Prestige 2100 Classic 9 Litres

Ultrasonic Cleaner CSU1 1 Gallon

187.50 5” Curved Jaw Nail Cutter or 10. QFC715 5.0” Curved Head Cantilever Action Barrel Spring Nail Cutter QFC755 6.5” Straight Head Nail Cutter QFC700 .5” Curved Head Nail Cutter or QFC710 5.185.5”Curved Head Nail Cutter or QFC910 5.0” Sh/Bl Super Cut Felt Scissors QFC950 6.5” Straight Head Nail Cutter Tip: All new Instruments must be thoroughly cleaned and rinsed before processing. Ontario N6C 2Z5 I Email: quality@qfootcare.0” Curved Head Cantilever Action Double Spring Nail Cutter 577 Eden Avenue I London.Nail Nippers and Cutters QFC900 5.50 5” Straight Head Nail Cutter QFC746 6.0” Straight Head Nail Cutter Fine Jaw 10.

090.275.00 5.5” Curved Head Nail Cutter Smooth Handle or 10.5” Curved Head Nail Nipper 10.75 Pattern Handle Tip: All Nail Cutters must be sterilized in the unlocked position. Go straight to the source! Tel (519) 681-4763 I Fax (519) 681-9317 1-866-833-9352 .275.00 5.5” Curved Head Nail Cutter QFC780 The True Blacks File 38.091.0” Curved Head Nail Cutter QFC020 Probe-Packer QFC021 Spatula-Packer QFC022 Excavator-Packer QFC023 Probe-Excavator MIL3-700 MIL3-720 Spray Lube Instrument Cleaner 8 fl oz.Nail Nippers.0” Straight Head Nail Cutter or 38. 8 fl oz. MIL3-1000 Nylon Cleaning Brush 40-210 Miltex 5.50 Timesco 5. MIL3-470 Stain Remover 3 oz. Cutters & Cleaners QFC300 5.

25” or QFC775 .20 5.605.5” Medium Head Medium Cut Nail File 10.5” Small Head Medium Cut Nail File 10.10 5” Blacks File Single End QFC.75” QFC.20 4.Assorted Nail Files QFC780 The Blacks File .603.4.20 5” Blacks File Double End Medium/Fine 10.610.75” 577 Eden Avenue I London.590.6.20 5.0” Mosquito Forcep 4.007.0” Double End Medium Heads Fine/Coarse Cut Kelly Forcep .5” Medium head Medium Cut Nail File 10. Ontario N6C 2Z5 I Email: quality@qfootcare.40 6.

00 5.13 5.10 5.007.00 5.30 5.20 5.5” Double End Straight/Curved Nail File 38. Scoops.007.395.5” D/E Scoop/Seeker 10. Packers.007.Probes. Curettes & Forceps 10.0” Blacks File Standard Cut” Blacks File D/E Standard/Fine Cut 38.30 5” Nail Curette 2mm scoop with hole 10.206.592.5” D/E Nail Curette 1mm/2mm scoop with hole Go straight to the source! Tel (519) 681-4763 I Fax (519) 681-9317 1-866-833-9352 .00 5” Probe Swan Neck Scoop Head 38.0” Probe Angle Neck 38.0” Blacks File Fine Cut 38.20 5.

Foot Files. 67 577 Eden Avenue I London. SCA 803 – #14.20 Stainless Steel Corn & Callous Rasp The Foot File 5. SCA 804 – #15 & SCA 850 – #E/11 Also Carbon Steel size 10. SCA 802 – #11.5” . 5.0” and 6.5” Sharp/Blunt Scissors Also: 4. Ontario N6C 2Z5 I Email: .774. 62. 15 & 20 QFC190 Stainless Steel Nail Cutting Scissors QFC150 C&C Scissors QFC180 with 1 serrated blade A4-Pro Non-Autoclavable Nail Cutting Scissors Barber Carbon Steel Blades Q10 – size 10 and Q15 – size 15 Mini Blades 61. Scissors & Scalpels QFC5416 7/9 Scalpel Handle QFC Corn Plane Stainless Steel QFC547 No 3 Scalpel Handle with Scale QFC Foot Dresser 6” or 8” QFC Glass File 10.0” Sharp/Blunt Scissors MIL4-100 Blade Safe Swann Morton Stainless Steel Scalpel Blades SCA 800 – #10. 64.

TOF110 size B.Standard and Extra Fleecy Foam.Fine. TOF131 DX Hapla Pure Wool Felt . TOF120 size C. TOF111 BX. Coarse. Olive N95 Masks Regular or Slim Line Moores Discs 50/bx .3mm. Felt. 5mm & 7mm Fleecy Web . Medium. TOF130 size D With overlap TOF101 AX. Foam & Consumables Dremel Minimite Cordless Drill PBS Diamond Burs 2026020 2026015 2026005 2026010 2026030 2026035 2026040 Short Bud Barrel Pear Taper Umbrella Sm. Swansfoam & Moleskin ECM001 Mandrel HP#7 Go straight to the source! Tel (519) 681-4763 I Fax (519) 681-9317 1-866-833-9352 . TOF121 CX.Cordless Drill. Sand or Garnet Gloves Vinyl non powder Ear Loop Mask Disposable Aprons MM040 Medical Monafilaments Pkg 40 Cuxson & Gerrard ANI250 – 250 g Super fine Wool Tofoam – TOF100 size A.

5 Gallon or EZ10: 10”x19”. Disposable sterilization wrap is also available in multiple sizes Indicator Tape Indicator tapes provide immediate identification of processed items while it also serves as a closure to seal sterilization packs. R ecor d k eepin g Multiple style recordkeeping products are available to assist facilities in product identification and traceability. providing 24 hour incubation. Both mail-in and in-office systems are available for steam sterilizers. Ontario N6C 2Z5 I Email: quality@qfootcare. Indicator shows sterilant was able to penetrate the packaging system. or rigid container system to be sterilized. Pac k ag i n g Self-seal pouches are manufactured using heavy gauge. tray. Color change indicator verifies exposure to sterilization process. medical grade paper. These products can assist in retrieval of items in the event of a recall and to trace problems to their Tel (519) 681-4763 I Fax (519) 681-9317 I 1-866-833-9352 . providing a direct measure of the lethality of the process.1730 Valueklave 2 Gallon Fully Automatic EZ9: 9”x18”. Ch e m i c a l I n d i c at o r s An internal CI should be used within each package. Balanced seal strengths facilitate ease of opening while preventing“blow-outs” during sterilization. Multiple styles are available as both process indicators and integrators.6 Gallon Closed Door Drying B iological Indicators Biological indicators are for use in monitoring health care Steam sterilization processes. Ultrasonic Cleaning Tablets Chamber Bright Autoclave Cleaner 577 Eden Avenue I London.

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