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If there was a way to get you Releasing 1,000% better than you are doing now…would you be interested? Finally, a new, easy way to Release to get you back on track…just the way Lester did it…continue reading…

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Experiences Imperturbability “Releasing with my releasing partner Dennis last night I felt a deeper sense of what it is like to be imperturbable. Also, released a need to hide out from life as I let go of a lot of pain, fear and anger from a hernia surgery when I was 3. Released on my dad’s wedding this week which is a wonderful opportunity to let go of aversions to large social situations, family members and the need for approval. Really seeing how wonderful being imperturbable can be. Why should I want anything else?” Rob King, ID Does Not Need Surgery After Releasing “The reason I took the Health Teleconference Class with Rebecca was because after reviewing CT scans I was told that I needed surgery from my primary care Dr. and the Surgeon she referred me to. He was going to set up surgery but I told him that I was going to think about it. I took the class. Long story short, toward the end of the class I got a 2nd opinion that did not agree, and then went back to see the referral surgeon and had him review things, he said ‘I do not need to do surgery.’ So no surgery. What a relief! Thank you for getting me back on track and in the right direction.” Bonnie Hemauer, CA Love (Imperturbability) Oneness Overcomes Her “Day 1 of Course gain 6/22 I experienced a priceless insight early this am while doing Adv/Dis to finding the perfect partner - I was releasing on the 1st feeling and I had a total shift in consciousness - I saw how ego twisted real LOVE ( imperturbability) that underlies everything into wanting - Imperturbability is like an explosion of love re-joining the 2 seeming divisive energies of having and wanting - there is only ONE energy–that of LOVE During my releasing of wanting it morphed to having which is a letting go of duality - a shift in consciousness. Ego (me) built a huge fortress around it and called it wanting and all the nonsense that comes with it. I consciously chose imperturbability (love) - and then experienced lots of laughter thru tears of joy with tons of spontaneous releasing - here’s the kicker - this time unlike 4 years ago I was prepared for the ego. I remembered something Larry said last night about Step 6 - I kept letting go and asking “Could it get any better” and it did. I had hugh amounts of energy in my body - felt like a transformer- had to get up and movekept releasing- kept getting better- sent out the endless love to the ends of the earth- finally sat down - peace enveloped me- kept releasing- the top of my head opened and dark clouds of thought kept pouring outI became the energy of real LOVE ( Imperturbability), Oneness, which translates on this earth to Living In A Sea Of Having without the thought of it - HAVING IT ALL - then the concrete coffin surrounding my heart dissolved to reveal my true nature. All of this after the opening session of the 30 day FF course - it’s humbling and a big WOW for me-Thank you so much Larry and all your staff for doing what you do” Kathleen Unruh Unexpected $5,000 Gain “I checked my bank account status today before signing up for Bristol, and was surprised to find a balance that is 5,000$ more than what I expected to see. I had money gains before, but this is the first time that it is totally unexplainable by any ‘rational’ means. Just in the last few days I have released all my wanting around money in a very focused manner, and also let go of the mental picture of my bank account. Thanks for the commitment and the ever-increasing quality of the live classes!” Omer Gilad, Israel

such as a new house? First. as are all the higher forms of meditation. behind all desiring and seeking is 1) a motivation to be happy. Lester created the perfect method of attaining happiness with no sorrow. Happiness and Freedom During the year 527 BC. even more. Ending desire ends suffering. In this state. Buddha enunciated the Fourfold Noble Truth: Life is suffering. we haven’t learned the lesson of love taught by Christ two millennia ago either. So. to want things. and getting love through having position. a master of the desireless state was born and attained his own enlightenment at age 42. we still desire. Health. Both teachings reach the same point in the end. 3 . Twenty-five hundred years later. our true nature is constant love. or deprived. lonely. lacking. and 2) a belief that happiness lies in desire’s fulfillment. The cause of suffering is desire. During this century. means we rest in ourselves. Lester understood desire as completely as Buddha. knowledge. in the orient. Lester’s technique is powerful because it is active. Capitalism is based on fostering desire for goods. and to work to get things. His name was Lester Levenson. We are a culture of desire and fulfilling desire. or had that experience.Learn to Let Go of Desire and HAVE Prosperity. called the Release Technique Method. To become desireless. This method is easily accessible to everyone. and we believe if we possessed that object. whole. Make a List of the Things You Want in Life Make a List of the Things You Have in Life DESIRE is Holding You Back From Having Everything in Life What happens when we desire something? What is happening when we want a sense experience or to possess an object. giving love. we’d feel filled up and we would be happy. he discovered a technique of understanding and controlling desire that is far more powerful than the eightfold noble path because it was designed with the 20th Century. so we may be happy. money. Our society teaches us to desire. joyous and happy. or power. not passive. Desire is ended by following the eightfold noble path. to not want anything external to ourselves. unending love. inquisitive. psychological personality type in mind. to want something means we feel we don’t have it. We feel empty. it is much simpler. This isn’t surprising. Also.

