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'flish Yuvakbharati . XII 257 (B) Read the following extract : The two girls made their plans.

There were many thieves on the roads in those days, and it lS dangerous for rich and beautiful young women to travel alone. So they stained their faces " with brown juice to make them look sunburned and wore simple country clothes. Rosalind, who was u~h taller than Celia, dressed herself as a young man and took the name of Ganymede. Celia decided call herself Aliena. They took with them a kind old servant called Touchstone, who served as Court !ster or "Fool", to Duke Frederick. (A Jester's duty was to keep the court amused with merry jokes ~d songs arid to ,make his master laugh when he felt sad or dull.) Touchstone had always beeTi very fond of Celia and he gladly agreed to accompany her ~d Rosalind into the Forest of Arden. He still wore his Jester's clothes of red and black, with little ~lls hanging from his cap; and he was a great comfort to the two lonely girls, making them laugh ith his merry jokes and cheering them when they were tired or frightened. As you can imagine, Duke Frederick was very angry when he was told that Celia had gone ith Rosalind. He knew how much they had admired the young Orlando de Boys and he suspected ~at the t~o girls had joined the young man and that they had all. run away together. Construct a dialogue between Rosalind and Celia discussing their plans. You may begin this way: Rosalind: Let's make a plan. We have to be careful. Celia : Yes, indeed . (4) OR Read the following extract: I was ready to burst with joy and awe, flooded with emotions. I couldn't believe it! My mgel. . "I'm not letting you go." I said to Roma. And in the back of the car on that blind date, I lroposed to her. I didn't want to wait. ''You're crazy!" she said. But she invited me to meet her parents for Shabbat dinner the ollowing week. There was so much I looked forward to learning about Roma, but the most important :king I always knew: her steadfastness, her goodness. For many months, in the worst of circumstances, 1he had come to the fence arid given me hope. Now that I'd found her again, I could never let her go. That day, she said yes. Arid I kept my word. After nearly 50 years of marriage, two children 'Jnd three grandchildren I have never let her go. Imagine that one day Herman was sitting alone and thinking about his chance· meeting with Roma and his life till that day with Roma. Extend the extract by adding a short paragraph of your own (about 100 words).(4)

Writing Skills I tter Writing: .· (iii) Attractions of the place. (iv) Shopping attractions. (B) Write on any ONE of the following items as directed: (4) Write a short tourist leaflet on a place of tourist importance with the help of the following points: (i) How to reach there ? (ii) Accommodation. . (12) Write any ONE of the following letters: (4) Write a letter of application to the Principal of your college.I SECTION· D . seeking his permission for exemption from the First Term Examination. OR Write a letter of best wishes to your friend on his birthday.