The conceptual framework of this study is presented by the conceptual model as shown in figure 1.

The perceived relationship between the independent variable and the dependent variable which consists of the classroom structures (self-contained and departmentalized) (IV) affects pupils’ academic achievement (DV). Because of the difference in classroom setting where the pupils are taught, the researcher contemplated that there is a significant difference between the two classroom structures and with the performance of the pupils due primarily to the fact that one group of pupils are taught by one teacher alone and considered as a generalist for he teaches all subject areas, these teachers are also perceived to have an understanding or grasp of the subject matter they impart to the learners and one group of pupils which are taught by different teachers where they specializes in a particular area and increases the student –content relationship because these teachers are also deemed to be equip and master the subject they instruct. The researcher also ascertained that the Independent variable on this study which is the classroom structure ((self-contained and departmentalized) has a significant relationship on pupils’ behavior (DV) in terms of honesty, courtesy, helpfulness and cooperation, resourcefulness and creativity, consideration for others, sportsmanship, obedience, self-reliance industry, cleanliness and orderliness, promptness and punctuality, sense of responsibility ,love of God and patriotism. There is also a significant difference in which the researcher perceives in the behavioral character traits that each group of pupils manifests. The researcher derived to this perception due to the particularity of each group on how their behaviors are monitored by each type of classroom structure. In the self-contained classroom structure the teacher has the luxury of time to guide each pupil to show behaviors the teacher deemed proper and is accepted by the

strengths and weaknesses of each pupil and address those needs immediately. They are able to recognize the needs.. in the Departmentalized classroom structure the teachers’ time to monitor the pupils’ behavior is scarce for they spend only a minimum amount of time for every class they teach.society in general. While. thus. And lastly this study also perceived that the Independent variable which is the classroom structure (departmentalized and self-contained) has a significant relationship and significant difference with the dependent variable which is the pupils’ attitude towards their teachers and peers. . making the pupils and the teacher know each other better and recognize their individualities creating a close . There is a huge probability that each pupil will have a different relationship among the subject teachers he/she will have. In the self-contained classroom structure the interaction is highly individualized and the pupils are closely supervised during instructions thus. each teacher have their own distinct style or approach of instruction thus.nit relationship that makes the pupil less intimidated. deterring them to know. may affect how the pupil act toward each one of them. While in the departmentalized classroom structure pupils will have an opportunity to interact to different teachers with varied personalities. forming a positive attitude towards each other. If pupils are comfortable and at ease with their classroom environment there is a grave possibility that how pupils act towards their teacher will likely be the way these pupils will act towards their peers. understand and characterize each pupils’ behavior. The researcher came up with this perception due to the distinct characteristics of the two classroom structure and how it affects pupils’ attitude towards their peers and teachers.

helpfulness and cooperation. The second. resourcefulness and creativity. the behavior of the pupils in terms of honesty. sportsmanship. promptness and of God and patriotism thus. courtesy. third and fourth frame reflects the dependent variables. composing the third frame.The classroom structure is referred to are self-contained classroom structure and departmentalized classroom structure. cleanliness and orderliness. The second frame consists of the academic achievement in terms of the general average. consideration for others. obedience. self-reliance industry. sense of responsibility . Lastly for the fourth frame is the pupils’ attitude towards teachers and peers. .

Sportsmanship 7. Sense of responsibility 13. Self. Self-reliance 9. Honesty 2. Courtesy 3. Peers . Love of God 14. Patriotism Pupils’ Attitude Towards 1. Teachers 2. Departmentalized Classroom Structure 2.contained Classroom Structure 1. Obedience 8. Helpfulness and Cooperation 4. Cleanliness and Orderliness 11.Independent Variables Dependent Variables Pupils’ Academic Achievement in terms of Grade Performance Classroom Structure Pupils’ Behavior in terms of: 1. Promptness and Punctuality 12. Consideration for others 6. Industry 10. Resourcefulness and Creativity 5.

1.Figure 1 Conceptual Model of the Study Hypotheses of the Study Based on the research questions. There is significant difference that exists between in pupils’ academic achievement. . There is significant relationship that exists between self-contained classroom structure and departmentalized classroom structure on pupils’ academic achievement. behavior and attitude. This study will test the following hypotheses. behavior and attitude based on classroom structure (self-contained and departmentalized). 2.

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