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TEXT 1 : Read the text for no. 1 – 3 ! There is a new department store in our town. It is at the end of the main road. I buy a newspaper there everyday. This big store is open everyday, even Sunday. It is always busy on Sunday. A lot of people like to go shopping on Sunday. They sell milk, eggs, biscuits, tea, sugar, and coffee. You can get aspirin, toothpaste, or a writing pad there. You can also get other things such as clothes, shoes, and cosmetics. You can even buy fruits and vegetables. Although there are many things in the store, you can find the things you need easily. You can find shoes in the shoe department and vegetables at the vegetable stalls. You can use a trolley when you need to carry too many things. It is really a very big store in our town.
Adapted from: Starting English

1. Where is the new department store located in the writer’s town? a. In the center of city c. In the village near the city b. At the end of the main road d. At a busy main road in the city 2. The second paragraph is about ..... a. things we can sell in the store c. things we can buy in the store b. things we can sell and buy in the store d. daily needs we can buy in the store 3. The following are the things we buy in the store, except...... a. toothpaste and coffee c. writing pad and drugs b. rice and TV sets d. clothes and vegetables 4. Hilda : Hi, how are you today? Irma : …… a. How are you? c. Nice to see you. b. I’m pretty well. d. How do you do? 5. a – teacher – is – father – Shito’s – not The right sentences from the words above is …. a. Not father Shito’s is a teacher c. Shito’s father is not a teacher b. Is Shito’s father not a teacher d. Father Shito’s is not a teacher 6. Rudy and Linda are in the same class. ……..are my classmates. a. She c. He b. They d. We 7. Ida : Today is Monday. What day was it yesterday? Dwi : It was ….. a. Sunday c. Tuesday b. Wednesday d. Monday 8. Look at the picture and choose the best sentence related to it! a. The animal is monkey and it is eating banana b. The monkey is climbing on the banana tree c. The monkey is on the tree d. The animal’s name is a monkey and it lives in the jungle. It is funny and look! It is eating fruit. 9. A people who deliver letters is called …… a. post office c. secretary b. bell boy d. postman 10. Many people like to keep this animal at home. They keep it as a pet. People like it because of its soft fur and funny. It likes to eat fish and hunts mice at home. What is the animal? a. dog c. cat b. fish d. bird

19. 6 c.TEXT 2 : Read the text carefully for no. One group of spectators usually supports one of the two teams. wardrobe b. “Budi bermain sepakbola” Translate into English! a. The coach trains the players how to play the game. Joy : Where will you go. living room 23. cabinet d. Sportsman b. fashion shop 17. Happy family b. soccer spectators who support a certain football team d. greengrocer d. They have important roles in a football game. Some of them watch and learn the game from the side of the field. By bike d. 2 12. Ani? Ani : I want to read books. twenty two d. It is usually placed in the kitchen. Budi plays soccer 16. they are called “supporters”…. six to eleven 22. . dining room d. a. Nglele c. a. eleven c. We must turn left TEXT 3: Read the text for questions no. and the spectators. By bike 15. please buy me three kilograms of meat. linesmen. bathroom b. referee. Not all of them play in one game. How is Siti’s family? a. Two brothers c. We may turn right b. Budi played soccer d. We must turn right d. bookstore 18. Remember it must be fresh! Putri : Right. Happy family 13. Mother : Putri. Budi is football c. A house wife 14. 11 – 14! Hello. a. Mom! But where do I must buy it? Mother : Go to the ……. I go to school by bike. canteen d. Where does Siti live? a. The text above is talking about ……. Tono is 6 and Andi is 10. some people do not play the game. bedroom c. football players b. a. a. The players in each team in football match are …… a. Our family watches TV in the …. Another group of the supporters supports the opposing team. they are called “supporters” (Bonek in Surabaya). What is Tono. A teacher d. “One group of spectators usually supports one of the two teams. By bike c. The referee controls the match. each team has more than eleven players. friend! My name is Siti. We may turn around c. librarian c. My father is a teacher and my mother is a house wife. Where should I go? Joy : You must go to the …… a. supporters c. We are happy family. stationery c.. 12 b. 19 – 21! In football game. I’m twelve and I live in Nglele. Budi play football b. It is green. My hobby is reading books. refrigerator . 10 d. library b. Football 20. I have two brothers. Andi and Siti’s father? a. How old is Siti? a. In professional soccer match. The following traffic sign means …… a. butcher b. cupboard c. Sports c. referee and two linesmen 21.” The word “they” refers to …. Happy family b. They will play when they have no substitute and player who gets serious injured. 11. Supporters of sport d. Two brothers d. They are the coach. They are Andi and Tono. In Nglele b. more than eleven b. We can keep fresh vegetables in the ….

