Factors affecting a trainer. Skills of a Trainer – 4CS. TaktTime. Johnson Andrews. The company was operating on an 82% OEE. the map helps reveal hidden waste in 17 April-May 2012 . All problems were analysed and addressed using the Kaizen and QCC approach. VSM is all about developing the skill to clearly see customer requirements and process flow. assessment methods. 10 new part numbers were developed each month based on customisation and requirement of customer.. Implementation of best use of IT was seen in the production line with “Poka Yokes” in place in the software used. Trainer – Personal qualities to look for in a trainer. approaches of training. tips to effective training. General Manager Operations. was being horizontally deployed in all plants including the Mahindra World City SEZ. and Madras Engineering Industries Pvt. As a visual representation of the Value Stream. Various exercises and case studies. Ltd. a training programme on “Value Stream Mapping “ was organized. IP Rings was also using the IT to its advantage and had its checks and balances on the process flow using IT. PQ Analysis. including how to give a presentation formed part of the training session. Welcoming the delegation and presenting the company perspective.

Auto News ACMA IN THE PRESS April-May 2012 18 .

knowledge of these tools is mandatory under the ISO/TS standards. he added. which was co-hosted by Aurangabad Electrical Company Ltd.Seven types Elimination of MUDA -.HRM. He mentioned that the recent changes in Maharashtra Factory Act have brought new rules on safety and the same is applicable from 3rd January 2012. Sahu. In addition to regular presentation on best practices on HR implemented at the host company. Shaligram had been invited for interaction and to provide update on IR. 2012 The 5th ACMA Western Region HR Forum meeting was held at Minda Industries Ltd. (Electrical & Electronics Domain)..waste ACMA WR HR Forum Meeting Chakan: April 25. Singh added. Deputy General Manager. April-May 2012 • • Cause and effect analysis for solving day to day problems. a training programme on SPC and SQC was organised. presented a brief overview on Minda group of companies. In addition. Mr. succession planning. • data and its relevance. Presenting the Best HR practices implemented at Minda. Mr. one must file it Training Programme on SPC&SQC Nashik: April 27. Mathadi. The key learning:• • • • • treat HR as a strategic business partner to retain talent. The key learning: • • • • • • Why use value stream mapping How to create a value stream map From process maps to value stream maps How to find out Waste Type of Waste -. Highlighting the vision and goals of the company. 2012 Knowledge and practice of SPC and SQC systems is equally important for Quality Circle functions and Quality improvement Team activities.Auto News the system and problems associated with material and information flows within a process. career development plan. Sahu stated that Minda’s HR vision is to create a passionate and learning organization as the group treats HR as a strategic business partner. Sahu mentioned that the company aims to make the Group a global benchmark in QPCDSM by 2012-13 and pioneer in technology by 201415. Tools and techniques for SPC and SQC and its practical application. job rotation. The key learning:• importance of SPC and SQC for quality and productivity improvement. H. Advocate Jayant B. Chakan. follow systems like leadership development. managing processes without defects 19 . With the objective to develop data analyzing & related corrective action qualities. Minda Industries Ltd. Mr. Compliance is key to success even if there is nil return one must file it. Deploy systems for talent engagement such as effective performance management system Update on IR by Advocate Shaligram on Maharashtra Factory Act Compliance is key to success even if there is nil return. Advocate Shaligram briefed the members on recent amendments under various ACTS such as PASARA.K. Mr. Touching upon IR issues.

he added.better communication and co-ordination –within the project. in full and within budget said the Faculty Mr. ACMA said that the auto industry has changed dramatically and grown significantly since last two decades and to sustain this growth we need to put proper systems in place.are few and far in-between! This is a challenge that auto component industry is facing. Vijay B. said Mr. Late Start Critical Path Critical Chain Buffer Management April-May 2012 20 . Ltd. Statistically. thus creating a plan which is much better at absorbing the “uncertainties” encountered by a project. Javin Bhinde. Bhinde further said that it does not matter how many projects have you started but how many you have completed matters a lot. the Western Region organized Workshop on “Critical Chain Project Management for faster new products development & launch. and Executive Committee Member. Pusalkar .On time. Indo Schottle Auto Parts Pvt.Auto News Workshop on Critical Chain Project Management for faster new products development & Launch Pune: May 4.a) newer ways to bring project delivery under control and b) to manage a faster delivery time. The workshop was organized to address this challenge and impart knowledge about :. plan and design new activities. Mr. 2012 Continuing its efforts to innovate. he added. Systems are more important than skill. Chairman & Managing Director . The key learning: • • • • • What is CCPM & its implementation Challenges in a typical Project Early start Vs. The most important change that CCPM brings is . Mr. Bhinde mentioned that CCPM treats task time. Mr. the projects which have successfully achieved all prime parameters . within budget and with complete specifications . This immensely improves project “Flow“and “Focus” in the environment. Javin Bhinde. safety buffers. one of the founding partners of the SynCore Group. resource loading and project milestones differently. Welcoming the participants. Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) based on “Theory of Constraints’ Provides a better way of managing a project on time .