you can only be satisfied now. so to speak. not happy in the future after attaining some experience. You may have been satisfied in the past. you don’t get it. or fulfillment is always ours already. we no longer look outside ourselves for completion. and we feel happy for a moment—until the next desire arises. accomplish nothing. we no longer look outside ourselves for something. The sense of completion. we would be happy already. When we no longer desire. a new house. at best. His hunger would likely lead to inappropriate behaviors that might get him kicked out before he ate. and then we buy the Bentley. and a constant straining for the object that prevents us from acting appropriately to get it. present experience will be of the pain of wanting. and far less obviously. the wanting something creates a duality that prevents our attaining it. at worst. Is the happiness from getting the car. check our anticipated future income. a polarization that prevents us from feeling our always-perfect completion inside. As long as we want. When we no longer desire. or from stopping the lusting? When we stop seeking. You cannot be satisfied in the future. Being in a state of desire is suffering. and we feel empty and lacking. we find the prospect of spending a lot of time with ourselves. Only by letting go of the desire can you remove the distortion that allows you to get that which you no longer desire! Paradox? 4 . but that memory does not satisfy now. empty feeling goes away. As long as we are in now (and there is only the now). which creates a pain of neediness inside. Desiring sets up a duality that makes it more difficult to get what you want. We seek nothing now. there are other psychodynamics involved. You are too uptight. This mental business reduces consciousness of our inward. we happily drive our new car for all to see. too tense. and we are happy. Even more. lacking. This understanding goes against the grain of all our beliefs. or a new sexual experience so badly “you could taste it”? What happens? Usually. and we are content to just rest in our own being. ever present happiness. wanting. The desire itself creates a duality. as we would discover. hurting. Since most of us harbor a very limited and perhaps negative self-image. crosscheck anticipated expenses. boring and. etc. Did you ever want a new job. if only we stop desiring. But this ordinary. and your behaviors are inappropriate. We read all the brochures. What is normally taken as human happiness is to get something we want so that the wanting.On the contrary. Wanting something means we believe that something is separate from us. The psychodynamics of desire are interesting. It comes from no longer desiring something. Wanting creates a separation between us and the thing desired. There is an invisible level of causation. where the wanting causes a distortion in the flow of supply and demand. Imagine a man who has starved for ten days suddenly brought to a four star restaurant. Desire is the problem. and of delaying satisfaction or happiness until attaining something in the future.. then our continuous. gruesome. dream nothing. we are satisfied. desiring an object or experience in order to make us happy. For example. After a few days of buyer’s remorse. we desperately want a new Bentley. If we had no desire. The ultimate conclusion of this viewpoint is we are happiest when we do nothing. This inappropriate behavior arises on the conscious level. and looking to a future time when we will have the desire and be happy. More subtly. we think and emote about the desired object. and we discover we are complete already. human-style happiness does not come from attaining the object.

wants. Lastly.It is a paradox only as long as you hold on to the viewpoint that you are a human being. Desire sustains the illusion of separateness by lusting after objects that appear to be outside ourselves. then it is ours. preventing us from feeling complete and fulfilled in every moment. which causes pain and inhibits receiving on the level of behavior. After letting go of the desire. he has the feeling “it’s mine already. The old expression. because we have destroyed the separating duality. In this belief system. embedded in a world of objects and time. and the universe knows it. A poor person wants money. Check the list of Wants that you have made and see if there is any pain there for not having it. the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. to experience most anything and to have most anything. that creates the duality of you. you can have it. IS THE OPPOSITE OF HAVING Desire. this ideology of illusion. in our hearts. allowing easier receiving of the desired event.K. in a body. If we can get into the feeling state that we already have what we want. desires. of body versus world. which allows 2) the receiving of what formerly was desired. We can learn to let go of feelings. we can have what we formerly desired. It is perfectly O. success is much easier after mastering the dynamics of desire. parenthetically.” thus creating more money. Indeed. is easily explained. so to speak. “If you want anything at all. with a personal history. thus creating lack. We actually allow ourselves to receive it…by letting go of wanting (a lacking feeling). See if it is everything you don’t have? Becoming perfectly happy is as easy as letting go of a hot poker. we calmly feel like we already have it. because we feel and act differently. the solution to the problem of desire is threefold: 1) we let go of the desire. we already have the completion we expected from the object. That is. and of me wanting something outside myself. trapped.” 5 . The having is not a problem. These are wonderful teachings that can appeal to anyone alive. and the sense of lacking—the suffering. or. we can do without the desired object because. Lester’s message is: You can have it all! He says. creates and sustains the dualities that inhibit our getting what we want. A rich person doesn’t want money. 3) feeling already complete. providing you let go of wanting it. That is. if instead of lusting after something. the duality disappears. This is not meant as a polemic against success. The problem is wanting. in order to rest in ourselves and end the pain of desire. too. we may decide to let go the attaining that was so important just moments before.

m.” “can’t do it. sign up NOW! You can sign up for this new teleconference by going to www. MT/ 5:00–7:30 p.m. don’t procrastinate and lose out on this opportunity—it is a one-time event! The question is. PT Plus a month long Releasing support May 20 thru June 24. 2013 Why are we doing this? You see…part of the problem is that most of the time graduates set the wrong goals! This teleconference will show you how to remove your self-sabotaging: “don’t deserve. You can even have a payment plan—just pay $495 upon registering and then pay the additional $400 the next month.m.releasetechnique. If you wish to pay in full. Central/6:00–8:30 p. So in order to participate. in a conference call. (Eastern time) 7:00–9:30 p. But we want to make this program affordable so we can help as many people as possible attend. “Are you ready to get what you really deserve in a matter of weeks—not years?” If yes. the price is $695 (a $200 savings). We’re so confident that this course will work for you.” “not motivated. in one payment.DISCOVER THE WAY TO A PERMANENT SOLUTION TO HEALTH AND WEIGHT PROBLEMS The NEW Health. that will give you enough time to have your personal problems all cleared up before you make the last payment. and as a result. people pay thousands of dollars for this kind of mentoring especially since we’re actually going to personally work with each of you on this teleconference for a full 6 or call 1-818-279-2438 6 . The truth is that we should be charging at least $3. Usually. Space is limited! If you are excited about getting clear about doing this program and determining how you are going to get it done.” and the fearful thoughts and we will help you remove them so you will have results in all areas of your life. Weight Loss & Fitness Teleconference Kris Dillard Release Instructor LIVE Teleconference Participate on the phone. If you already taken the Health Mastery course (live or on CD).000 for these teleconferences…and maybe someday we will. your discounted tuition for attending is just $895.m. For Graduates—Designed to eliminate your weight & health problems once and for all! The course is held 6 consecutive Monday evenings 8:00–10:30 p. you can attend for $495.

