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What if I get an invalid or inconsistent license key [F...

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Created On: 02 Nov 2009 11:47 PM 1. If you are getting an error message: " Invalid host. Hostid of the system does not match the hostid specified in the license file", please check to ensure that your license file has the correct hostid/MAC address. To determine your hostid please refer to the article "How do I determine my License Server's hostid?". To re-submit your hostid, please refer to the knowledgeable article "How do I update my hostid?". To check your hostid listed in the license file, open the .lic file using a text editor and check the line starting with "SERVER". It has the format "SERVER <IP address> <hostid>"

2. If you are getting an error message: "Invalid license key (inconsistent authentication code)" on a windows license server, a common cause is the license file not being the correct format. Please unix2dos the file to make it in the correct DOS format. You can also use a tool such as the one at: 3. Another common cause for this error is the regional or language settings on the computer. This sometimes causes the licensing software to interpret the license file to be different from the original version. For security reasons, if a change in the license file is detected an "Invalid license key" error is shown. To fix this, from the Windows Control Panel switch Regional Settings to "English (United States). 4. This issue has been known to exist on a windows client, if the client has installed Microsoft lookback adapter. Please disable the adapter and check if it resolves the issue. 5. The issue can be caused by Exata Virtual Adapter. Before starting EXata, disable the EXata virtual network adapter by right clicking it in Network Connections and selecting disable. Then re-start EXata. After EXata is running, enable the EXata virtual network adapter by right clicking Network Connections and selecting enable. 6. Issue can be caused by virtual machine client. Make sure ethernet 0 is the actual interface of the machine.

7. Other Common Causes: [FLEXnet Licensing error: -8,544] This error occurs when trying to run QualNet on default installations of Red Hat Linux 7.1 and higher. This error also occurs on any other UNIX OS (particularly Linux 2.4 kernels) where /etc/hosts is incorrect. To fix this problem, you will need to modify the /etc/hosts file on the computer on which you installed
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lan. or just use ".localdomain and localhost should be on the same line as 127. Page 2/2 Powered by Kayako eSupport Helpdesk Software . the inconsistent license key error also occurs when your organization has been licensed for more than three subnets. After these changes are made.0. The inconsistent license key error occurs when either of these situations is true: (a) /etc/hosts and the local DNS server do not have an entry for your hostname.0. sendmail may pause startup for up to a minute whenever you reboot the machine. Finally.0.1.scalable-networks. full DNS name. and my-hostname. If you are in this situation.0. First. or (b) /etc/hosts reports the hostname as having IP address 127.1. where my-hostname is the name you've chosen.1 on the same line only localhost. If you don't know what DNS domain your host resides on. Run hostname to obtain the hostname of your workstation. if the hostname is rh71. and your subnet is not one of the first three subnets listed in the server license It is very important that your hostname does not have 127.php?_m=knowledgebase&_a=viewarticle&kbarticleid=19 QualNet. If "localhost" is reported. and update the name by typing "hostname my-hostname". You also need to find out the complete DNS name of your computer. Without a full DNS name. Note: The license server computer may also have this problem.0. su to root (you will need the root password). you should not receive the inconsistent license key error. Update this file so that it looks like the following:    127. This is a bug in the FLEXlm licensing software. and it should also be fixed. the complete DNS name could be rh71. please contact SNT at license@scalable-networks. respectively.0. with the IP address. you will need to choose another name. for example. Open the /etc/hosts file. Next.1   localhost.scalable-networks.localdomain".localdomain localhost    ip-address  my-full-DNS-name my-hostname Replace ip-address. make one my-full-DNS-name. and hostname for your machine. run /sbin/ifconfig -a to obtain the IP address of your