This is the story of a man who said meaningful things-in the presence of other people who claimed the

things he said were not in fact meaningful. Were these things said in friendship? Right. Youíre right to be frightened I didnít say I was frightened But you are, I can sense it Do I look frightened? Now that the subjcts been raised, itís hard not to be aware of a certain, veneer of fear, underlying the most ordinary things Perhaps this is one of my stories I would say itís not a story, itís a simple hypothosis. I would say thatís a story.. A very meaningful story. The story of your elusive fear, which may well be justified. The story of the meaningfulness of everything I present for your consideration.. Wouldnít you agree that itís meanimgful for me to say that-- if I am not in fact your friend-- this fact, could in fact, be for you a source of energy. ({Pause) Yes, if thereís hostility betwene people, people are energized as a result. There have to be better ways. Ah, thinking about better ways-- thatís potentially meaningful. But it is also potentially meaningful to reralize that all energy is perhaps the result of hostility on some level, between people, and that energy is not necessarily desirable because it only seems desirable in the context of a world in which every possible relationship is colored by a certain degree of hostility. I choose not to entertain that vision of the world. You entertain a vision of the world? Perhaps Describe it. I donít have words to describe it. Sorry if that makes it less meaningful Oh no. That makles it more meaningful-- donít operate under the delusion that decription equals meaningfulness. No-- description is as best the corelation of a fact and a particulAr sub-system, and sub-systems are mere conveniences, buffers against the truth. Which is? (Pause) Didnít you ever hypothose that God was speaking to you in the details of a world from which he

had withdrawn? Leaving hints in thigs of course..relative clarity at best. Seeing things both as they are and as they are not. in fact But youíd rather not leave. thatís why you can be no-oneís friend. But without your illisuons. and youíll never know for sure if itís God you are after.his absence-.therein in encoded the message. but his withdrawal-. Is that why youíreafraid of me? Well. so how can I leave? You donít want to leave unless I leave? (Pause) Iím not leaving So I gather Something very important is going to happen to you What Wait for it . you will be forced into double vision. Itís not something I could possibly believe Take my hand and find out (Done) I donít experience any energy transfer. Totally without separation. Do you realy think itís God I am after? Well. I quite sure its not God I am after Ah. Right. donít let your illusions vanish. I think youíre trying to find out. my friend-Not your friend. the meaning. Certainly not mine. I donít claim to surpass that. Will you let go? You want me to leave? Yes. I have no desire to surpAss that since I believe the search for total clarity turns one into a monster. Take my hand Why should I Take my hand. Isnít that the human condition? An untimate lack of clarity-. perhaps. I didnít say it was infriendship Then why should I take your hand Think of it as a possible energy transfer It would be a fantesy.

so itís happened I donít think anything has happened Yes it has Then why wonít you let go of my hand Of course (Pause) Now that my two hands are unoccupied-. with some effort of course. life itself provided me with entertainment. Iíve had the feeling I havenít ben included Iíll make you a drink also. one of those artificial means.Do I have to wait right here in order to have this thing happen to me? Ah. Then donít take advantage of the situation. even if the have nothing to do with the conversation-. Why not? Youíll probably be thinking less clearly if you drink something Under the circumstances. Feel all those particles straining inside your extrememly vulnurable physical envelope-Did you ever notice about yourself---Iím sure I have---you seem to be a man whoís continually on the lookout for opens in whatever conversation in order to insert things you want to say into the conversation. Should I make you a drink? Are you trying to make a believer out of me? Thatís my gift How can I return such a generous gift Iím sure you could begin by providing me with ehtertainment. But those days have long since passed. though of course I donít recommend it. that could be a godsend-Ah. But look at the effort you make right this minute. and now I depend upon. Once upon a time.on very elusive subjects that seem to be the subjects you really want to talk . well-.more artificial means I do believe that you could become. I donít choose to make such an effort. youíre the believer No. itís already happened What You asked-.may I make us a drink? Am I included? Why not. Up til now.