Fitness Lost 25 lbs. MI While we know you are interested in becoming healthier and fitter or maintaining the health and Bakery Owner Loses 60 lbs. TX Quality of life is what we all want. If you agree “I earned $40. exercising. and start using it.” Dr. back. allergies. joint pain. diabetes. as soon as you can. time to devote to it. neck. shoulder. and Gains $40. hip. I have with these three premises. osteoporosis. carpal tunnel. Let me show you how to do it!” Are you tired of worrying about your health and not finding answers? For years I tried to improve my health by dieting. What a God send. women’s conditions. heartburn. indigestion. cancer. fatigue. I lost 25 pounds by just Releasing. CA 7 . ulcers. menopause. CHRONIC ILLNESSES: Asthma.I became healthy and even lost 50 lbs by Releasing Only! “You too deserve a chance to be thin. but didn’t find any until I started using a natural ability everyone has inside of them to rid oneself of negativity and lose weight. we also know you have limited “I own a bakery. MS. fitness you have. but none has given me as much happiness Become Healthier and Fitter Faster and inner peace as Releasing. sleep disorders. sinusitis. rheumatism—any kind of pain. I looked and looked for answers. men’s conditions. joining weight loss programs. counting calories and the like. your well-being could depend on it. ADD/ADHD. with no success. while dropping those unwantbefore ed pounds and having the life beyond your greatest hopes and dreams. Kris Dillard Release Instructor after This course will help you eliminate: PAIN: Migraines. addictions. but you’ve rarely. if ever used it.” Richard Minett. weight management. simple method to hop aboard the fitness self-help programs and nothing worked till I discovered The fast train. This ability is the key to improving health. headaches. keep reading. heart disease. but you have actually been walking around with the very same ability. been to practically every self improvement/spiritual program out there. I had previously tried all kinds of diets and a fast. and I tended to sample a lot of the sweets.000 makes us want to live it every day. bipolar. depression/ anxiety. Good health helps us achieve a high quality of life. It is my sincerest wish that you become aware of it. arthritic pain and neuralgia.000 more in 2002 than I did in 2001 by Releasing only. Get on track with this amazing course. psoriasis. Steve Deweese. You may not know this. prostate conditions. Release Technique. Health & Fitness Make the Difference Loses Weight the First Week “I lost five pounds during the first week of the course withBetween Living Well and Living out thinking about it!” Lloyd Scott. We therefore pledge to you Since learning The Release Technique I have lost 60 lbs. fit. and have great health. eating disorders. knee. fibromyalgia. in a very short time.

Sometimes the harms are known. during and after class. went beyond grief.”Laura Ryan. taken seminars and listened to tapes. It has two distinct sources. My relationship with my Mother has become one of acceptance and greater harmony after being very difficult. 8 . Everyday experiences like insomnia. twitchy legs and impaired sex drive now become diagnoses: sleep disorder. I had a pain in my right underarm and breast area that is gone. I released pain from a burn–it healed with no blister or scar.Weight Loss & Health Gains Crohn’s Disease Gone & Drug Free “I’ve suffered from Crohn’s disease for 13 years. I’m definitely more loving. TX Excerpt from an article in The New York Times. Health is fantastic. after learning The Release Technique. Thank you. I released on the pain and was able to get up myself without help and had very little muscle soreness the next day and thereafter. Most of us experience physical or emotional sensations we don’t like. For the severely ill. the harms become much more relevant.700. sadness. I have let go of ‘pounds’ of old issues. I am a third grade teacher and I plan to release before. IL Released Pain In One Day “I feel better about my ex-husband–closer to feeling neutral about him.” Graham Rix. such sensations are considered symptoms of disease. Better awareness of how I get back what I give. but often the harms of new therapies take years to emerge — after many have been exposed. Making more money— received a bonus of $1. But the real problem with the epidemic of diagnoses is that it leads to an epidemic of treatments. I believe my finances are improving. and in the past. but almost all can have harms. However. My relationship with my son has become much more honest and harmonious. dated January 2. Recently I fell on my back and tailbone. I continue to do this daily and I have continued to get better. restless leg syndrome and sexual dysfunction. 2007. and more positive. these harms generally pale relative to the potential benefits. What’s Making Us Sick Is an Epidemic of Diagnoses This epidemic is a threat to your health. Since starting the course I’ve had no symptoms. I also experienced losing weight and not gaining at all even though I eat a full meal all the time. I was able to identify programs that sabotage me. had numerous flare-ups and not been able to stop taking the strong and damaging medication that keeps it at bay.” Margaret Albert. AL Loses Weight & Eats All She Wants “I gained clarity of mind. which is great as I’ve had at least one symptom a day everyday for 13 years! And now I am drug-free! I have never released on my health as a goal. AZ Health is Fantastic Goes Beyond Grief “Everything is easier. I was able to talk to Larry about a chronic bronchitis/asthma condition. depression. I feel so much lighter and happier now. I feel tolerance toward people who used to upset me. But for those experiencing mild symptoms.00 unexpectedly. He helped me release on this health issue. Better awareness of my blocks. Not all treatments have important benefits. TX Insomnia Gone “I sleep very soundly after experiencing insomnia for about 13 years. I knew this was what I had been searching for. but releasing on everything that comes at me seems to have had a strong impact on my condition.” Aileen Sugay. And for the many labeled as having predisease or as being “at risk” but destined to remain healthy. treatment can only cause harm. thank you!” Sharon Greenlee. however. I am letting go of fear and worry with ease and have a deep knowing that as I release my goals are realized. The tightness in my chest has cleared up and I feel ease now. this was considered a part of life. Increasingly.” Catherine Bode Friederich. due to the loss of a grandchild. One is the medicalization of everyday life. IL Cures Chronic Bronchitis/Asthma “I have read so many books.

