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Unleashed A Buffy Fanfic By Carrigon Disclaimer: Joss and ME own everything, I just borrowed the characters for this

little fanfic. Any similarities to any living, dead, undead, out of another dimension, star system, or galaxy fanfic is unintended, coincidental, or accidental, and was not done with malicious intent. This story is meant for entertainment purposes only. It is not meant to be sold or otherwise appear on a profit site. I write out of boredom and to entertain my friends not for glory, fame or money. I do not claim to own the rights to this fanfic/vignette/novelette. However, I don’t allow additions since I’m the one telling the story. Please do not place this story on a profit site. This story is meant to be enjoyed freely. Archiving is allowed as long as you credit me and please send me a link to where you are putting this story. Send Feedback to: Set at the ending of Lover’s Walk. Buffy unleashes Angelus. NC17. A/B and Angelus/Buffy. Some really dark and non consensual stuff. Careful what you wish for. This is an alternate ending to the Lover’s Walk scene of Buffy telling Angel they can’t be together. Angel stood in the hallway of the mansion. He felt his stomach sink as he saw the look in Buffy’s eyes. “Angel, I’m leaving. This time, I’m not coming back.” “I don’t accept that. Buffy—“ “Spike was right. We aren’t friends, Angel. We never were.” She walked up to him, stopped, standing with their bodies inches from each other. “Don’t you see, every time I look at you, I want to feel you inside me. I want to be with you more than anything in this world. And if I stay, you’ll go dark again. Only this time, a part of me will want to go dark just to be with you. Angel, I love the daemon inside of you just as much as I love the man. And I can’t do that to the world. I am the Warrior of the People, the Guardian of the Hellmouth. I have to go.” She started to turn to leave, but Angel grabbed her shoulders, pulling her to him. He kissed her hard, passionately. He thrust his tongue into her mouth and she accepted the kiss, pressing her body against him, feeling his erection, knowing she shouldn’t, couldn’t have him. She felt herself getting wet, her heart was beating faster. She was melting from his kiss. She didn’t even realize he had moved them and was pressing her up against the wall. Angel broke the kiss. “Be with me, Buffy. Let Faith have the Hellmouth. Come away with me.” “No, Angel, we can’t.” Buffy tried to push him away, but she didn’t try very hard. He kissed her again and his hands went to her breasts, her rubbed her nipples with his thumbs, making her moan into his mouth. Her own hands went to his ass and she gripped him tightly, pressing their bodies together. She knew it was wrong, but she wanted him and she didn’t care if she was unleashing Angelus. She wanted all of him, the daemon and the man. She let Angel pull her down in front of the fireplace. They undressed

quickly. And then he was kissing her neck and kissing a trail of light feathery kisses down to her breasts. He sucked on one of her nipples and she arched her back for him. His hands were everywhere. One minute pinching her other nipple, the next, sliding his fingers between her legs. He started to rub her clit in tiny, slow circles driving her wild. She reached between them and gripped his stiff cock, giving him firm squeezes, making him groan. He rubbed her clit till she started to beg him. “Now, please, now.” He positioned himself over her, pausing at her opening. “There’s no going back, Buffy.” She looked into his eyes with all the love in the world, “No going back.” He slid into her, loving the feel of her tight slick passage surrounding him. She cried out, it felt so good. Angel started to move inside of her, but he moved slowly, very slowly, just enough to drive her wild. Her pussy started to make tiny little contractions around him and she started to beg him again. “Please, oh, please.” But he didn’t speed up. He kept up the slow pace, he wanted to savor this. He knew she didn’t really understand what she was asking him. She was about to unleash his daemon and he wanted to savor this moment before he lost control. He reached between them and started to rub her clit again with the same slow pace and she started to keen. Buffy felt like she was on fire. Every ounce of her blood was humming with pleasure. And she looked into his eyes and they were so hot with desire. Angel bent his head and kissed her. Her hands went to his hair as their tongues touched. He broke the kiss and moved his lips inches from her neck. “I love you.” He bit her then, not to drain her, but to mark her as his own. Buffy came screaming, bucking against him. He felt her contractions milking him, he drove into her harder, letting himself go, knowing he was also letting his soul go. He collapsed on top of her just for a moment. Then he pulled away so quickly she cried out. Angel felt it happening. There was searing pain in his chest and stomach and he crawled away from Buffy across the floor. Buffy was afraid for him, but she didn’t know what to do. All she could do was watch. Angel felt the darkness filling him. He felt the daemon take control. Buffy watched as Angelus started to laugh. He turned to her, “Little girls shouldn’t play with dead things.” He crawled across the floor to her like a lion stalking its prey. Buffy didn’t like the look in his eyes. She wanted the loving look back. He pounced on her, spreading her legs with one of his knees and shoving himself into her hard, she wasn’t ready and it hurt. She pounded her fists against him, “Stop it!” “You said you loved me, Buffy, well, now you’ve got all of me.” He rode her hard, driving himself into her, hurting her. He had to hold her steady or he would have driven her across the floor with each thrust of his cock. “Stop it, no!” He was really hurting her. Angelus decided he wasn’t hurting her enough, so he pulled out and slid his cock down to her anus, pushing himself in fast and hard, ripping her tissues. She screamed. Buffy started to cry, tears were sliding from her eyes. He pressed his lips down on hers, bruising her lips. He bent his head and drank from the wounds on her neck, not to drain her, just to taste her Slayer blood, giving him more strength. He reached between them and rubbed her clit, hard. “No!” She cried. Everything he was doing to her hurt, but she could feel the sensations being forced on her. He was going to force her to cum and she couldn’t stop him. The more she struggled, the harder he rammed into her ass and rubbed her clit. Finally, she did cum, bucking against him. And he grinned with satisfaction as he came in her ass. He pulled out of her and moved away from her. “You’re good, not as good as

