Is there a lonelier word than ‘abandoned’ in the English language? Its cousin ‘rejected’ doesn’t even come close because to be rejected carries with it emotion and feeling. However to be abandoned doesn’t. When one is abandoned, one is forgotten and never thought of again making one truly alone. ---Lost. As I read the synonyms of ‘abandoned’ in the dictionary, I was surprised to find to word ‘forsaken’. As I pondered the power of that word, I couldn’t help but cry as God’s promise to ‘never leave me or forsake me’ (Deut 31:6) finally sunk in. To think that He will never leave me alone or abandon me... makes me sob with joy. Why the tears? You ask. Well it’s simple. This month, I’ve had the joy of caring for an abandoned AIDS baby named Abraham. And even though his father does not want him, I know that God does. He is the Father to the fatherless. My God never abandons His children. ---Never. That means, He won’t abandon you. And He won’t abandon me. And more importantly, He won’t abandon baby Abraham. Praise Him! - Stephanie

Baby Abraham ca me to us a month ago. Thin with slightly protruding eyes, he gobbled down th e first bottle of m ilk without a sound, then promptly fe ll asleep. He was only two weeks old. His mother, Mar ia, was gravely si ck and was no long er able to care fo r him. I wasn’t there, but I’m told she grie ved deeply when she dropped him off. From here, a car drove her to the nearest hospital where she died of TB and AIDs a week late r. She was 35 yrs old. His father refuse s to acknowledg e him as he has two othe r families to feed and since Maria was just his girlfriend .

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Abraham’s Story


Catching Up...
I’m often surprised these days at how quickly time passes. There is so much to write that I hope you’ll forgive me for using bullet points. CLINIC: The government has agreed verbally to partner with us but they seem to be dragging their feet for reasons that are not completely clear. Please pray for discernment and open doors so we can open the clinic by the end of October. TEAM: My first mission team is coming at the end of the month! A group of five from my home church, Calvary Chapel Mesquite, are coming to bless the women of this community with a one-day woman’s conference. It is hard to gage how many will show up, but I expect great things. Please be praying for lives to be changed during this time. CHICKENS: Preparation for a chicken project are underway. This project will help support the clinic once it’s up and running. Please pray for the right workers and construction of the chicken coops. Thanks. TEETH: My two teeth that have been causing me trouble this year have gone rogue again and apparently I need surgery to repair them. Fortunately, I can get them fixed in S. Africa in a few weeks time. Pray for a quick recovery and the funds to afford it. CONFERENCE: In September, I’ll be traveling to Cape Town, SA to attend the Calvary Chapel Pastor’s and Leaders conference again. I’ll be traveling by car part of the way and covet your prayers for safety.
My Portuguese teacher

Babble On!
I’m happy to announce that I’m speaking Portuguese already! Of course, it helped that I already spoke Spanish and French, as it made the complicated grammar quagmire easier to navigate. Even still, I’m often surprised when I open my mouth and people understand! I know it is due to your tremendous prayers so keep praying as I have Chitewe to learn next.

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