Upon making this discovery. that when he was looking for love. we live in misery and constant wanting. out there. what was left was the all-loving infinite being that he had always been. Lester saw that this is the opposite of love. they have to give it to us. When he let go of all of his non-loving feelings. maybe that’s when we first decided love is out there. Isn’t that how many of us in this world spend our entire life? Looking for love in too many faces. We want them to love us so we can feel good. When he wanted to be loved he was living in negativity. He saw that it was non-loving to want someone to love us. We are looking for love exactly where it is not. we are into wanting something from someone.“I was looking for love in all the wrong places. Maybe when we lay in that crib with those doting adults hovering over us. He found. another heart. to be loved. Love is wanting the other person to have what they want even though we may not be able to give it to them. with no thought of receiving anything in return. his body was healed. his entire life was healed. And. Lester saw when we want to be loved. Lester 9 . by deep and honest introspection. We have to get it from someone. we have to get it out there. when he wanted to be loved. all of his non-loving feelings. lookin’ for love…” You probably recognize the words from the Waylon Jennings song. Maybe that was when we decided to find love. Lester set out to rid himself of. he was sick. …love is an attitude of givingness… Lester found that the times in his life when he was loving. happy. to get love. looking for love in all the wrong places. of what… I’m dreaming of… Hopin’ to find a friend and a lover. Searching your eyes. he was positive. looking for traces. when he wanted love from others. of givingness to another. and miserable and suffering. Looking for love in too many faces. He saw that love is an attitude of givingness. healthy and wealthy. Lester Levenson made a discovery in 1952. to release. if we can’t get someone to love us. God bless the day I discover.

right where we are. We look inside and we release all those negative. So. It is only when we turn away from that. always have been. And by and by we discover. wanting. we find we are becoming more loving—actually. All we have to do is open up to the all-loving being that we really are. and we think love is somewhere out there and we have to go and find it. so much anger and frustration? We are looking for love in all the wrong places. We are that right now. we want the other person to give us love. It is right here in our very own nature right now. as we do. there is nowhere to go. always will be. we ARE love and we are the All. always will be. long time of chasing love where it isn’t. non-loving—disapproval—feelings. Uh oh. always have been. there is nothing to do. both of which want love from the other one and each not having it to give to another. We have what we call a relationship. when we forget. right now. love and we will have everything. the more we uncover that natural. we have to wake up. It isn’t easy because we have had a habit for a long. we have two people. To find love. 10 . we release and release and release and we see. that we move into desire and thus become miserable and suffering. …to find love. Make a decision in favor of being happy all the time. as Lester tells us. We have had a habit for a long time of looking for love out there. we are letting go of all that we are not. To do that. 100% positive covered up by negative feelings called AGFLAP.” We find someone just like ourselves. That is what we do when we Release. the non-loving being that we are not. our wanting approval. wanting approval. We are letting go of negativity. the first one of which is wanting to be loved. We sit down and we begin to let go of our non-loving feelings. infinite being that we are. we do not need anything. 100% loving. When we Release. we have to look inside… We search around in all those eyes and then one day we spot someone who we “fall in love with. Make a decision to release and realize the All-Loving being that each of us are. And. love. The more we release.has shown us the way. We are. As long as we are into wanting. loving. We find someone who wants love and we want love from them. wanting control and wanting to be safe. So. we don’t have love. we do what Lester did. we are not really becoming more loving—we are just opening up to the natural all-loving being that we are. Is it any wonder we have such a high rate of divorce. And. so many family problems. For each unit of Negativity we release we open ourselves up more to the positive. We soon discover that this other person doesn’t have love to give us because they want us to give love to them. loving being that we are. We think we can get love out there and we find more AGFLAP because Love is NOT out there. we are non-loving and we feel a lack of love. just love. we have to look inside and we have to release. all the love in the universe is right here. We wake up. We do not have to go anywhere to find all the love in the universe.

Of course. 50 feet of sea wall and re-attaching the boat house all at his expense. My energy is flowing. I focused on ‘I. I was not at all bothered when the storm did its damage. This is a gain of approx. let go of a lot -feeling the most peace than I ever felt surrendering to dying. Felt a closeness. resumed running and crossed the Highway along side of the vehicles leaving the park. Thru releasing I had finally reached a place that the attachment to getting it repaired was gone. I can have. I came up laughing.” Sandra Pinchefsky Self Loathing Dissolves “While releasing this morning I saw that I was holding on to a negative self image. This morning as I came out of the woods and feeling proud of how far and fast I had come on the uneven ground. fit and balanced.More amazing gains… More and more I allow myself to be imperturbable at all times with ease. send fee statements to clients and I pay bills. My body seems to be much more flexible. The boat house belongs to my significant other who has his own property across the street. Also appreciated the killing exercise we did. Saw my son this morning and felt loving and supportive of him-the morning went well with him-felt a shift in the relationship. “Without procrastinating. TX Gains Fabulous Relationship with Son “Released with Larry about my son. schedule appointments.” Kathleen Unruh 11 .” Harlan Mittag. With this picture of myself I was unworthy of having. Thank you so much for allowing me to see my wanting to control. Love that exercise. I became aware that I am that pure beingness. I over handed them from the edge of the woods and both landed and rolled to stop behind the bag at Second Base. I found two baseballs in the woods that had come over the fence of an adjoining Little League Field. $15. The attachment to the negative self image. You gotta love that release technique . Not a dime out of my pocket. I have been after him for years to repair the section of seawall his boat house is attached to as it is in poor condition .000 to me in addition to adding to my property value. wanting control-feeling very grateful and appreciative for the work we did. Seeing it more and more. and it is easy to support him instead of resisting. prepare documents.Phillip was very proactive in addressing the situation and he never voiced the first complaint about having to fix/repair it ( very unusual for him) . When the mud and dust washed off there was no sign of any injuries on my hands or knees. I booked round trip flights for August 8 and August 13 to and from Los Angeles for the intensive at Larry’s house and round trip flights on September 1 and September 9 to and from Reno/ Tahoe for the Final Step retreat. .he would always find an excuse not to do so.’ ‘I’ and released wanting to control the stuckness. MN Victory Over Storm “During the East Coast storm of last week the boat house connected to the sea wall was ripped away with a good portion of the wall. Released with Tadas on our programs yesterday and today. all the pictures and the energy of self loathing dissolved. I have not thrown a baseball overhanded since the 1980’s when I develop a belief that doing so would strain my arm and interfere with my golf swing.I do. I jog on rugged bike trails in the park across from where I live that I have resisted exploring for 5 years.’ ‘I. I return phone calls.000–$25. my foot hooked a root or turned a rock and I made a hard five point landing (knees.” Dennis Hartnett. Phillip will be replacing approx. I may not be able to keep this releasing schedule for more than a couple of million years. palms and bill of my ball cap).