2012 which was well attended by 16 IPO members with the meeting being chaired by the Chairman of the Forum Mr. ACMA Centre for Technology (a division of ACMA) mentioned that variety in itself is not undesirable while variation is usually undesirable. Delux Bearings Ltd. Saumitra Chaudhuri. • The objective of the meeting was to discuss on how to take further the five initiatives which the Forum has been driving since last two years which are as follows:. Department of Revenue. Drawback Committee.Auto News Training programme on “Continuous Improvement in Workplace Quality” Pune: May 18. Bose. ACMA delegation raised the relevant issues such as code mismatch. Member. Improvement can be seen only if it is measured. The course content included: • • • • Understand variation and its control for problem solving.To understand other LCC pricing and levers for cost competitiveness April-May 2012 21 . Saumitra Chaudhuri said that the Committee would look in to this matter. Positive implementation through simple SPC tools. Engineers. 2012 With the objective to make the people better equipped to solve shop floor problems more effectively. Dr. Drawback Committee and Mr. 2012 The first IPO Forum meeting for the year 2012-2013 was held in Bangalore on April 4. K. Joint Secretary. the faculty discussed the preliminary steps in this journey.To improve our Supply Chain capability . Kirti Rathod. R. Describing the variation reduction a journey. Coinciding with the visit. few components not mentioned under Drawback Duty.To improve our Project Management capability . WR Members Meeting with Drawback Committee Pune: May 19. Reduce waste at the workplace through use of the above simple but statistically powerful techniques.K. Determine the quality of the measurement system used to evaluate The training programme aimed particularly for Shop floor first line Supervisors. Dy. Explaining Variety and variation. Chandrasekhar. the above.To develop Engineering capabilities among tier 2/3 suppliers . B.To improve Quality of Tier 2 suppliers . Team leaders and personnel who are involved in various Shop floor activities. Principal Counsellor. a training programme on “Continuous Improvement in Workplace Quality“was organised. Rajiv Talwar. 2012 3-member team of the Drawback Committee. the Faculty Mr. namely:• • Define the critical output variable to be controlled. Practice use of simple DOE (Design of Experiments) techniques. Rustagi. ACMA & CMD. Dr. Shri T. ACMA delegation was led by Mr. A bad measurement system can itself create variation. Member Planning Commission & Chairman. NATIONAL COMMITTEES Globalisation & Trade Fairs Committee 1st IPO Forum Meeting 2012-2013 Bangalore: April 4. WR organised its members meeting with the Drawback Committee. visited Pune. Chairman (WR).

Volvo trucks.Auto News CEOs’ Mission to France & Sweden April 16-20. EADS. 2012 ACMA organised a CEOs’ Mission to France & Sweden from 16th-20th April 2012. Delegates from 18 companies got the opportunities of interacting with the senior purchasing teams of OEMs like PSA. Husqvarna besides other representatives from the French and Swedish automotive industry. Renault. Scania. April-May 2012 22 . Specific meetings with Buyers and our counterparts FIEV and FKG members were organised. Volvo cars.

Director-Purchasing GM India & the Supplier delegation consisted of Top Management representatives from Sakthi Auto. Mr. ACMA visited Macedonia.the GM joint venturepartner in Uzbekistan. The Indian supplier community had the opportunity to explore business prospects over a span of two days where the presentationswere made by senior management representatives from GM. Precision Camshafts. Polypalstics. The team was led by MrSarvadadaSwamy. The team visited the GM Powertrain Plant in Tashkent which is one of the modern plants of GM. it was a productive tour with a positive outcome and a few opportunities which are further being pursued. SundaramFastners. Motherson Sumi etc. took a team of 10 suppliers (Manufacturers of Engine/Transmission & Vehicle components) to Tashkent. Mr. Overall. Continental andMinda Uzbekistan has got good potential and business friendly policies such as tax benefits. Due to its favorable investment & incentive policies. FTA with EU. Asaka bank andUZAVTOSANOAT. Sansera. Polyrub. Mr. April-May 2012 23 . availability of resources.Auto News CEOs' Mission to Macedonia April 21-22. President.E. Uzbekistan to explore business opportunities. Vice President. GM India IPO team takes Indian supplier delegation to Uzbekistan GM. Billforge. The objective of the delegation was to explore investment opportunities in Macedonia as it has been able to attract investments from leading auto companies such as Johnson Controls. Hon’ble Prime Minister of the Republic of Macedonia an ACMA delegation comprising Mr. and low labor cost. Deep Kapuria. Past President and Executive Director. 2012 At the behest of H. during last week of Apr’12. it is Europe and not yet Europe. Johnson Matthey. Manas Auto. Surinder Kanwar. government support for investments and others. Arvind Kapur. Nikola Gruevski. General Motors India IPO (India Purchasing Office) Bangalore.

