Joe King and Bell E.

Flopp invite you to share their joy as they are united in marriage on Saturday, September 25, 2010 3:00 p.m. at the Winschel-Harris Wedding Chapel 300 North Broadway Oconomowoc, Wisconsin. 1 Dinner will be served from 4:30–10:00 p.m. at the Blue Eagle American Legion Hall 301 North Broadway RSVP, regrets only Ray Colbert

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Waukesha County Technical College .50. Served in parfait glass and garnished with fresh mint. $6.  $4. Blueberry Italian Cheesecake Blueberries and whip cream top this creamy cheesecake. Ricotta cheese and nutmeg create a flavor sensation that is truly Italian. $5.colbertray_03C Desserts Menu Desserts Menu Apple and Blackberry Meringue 1 A meringue base with generous layers of apples and blackberry. Cream cheese and whip cream provide just enough sweetness. Our pastry chef’s specialty.95 Black Forest Cheesecake A heavenly blend of chocolate. cherry. and create a light. delicious after dinner treat. and amaretto flavors.95 Artwork shown above: © 2006 Christopher Pollack.95 Strawberry Almond Parfait Luscious strawberries layered with vanilla creme and sprinkled with amaretti crumbs.  $4.

colbertray_03D Fine Woodworking A Century of Fine Woodworking October 1–18  c  Daily 1–4 pm Oconomowoc Historical Society Tickets: $9 c Senior Citizens: $5 Info: (262) 567-6377 ©2009DiahannLohr .

and hyphenation. Usually type will not be set line for line. Proof your work. select a frame tool.  Do all the typing before you begin to format the text. and format second. Typing. Always add the text inset before you begin to type. 2. Then open the Stroke panel—Cmd+F10 (Mac) or Ctrl+F10 (Windows). Select all the text and apply the most commonly used type style. add a stroke of the correct weight and style. so let your text flow. finished. decide if it should have a stroke. space after.The InDesign Expert Production Sequence 1. If so. align the stroke to the inside. print.  Once a frame is created. Confirm that type use is consistent throughout the document. Compare your project with the original. Paragraph formatting. If you are building a document. Character formatting. marking changes as needed.  A stroked text frame needs a text inset. click on the document. space before. 4.  First “rough in” the text. If you are drawing a frame in the middle of the document. Run spell check before printing and print a copy of your project. and leading values. Create a text inset. encode paragraph attributes including indents. usually the specifications for the body copy text. Colbert. Make any changes. Ray Project 03E . 3.  The most important and basic production step is to create a document or a frame which is exactly the right size. Add and align the outer stroke. 6. and proof again. Type a z in the places where a glyph will be inserted later.  The job isn’t done until you have proofed it. size. 5. Always type first. Then.  When the character attributes are 7. If you have created your frame to an exact size. go back and add specific character attributes. including glyphs and raised caps. and define a specific frame size. drop caps. you must also carefully format the interior space with margins and columns guides. Format the correct size.

Leave As Is___________________________________________________ . 10. 1. Delete Character_______________________________________________ 10. Spell Out_____________________________________________________ 6. Tracking _____________________________________________________ 4. 7. Transpose____________________________________________________ 5. Delete Line Space______________________________________________ 8. set the copy according to the markup and corrections. Insert Comma_________________________________________________ 9. colbertray_ARV162_03E Markup 5. Then. Spacing______________________________________________________ 7.Directions:  First. 2. 6. 9. 8. Font Size_____________________________________________________ 2. write the meaning of each circled proofreader’s mark on the lines below. Leading______________________________________________________ 3. 4. 1. 3.

Do not include a poorly designed piece because of it’s sentimental value. . don’t include your first feeble attempt at contour drawing from Drawing 101. Choose pieces that are excellent examples of design. For instance. that all pieces in your book should be strong. Poor pieces dilute the impact of an otherwise strong book.colbertray_ARV162_03E Markup Choosing Portfolio pieces It goes without saying. use of color and type and technique. Your first piece should knock their socks off! And the last piece should leave a good impression. Ten to twelve pieces that demonstrate your range of abilities is a good starting number. even if you received a grade of A.

Y = 1. Y = 0. X = 3 inch. X = 1 inch. X = 1 inch. Y = 0. X = 1.5 inch 6. X = 1 inch.colbertray_04A Coordinates 1. Y = 0.5 inch 7. X = 2 inch. X = 1 inch.5 inch.5 inch 8.5 inch 2.75 inch 9.5 inch 5. Y = 2 inch . X = 2. X = 3 inch.5 inch 4. Y = 1. Y = 0.5 inch. Y = 2.5 inch 3. Y = 2.

in the heart of downtown Houston.3770 Illustration©Nancy Wolck colbertray_04B Beautiful Morning . soothed by the fragrance of teas and flowers. Find us at the corner of Haverdale and Evenson Avenue. serene space.896. • Open 9 am to 9 pm • Tuesday—Sunday Reservations: 507. rich dessert—and of course.• Beautiful Morning Our tearoom and gardens offer you a slower pace in a quiet. Celebrate the day. Tearoom and Gardens • Enjoy a light lunch or a sweet. our selection of gourmet chocolates.


95 Roasted Tomato Salsa Sizzling Steak Fajitas Fiesta Enchiladas Generous amounts of cumin.—$4.You don’t have to sacrifice flavor when you’re counting calories and fat. lime.—$10. low-fat offerings are served with baked tortilla chips. Tender steak fat-free sour cream and fresh veggies on two flour tortillas. Not for the fainthearted. jalapeños and cilantro give this mild salsa plenty of zip. cilantro.—$4. These delicious.95 Only 9 grams of fat in this south-of-the-border specialty. and jalapeño peppers make this one hot salsa.—$11. Low-fat cheese and olive oil are used to prepare these delicious dishes Black Bean Salsa Black beans.95 colbertray_ARV 162_04C Anna Sanchez . ripe tomatoes. green and red peppers.95 Low-fat ground turkey and cole slaw create a fiesta of taste and texture.