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happy to be here with you today. I am going to take you into the exploration of new theories and a new technology. I am aware that these are frontier researches done by some smart people and not considered or accepted by scientific circles. I am aware that these are just hypothesis to explain unexplicable facts and may not be the factual. And as a dowser I am also aware that with our intention we can do wonders and that we can divert a vein of water so that it will not wet a house. Anyway, I find these theories fascinating and I want to share them with you hoping you will appreciate them too maybe they can be a starting point to reach out more for the benefit of our world. Being a radionics practitioner for many years I have become aware of what we call waves of form, which are energy qualities emitted by geometric patterns such has the pyramid, I guess everybody knows its extraordinary properties. You can put a used razor blade inside it and after a while it will be ready to use again. You can put a piece of meat inside it and it will mummify. These extraordinary facts are due to its form, the pyramid shape collects the energy inside called negative green. This is a very powerful radiation which is able to dehydrate or mummify. We first heard about negative green In the last century, in France. Many scientists were studying the energy emitted by the earth and by shapes. In 1930, two French researchers, Leon Chaumery and Andre De Belizal discovered that both the sphere and the hemisphere manifest a spectrum of 12 energy qualities, each of which have specific vibrational qualities. These energy qualities are in resonance with the colors of the spectrum, but are many octaves higher in terms of actual frequency. For this reason they were given the names of colors, although they are not colors. These energies were nearly impossible to study because they would continuously rotate, but they found out that two pieces of metal placed on specific points on the equator of the sphere could block them. They found that by cutting the sphere in half was another way they could lock these energies in place. With this discovery it became possible to study these energies in details. Looking at the image you can find where each vibration is located . You can see a vibration called negative green, since it is opposite the position for 'Green', although there is nothing negative about it. The French researchers felt that this was the most powerful wave vibration with the shortest wavelength in the Universe. They believed it was related to cosmic rays. This became the key to rediscovering the lost knowledge of the Ancients, particularly that of the Egyptian tradition. The Negative Green (-G) band contains the Spiritual carrier wave. Its ability to penetrate all matter allows it to carry energy, information and consciousness from any spiritual or physical location to another. The spiritual connection was discovered by the Russian healer Enel. While living in Egypt he explored and measured the tombs of the coptic saints and found enormous amount of Negative Green there. The emission of –G is so powerful

It seems that one of the scientist. The Vertical wave is detrimental to humans and dogs. still had to be acknowledge by modern science 2) that pendulums can not only be used to analyze but also to heal using their own . They brought it at home and irradiated it with negative green: in a while. but detrimental to ants. particularly you see what they called BOMB C 30 a collections of semispheres one after the other that emitted a strong ray of negative green. as they do in domes and pyramids. it dehydrates and preserve tissues. The dome shape was altered by adding a spire at the top. So when I met these pendulums and the French researches I was amazed to find out 1) that some kind of energies that are very concrete. is beneficial to human and dogs. It destroys health by unbalancing the vibration of the cell. This is the vibration of HARM. This includes technological energies (EMF. as you can see from their effects on living matter. ULF) and toxic earth energy lines. This is a Spiritual carrier wave creating an energy connecting the spiritual and physical worlds. Ancient builders knew this and used variations of the dome shape in the design of their temples. It reestablishes health. or by adding a bit more at the bottom so the shape is not just half a sphere. The pyramid shape expresses the same qualities as the hemisphere and carries the same danger but builders cleverly included a small angle on each face to transmute the detrimental V-G into beneficial Horizontal Negative Green (H-G). you know the saying: mind over matter or energy follows thought. As you can see -G is emitted right above the chest of the mummy. and powers the building to create a carrier wave connecting the congregation with the higher realms. They used these kinds of instruments to heal even bad diseases such as cancer. isis and Osiris. Anything giving toxic radiation has easily detectable emissions of Vertical Negative Green(V-G). but beneficial to ants. You probably recognize the Osiris pendulum in the picture? it is one of the 3 famous egyptian pendulums which are named now karnak. I have studied at the school of radionics in Great Britain and I have been trained to use my mind in healing. These alterations do transmute the Vertical component of the Negative Green into the Horizontal component. a rim at the bottom. Both waves co-exist naturally. Chaumery eventually became ill and died for his excessive exposure to the negative green rays. The Vertical wave is the most noxious vibration. In fact these instruments were very simple although very powerful. to eliminate rats in basements. termites and cats. to infuse oils and to kill microorganisms. in the hospital’s laboratory that was 200 km from their home.that it can penetrate thickness of lead. mosques and church designs. In one of their experiments they took a sample of a bacteria culture in an hospital’s laboratory. And also died the bacteria in the mother culture. The Horizontal wave of negative green is a beneficial vibration. V-G has a strong mummifying energy. but they altered the dome shapes to prevent V-G emissions. It was used in Egypt to create mummification. the bacteria died. termites and cats. Chaumery and de Belizal following their discoveries made interesting instruments as you can see in this rare photograph showing mister de Belizal in his laboratory.

