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com Nakshatra Jyotish Kendra Vedic and Krishnamurti Paddhati Astrologer Mob: 9827374626 , 9329265779 , Will I clear exam for PG and get seat ? Om Gan Ganapataye Namah Nowadays student appear in various exams to pursue Post Graduate studies. I had written many articles before on this subject. Client had finished her MBBS and is pursuing for All India PG examination Let us see what the future beholds for her following the KP Astrology system according to my knowledge of astrology. Query Horary No ( 1 –249) Date Time Place Ayanamsa HINTS 1. If the sublord of the 4th cusp is the significator of 4,9 and 11th house , the success in examination is promised. 2. Sublord of the 11th cusp when connected to the houses under consideration will give positive result; here in this case it needs to be connected to 4th & 9th house. MOON & ASCENDANT SUBLORD Before proceeding to analyse any horary chart one must check whether the Moon supports the query being put up by anybody . Also the ascendant sublord must be considered for further confirmation. Let us check Moon first. Moon is placed in 5th house , Moon is in the star of Saturn which is placed in 4th house, so Moon clearly states the query is genuine. Let us see the ascendant sublord which is Mars , Mar is placed in 7th house. It is in the star of Moon which is placed in 5th house. So only Moon is connected to the relevant houses under consideration. We can proceed to analyse further even though ascendant sublord is not connected directly. CUSPAL ANALYSIS 4th cusp -- VIRGO --24:20:44 ( Mercury --Mars--Rahu ) As the 4th cuspal sublord is Rahu , Rahu is placed in 5th house , Rahu is in the star of Jupiter which is placed in the 11th house , the house of fulfillment of desires. Rahu is in the sub of Sun which is placed in 6th house the house of success in competitive examination. So Rahu is favourable through its star and sub. : Will I clear PG Exam and get admission ? : 64 : 08-01-2013 : 18:53:46 : Nakshatra Jyotish BHOPAL 77E26 , 23N07 ( Geocentric ) : KP Original 23:56:42

OUTCOME On July 29 . it is in the star of Saturn which is placed in the 4th house . That’s the outcome of Punarphoo Yog that was present in horary chart. Lagna lord at the time of judgement is Moon and Lagna Star is of Saturn. But suddenly a Notice arrived which stated that Admission Process for PG course has become Sub Judice in honourable Supreme Court.Sun . And hence allotment of seats is temporarily postponed until further notification. Venus is placed in 6th house and also signifying 11th house strongly.22:36:35 ( Saturn -. Jupiter and Rahu both signify the relevant houses strongly. I told the client to be ready for some events that can impact your success. But as Saturn was prevalent among the Ruling Planets and connection of Moon with Saturn by being in its star Anuradha. Venus is the sublord of Moon .Moon ) Moon is the cuspal sublord of the 11th cusp . Saturn is in the sub of Venus which is placed in 6th house .9th Cusp -.ARIES -.AQUARIUS -. 2013 I received a reply that the client has successfully cleared the examination for PG and has taken admission in reputed college . . My Prayers to Lord Ganesha and Guruji.hence it becomes favourable through its star and sub.28:02:31 ( Mars . Saturn itself is placed in 4th house . Moon is in the star of Saturn.Jupiter -. So I predicted to the client that she will succeed in the exam. So Moon is favourable both at the star and sub level.Saturn ) Saturn is placed in 4th house and it is in the star of Rahu which as discussed above is favourable . Current Mahadasha is of Saturn and current Bhukti is of Venus. Current Antara is of Rahu which will run till april 2013 and after that Jupiter antara will start. RULING PLANETS Lagna Sign Lord : Moon Lagna Star Lord : Saturn Moon Sign Lord : Mars Moon Star Lord : Saturn Day Lord : Mars DASHA BHUKTI ANALYSIS As Saturn is the star of Moon . 11th Cusp -. Venus as discussed above is signifying 6th and 11th house strongly .

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