Then how would I know whatís in the next room. Iíll make you a drink Is that to make me doubly confused? What Iím hoping-. and re-twisat in my direction? Am I being encouraged to follow you into the next room could be so good and meaningful together in our mutual confusion. Iím not going into the next room/. if you get my drift I donít like drifting No? (She goes) Youíre drifting out of my orbit No-. I certainly want it to be mutual. whatís the the next room. by saying nothing.its a very deliberate choice Then who did the trajectory stop. Should we find out together? . itís safer in here Why. accept with open arms they very sweet and intense meanigfullness I offer for an intimate of sharing something-. (Pause) Whatís going on here What would you say is going on here Itís beyond me Thatís why you offered me a drink Wair a matter what else different is really going on. One never knows You must know Am I here? Or in the next room. Respond to what Iíve just said Maybe I can respond to that just as well. Right. (Pause) Say something.what Iím realy hoping against hope-.about-. Because then Iíll have succeeded in making at least one other person. sweet nothing.didnít you offer ME a drink? I think it was the other way around No it wasnít Can you convince me? Of that weíll be able to very effectively confuse each other You want it to be mutual Oh yes.

certainly.(Phone) Ah. I think. is chartable on a different graph only-whose co-ordinates are not known to us Not. The things that happen in this room-What Happen. Violent things Are you who I think you are I donít know who you think I amI recognize you.a chair turns into a table. the words that OBCESS me-.well. to my consciousness What What does my consciousness know of such things .but really-. (enter other) Did you just cal us from the next room I did notWhat I find unsettling is the way everything is turning into something else Thatís exciting to me Oh? Wherever I look-. A door opening-. rings again) This means something-. that could be the answer How could that be the answer Before you introduce yourself. Then all prophicies are fulfilled This is a strange room. My problem is the words I most want to use.what does it mean? I donít know It means one always gets a second chance.waving at me like a giant hand Have some drugs. means--? Things are hapopening. My problem is-. Here are someThe green light over the inner door. know thereís a woman beside me here who expects much clarification from this telephone call-I do not (Puts it doen. they do obcess me. so that this room can be a witness to these happenings I think what you say is very believeable What happens in this room that this room recogniozes.words.

Or everything that has been reflected in its depths. doesnít it A mirror is the only is a vulgar world that sustains belief systems such as you propose I would have thought the opposite See? I register you in the light of my own pitiful desires and expectations Then you are indeed-.not problematic Believeable Ah.Oh-. in a world of problems. the one thing a mirror lacks is ears Iíd say it lacks everything Even eyes? Especially eyes (Pause) Depth? (Pause) You see? We seem to be turning it into something problematic Iíll never agree to that Right now. there is a mirror that remembers everything You mean. I find believeable This table you find problematic? Of course But the mirror in which it is rflected-. It makes your head spin. thatís not the same word I chose my words very carefully Ah. I have already imagined embracing you Then we have already embracedIn his room. I suddenly notice Right Whatís right The mirror reflects a table.the same thought suddenly occured to both of us at once Thatís suddeness if I ever heard of suddeness Unfortunately. everything that has been reflected on itís surface. itís lying Thatís not problematic at all .one of my tribe I thought so. but not a spoken word (Pause) I suddenly resalize youírfe able to read thoughts No-.