Tej Rajput. M-15. Vice President. Bajaj Auto Ltd. 27 & 28 Phase VII. Dynamatic Technologies Ltd. Jalan. has been changed to NeoSym Industry Ltd. Rajiv Bajaj. Rajiv Bajaj. Following the same. Lucas TVS Ltd. Shvetal Diwanji. About 30 YBLF members who participated in the interaction and visit to Bajaj Auto Ltd. Pune with an objective to understand the success story of Bajaj Auto Ltd. Taylor Rubber Pvt. Pune April 2. MEMBERS' ROOM CHANGE IN DETAILS CHANGE IN CONTACT DETAILS Taylor Rubber Pvt. 2012 YOUNG BUSINESS LEADERS' FORUM YBLF organized an interaction with Mr.Auto News Interaction With Mr. has been changed to ALP Nishikawa Company Ltd. the YBLF team took a plant round at Chakan (Pune) Plant of Bajaj Auto Ltd. Managing Director. S. Automotive Business. Eaton Industrial Systems Pvt. 283. Krishnakumar Srinivasan. The name of The Indian Smelting and Refining Co.. Ltd. & Sustainability. 24 .R. Ltd. Corp. Mr. Tata Autocomp Systems Ltd. and its emergence in the new platform as per the changes in the demands of product by the market of the new era. Sales Director. Mr. SIDCO Industrial Estate Thirumudivakam Chennai 600044 Ramkrishna Forgings Ltd.Comm. Vikram Jain. MD & Plant Visit . AVR Valves Pvt. 16 & NS 26.Bajaj Auto Ltd.P. Ltd. Chairman. NeoSym Industry Ltd. N. Plant III & IV. Plot No. Rajiv Bajaj. Uppili. Vice President (Marketing). VP . TVS Infotech Ltd. gave good feedback for the interaction and said that they got a good amount of experience which they would like to implement into their respective organizations. Srinivasan. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Industrial Area Adityapur Jamshedpur 832109 CHANGE IN COMPANY NAME The name of Anand Nishikawa Company Ltd. Arvind Balaji. Technical Director. Ltd. M. Managing Director. CHANGE IN NAME OF ADDRESSEE Mr. Rajan Senthil. ED & President. Mr. Ltd. shared his success story and gave a brief plan of his idea of management.Group Marketing. Mr. April-May 2012 CHANGE IN DESIGNATION Mr. at their premises at Akurdi. Ramkrishna Forgings Ltd. Joint Managing Director.

visit industrial units. but there is strong determination to win. OUNG which we can cherish for a lifetime. the high growth opportunity is adrenalin. The members share and learn together. through an organised structure: the S the forum in 2003 for Young Business Leaders where they R Young Business Leader Forum (YBLF). N. Mr. Minda (left) and Mr. What started as an “idea to network”. the growth opportunity and a April-May 2012 N YOU GB NE USI L SS EAD R ' FO S R E UM 25 .F. Kennedy It has been some time since ACMA-YBLF began. was the creation ofORUM 'F potential leadership. make friends and “live a E In this exciting journey. is rapidly turning into a unique competitive scenario. For the young. forms JV companies with Uno Minda for Car Infotainment Products. The companies represented are existing members of ACMA and this is one eligibility criteria for being an ACMAYBLF member. YBLF gives us the most SIN the management of their life”. YBLF Membership is over 160 across India. to develop the business confidence and acquire the leadership skills required to face the emerging challenges in our industry. an initiative that is now widely recognised in the Industry.Auto News A CH A CH IEVEM IEVEM ACMA-YOUNG BUSINESS LEADERS' FORUM (YBLF) A generational transition is quietly taking place concurrently. EN T EN T MEMBERS' FEAT Fujitsu Ten Ltd. the Forum has had many Quality Sessions. form bonds of friendship. The challenges are daunting. ADE could interact. It is this group of “Just do it” generation that constitutes the YBLF. meet Thought LEwith S S Leaders. Y We invite you to please join us! Please send-in your details at yblf@acma. K. in the auto ACMA's response to the unprecedented change in the component industry. both National & International. exchange ideas. as they prepare to takeover U B important opportunity . second-generation entrepreneurs. In this time. in the substantially family-owned and family-managed auto component industry in India. Shigematsu (right) YOUNG BUSINESS LEADERS' FORUM “Leadership & Learning are indispensible to each other” J. where we are witnessing the development of generational change in the industry.