Is it yours? Oh yes. and I write you as hurriedly. A kind friend d. How many socks does Iyem want to buy? a. I’ve just got your letter. How much d. writes b. a kilogram of. What bottle a box of milk 27. a bottle of shampoo a. Bejo d. a sock c. a. Choose the message menu and write text 31. what should Anis do first? a. a basket of b. what did you do last night? Iwan : I …. and ……. Bejo’s brother b. I am sorry to hear that. only one sock d. The lost watch b. click the word “ send” and the HP will show you the phone number. a. For sending SMS. buys c. What did Bejo write the letter for? a. . I will help you to tell about “How to send message using your new HP. The statement below is true. a half kilogram of TEXT 4 : Look at the Iyem’s shopping list below! 25. How many things does Iyem want to shop on Sunday? a. To ask Anis if she’s fine b. Click the word “send” d. buy d. did. That’s mine. It’s great c. What happened with you. Giman Gareng Giman Gareng Giman Gareng : : : : : : Excuse me. all socks a pair of socks 26. three 28. You’re welcome. Thanks so much. Teacher : Iwan. Actually. Has anyone handed one in? I have several watches here. Anis’s sister 32. a loaf of. b. How a can of candies b..flour. Anis c. a plate of d. Follow these instructions: First. Joko : …. a spoonful of c. What does it look like? It’s Seiko. It’s very easy. it’s not difficult. What is the dialogue about? a. Never mind and forget it d.sugar. Search the phone number that you want to send your message. Anis can’t send message using her new HP b. This looks like the one. a. Good luck! Love. a plate. six c. a letter to my grandparents.24. Okay Anis. I really beg your pardon. am writing d. a. I’ve lost my watch. except …. dearest? Nina : Yesterday my beloved uncle was passed away. Mom. four b. A confused girl TEXT 5 : Read the letter carefully for no. five eggs. bought b. so you can use it quickly”. and finally just click “OK”. How are you today? I hope you are fine. a new car yesterday.. The Lost Girl c.shampoo does she want to buy? a T-shirt Imas : She wants to buy a bottle of shampoo. a kilogram of. Rahma : You look so sad. a kilogram of. wrote 35. 29 – 32! Dear Anis. Who wrote the letter? …. Mr. It’s new and has a brown leather watch band. choose the message menu. After that. Choose the message menu c. a. write c. and Mrs. To tell Anis if he just got her letter d. ………butter. five d. a plastic of. Bejo 29. To tell Anis about how to send message 30. She needs ……. Parman …. Search the phone number and click OK b. To tell Anis that sending message is not very difficult c. Anis can send message using her new HP 33.. Anis has a new hand phone c.. Let me see. a pair Sunday shopping: b. a tin of . buying 34. Mother wants to make cake. Rahma : Oh… a. Bejo can use HP for SMS d. a kilogram of. right? But if you still find difficulty please contact me again. How many c. and then write the message. It is red and luxurious.

37. Get some water and boil it! After boiling.00 pm Swimming At Ksamben Fri. We leave home together at 6. live b. I … (37) in Los Angeles with my mother. Budi : Are you sure? Desy : Of course. 46 – 48! Grandma’s house Sun.. is yours? A : The black one. My brother likes toast and orange juice. a. busy c. He is a pilot. My brother’s name is Adam. we know it is learning how to …… a. Then serve it to your father. how long the water becomes boiling d. buy new car 45. I am calling you ANSWER THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS CARRECTLY! Look at Maya’s schedule in a week and answer questions no. What c. We have … (38) at 6. .00.. food 39. We’re very … (40) in the evening. is c. We go to bed at 9. I didn’t d. soon b. Budi : Did you call me last night? Desy : …. dinner b. My brother and I get up 5 in the morning. What sort d. a. snakes are coming ….m. visit d. I don’t b. 3. how to boil water c. sell car c. a. We catch a bus to school. hungry d.30.. late 41.00 pm 46. 48. breakfast d. 49.30. a. Takasi is from Japan. start the engine. What does Maya do on Sunday? Why is Maya not able to play basketball with Mirna at seven on Friday? Who does Maya visit on Sunday at three in the afternoon? What do you prepare to make a cup of coffee? Translate into English! Pamannya Adi pergi ke Surabaya kemarin sore. worked 43. 3. father and brother. arrive c. drive car b. From the sentences above. . Which b. a. He …. We leave school at 4 o’clock but we don’t get home until 5. I did c. I like cereal for breakfast. work d. Sun. a.36. 6. Press it down.. You won’t hear them moving. slowly d. pour the water into the cup with sugar and coffee. A : Can you take my umbrella.00 am English Tuition class Tues. The instruction above is the way ……. No. tired b. Be careful when you go camping in the woods. please? B : There are four umbrellas here. was d. how to make coffee TEXT 6 My name is Saffa. lunch c. 50. please. silently 44. 7. sleep 38. am c. repair car d. a.. 8. We … (39) to school at 7. My phone is broken.. Where 42. but don’t put your other foot on the accelerator yet. works b. a. a. First. Yes. No. Yes.00 pm Study Math. make sure the car is in neutral. -----when you believe when you know it more----- . Now. for Japanese Airlines.30 p. Mr. get b. Put your foot on the clutch. have 40. 47.00 pm Karate At GOR Sat.00. how water boiling b. seriously c.

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