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outgoing.” William Almeida.’ I continued for quite some time sending LOVE to Mind and giving gratitude to Beingness.” Vonda Allen. I can now PLAY BACK to you the Positive Energy and Love that you have been sending for me to record. Allowing the wonderful feeling to expand and expand.” Bob and LeaAnn Learsch. OK Got Self Confidence Back “I am feeling happy and I got my self confidence back. Weather cooperates with us. The radar showed it was headed right for us and as the storm started the weather man said the storm had shifted and it didn’t come through our city. Thank you for teaching us the Release Technique and I look forward to the upcoming Love Yourself Course. Lester and all the Masters for being there to guide me through this wonderful experience. and I just know everything will be fine. S.000 that we didn’t know we had. I AM totally O.K. Before the retreat I had severe allergy problems. Thank you for a wonderful retreat. I am leaving with no pain in my foot and leg. This past Friday our area was hit by multiple tornadoes. I came here with pain in my left leg and foot where I had surgery on broken bones. I had set a goal that allowed all my friends and family to be safe and to my amazement they all were missed by the storm. PA $66. I feel a very deep feeling of happiness. MA $12. I was disapproving of myself and I had to ask myself the question “Do I love myself only when I’m feeling happy and ‘good’?” I recognized what was going on and gave myself love and approval.’ I suddenly realized that I had been blaming Mind and sending ANGER to mind for all the AGFLAP and had actually tied up Mind with blaming and ANGER and consequently. Thank you everyone from the Release Technique.” Elizabeth Darden.H.” Melissa Hopkins Allergy Problem Gone “What I gained from coming here is something that I would have never imagined I could gain. no MATTER what happens. ‘Thank You for finally loving and accepting me and letting me be FREE to Play Back the Positive energy. I experienced greater mental clarity and quietness. I also began to feel lighter and happier. PA 16 . for the first time in several years I could breathe without any sort of congestion. The other thing that happened was that as I was driving home and sitting at a light.500 that I had not expected. I have connected with love for myself and everyone.000 Shows Up “Everything gets clearer and clearer. A few weeks after the retreat I received $12. In a few hours of releasing. WV Pain Subsides.Gains from the Financial Freedom Retreat Experiences Great Love & Knowing That All is Okay “This morning while Releasing and getting ready for a wonderful Releasing day with intentions of clarity mingled with love. VT Feels Calm and Satisfied “Tonight I had a breakthrough. Now I’m feeling calm. We received $66. ‘Thank you Elaine for finally SETTING ME FREE. CA Pain Leaves and Commits to Love “I released a lot of pain and I feel so much lighter. peaceful. I had an easier time dragging myself out of bed in the morning (this is usually quite difficult for me). It took me minute to realize that this was a gold mine opportunity to let the fear go and that’s exactly what I did.500 Gain “While at the retreat I felt more joyful. Mind was unable to send me the Positive energy that I so hoped for! I had the distinct sense of a ‘personage’ or some presence as I heard Mind say. External events cooperate with us. Feels Happier “The pain in my legs was gone after releasing and the shaking in my hands subsided after a releasing session. satisfied. I watched everybody worrying all day about it so I decided to send it love and approval.” Elizabeth Darden.” Elaine Locati Multiple Tornadoes Miss City “I would like to share an amazing gain. I was stepping into CAP and had gotten as far as Acceptance when I had the overpowering presence of Mind just talking to me. I love me!” Mary Hendricks WOW “The food is the most amazing food I ever ate—wow!” Ken Smythe. I am feeling clearer about my relationships and I am able to love. and loved. the tornado sirens went off right next to me and the wind picked up so I started to panic. and intuitive than I ordinarily do. I found that I am in control of everything that has ever happened in my life and in order to move on in my life all I have to do is release everything.

A very negative habit. The answer is recorded and automatically pops up. Roget’s suggests we look up the words pain and torment. we get the idea. mental anguish. It’s very negative. or a problem we can’t resolve. uneasiness. It steals our peace of mind. worry. Not getting an answer. we don’t have to ask. apprehension. yet. Worry Does Not Solve Problems W Has worry ever helped us or solved anything? And. the very first thing we do habitually is. when we know our mind doesn’t have the answer? Go into that empty file cabinet. where did we ever get the idea worry ever helped us or solved anything? Our mind tricked us on that one. Our mind is a recording and playing back unit. we ask our mind for a solution. concern. We cannot. We disapprove of ourselves. It’s called worry. a trouble. we never find a solution. If we need to ask our by Dennis Sullivan mind. don’t we? Worry is worrying. Our mind does not know. trouble. fear. we do it. If our mind knows. Let’s use one of those synonyms. There isn’t an answer in there to solve our problem or situation. Somehow we accepted the impression from our mind that we could solve a problem or fix a situation by worrying about it. We don’t see how we’re hurting ourselves. We do it because we’re on automatic. The entire cycle repeats itself over and over ad infinitum. Let’s see what Roget’s Thesaurus says are synonyms for worry. because we never let go of asking our mind and beating ourselves up. all the days and years of our lives. The information comes up instantly. disturb. torment. fret. That’s its name. When we’re on automatic we’re not discriminating. we go into beating ourselves up. plague. We 17 . But. A discriminating question is. we already know our mind doesn’t have the answer. We’re on automatic and operating from AGFLAP when we worry. torture. Yes. meaning we don’t see what’s going on. we ask our mind again. we already knew wasn’t there. How could I be so dumb? Shame on me. What an idiot I am. upset.hen we have a situation. Here goes: Anxiety. Silly isn’t it? We continually ask our mind. vex. We don’t see the damage we’re doing to ourselves. If we need more. We torture ourselves over a situation or problem often endlessly and yet. Then. ad infinitum.

