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DRAFT ADDRESS BY RECTOR NUST 4th UG Convocation----2013 NUST Business School It gives me great pleasure to deliver this

speech at the 4th NUST Business School Undergraduate Convocation. I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere congratulations to the graduands and their families. The award of your degree- the fruits of years of toil - is an achievement worthy of celebration and recognition. Let it be noted that attaining this important milestone would not have been possible without the support and encouragement of your parents, friends and sponsors, who sit proudly in our audience today. I would also like to extend my sincere appreciation to the faculty of NUST Business School, for assisting you on your educational journey during these defining years, and for continuing to make NBS a place of excellence and worthy achievements. This is NUST Business School’s 13th academic year – and also the 23rd year of the founding of the National University of Sciences & Technology in 1991. Within this relatively short span of time, NUST has negotiated a forward looking trajectory of progress, attainment and growth that has encompassed achieving a global ranking of 417th and Asian ranking of 108th amongst universities surveyed by QS World and Asian Ranking Report 2012, establishment of hubs of excellence in the shape of centres and institutes focusing on burgeoning technologies and innovative research as well as the development of a world class faculty cohort. During these founding years, NUST has already made a notable contribution to its students’ intellectual and professional capabilities, and to the very high skilled needs of the economy. Since its inception and up till 2012, NUST has awarded 16, 287 postgraduate and undergraduate degrees. In 2007, the number of PhD scholars who entered research programs at NUST numbered 74, a figure which has increased by a notable 434% to 395 in 2012. Annual intake of PG and UG students at NUST has increased from a total of 1893 in 2007 to 3811 in 2012. There are of course many factors driving NUST’s growing success and development. Research being a pointer of national and global prosperity and an extremely important indicator of the caliber of a university, we have invested substantially in research overall as well as within selected research centers. In turn, this has led to NUST becoming a hub for some of the country’s eminent researchers and top postgraduate students. Our efforts to invest significantly in developing the next generation of academics have been directed at ensuring the continuance and sustainability of our efforts Understanding that our academics and students need the very best environment to thrive and succeed, we continue to improve our teaching, learning and research facilities. A major development has been the establishment of a state of the art, purpose built sector wide campus at H-12, Islamabad 2008. We also continue to have internationally prominent programmes such as accounting, finance, industrial design, ICT, radiography, marketing management, information technology, biochemistry, environmental engineering and geology. Understanding the importance of university-industry linkages, we have established a Corporate Advisory Council encompassing 11 key sectors across the economy to help bridge the gap between academia and the corporate sector. NUST has also become a leader within the wider context of the academic conversation through its research and publications. Its academics are widely published and referenced, both locally and internationally. In 2007, NUST faculty and students produced a total of 132 papers, which figure rose by 256% to 470 papers in 2012 alone. Every year more and more NUST faculty members are presenting in international conferences taking the figure from 252 papers in 2007 to 420 in 2012. Our full time students are drawn from all parts of Pakistan. NUST has an outstanding national and international reputation, and a high level of public confidence. Our university is recognized for everything that first-rate universities stand for: academic excellence, cultural diversity, global credibility, stature and quality. One of the results of our success is the annual increase in student applications to NUST. Applications for admission into NUST for 2012 reached a figure of 52,000 for approximately 2000 places. Graduands, you have been honoured to have studied at NUST Business School, a centre of learning that deservedly commands a stellar academic reputation. We hope your educational experience at NBS has been an enlightening one. For our part, we have endeavored to inculcate in our students a passion for the lifelong process of reinventing themselves and have tried to impart the values this university stands for. You are now part of an elite group of the graduate population of Pakistan. Beyond that you have obtained academic or career focused qualifications in a higher education environment that mirrors the democratic ideals of this new world. We hope that during your time here with us you have experienced independence in decision-making that has made you the person that you are today, that during your years at NUST you found yourself immersed in a culturally rich environment that challenged and inspired you and that you forged friendships strong enough to last you a lifetime; gained skill sets that you will build on continuously; and take away unforgettable experiences and memories.


individuality and collective effort. These are values. and in private and corporate life. which relate to the highest levels of academic distinction. values that strive to promote integrity and respect for diversity and human dignity. you will hold in your hands the key to the door of your future professional success. Through service. hope. Look beyond you and put these values into practice by serving the less fortunate members of society. as we foster our collective competence. 2 . Where there is inequality and injustice. optimism and trust as we build our communities and nations. values that encourage innovation.Today. let us work even harder to nurture confidence. academic freedom and accountability. You have earned it and we wish you a wonderful and joyful day of celebration. to remember. our lives have meaning. At a time of so much uncertainty and cynicism. to celebrate and cherish. And. we need you to work for opportunity and equity. and as we challenge and drive out corruption in public service. Today is your day. as you receive your qualifications. I trust that the leadership qualities that you demonstrate in the future will reflect the values that you have nurtured during your years at NUST.

