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Ehrlich retells the ve books of Moses in language that is poetic, rhythmic, sophisticated, and
accessible. The beauty of the words is matched by the stunning illustrations,
each one a midrash on the texts. This Torah adaptation is a treasure!
Cantor Angela W. Buchdahl, Central Synagogue, New York, NY
With a Mighty Hand is the Torah not as mere law, but as story. As such, it is a beautiful and powerful
retelling of the rst ve books of the Bible that is less about how we ought to behave than about who
we are. . . . Daniel Nevinss paintings are deeply reverential in that they are utterly reticent about
the Divine Image except in how that Image is reected in the whole created order. The colorful but
restrained images are ne companions to Ehrlichs respectful treatment of the original texts.
The Right Reverend A. Robert Hirschfeld, Episcopal Bishop of New Hampshire
So beautiful and new. Ehrlichs transcendent verse . . . renders these familiar stories as shocking,
perplexing, and remarkably compelling just as they always have been.
Kirkus Reviews (starred review)
Ehrlich has divided the books of Genesis and Exodus by topic and titled each story
in all ve books, breaking up the detailed text and giving it more appeal to young
people. Yet the integrity of the biblical tales, the sacred feel of the text,
and the ow of ancient history remain intact.
School Library Journal (starred review)
Praise for
With a Mighty Hand
The Story in the Torah
adapted by
Amy Ehrlich
paintings by
Daniel Nevins
CANDLEWICK PRESS www. candl ewi ck. com
Veteran writer Ehrlich has taken on a mammoth job and she handles it impressively. . . .
The dramatic nature of the stories demands impressive artwork, and Nevins provides it.
Booklist (starred review)
Its a beautiful book to look at; Daniel Nevinss paintings are lively and provocative. . . . It would have
been very nice, growing up, to have a volume like With a Mighty Hand: visually pleasing and stripped of
confusing matter that could threaten any childs understanding, attention span, and ultimate captivation.
The New York Times Book Review
Readers of any age will savor the beautifully designed With a Mighty Hand . . . with stunning art by
Daniel Nevins. . . . Erlich approaches the Torahs stories as a lyrical narrative. She includes the nuanced
details and weaves a story line that brings the characters to life as humans, with strengths and aws.
Jewish Journal
A child poring over these handsomely designed pages, made vivid with Daniel Nevinss
autumn-toned paintings, will get a sense of the importance of lineage and ceremony in the Jewish
faith without having to struggle through complicated dietary laws or confusing lists of begats.
The Wall Street Journal
This magnicent offering retells the stoies of the Torah poetically and lyrically
with a rhythm and cadence which beg to be recited aloud.
Association of Jewish Libraries Reviews
The essence of each of the Torah personalities is eloquently presented and
cleverly communicated, resulting in a greater understanding of Jewish heritage.
Jewish Book World
Ehrlich succeeds admirably in an ambitious effort to write a version of the Torah.. . . Beautiful
craftsmanship makes this an excellent title for gift giving, but consider it also as a wonderful selection
for young people who would like to reconnect their scriptural puzzle pieces into one vibrant picture.
Bulletin of the Center for Childrens Books