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TOM The Old Market, Hove

for companies, promoters & performers

marketing pack

artwork specifications provisions & possibiliites venue details


welcome to TOM The Old Market

introducing TOMs marketing
Hello from TOMs marketing department. We hope youre well. In this pack, youll find an overview of our marketing offerings, and some guides to help you get the most out of us. Please do get in touch if we can help further. All the best, TOM - The Old Market.

we need you to send us:

words // images // print
To start off, we want to get your event listed online and on sale, and we want to do that in good time before your event. The starred items below will allow us to do that immediately. Further ahead, we can helpfully use all of the following components:
50 Words Copy [Min. for website / program / PR / etc.] 800 x 270 px Web Image

150 Words Copy + Quotes / Video Links / Social Media Links etc [Unlimited for website / program / PR / etc. Taglines are useful if possible. ]

[This is the ideal size for TOMs website. If you have something that works well landscape, that will work best. Otherwise, send what youve got.]

1000 x 1000 px Print / Web Image [Your image should ideally work well in this square format.]



Full Press Release 1-2 Page PDF / .DOC [For answering press enquiries, additional information, stories and interview offers etc.]

A3 Posters x15 [For venue.] [We also have very limited display space for A2 Posters. DC Posters can be displayed on Brighton seafront at a cost.]

FLYERS DL / A5 / A6 x1000 Nb: DL is our preferred size, ideal for display & distribution


your show

300 dpi Press Image Landscape / Portrait [Having a high resolution image in both landscape and portrait is invaluable for PR
Once we have these - and as long as paperwork is signed - we can announce and set on sale.

all about


further information:
This summarises all the digital and print content that we can most helpfully use. If you happen to be creating anything else, and would like for us to use it, do just let us know. All digital information should be sent through to will@theoldmarket and All print should be sent to TOM - The Old Market, 11a Upper Market Street, Hove, BN3 1AS. Phone 01273 201 800.

...and when you send us:

copy & digital image
we will definitely: WEBSITE Create event page, with all links. VENUE BROCHURE & POSTER Include event listing - without copy/image - in relevant TOM publications and print. LISTINGS Send/Upload listings to local and national print and web. we could additionally: ADVERTS // Include event in TOMs regular column space in local publications. These ensure wide visibility in trusted magazine. Ask us for publication details and prices. FORNITHGHTLY EMAIL Include event listing in TOMs monthly newsletter, sent to all our subscribers. SOCIAL MEDIA Tweet/Post about event. Follow us on Twitter: @ TOMvenue and Facebook. com/TOMvenue. Add: Retweets/Videos etc.

full press release & photo

we will definitely: PRESS LIST Within publication deadlines, distribute to relevant local and national press. Well also to be able to respond to requests quickly. we could additionally: FEATURE / BLOG Write our own story / interview / feature relating to your event, for distribution.

poster & flyer design / print

we will definitely: DISPLAY AT VENUE Display posters and flyers at and outside TOM. we could additionally: PRINT FLYERS & POSTERS Using existing relationships, we can Display between 25-100 A3 posters arrange printing deals for your design. at various sites around town. HAND TO HAND Our experienced, chatty flyering team can be hired to exit flyer or by the hour in busy public places. EXIT FLYER TOM EVENTS At relevant events, smiley stewards exit flyer, or will work with you to. DISPLAY IN TOWN

Venue Details: TOM The Old Market

TOM logos:

We have four standard logos. Hopefully one of these will suit your design. If not, please get in touch with us before making any too drastic changes. PLEASE DONT: Stretch, Squish, Squash or Squeeze these at all, and keep them a reasonable size on your artwork (so that audiences know where your event is.) These four logos can be supplied in: PSD, PNG, JPG, PDF, etc... Our font is Helvetica Neue, Regular. Use it if you wish.

want to write about us...?

Performances, gigs, theatre, dance, events; TOM The Old Market, recently renovated, is a dynamic cultural venue just outside Brighton city centre on the border of Hove. TOMs main space is a 300500 capacity room with the flexibility to showcase everything from rock bands to exciting new theatre or cabaret. Recently re-fitted, TOM is also home to rehearsal spaces, production facilities, art and photography galleries. TOMs bar, open every Thursday and Friday night and on all event nights, hosts its own entertainment from DJs to film screenings. Discover TOM, and take time to enjoy this enchanting cultural space

we ARE called...
TOMs Bar /

but we are NOT called...

the Old Market / Old Market T.O.M. / tom The Old Market Arts Centre / O.M.A.C / O.M. TOM Bar

TOM - The Old Market / TOMvenue (online)

essential information to include...

Website: Phone:

On your posters / flyers / websites / facebook pages / etc, youll want to include the following TOM info: 01273 201 801 (box office line)

Address: TOM - The Old Market, 11a Upper Market Street, Hove, BN3 1AS

[NB. This pack, plus logos & image downloads are at: ]

All Done! We look forward discussing things further with you soon.