Since its inception in 1999. Assalam-o-Alaikum. I believe that these centres of education will play a crucial role in shaping the destiny of Pakistan. It is well known that universities are the well springs of research and intellectual activity. Before I finish. NUST has helped to revitalize scientific. Dr Ashfaque Khan. Its alumni are well-placed within multinational and national organizations. Muhammad Asghar. is not an act but a habit and as such must be cultivated so that we can aspire 3 . I extend my special felicitations to those graduates who have received distinctions in recognition of their academic performance. companies and businesses. Ladies and Gentlemen. We do not act rightly because we have virtue or excellence. faculty and parents. distinguished guests. and indeed one. Rector National University of Sciences and Technology whose vision. creating a healthy and vibrant research culture and opening up new frontiers of local research and innovation. Muhammad Asghar.DRAFT ADDRESS BY CHIEF GUEST 4th UG Convocation----2013 NUST Business School Engr. In its position as a world-class university. Bear in mind that Excellence is an art won by training and habituation. NUST has helped to do this by aligning education to the needs of the modern world. let me once again congratulate the graduating students. who alone is the source of strength and wisdom. We are what we repeatedly do. graduating students. Principal and Dean NUST Business on the collective and tireless efforts to make NBS a reputed centre of learning in business and managment disciplines. which marks the successful culmination of the graduating students’ endeavours at NBS and the opening of a new chapter of achievement in the graduates’ professional careers. you are undoubtedly the architects of future. engineering and business education in Pakistan. especially Dr Ashfaque Khan. NBS graduates are also amongst the vanguard of Pakistani entrepreneurs who have launched successful businesses. It is a matter of great pride for us that the National University of Sciences & Technology enjoys a global ranking of 417th and regional ranking of 108th in Asia according to the survey of world and Asian universities by QS 2012. Principal and Dean NUST Business School. but we rather have those because we have acted rightly. It is a matter of honour for me to be with you on this auspicious occasion of the 4th Under Graduate Convocation of NUST Business School. Your degree is a stepping-stone for an innovative vibrant and self-defining world of business and management. You are the torchbearers. its constituent colleges. perspicacity and sapience have enabled NUST to acquire an impressive reputation in the academic circles at home as well as abroad. Let me avail this opportunity to extend my heartiest and sincerest felicitations to Engr. then. As a university of the future. to grant you both the sharpness of perception and the capacity to act which are so vital to progress of any kind. which is very vital for a nation to achieve strength and empowerment. Excellence. Knowledge is a formidable force. As future corporate leaders and entrepreneurs. The establishment of NUST with its concept of decentralized campuses has heralded a new era of progressive tertiary education in Pakistan. I am deeply pleased by the standards and objectives achieved by the NUST. NUST Business School has achieved. I extend my warm felicitations to the graduating students and their families on the achievement of this important milestone. I congratulate the entire faculty. especially the NUST Business School. through relentless effort and honest commitment to academic excellence in management education. Ask Allah Almighty. Rector National University of Sciences and Technology. which also serve as the engine driving national prosperity and progress. respected faculty.

I wish you all the best of luck in your future pursuits and express the hope that your talent will take our country forward on the path to progress and enable it to win international acclaim in the fields of human the best in whatever we seek to do. Thank you 4 .

It has successfully transitioned to a new. The expansion has added to the diversity and versatility of the NBS campus helping to foster intellectual engagement and parley amongst members of the student body and make the learning experience a dynamic. an office dedicated to the promotion of links between NBS and the industry. At the end. Each of these graduating students stands as proof of the quality of business education we offer at NBS. Under the auspices of NUST. NUST Business School’s flagship MPhil/PhD in Business Administration is the first in a series of research programs we hope to launch in the near future. it has expanded the range of the degrees it offers to include BS in Mass Communication and Public Administration. While continuing to strengthen its BBA/MBA and BS Economics programs. we facilitate our students in setting up internships in reputed national. within a short period of little over a decade. They are drawn from renowned centres of excellence that include amongst others Johns Hopkins University. To provide real world exposure to program specific work practices and operations and practical application of classroom learning. As I look at the cohort of graduands. However. I see before me the future of Pakistan’s corporate leadership and the face of the new generation of entrepreneurs possessed of the values. It is hard to do justice to the story of this transition within the time this occasion allows. the proof of our success is before your eyes. Since 1999. purpose built building in which NBS is housed on the new H-12 campus OR the superb faculty on hand to provide learners with the benefit of their teaching expertise. Indiana University of Pennsylvania. NBS has graduated xxx number of undergraduates and postgraduates. NUST Business School. purpose built campus thereby enhancing the quality of the learner experience immeasurably. Sheffield. lately much afflicted by economic plights of an unprecedented breadth and depth. we hope that your stay at NBS has been a fruitful one helping to shape and define your future in myriad ways. respected parents. distinguished guests & Ladies and Gentlemen Asalamalaikum I consider it an honor beyond measure to have the opportunity to welcome you all to the 4 th Undergraduate Convocation of the NUST Business School. Brunel. confident and skilled young men and women who sit in your midst poised to receive their degrees and take on the fast changing world of business and entrepreneurship. their parents and their teachers upon the attainment of this landmark achievement. Aspiring academics have the opportunity to study with some of the best minds in their respective fields. industry experience and international exposure OR of the quality of the learner experience within the portals of this great school. Thunderbird School of Global Management.DRAFT SPEECH DEAN: CONVOCATION Honourable Chief Guest Rector NUST Graduating students. Loughborough to name a few. Let me begin by extending my warmest felicitations to the graduating students. public and private organizations. Westminster. I would like to once again offer you my congratulations on your achievement and express the hope that your professional and personal journey ahead will be an exciting one of growth and 5 . I speak not just of the modern. multi faceted one across the board. wherewithal and commitment needed to be the tide of change that can restore economic well being and prosperity to our beautiful country. Our faculty members are extremely well credentialed in terms of their qualifications and experience. but of the talented. Graduands. capable of competing on equal terms with the best business schools in Pakistan. hi-tech. Kansas State University and renowned UK Universities such as Warwick. has transformed from a tentative presence on the map of business education in Pakistan into a thriving landmark of academic excellence and research. a quality that translates well into teaching expertise and student learning. Internships and placements for students are arranged with the help of the NBS Center for Industrial Linkages (CIL). multinational. Manchester.

NUST Business School.achievement and that the role of your alma mater. Thank you 6 . in helping you make this journey will always remain a significant one.