The water in the heater water and 3) that their own energies. It lower the growth of noxious bacteria such as legionella and pseudomonas in drinking water/air conditioners. The energy of your water will increase two-three times because its molecules will turn clockwise so it will not putrify (or it will do very slowly) . Was it really possible to do this. hospitals. usually very dirty becomes clear in few days and the hydraulic system will never clog because of deposits. instead is a very complex instrument and I won’t go into details of its use now. no magnetism. I began to wonder if these subtle and yet so powerful energies could be used in our everyday life to help our planet and live a better life or If maybe this negative green has been found by other scientists under a different name or if the subtle energies can be used in other ways. For example. and this leads to many problems such as a higher use of detergent for washing dishes and clothes. spas. What is this? How . But many dowsers use it as a healing instrument to send chromotherapy locally and at a distance. what about taking all this knowledge out of the esoterism or the dowsers’circles and put it in the average life and world to make it available to common people? Then. in the iron that was able to decalcify water. shampoo. coming from their shape could be used as a carrier wave for our mind to send information. The universal pendulum beautiful and simple as a sphere can be. You will reduce 50% the expenses for detergent. ecological disasters and many other problems we have to face daily. another of the discoveries of those amazing French subtle energies scientists. It requires no maintenance. that has the same chemical formula of calcite but a different structure so that the calcium deposit pulverize and go away. water veins and other anomalies coming from the underground). You probably know the universal pendulum. no deposits anymore anywhere. to have a physical action just hanging a device on the wall with no electricity. calcified. This charged water is beneficial to every living organism. Knowing the existence of these powerful energies . With other members of my association we investigated this in many fields. This device is a small box. in the water pipes. no electricity . I mean. just hang it on the wall and the water in your house will become quickly different. soap. in the toilet. in the washing machine. in the boiler.can be used in homes. schools…WOW. it will neutralize any geopathic radiation (hartmann. some months ago. It is capable to transform calcite into aragonite. I met a researcher who suggested to me to try an incredible radionic/freeenergy device called NINFA AQUA (available from www. Last but not least. curry. Federico Marincola being a musician found out that shamanic drums due to their shape do emit negative green also that is used to convey the healing done by the shamans. looking what’s going on around the world as pollution. swimming pools. NINFA AQUA produces a negative ionization of the air so it helps eliminating bad odors. hard deposits in the sink and toilet and in the hydraulic system that at the end can ruin appliances and cause many other problems and expenses. no human intention required? In Italy the drinkable water of many cities is very hard. forever working….supernaturamica.