I said. ah-.he smile turned cold.this side is even more pregnant. I confounded his expectations/ totally. An had to be willing to insert the key into the lock you had to be willing to turn. they were simple But there was a tremendous inner resistence to the first move. then. Why this inner resistence to something so simple? This is a mystery (Open door) Now-. And I was intellectually tumbled by a wave of emotion as I realized that nothingness reversed induced in one a whole range of possibilities I had not the means to mentally articulate to myself. the ininitation of that sequence. And I said to myself-.Whatís your definition of being problematic I have no definitions for things-. He presented me with a gift. because in accepting his gif. Thatís the door Did I open it? You did Then who do I need the oter key? Trust me. A small gold disk with the letters of the alphabet embossed on one side.I realized suddenly-. Could I trouble you for a drum? A drum . the key. I held the blank side of the disk up to a are not my friend. Thatís the kind of person he was. I said to myself. These seemed like simple tasks In fact. And the gift was something special.I just have things Have a seat (Pause) Problematic? Of courseWhen the man Iím talking about entered my field of vision. hidden amongst those letters? I looked at the side that was empty-. and itís nothingess was reversed. which is taped under the edge of that table But I just used this kep to open the door No. sir. only as I unwrapped the my own name. The key is hidden on the underside of the table What about this key Trust me Is there another door? No.look for the kep.

blood . More attention given to steering. This is why he suffers He empties the contents of his pockets. screams) Thatís a trick. isnít it? What did I do You chopped off your hand . You wouldnít be the first person to have taken a painful drug I donít think you understand What donít I understand You donít understand the significance of the drug taking in terms of the personal ecstacy that is my private system of being OK Let me show you something (chop off hand. Do you see anything? I do What? What isnít allowed-. His sex is a recognizable part of his that I swallow this substance and turn completely into who I am not or what I am not.Iíd like to make some noise I bet I smile. Or does he? What does it mean to drive more carefuly. I bet. He hides it in other things What I have for you is a special kind of gift. he never non-steers. Iíd really like to make some noise Did you think Iíd provide a drum? I consider you my equal He holds to his principals. he drives more carefully than on the freeway. Yes.Yes-. I bet Look into the center of this jewel. one would suppose. A small box is filled Some things are on top and hide other things On a trip thrugh the mountains.

I feel imprisoned Try getting out (Pause) Iím out My only hope is that I am hopefulI want you to notice the bedís been prepared Iím ready for that bed-. . if I undress You can even use it not getting completely undressed Just the shows Yes. havenít they Yes Now. I will ask you to take a bite of this thing (The drug) I donít want to I insist (done)Please Please what Please release me Release you from what Please release me But nobody is restraining you Thatís not true.Was it a trick I think so But an effective illusion Yes Suppose it had been real Well-. Take off the shoes Well.that is.real things have happened in wars and so forth They have. maybe notThere is absolutely no place for this revelation to be as ravishing as it should be.

but I cam enter it ( (down) and exit.A key should be inserted.I think these fingers-Shhh Should I hold just one of these to my lips I donít think youíll be alowed to imitate the precise mechanism. After the key is turned After the key is turned.Every part of my body should be effected Try -Try what. the key is removed Does the door open Yes But the key is removed Oh yes (Pause) Who pockets the key No one pockets the key Is it visible Well. but this item has a surprise Iíve already encountered (Turns it over) See? The bottom is missing I still think itís locked Yes it is. one remembers its configuration Strange-. Happiness should be extracted Wait a minute. but why not try Shhh (does it moving finger away during noise) (Open door) Was it already unlocked Thatís not unlocked (Points to chest on the floor) Ah. I think thereís a problem Tell me Thatís the problem . No problem Oh.

I donít know Well. use it now. if youíre going to use it Then Iíll give it back to you Iíll just-. looks) Am I where I started? Thatís covering territory Where I started. I mean-.sometimes not Youíd cover territory (Pause. why donít I give it back to you Itíll open practically anything A skeleton key (Pause) Then Iíll save it for future usefulness-No. Sometimes-.You canít tell me? Itís so-. make an inventory of my feelings (Pause) .self evident.a key What does this open Just by accident. it canít be grasped What Hereís the key.hide it (Done) It opens practically anything Yes Iím glad you hid it Now where did I put that key? (Spins)Iíd like to be able to be fast. moves Fast Fast if it isnít here Not yet (Pause) I can see weíre talking about the same pieces of funiture I never had furniture I liked How would you define having furniture Iíd very quickly.