Getting happy is just a decision. Can’t you feel it already. get a prescription drug. less and less healthy. Worry isn’t the way to get solutions that will make us happy and positive. In fact. We get more and more agitated. not for just a second. By the way. there is more beating ourselves up. we watch what happens. We have moved up to the high energies of courageousness. and the picture changes. 18 . We’re telling our creative mind to give us more of it. Our mind does not have the solution. We apply love. not for just a minute. a problem. We send approval. Getting Happy is Just a Decision We apply love. chat endlessly about our problem. effective answer. from this moment forward. From this day forward. take a vacation. It doesn’t work! No more worrying. maybe for the rest of our lives. Oh. For one thing. take a nap. see the doctor. resolves. when we worry we’re holding the problem in mind. or situation. We love our problem. less and less happy. we never. But there never is a real solution. No more worrying. And. We let go of asking our mind. cannot exist in the positive energy of love. eat a big plate of food. get a real. acceptance and peace. We let go of disapproving of ourselves. an answer that works. Isn’t it time to stop asking it? Isn’t it time to stop worrying? It’s time. The negative didn’t work. Contact some other egos and chew over the issue with their minds. maybe for an entire hour. less and less abundant. Letting it go.beat ourselves up. It begins by seeing what we’re doing to ourselves and ending it. We aren’t anxious and disturbed. maybe for an entire day. We get further and further away from a solution. We bathe our problem or concern with positive energy. namely none. we aren’t agitated like we were when we worried. We apply love to ourselves. We let go of beating ourselves up. We keep on sending approval. ever. just as you read these words? The problem resolves! How can it be anything else? Negative. We apply love. We get less and less positive. let’s discriminate. Our mind does not have the answer. did it? Why not try something positive? We apply love to the problem. Let’s notice we’re worrying. We send approval. And. Wringing our hands is not the answer. No more worrying. Worried minds ask worried minds and all that comes out of it is more worry. We give ourselves approval. or person. we’re asking our mind and we aren’t getting anywhere. We get more and more negative. watch some mindless tv. Releasing is the answer. therefore supporting and strengthening the problem. It dissolves. We love ourselves. Take a drink. it doesn’t help us. Our minds give us many answers. they’re secretly happy over our problem and equally have the same amount of solution. let’s resolve. our mind will give us answers alright. disapproving of ourselves and getting more and more negative. Let’s resolve from this moment to make a decision. However.

Get bigger than the mind. If we decide to be all loving all the time. share and post your gains on this exciting website. healthily. So. when we apply love. I can be positive and love myself or I can beat myself up. why don’t we do it? Why don’t we break the habit of asking the mind.releasetechnique. Our mind does not want us to deal with so-called problems by applying releasetechnique. efficient way and allow millions of people to hear about The Release Technique and end suffering in the www. It isn’t a fairy www. see the very latest Release Technique news before anyone else does. They only seem real when energized by negativity. Our mind www. and wealthily ever after. And upon that decision rests our happiness or our ruin. go to— This will help you be in touch with the Releasing community in a fast. It’s just a decision. They’re not real.releasetechnique. of beating ourselves up? It’s just a decision. Our mind 19 . www.releasetechnique. if we apply love. Decide to face problems and issues by applying love. we’ll see that troubles and problems are only a mind-created illusion. why don’t we do it? Be sure of one thing. Try it! It works! Decide to face problems and issues by applying love Join us on facebook! Have your friends join us on facebook! Join us in experiencing the new way to get informed information. We must get bigger than that mind of ours and make a decision in favor of being all loving all the time. we can live happily. there are no problems because negativity cannot exist in the positive energy of love.

Health Issues. by the hand and personally show you how to attain the new and better life Starting today you always envisioned for yourself! This new 9-Day Retreat was a I invite you to finally make the decision to have all tradition when Lester was alive and your highest Goals and Dreams! Has anyone ever challenged you to go after those was always a sell out. We will be filling be abundantly healthy once and for all? To be in love spaces on a first-come basis.180 package in Eu rop e! Go for FREE June 29– at the NEW COUNTRY CLUB in EARLY BIRD SPECIAL Sign up by May 15 and receive the digital online course ($4. Bristol Are you where you want to be? • Have you accomplished all you thought you would by now? Well. all the time? To have the peace of mind you deserve? 20 . that unshakable peace that Lester knew. I want to • Do you have all the money you deserve? Are you challenge you! healthy? Are you in the relationships you have always wanted to be in? Introducing a 9-Day transformaIf not.” That state of complete Freedom in everything you do or have. Cleaning up all your unhappy • Do you have an abundant cash flow.By Pop u la r Dem a n d 9-Day Financial Freedom Sign up for a $5. and by “there” I mean “There” with a capital “T. Redwood Hotel & Country Club.260 value) If you are interested in Financial Freedom. so we expect dreams? To have all the money you will ever use? To this one will be too. so you can afford all the good things in life? • Do you have radiant health? • Do you have all the time you need to accomplish all you deserve? • Are your relationships all loving? • Do you have rock-solid peace? • How effortless are you? • Is there anyone or anything that still disturbs your peace of mind? If you still have issues or problems. I’d like to challenge you to up level all areas tional experience where I will take you of your life. then you are not there yet.

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having enjoyable relationships with family and friends. 22 A . so we can fill in the gap of what is perceived to be missing. “Keeping up with the Jones’. is what will give them happiness. And finally.. “Is there more to happiness than just acquiring things or pursuing what others believe will give us happiness?” Yes. Other folks believe that by eating the right foods will help them be healthier and therefore they will also be offered a higher level of happiness. “Is there more to happiness than being on a constant wheel like a hamster’s treadmill? When can we JUST be happy?” Trust that everyone has questioned the issue of happiness and has also wondered. and yet our acquisitions appear to make us happy for short periods of time. recognition or advancement. living and working in the right communities. happiness is so much more than anything we may previously considered! Certainly acquiring things or achievements are incredible accomplishments. Other folks perceive that by working harder. that they may never really have total happiness. A large majority of folks believe that by taking a vacation once or twice a year or having a certain amount of financial security is what they need to be happy. we have all spent a great amount of time pursuing activities or gathering acquisitions and occasionally wondered. The moment we acquire something. resulted in our feeling somewhat dissatisfied or unfulfilled. having more toys.What’s getting in the way of your happiness? good number of people believe that if they do everything right that will help them be happy.).e. Some people believe they must accomplish things like having a good education. achieving more (i. and never had a chance to enjoy or be thankful for what we achieved. etc. there are a great number of folks that aren’t sure what real happiness is or how they can go to get it for themselves. At some point we may have also pondered if we are doing something wrong. Happiness to some people includes keeping up with or exceeding others’ accomplishments as referenced in the phrase.” Some of us believe we need to spend more time trying to figure out what to do. Notice how limiting some of these options seem. While others believe no matter what they do or don’t do. At one time or another. because no matter what we’ve acquired. we are just as quickly working on getting the next thing. and then we can be happy.

