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A Note to Parents

This Wordbook contains all the sight words we will be studying throughout the year plus some additional enrichment words. Your child should spend some time each week studying this Wordbook with an adult. The amount of time will vary according to the ability level of the individual child.

The si ght words are each followed by a sentence using the word. The sentence i s to help your child figure out the word through the context of the sentence. The list we are currently studying will be marked with a paper clip. Here are some tips for studying the words

1. As you study the list, vary the order of the words.

2. If th e c hi ld h as di f fi c ul ty r e ad i ng t h e w o r d, th e ad ul t c an r ead th e sentenc e sayi ng b lan k i n plac e o f th e u nd er li ned w or d. T h e c hi ld should be able to identify the key word through context and by seeing th e b egi nni ng and endi ng letter s o f th e wor d. 3. T h e s t u d e n t i s n o t r e s p o n s i b l e f o r r e a d i n g e a c h s e n t e n c e . I d o , however, encourag e tho se students who are able readers to read th e sentence to help figure out the word or to read the sentence simply to practice reading.

4. This wordbook is a great tool to print and leave in your

vehicle. SO on those long trips, or even short trips, someone in the car can help your child study without having to miss out on any of their play time.

This Wordbook is meant to aid your child. It is used in conjunction with our reading and wri ti ng experi enc es. S tudyi ng thi s Wordbook sh ou ld not be a caus e o f anxi ety o r str ess for yo u o r y o u r c hi l d. I t i s o nl y m ea nt t o p r o vi d e r e so u r c e s fo r p ar en t s t o r ei n f or c e r e ad i ng at h o m e.

Ms. Wright

PrePrimer List

Dolch Words Pre-Primer List

Dolch Pre-Primer Sight Vocabulary a and away big blue can come down find for funny go help here I in is it jump little look make me my not one play red
Your child identifies all highlighted words. Thanks for your help in practicing at home.
Jill Perkins 1998

run said see the three to two up we where yellow you

Dolch Words Pre-Primer List

a and

I ate a snack. My friend and I play.

away big

I will throw away my lunch. That is a big truck.


The sky is blue.

can come down

I can read. Will you come over? She went down the slide.

Dolch Words Pre-Primer List

find for funny go help here

I cant find my pencil. This gift is for you. That was a funny joke. They will go to school. I will help you. I sit here.

I i n

I am six years old. The rabbit is in the hole.

Dolch Words Pre-Primer List

is i t jump little look make me m y

She is my friend. We like it. I will jump over the puddle. My little sister is cute. I will look in my desk. My grandma will make a cake. That belongs to me. Where is my pencil?

Dolch Words Pre-Primer List

not one play red

She is not in school today. I have one cookie for snack. Will you play tag with me? The apple is red.

run said

I can run fast. He said I was funny.

see the

Did you see my hat? She read the book.

Dolch Words Pre-Primer List

three to two

I have three pencils. I will walk to your house. There are two kids on the bus.


I ran up the hill.


We are in first grade.

where yellow

Where are you going?

The sun is yellow.


I will jump rope with you.

Dolch Words Pre-Primer List

Primer List

Dolch Word List Primer

Dolch Primer Sight Vocabulary all am are at ate be black brown but came did do eat four get good have he into like must new no now on our out please pretty ran ride saw say she so soon that there they this too under want was well went what white who will with yes

Your child identifies all highlighted words. Thanks for your help in practicing at home.
Jill Perkins 1998

Dolch Word List Primer

all am are

I ate all my lunch. I am a good student. My friends are here.

at ate

I looked at the dog. He ate his snack.


I will be kind.

black brown

The car is black. I saw a brown bear.

Dolch Word List Primer

but came did do

I took a nap, but I am still tired. My cousins came for a visit. She did her homework. I will do my chores.

eat four get good

What did you eat for breakfast? There are four deer in the field. They will get a gold slip. You did a good job!

Dolch Word List Primer

have he into like

I have a broken arm. He is my friend. I walked into the store. I like my teacher.


You must finish your work.

new no now

I moved to a new town. My mom says the answer is no. We have Music now.

Dolch Word List Primer

on our out please pretty

She sat on the swing. Our family went on a trip. I walked out of the classroom. Can I please go to the party? My mom is pretty.

ran ride saw

My cat ran away. I went on a roller coaster ride. He saw a ghost.

Dolch Word List Primer

say she so

What did you say? She is my friend. I am so hungry.


I will be done soon.


I saw that show on TV.


Put it over there.

they this

They always walk in the hall. I found this on the floor.

Dolch Word List Primer

too under want

I washed my hands too. There is a monster under my bed. I want a cookie.


He was running down the hall.


I dont feel well.


We went to the movies.

what white

I dont know what to do. The snow is white.

Dolch Word List Primer

w h o will with yes

Who will be my friend? She will play on the swings. Can I play with you? Yes, I like using the computer.