no. Yes A wad. Iím in the process of erasing thatHere is a list of potent items Crown drum . but it is important So you have something to talk about after all No. A large wad of somethingIf I had something specific to talk about. itís just .whatís really important. It has a form. (Pause) No questions? Crown Large hands Stabbing oneís self with a knife Blindfold Cape Eye-glasses WingsIt is true that daring to look round a corner The visible spills into the tourturous forget-me-nots of I canít see it-You canít see it-Nobody sees it except that man in the black hat who stumbled on it quite by accidentIíll never forget this magical object Well. . --itís formless No. . which to me isnít. Deep into our furniture This opens.So.what you take out is going to influence the rest of your life No questions. correct that-. I think (Opens) Careful-. Times passes And here we are Yes. I wouldnít be able to talk about whatís really important to me-.

but what is inside people.then that would stop . itís formless has a form. it was a momentary lust for something I probably canít handle Crown Stabbing oneself Large hands Blindfold cape eye glasses wings It is true that daring to look around a corner the visible spills into those torturous forget-me-nots of I canít see it I canít see it-Nobody sees it except that man in the black hat who stumbled on it quite by accidentIíll never forget this magic object Well.hand blimdfold knife-You favor physical objects over people I favor not people. And the potent physical objects I choose perform excevations on the inside of people Oh? You see? A brass trumpet would express your ëOhî in a way that would shake things as they are to their very foundations Iíd like to be turned inside out Would you? Well. itís just-Yes A wad. A large wad of somethingIf I had something specific to talk about-.

Nothing. desire is a trap .I can just sense that you know who went up there but thereís no exit from up their except those stairs and I didnít see you know who. But of course. doll face. is desirable.I donít know why-. correct And the potent physical objects I choose perform excevation on the inside of people. which to me isnít-.Thatís funny. because I was upstaiors with you know who. setting personal matters in order. Emotional. Oh? You see? A brass trumpet would experience your ìOhî in a way that would shake things as they are to the core. but what is inside people. but now-. --nothing Then maybe nothing is desirable Yes. I was just upstairs and I thought somebody was there Where Upstairs You werenít upstairs Oh yes I was You were down here with me for hours Hey.but it is important So you have something to talk about after all No. Whatís really important. physcial-. kitten.without pain. Iím in the process of erasing thatHere is a list of potent items Crown drum hand blindfold knife You favor physical objects over people I favor not people. coming down those stairs Who You know who Say it Why should I say it when I know it causes you such pain. you must be from being able to talk about whatís really important to me-.Somebodyís been lying to me about life Everything is in response to pain.

not as if she wanted to enter but as if placing the ërealí of her fist. or somebody like can go up these stairs. I was until a minute ago What happened a minute ago I realized it wasnít as much fun as I thought it was What was Whatever. onto the door itself Well well well-.I did notice-. I can go in and out the door. . you can go down thses stairs. Probably not. .thatís something I camn only imagine Well. These are things you can do in this room *** What can I do in this room. it doesnít sound like fun.this going in and out of doors-. then slaming her fist against the door. emerging from a doorway and shutting the door behind her.(Pause) Itís very easy to be negative Oh? Nothing painful? did notice-. I probably canít do that Of course you can No-. then you ARE having fun after all Well.Helene . I can feel it getting ready to happen Oh? I better not turn my head up looking for heaven . Just.waiting for something exciting to happen (Pause) Watch this (Exits)The ground of things is going to write about itself on the inside of my head . but you can certainly do it How can I do something that isnít fun When was the lAst time you had fun? I canít remember Then you must have done lots since then that wasnít so much fun Did it ever occur to you that I have a bad memory I turned this particular corner-. embossed. .

didnít he? .(Chop it off) You no longer have tio write anything about what happens to you What do you mean? He left the room wearing rose colored glasses.

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