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1.which is not a recovery model for database ? (D) a)full b)simple c)subtie d)bulk logged 2.what is the output of SELECT 1/2 ? a)0 b)1 c)1/2 d)0.5 (A) 3)the a subset of datawarehouse is called a ? (B) a)data region b)data mart c)data warehouse d)subset data 4)you cannot set break point to ? (A) a)package b)container c)task d)script task 5)ensuring that the value is stored in one place is called ? a)normal b)normalization c)denormal d)denormalization 6)From the following find out the event handlers that is provided with ssis runt ime ? a)onexecstatuschanged b)onsuccess c)ontask d)on task error 7)how many indexex does sql server 2005 allow to have on a table ? a)1 b)250 c)248 d)249 8)can we roll bak the truncate statement ? (B) a)true b)false 9)which of the follow is the dml command ? a)select b)update c)insert d)create 10) what is the size of datatype int in sql server 2005 ? (C) a)2 b)6 c)4 d)1 byte 11)which of the follwing is package protection level ? (A) a)donot save sensitive data b)save sensitive data c)encrypt sensitive data with password d)encrypt sensitive data with user key 12)bcp a)bulk b)bulk c)bulk d)none ? (B) command prtocol copy command provider 13 )the follwoing is the prcedence constraint value ? a)success b)completion c)failure d)all the above 14)which of the following is not a collation order ? a)dictonary case sensitive b)hexadecimal c)binary d) 15)database object used by application to manipulate data in a set ona roq by ro w basis is caled ? a)trigger b)index c)cursor d)view 16)which of the following tasks process only sorted data ? a)merge b)union c)union all d)mergejoin 17)which of the follwing is not in new feature of sql server 2008 ? a)integrated full test search b)merge command c)cdc d)activity monitor e)linq d)none 18)which of them is not a isolation level ? a)serializable b)shapshot c)read committed d)parallel 19 )using a check point file in ssis is just like issuein the checkpoint command against the relational engine. is commits all of the data to the database a)truce b)false 20)name quires ins ssas are done in ? a)data designer b)data source view c)dimensions d)cube 21)a data source view allows you to create a logical view of your bussiness data which is the collection of ? a)tables b)views c)store proc d) a & b e)all the above 22)what will be the code to execute a ssis package that is saved in the file system ? a)dtexec/dts *\filesystem\pkgone b)dtexec/f c\pkgone.dtsx c)none d)dtexec /f c:\pkgone.dtsk */conf c:\pkgoneconfig.cfg 23)mdx means ? multi dimesnional expressions 24)which of the following is not ssis task > bulk insert data flow task active x script task none 25)a db arrangeent in which attributes of a dimension are stored in a separate tabel is called starflake design starsnow star snowflake 26)one reason using integer key for dimension member is to ? increase the size of fact table reduce the size of the dimenion table increase the size of the dimension table reduce the size of the fact table 27)dbcc ? database consistency checker 28)which of them is not associated with sql server? dcl ddl dml dtl dql 29)etl? extract transformation and loading 30)calculated measure are written in ? mdx dmx xml xmla 31) in ssis variable have the scope of ? system package individual container all 32)what are the command line tools to execute sql server integration servicces p ackage ?\ dtexec dtexecui both none 33)a db arrangement in which multiple attributes of a dimension are redundantly stored ina single dimension table is called starflake starsnow star snowflake 34)out put with dbcc checktable("") ? size rowcount columncount tabledetails 35)which of the following doesnt exist in ssis (XML DEST) ff dest xml dest excel dest sql dest raw rest 36)------------- of data can happen by creating views triggers indexes functions 37)which of them is now a virtual table in trigger ? inserted updated deleted none 38)ssis has a default means to log all records updated deleted or inserted on a per table basis true false 39)Which Type of Storage type is set by default to a cube Molap 40)if a has all non-primary key attributes fully functionally dependant on the whole primary key then it is considered to be following whihc of the below (C) First Normal form Second Normal form Third Normal form Other Normal form