Trust that everyone has accepted beliefs from others (parents. We aggravate ourselves with things like guilt.’ also prevent us from being happy because we don’t understand how powerful our thoughts really are. we then get to be right by creating these realities. will allow you to move beyond feeling limited or uncertain. loving and positive. most of us don’t know where to find happiness only because we are looking for it where it doesn’t exist.happinesswhatisit. Limiting beliefs prevent us from stepping outside of our comfort zone. places or things. thereby sustaining it. Surely without realizing it. ‘I can’t… or I shouldn’t…. we are also either repeating patterns that we adopted from others or are in some way are blaming others for what we perceive they have done or haven’t done. we limit ourselves by placing conditions on what we believe we can have. Happiness is unlimited. we can easily enjoy all the good things that life has to offer. we’ll see that happiness is so much more than we’ve ever previously experienced. anger. and the media). Take a step out of your comfort zone and experience what real happiness is! www. We are looking for happiness in people. or what we believe we can achieve. We keep attempting to acquire things in hopes that we will be able to move forward and finally be happy. 23 You can find out how to have happiness by watching this new video: . HAPPINESS is your true nature Total happiness is an incredible way of living once we know how to achieve this for ourselves. you can easily move in the direction of where happiness really is and live a life that is more enjoyable. Once shown where to look for happiness. It exists within you. When we are happy within ourselves. Make the decision to experience your total happiness by letting go of holding onto excuses and limitations. Anyone can achieve happiness if that is what they would really like to experience. and holding in mind what we would really like to have. We need to be able to begin looking beyond I encourage you to share this inspirational new video with the world. Total happiness includes living without regrets or remorse. Being happy is a natural ability that everyone has. Truthfully. By holding in mind situations that we do not want in our lives. Join us in our mission to empower and enlighten millions of people everywhere. Beliefs such as. and wanting to change past situations or current circumstances which are frustrating. teachers. employers. By focusing on changing how you feel about yourself. although rarely uses because of not knowing how to access. relationships. causes us to focus on the problem. By identifying and letting go of the limiting excuses that we may be serving up to ourselves. By placing labels of extreme limitation upon ourselves. Happiness is your true nature.Because we aren’t used to seeing ourselves as unlimited beings.

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Do you have a telephone… or… Skype account? If so. 6:30 pm Mountain) . Also available in the European time zone too! Friday evening for ​ 3‌ hours starting at 9:30am PT which is 5:30pm UK time. In fact. 9:30 am Mountain) .For releasing graduates and non-graduates… The Stay-at-Home. Each Saturday and Sunday for 3 hours starting at 8:30 am Pacific Time (11:30 am Eastern. it’s reached the stage where so many people want to attend (or re-attend) a live Abundance Course we are having trouble putting on enough live events in enough areas of the world to keep up with the ever-growing demand. Hundreds of people have attended one of the live Abundance Course classes when they’ve been held somewhere around the world—attendees often made their way from across the country (and very often from another country) just to experience the life-altering events. Convenient Teleconference for Graduates and Non-Graduates ANNOUNCING the NEW & Improved Abundance Course called the WEEKEND “CHANGE YOUR LIFE” TELECONFERENCE July 26th through August 4th. Or. All the other times are the same as above. 2013 delivered to you via teleconference—will be conducted during “3-hour shots” The NEW “Change Your Life” Course over two weekends—the dates are as follows: July 26–28 and August 3–4 Friday evening for 3 hours starting at 5:30 pm Pacific time (8:30 pm Eastern. 7:30 pm Central. 10:30 am Central. So instead of you having to travel to attend an “onlocation” Abundance Course class…make plans to attend the NEW Change Your Life course! 25 . you can now take full advantage of the NEW “Change Your Life” course right from the comfort of your own home. if you’re travelling or away on vacation you can still take advantage of it wherever you happen to be.

