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10/ 17/ 12

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Charges » Import General C harges Shipment details » Gateway & Local IGM Forms & certificates » Factory Destuff Bond - For C HAs » Factory Destuff Bond - For C onsignees » NOC Letter from consignee to C HA » De-plugging form » Refund Request Form » TDS Declaration

» Import Inland Haulage » Import THC » Detention Tariff » Import invoice request format

» Local IGM from Icegate

» Manifest Details
» Inland movement tracking C ONC OR » Vessel IMO C odes

» Sub-Manifest filing

» Client Advisories Keep yourself updated with changes which affect your Import consignments

Know the Import Processes » What do I do to release my delivery order /empty letter ? » What do I do if my cargo is in damaged condition ? » What do I do if my Maersk Line original B/L's are lost ? » How can I make e-payment for my shipment ? » How do I submit documents for House B/L manifestation ? » What do I do if the container is damaged and not being offloaded ? » How do I submit documents for High Sea Sales ? » I am having trouble filling Bill of Entry, What do I do ? » How to make an amendment to the Import Manifest ? » How can I get my refund processed ? » How do I get my cargo arrival notice ? » Where can Maersk take my import cargo? / what are Maersk's import acceptance points? » How do I make payments and surrender documents at a C MS counter?

West Region (Maharashtra and Hyderabad) Person Responsible Navnath B Unde Taposh Biswas Shama Shaikh Sudesh Walunj Vincy John Danzil Aloysius Disha Buddhadev
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Toll free: 1800 200 1644 Mearsk Identification Numbers (MIN) 7689 7420 7867 7691 7693 7692 7731
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Hyderabad.10/ 17/ 12 M aer sk Li ne . Sanand and Pipavav NC R Maharashtra & Hyderabad ht t ps: / / w w w .com) ( (pnqgscinvmaa@maersk. Baroda. com / pr i i nt / ?node=2488394&page=l hp&pat h=/ asi a/ i ndi a/ i m por t 2/ 3 . Kanpur and Moradabad South Region (all locations in South India) Person Responsible Sonia Doss Ganesh D Sathyapriya R Hariharan Devarajan Toll free: 1800 200 1640 Mearsk Identification Numbers (MIN) 2729 2731 2730 2728 Location Responsible C hennai & Bangalore C hennai & Bangalore Tuticorin & C ochin Key clients South India East Region (Kolkatta & Vizag) Person Responsible Aditi Bose Lopa Mudra Saha Toll free: 1800 200 1638 Mearsk Identification Numbers (MIN) 1665 1666 C ontact us: Pending Task/Issue Description House B/L Submission. Ludhiana and Rajasthan Ahmedabad. Pune. Kerala and Karnataka) Invoice Disputes Freight Invoices Detention Invoices Email Address (maagscimpman@maersk. m aer skl ne. Punjab and Rajasthan) West India shipments (Mumbai.Pr i nt ver si on North Region (North India & Gujarat) Person Responsible Nidhi Sharma Aparna Kishen Manuja Sharma Sankalp Dheer Toll free: 1800 200 1634 Mearsk Identification Numbers (MIN) 1468 1406 1419 1506 Location Responsible Key C lients North India Kandla. High Sea sales submission Freight and Detention Invoices & Receipts of Payment North India shipments (Gujarat. West ( (wcaar@maersk. (indcsibom@maersk. Nagpur and MP) South and East India shipments (Tamilnadu.

Pr i nt ver si on ( Kolkatta and Vizag » Export service Printed from Maersk Line web site 10-17-12 13:27 ( Kolkatta and Vizag Damage C ontainer Invoice Refund application for detention or any other charges All other disputes and issues ( Maharashtra & Hyderabad (indcsinwd@maersk. m aer skl South India ( South India ( (pnqgscindclm@maersk. com / pr i i nt / ?node=2488394&page=l hp&pat h=/ asi a/ i ndi a/ i m por t 3/ 3 .com) North India and Gujarat ( North India and Gujarat ( ht t ps: / / w w w .10/ 17/ 12 M aer sk Li ne .