Dolch Word List Primer

First Grade List

Dolch Words First Grade List

Dolch First Grade Sight Vocabulary after again an any ask as by could every fly from give going had has her him his how just know let live may of old once open over put round some stop take thank them then think walk were when

Your child identifies all highlighted words. Thanks for your help in practicing at home.
Jill Perkins 1998

Dolch Words First Grade List

after again an

Read your book after school. Did you watch the movie again? I saw an elephant at the zoo.


I didnt see any whales.


Did you ask the teacher?


I am as quiet as a mouse.

by could

Sit by your friend. I wish I could play outside.

Dolch Words First Grade List

every fly

I like every book on the shelf. The bird will fly to the nest.


I got a dime from my mom.

give going

Give Tommy his paper. I am going to see a movie.

had has her

I had a great time. She has a folder on her desk. That belongs to her.

Dolch Words First Grade List

him his how

I watched him play baseball. He hung his coat on a hook. How did you do that?


I just got home.


I know how to sing.

let live may

Please let her use your crayon. I live in Cresco. You may go play.

Dolch Words First Grade List

of old

I had a lot of fun. My sneakers are old.

once open

Stop talking at once! Leave the door open.


Can you come over to my house?


I will put the book on the shelf.

round some

The ball is round. Can I have some?

Dolch Words First Grade List

stop take thank them then think walk were when

It is time to stop. I will take my folder home.

Thank you for helping me.

That ball belongs to them. I will eat lunch and then go play. I think it is your turn. Lets go for a walk. They were having a good time.

When are we leaving?

Dolch Words First Grade List

Second Grade List

Dolch Words Second Grade List

Dolch Second Grade Sight Vocabulary always around because been before best both buy call cold d oe s don't fast first five found gave goes green its made many off or pull read right sing sit sleep tell their these those upon us use very wash which why wish work would write your

Your child identifies all highlighted words. Thanks for your help in practicing at home.
Jill Perkins 1998

Dolch Words Second Grade List

always around because been

I always raise my hand. Walk around the school. I like school because it is fun. It has been raining for two days.

before best both call

Wash your hands before you eat. That was the best time I ever had. We both went for a walk. Please call me on the phone.

Dolch Words Second Grade List

cold does dont

It was cold last night. She does a good job.

Dont cut in line.

He is fast.


first five

First grade is great!

A nickel is worth five cents. I found my scissors in my desk. My mom gave me a snack.

found gave

Dolch Words Second Grade List

goes green its

She goes to kindergarten. The grass is green. The skunk lifts its tail.


I made my bed.


How many pets do you have?


Turn off the light.

or pull

Do you like chocolate or vanilla? The horse will pull the carriage.

Dolch Words Second Grade List

read right

Which book shall I read? That is the right answer.


Lets sing a song.


Please sit down.

sleep tell

The baby will sleep in the crib. Did you tell your dad?

their these

The family got in their car. Do these books belong to you?

Dolch Words Second Grade List

those upon

Put those books on the desk. Once upon a time there was a frog.

us use

Read us a story. Please use an inside voice.

very wash which

I am very tired. I will wash the dishes.

Which one is yours?


Why did you leave?

Dolch Words Second Grade List

wish work would

I wish it was time to go home. Finish your work. What would you like for dinner?

write your

Did you write in your journal? I saw your teacher in the hall.

Dolch Words Second Grade List

Third Grade List

Dolch Words Third Grade List

Dolch Third Grade Sight Vocabulary about better bring carry clean cut done draw drink eight fall far full got grow hold hot hurt if keep kind laugh light long much myself never only seven shall show six small start ten today together try warm

Dolch Words Third Grade List


Your child identifies all highlighted words. Thanks for your help in practicing at home.
Jill Perkins 1998

Dolch Words Third Grade List

about better bring

I learned about Thanksgiving. Do you feel better? I will bring my paper home.


Carry the groceries to the car.


Clean up your mess.

cut done

I cut my finger. I am done with my work.


He will draw a picture.

Dolch Words Third Grade List

drink eight

Get a drink from the fountain. She is eight years old.


Dont fall off the jungle gym.


How far away is it?


The basket is full of apples.


He got sick.

grow hold

The seed will grow into a plant. Hold onto the railing.
Dolch Words Third Grade List

if keep kind

I will be happy if you play. Keep up the good work! Be kind to others.

laugh light long much

I heard them laugh at the joke. Turn on the light. Her hair is long. How much does that cost?

Dolch Words Third Grade List

myself never only

I hurt myself. Ive never been to Disney World. I only read two pages.


Use your own pencil.

pick seven

Pick a name from the hat. I am going to be seven years old.

shall show

What shall I wear? I will show you the picture.

Dolch Words Third Grade List

six small start

There are six kids on the swings. My shoes are too small. School will start soon.


I have ten fingers.


We have gym class today.


Lets play together.

try warm

Please try to be quiet. The soup is warm.

Dolch Words Third Grade List