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I feel light and happy and capable. Larry and my thanks to all the teachers and support staff who made this class possible. and has told me it is showing on my face. I felt profound peace and joy. reading Lester’s books. I received over $17. And thank you for the work you did with me Sunday evening on procrastination. After going to several car agencies I entered one. being in the current Change Your Life Program. I’ve been feeling such hope and happiness since then! Gains are coming fast and furious. So. calls.” CC. On Wednesday eve during the call. I could not have asked for a better landlord and that friend who had known him for 3 years had only good things to say about him. I’m remembering to give myself love and approval. I budgeted somewhere between $650 and $850 for schooling for my son. I am so grateful. It was as if I was really hearing Larry for the first time! I don’t have to stay with the program that tells me that I have to do everything by myself. A lot of resistance has come up and. a 7 minute drive from my home. My intention was to have him in the Montessori system. A couple of days ago I signed a lease on a beautiful 3 million dollar home surrounded by heavily forested. and must withhold love of self until I’m ‘fixed’ and in CAP. Wednesday calls. got on the Wednesday call and WOW! What a change! Since Wed. I found a beautiful Montessori school. I’ve been so much happier and could tell my ego to get lost as I don’t want to disapprove or withhold love of myself any more. I had ‘forgotten’ to be in Release 24/7.000 in gains. so much disapproving of myself but I’m able to handle it in a way I couldn’t before. I realized that pride was keeping me away from the calls! I had 8 family deaths and multiple other major life crises in the last few years and had been in grief.” Rephael. MA Lets Go of Procrastinating “Just to say thank you for your wonderful ‘Change Your Life’ teleclass. coupled with the CDs. One. I’ve been feeling like I’ve ‘got Cindi back.” Maria Gains Come Fast & Furious “I started on the Wed. and trying to remember to be in Release 24/7. FL . etc. found the car that I initially wanted and got a great deal. I’m grateful for the willingness to show up for this class.” Cindi ClarkHa Gets 3 Million Dollar Home “My family was relocating to the Miami area recently and I released on finding the perfect housing situation. I’m grateful that they’re becoming internalized. calls this week and had a MAJOR breakthrough. under that. is the reason that I’m feeling so much better. I’ve restarted listening to my Release Techniques CDs. I’ve had people tell me that I’m glowing or have an aura. give myself approval/love (although I was doing that with everyone else). neatly groomed 4 acres situated half way between the only two local family members of my wife. releasing with my Release partner (a lovely woman who’s been raving about her experiences @ Camp Allen). After visiting some. I released until I got totally hootless and then turned it over to beingness. I feel that The Method. then slipped to a bottom to apathy. a friend who knows what I’ve been through in the past few years.Gains from the Change Your Life Course $17. etc. thank you. The rent and utilities is what I expected to pay for a two bedroom apartment. Things started to fall into place in a very short order and with minimal or no effort on my part: A friend of a friend of my wife was planning to leave after her lease expired. and the house she is renting became available. I have had a great week.000 in Gains “After you helped me to Release on one of the Change Your Life calls.’ In the past two days. that getting up to pride felt like a jump up the scale of emotions. I ‘got’ that I’d never be in CAP without loving and approving of myself! Ego had been running wild and needed to have the doors opened so it could go. The entire tuition is paid by the state of Florida so I have to pay absolutely nothing. and often hear Larry and Rebecca’s voice in my head talking about the method. Now I get to heal this relationship with myself. a specific car type that I liked and the perfect schooling situation for my 4 year old son. too! So many family relationships have been healed in the last couple of years since I took the Abundance Course in Boston with you and have listened to Larry on the CDs. I was so high after the call as I had released so much during the call. Since being on the Wed. can see that I’m again becoming filled with peace and joy.” Joanna Byrne 28 Gets Herself Back “I’d been in apathy/grief for so long after losing many family members in a very short time frame. class. and do the work.

As I was talking to him this afternoon I kept saying silently ‘I love you. I am experiencing so much more peace of mind! And I am more aware when the ego tells me to beat myself up .in other words. powerful.” A happy Vonda Allen Nothing Bothers Her “I’ve been catching up with the playbacks of the CYL course and doing the homework.More Gains from CYL Course Cleans Up the Past with Dad “I have really struggled in my relationship with my dad since my mom passed away a couple years ago. Nothing seems to bother you!’ I giggled to myself and thought OK now I’m getting somewhere. I was dreaming and saying to myself ‘wouldn’t it be wonderful if I could play on a Strad before I leave the planet’? I totally forgot about it. The key for me is to stick with it. I was calm and as it turns out he said to me ‘I don’t know if you get it. so much fun. I still have some work to do on it but I realize it starts with a decision..The other day I was doing the giving myself love and approval and all of a sudden I started speaking these words in German (my mother language) and it felt wonderful! Before I didn’t like saying any German words during my releasing. I released on his picky eating and he actually ate some hamburger today.I am enjoying doing the attachments and aversions to…and discovered one that is coming up in all of them—“I know how to do this” and that is one that I am releasing next. Yeah! A toxic person went out of my life. when I am going outside! . informational.I was arranging payments for my power bill—and the people I was talking with were all compassionate and very loving—so was I. I’ve been in and out of violin houses since childhood and not one violin maker has voluntarily given me a Strad to play. Another interesting gain. As it turns out ( I didn’t know before hand) it was a Stradivarius! What’s awesome is that a week or two before. and more. I was discriminating and made a decision to LET GO of anything and everything.’ I feel like my resistance has been greatly reduced and I began to have feelings of love for my dad that I haven’t had in a couple years. very powerful.” Rob King Toxic Person Goes Away “I have 50% less back pain..’ . It was an instant realization.’ . I’m also tickled she trusted my friend and I to play on it! I also had a colleague call me a couple of weeks ago to complain about something that happened on stage that night.My son happily gives me hugs and says ‘I love you. I’m also handling overwhelming situations better than I used to.” Carolyn Victory Gets Very Quiet “I was in a very QUIET place. and easy to read without being overly wordy. How you do anything is how you everything.The sun is coming out. . . I ordered a water filter after 4 years of carting jugs back and forth to the grocery store.I got the following e-mail from someone I am working with to get an auction going: ‘Thanks Christine! Your communication emails have been awesome.” Christine Mass 29 . We were doing attachments and aversions to letting go. Once I made the decision to love my dad no matter what and did the charts.” Susan Blumberg Experiences Peace of Mind “I am soooo glad to be in the Change your Life Telecourse—even after this first weekend. There has been a lot of AGFLAP that has arisen in me that I did not know I had. He had a tantrum and wanted to vent. and more’…and he’s happy all the time. I love you. It felt and sounded amazing! All so easy. . Mine is in need of restoration. Thanks for the great course. So positive. very lovely. I had a wonderful trip to NY as a guest at my friend’s music school and was showered with love! The students I taught were receptive and want me to return next year. freeing. Thank you. She was keeping it for someone. imperturbable. Anyway she went to a safe and pulled one out and I played on it. I have also been listening to some cleanup CDs over and over and over which also helps. the resistance did not have much of a chance. Look forward to sharing more gains. My 3 year old goes around saying ‘More. I am able to catch the thoughts and/or discern the body ache and let go of disapproving of myself and give myself approval. I did attachments and aversions on my relationship to my dad after the telecourse today and also did a goal chart on loving my dad.while taking my violin to a violin shop in Manhattan the maker was trying to show me what a violin with a perfect neck feels like. I am determined to no longer float above my garbage but dump it all.