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'lUsh Yuvakbharati - XII 255 (A) - . (B) - wind (C) - . (D) - oxidation of fual . . .........•.......... (A) Active energy (kinetic energy) : e.g. (1) , (2) . (B) ....•.................. e.g.

(1) : , (2) Weight of the pile driver 3. (A) Read the following passage and answer the questions given below: Risks are an inevitable part of success. If you are afraid of taking risks, yo~ may not be Ie to accomplish what you want to. Remember that there's a risk associated with every goal. If a boy mts to be an athlete, he may have to compromise on his studies. And if he loses his legs at twenty 0; he car-mot remain an athlete anymore. At the same time, he may not be able to secure another job ~mediately, due to the lacunae in studies since he spent more time practising to be a successful hlete. Similarly, when a person chooses to become a pilot, one runs the risk of an accident, which n even cla,im one's life. . There is alw~ys the risk of losing money, life, health and the like in opportunities. But if eryone was scared of taking risks, we wouldn't have had Vasco da gama sailing to India, Jamshedji ~ta starting an Industry, Bachin Tendulkar breaking cricket records and Tenzing Norgay conquering Jerest. Taking risks doesn't mean being reckless. When you decide to drive at 150 km an hour on a 'Jrmal'Indian road to reach your destination within 10 minutes, that is recklessness, not risk taking! hat one should do is take a calculated risk. lestion : Why is risk taking necessary? (1) What, according to the writer, is the ideal way of risk taking? (2) What did the writer want to prove through all the examples? (2) "Risks are an inevitable part of success" - Do you believe? Justify your answer. (2) Do as directed : Risks are an inevitable part of success. (Rewrite using adjective form of the underlined word) (1)

(Change the voice) . ISECTION· B . To be successful. Since one cannot be sure of the end result everytime. . But one must always be careful while taking risks to avoid disaster. Lives of achievers bear witness to this fact. Suggested titles: (a) No risk. "Wake up. one needs to take chance to achieve the goal." I said. Poetry I 4. no gain (b) Calculated Risks(c) Reckless Risks.) One runs the risk of an accident which can even claim one's life. Choose a suitable title from the suggested . (Make it a compound sentence) (1) i) Take a calculated risk. risk-taking is absolutely necessary. (1) Find out the words from the passage which mean the following: (a) achieve (b) make concessions (1) ) Summary: Read the jumbled sentences below and arrange them in pr~per order to get an appropriate summary of the above passage. I quietly went and knelt by her bed. ones. little girl. wake up. I felt very small nd now my tears began to fall. (A) Rea e followin extract and answer the questions given below: (4) B his time.

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