which explains all those physical effects where electricity influences gravity. The remaining 2 static forms of energy are gravity (an originally inexplicable phenomenon) and electrostatics. e. Rockwood Park Building. for example magnetism: such as a compass needle. The existence of a universal energy is the precondition to this successful masonry draining technology. It requires no direct intervention to the masonry no conventional energy supply no chemicals and no maintenance. This is the story. capable of demoisturizing whole buildings. Mohorn’s intensive fundamental research shows that there are 3 more physical spectras of energy missing. it can manifest itself through interactions with matter and becomes sensible or measurable. Here matter can mean many penetrates matter. it has no particular direction. e. Hungary. "tachyon energy". The other energy is called gravomagnetism (very similar to electromagnetism) Apparently the 3 static and 3 dynamic forms of energy are in balance with each other. The cosmic proto-energy is superior to all other . This proto energy is the direct carrier of several kinds of energy. churches et al. which are shown here. Throughout Europe there are more than 25 000 successfull Aquapol installations. Scholastic physics offered no explanation for the working principles. celestial bodies. In 1983 a system named Aquapol was developed in Austria. yet it maintains the lowered moisture levels. it is massless . At the 3 bottom vertices of the energy pyramid the known static forms of energy are shown. it cannot be measured directly. One of them is electrogravity. as will be described later. Wine cellar of Convent Klosterneuburg (Austria) Castle Reitenau Styria. Wilhelm Mohorn. The various kinds of matter act as proto. some of them in famous locations such as the Budapest Parliament. It is assumed that it has been existent from the very beginning of the physical universe and possesses the following physical properties: it is present converters. etc. East Sussex England. "vacuum field". For this reason one could call it free energy. gravity. "zero-point energy". it has high-frequency and it is faster than the speed of light. technical equipment. magnetic energy. This is the well-known electromagnetism.g. "Free Energy". Austria. The flying technology of UFOs may be explicable with this energy spectrum. However through his own research the inventor.could he invent such a special precious thing? Well. was able to find the functional foundations of this revolutionary technology. This proto-energy has lots of aliases.g. Therefore. They are called static because the direction of the force they impose on matter does not change. Its energetic potential exceeds our imagination. In its pure form it is not bound to any other energy form. it is permanently changing the direction of its force. When protoenergy penetrates matter it is partially transformed into more or less familiar forms of energy. Hence. the Joseph Haydn Museum in Eisenstadt. Between electrostatics and magnetism there is a dynamic form of energy which exhibits wave-character. life-forms etc. However. he talked to me about the researcher of an Austrian engineer named Wilhelm Mohorn.

This is similar to the resonance frequencies of atoms and molecules etc. With his calculations he was able to show that the rotation of the Earth is sufficient to generate our well-known terrestrial magnetic field. generates a magnetic field with a north and a south pole. On the surface the terrestrial gravomagnetic field generated from proto-energy and being composed of the various matter frequencies comes out with reduced . As our Earth is embedded in this sea of proto-energy.and bio-physical phenomena and it’s the one that allows the possibility of the dehydration of buildings and the transformation of water that I talked before . but free of iron. the Earth’s magnetism is a manifestation of the proto-energy which maintains the Earth’s angular momentum and thereby generates the magnetic field! Another energy spectrum that arises from proto-energy when it penetrates the Earth with its single layers is a new and very important one. gravity which is falsely referred to as an "attractive" force is actually a manifestation of the proto-energy as a pushing force! Now the following question arises: What happens to the proto-energy that remains in the Earth? According to Mohorn’s research. It is assumed that about 5 to 10% of the proto-energy get "absorbed". The emergence of this force field.g. which is unknown to scholastic physics. This part is transformed into other energy forms of various kinds! Hence. the arising gravomagnetic field consists of matter-specific frequencies which enable us to recognize the elements contained in the interior of the Earth (e. the Earth). The proto-energy penetrates the Earth and is partially transformed into a gravomagnetic terrestrial field. in a way. other energies form and one is our earth magnetic field. While passing the Earth the proto-energy experiences a reduction of intensity (screening effect) and exits on the other side with reduced strength. called Geo–gravomagnetism or just gravomagnetism (gravity+magnetism) Like electro-magnetism it exhibits wave-like character but it has got a different structure. The Swiss scientist Moonstein has proved that the rotation of a body containing metal. pushes us onto the Earth!. During the penetration of the various layers of our planet a matter-specific gravomagnetic field is generated which is stronger the thicker the layer of the particular kind of matter. The difference between the amount of incoming and outgoing proto-energy physically results in a pushing force which. still a mysterious phenomenom. The question in this context "Which force maintains the Earth’s rotation?" can be easily answered: "The cosmic proto-energy that flows through the Earth". iron. it gets penetrated by this energy and is subject to interactions with it. According to Mohorn and as many "Free Energy researchers" have already forms. gravity is a product of the proto-energy when it interacts with matter (e. The existence of this terrestrial field explains numerous inexplicable geo. matter draws a direct connection between the proto-energy and the 3 static and 3 dynamic forms of energy.g. can be explained quite easily. Hence. Which means. That is why it is placed at the top of the energy pyramid. nickel). Finally. So let’s talk a little about gravity.

the proto-energy still serves as a carrier for the gravomagnetic field energy.4Ghz Also the sun is 1. Concerning the practical application of the Aquapol technology this raises the following questions: Does the innermost core of the Earth really consist of an iron-nickel alloy? How would a gravo-magnetic wave look? Recently. This is the high-frequency. "C". We see the magnetic wave . This type of wave is completely unknown to physics.4Ghz). As a result of the proto-energy penetrating the Earth’s core. However. According to Mohorn the innermost core of the Earth on the contrary. the device is an indirect proof for the existence of this gravomagnetic hydrogen field of the Earth. So. wave amplitude). Here we see a representation of different elements waves. as it is not electromagnetic therefore it cannot be detected by conventional measurement devices. is circulating around the magnetic component. underground geopathic radiations can be detected at the last floor of a building. In analogy to Jupiter and Saturn. The highly selective antennas in the Aquapol device have been carefully calibrated for this frequency and work exclusively with this band of the spectrum. The proto-energy penetrates the Earth’s core A.intensity. Anyway. the transformation of the proto-energy gives rise to a terrestrial gravomagnetic field which is composed by various matter-specific frequencies. At the same time the original intensity of the proto-energy at "a" (thicker line) becomes weaker owing to the transformation. The gravo-magnetic field generated here achieves its maximum intensity at the other end "b" of the core (graphic: max. due to the high pressures and temperatures in the core the hydrogen obtains metallic properties. As was previously mentioned. How does a gravomagnetic wave look like? This is the structure of a left-handed polarized gravomagnetic wave. While penetrating the other layers of the Earth "B". On the axis of propagation of the gravomagnetic wave there is the carrier wave . starting at "a". as the example shows. this naturally occuring gravo-magnetic field penetrates matter a lot easier than the analogous electromagnetic field with equal frequency! We know that it is difficult to receive electromagnetic signals in a basement. a gravomagnetic field with a frequency spectrum specific for the matter in the core "A" will be generated. it is bound to another form of energy of lower order as a carrier. that the innermost core of the Earth consisted of iron and nickel. in turn. The gravitational wave. Around this carrier the magnetic wave component is circulating in a left-handed fashion. high-speed proto-energy but now in a bound form! That means that it is no longer free. Due to the postulated hydrogen core the gravomagnetic frequency spectrum contains the frequency which is characteristic for molecular hydrogen (H2 1. For comparison the simplified structure of an electromagnetic wave is shown which is also a left-handed circular polarized. consists of hydrogen. So we can speak of a left-handed circular polarized wave. Instead. nobody could assert with certainty. and "D" coming from "A" the gravo-magnetic field with matter-specific frequency again looses intensity and eventually leaves the surface significantly weakened. On the contrary.

component and the electric wave component. From the beginning of time the existence of earth radiation has been known and accepted by common people while modern physics. A group of scientists tried to examine these radiations in relation to different ground conditions and found out that the magnetic natural field of the earth gets weaker by the water vein. this is measurable with modern magnetometer but if we consider that microwaves or radio waves cannot pass through layers of reinforced concrete. to allow it to go on the building’s walls. passing through the water interacts with the hydrogen of the water molecules. As for the electromagnetic waves exists a magnetic antenna to broadcast and receive. something similar exists for the gravomagnetic waves. how could these radiations go through many meters which are underground to the earth surface where they come out? And how can this radiation go through all the floors of a house. Frontier scientists tried to categorize this energy in the electromagnetic spectrum. if you remember. we can say that the flow and the quantity of water reinforce the gravomagnetic field intensity of the Earth. What happens is that the flow of free tachyons (cosmic energy)that penetrate the earth. Pyramids have a geometry structure that reflex the gravomagnetic energy in the inside on a burning point. Gravomagnetic waves are everywhere. is tuned on the hydrogen frequency (in its core). Between many of the geometric shapes experimented Mohorn found for its device an aeric cylindrical flat coil with specific characteristic especially good. again there is a carrier wave ( as there is for the gravo-magnetic case. H field have also been discovered in our hemisphere. These gravomagnetic waves which are different for each elements can be picked up by trained dowsers because we. H fields. forming a gravomagnetic wave tuned to the hydrogen frequency. to dehydrate them. Further. medicine and biology ignore this phenomenom because it is not explicable in our conventional ways. As the Aquapol antenna is tuned to the hydrogen frequency. anomalies in the polarization of the gm. Today. while the Aquapol unit needs to deflect it outside. are the greatest energy converter . which. causing the dehydration and mummifying effect we all know. There are areas with right-. left-handed. so they become from free tachions to bound tachyons. and arrive to the last floor and still be noxious to the person sleeping on it and still be measurable by a dowser? Why is this water radiation so significant at biological levels? How could it promote cancer and other diseases? If the Aquapol device is placed over a water vein it shows a stronger action than when it is placed meters from it. and combined polarizations of the gm. we are immersed in these sea of waves that our Mother Earth emanates. People sensitive to these radiations are able to find water veins under the ground and not only to find water to drink but also to evaluate its noxious effect on human health. According to Mohorn investigations. The flow direction of the underground water and the direction of the rotational force of . as human beings. Once more this is a bound manifestation of the virtual proto-energy in the shape of electromagnetic waves which are part of our physical reality since Maxwell.

How does this act on the human organism? Because the human body is made up of more than 70% of water. physically speaking. We are speaking of hundreds of liters of water for cubic meter going up against the gravity force!. H.the Earth are assumed to play a significant role here. This is exactly what happens in this stationary operating generator as it turns free proto energy into gravomagnetic field energy! The generator essentially consists of a receiver unit (1) which is made of a flat spiral-coil construction.The natural left. The transmitter unit (3) is constituted of 3 transmitter coils (3A) (cylindrical air-filled type) arranged in a tetrahedral manner. i.and right-handed polarized H-field forces .field (1) is collected by the AQUAPOL unit (2). The effect of the left or right polarization on human body are different if the field is strong enough to influence the person. Part (2) is the polarization unit consisting of an air-filled cylindrical coil.or left-handed circular gm. in the ground. this device is a gravomagnetic polarizer. What is the aquapol unit? Aquapol is a generator of new conception. As the actual sphere of activity is much . Therefore. mutually transposed by 120°.e. The received energy now gets right-handed polarized by the polarization unit (2). Have you ever noticed that some old buildings have a wall that is very wet and another is not so wet? Excluding other possibilities that can give rises to humidity in the walls. a cosmic energy converter in a nice container A generator is a device which transforms one kind of energy into another.or a right-handed whirl can also be understood in terms of the left. H field. So earth’s radiations can be defined as anomalies in the intensity and polarization of the gravomagnetic hydrogen earth field particularly active at biological level. The reason can be that the natural torsion of the structure of water in the body is right-handed. The explanation is in the water vein under the wall. the possibility for biological consequences suggests itself. The right polarization of the hydrogen earth field is healthy while the left polarization is not. Afterwards the transmitter unit (3) emits the field into the sphere of activity directed to the ground in right-handed polarisation form. The inexplicable phenomenon of water pouring out of the sink with a left.or right polarized gm. The physical reason for this. It is possible that diseases caused by unfavourable local conditions start off with some kind of disorder of molecular scales.or left-handed twisted growth structure. initiating a right. This explains the frequently occurring feeling of indisposition at sleeping places when on such pathogenic locations. In nature there are inexplicable morbid twisted structures occurring on trees. When we find an increase in the hydrogen gravomagnetic earth field intensity under a wall we have double if not triple humidity going up the wall. lies in a right. On the central axis of each transmitter coil a rodlike antenna is placed (3B) What is the physical working principle of the AQUAPOL unit? The gm. against gravity. H-field* is collected funnel-like by the receiver unit. That these forces are not negligible can be concluded from abnormal raising in moisture levels in old buildings.

radionica. It also induce a negative ionization of the air. ex.bigger than could be provided with the available collection area. included hartmann. Thereby the sphere of activity is increased. Curry. By experiments with animals. With this proto-energy a gravomagnetic hydrogen-field is generated. For this reason the AQUAPOL unit is a gravomagnetic polarisation generator. On the other hand it has been observed that left-handed polarised gm H-fields cause the moisture to The unit neutralizes any geopathic interferences. i. References if you want more info/buy product: For Aquapol: www. Maybe one day this effect could be applied for desert irrigation. there must be another energy source in order to satisfy energy . could be ascertained without Alessandra Previdi www. This source is free proto-energy incident from above. cows). The gm-H-field of the AQUAPOL generator directed to the ground initiates a reorientation of the water molecules in the damp masonry. Many customers of Aquapol have notified us about experiences that confirm the biologically positive effect of right-handed polarized gm. the energy is transformed.supernaturamica. especially so called radiation-shunning species (e.e. H fields generated by the Aquapol unit. the disappearance of diseases caused by local geo-pathogenic conditions. Due to the fact that a gravomagnetic force field causes a motion (Kinetics) of the water in the masonry Mohorn calls this newly examined physical working principle (gravo)magnetokinese. so it helps to neutralize bad email: For water decalcyfier NINFA AQUA and for NINFA CASA (device to dehumidify houses): www.g.