” Angelus set the supplies down on a small end table. She could hear Angelus coming down the stairs. “I wonder where Spike and Dru are. and her eyes widened when she saw what he was carrying. I think it’s time to put the family back together. Chapter Two: Buffy’s hands and wrists were going numb from the chains. they’ll know you’re mine. I forgot to tell you. He picked her up and laid her down on a long table on her back. you won’t be staking me. If you move. So. now you’re mine. He intended to give Buffy the same Griffin tattoo he had on his back. “No. Buffy just watched him. She was going to have to stake him.” He grabbed his belt and started to hit her as she screamed. He left her there. leaving her legs wide open. Well. baby. . reading her thoughts. he was finished with the tattoo. Buffy rolled away from him and was on her feet fast. “Oh.” He stabbed her with the ink tool again and Buffy’s eyes spilled tears down her cheeks as she screamed. that she’d made a bad mistake. Angelus chuckled. making her shiver and buck her hips uncontrollably. He kicked her in the head and she collapsed unconscious to the floor. but he wouldn’t let her cum. He reached out and ran a finger over her clit again. “What’s the matter? You said this was what you wanted. She kicked him. Buffy screamed as he pierced her skin with the ink tool. Then he went to Buffy and moved her chains. going out to get himself someone to eat. He put the tool down and moved back a step to admire his work. The ink was red.” He started to get dressed. Now whenever anyone tries to fuck you. knocking the belt from his hand and he hit her hard. The design was a perfect replica of his own tattoo. “Poor little thing. I would have woken you up anyway. “Oh. I have no intention of this design being ruined. She couldn’t stop crying as he combined the pleasure with the torture of the tattooing.” she begged. Can’t have you sleeping through this. It has to be exact. A little training and you’ll make the perfect pet. I’ll have to cut your skin off. It went on for hours and Buffy felt each and every stab of the sharp tool as the ink sunk into her sensitive skin. knocking her to the floor. He looked at her. Buffy. exposing her glistening center. And she was cold and naked in the poorly lit basement. unable to bear the tension any longer.Darla. “The perfect place. good. Angelus stood up.” Angelus laid a cold hand on her stomach just above her mound. And while he worked. Her pussy was dripping wet and her stomach was in knots.” Buffy curled up into a ball on the floor. “But I will be whipping you. giving her just enough stimulation to drive her wild. Angelus chained Buffy’s wrists to the cold stone wall. her Slayer instincts kicking in. All her struggles only made her wrists bloody. you’re awake. Finally. “Please don’t do this. don’t move. “Do you want to cum for me?” He grinned evilly at her. Angelus periodically ran a thumb over her clit. and I’m never going to let you go. Buffy squirmed on the cold hard table. only he was putting it on her sensitive stomach. but then Darla was a Pro.” He opened an ink bottle and dipped the ancient Chinese tattoo tool into it.” He picked her up off the floor and carried her into the basement of the mansion. “Please. the color of fresh blood. He rechained her wrists and now her ankles.” he said. Buffy couldn’t stop crying. Just let me go.” He laughed at her. She knew this was all wrong.

and then she could feel it snaking out into every vein in her body. remember. burning her. it made her go wet.Angelus unchained one of her hands and placed her fingers between her legs. what are you doing?!” she was terrified now.” Buffy felt humiliated and she wasn’t comfortable with him watching her. but she was dying to cum so badly. “You’re only getting a taste of what it’s like. for you?” she asked. “Do it for me. sharper somehow. Buffy could feel it. her vision went crimson. not unless I drain you. He took off his clothes as she relaxed on the table. Buffy screamed loudly as she felt him filling her. Once in awhile. he moved it. Angelus moved around the table so he stood next to her face. Now. creating his perfect Griffin. But he didn’t fuck her. baby. She thought he was going to let her go. He quickly rechained her to the table. never know when someone’s going to want to fuck it. “Is this what it’s always like. Drink it!” he commanded. like she was looking through infrared lasers. don’t move. everything looked different. ripping right through her damaged tissues that had started to heal. just letting her know he didn’t forget his cock was inside of her. “What did you do?” she whispered. all the while keeping his hard thick cock in her ass. pushing it further into her. Finally. “Do you like it?” He started to play with her chains.” Buffy started to cry again. He was very happy with the results and decided to give Buffy’s ass a good fucking just to prove it. “No! Please. but Angelus was an expert tattoo artist. He bit his own wrist and started to move it toward her mouth. this time exposing her firm round ass. Angelus finished the tattoo. can I have some water?” she asked him. “No! I won’t! Please don’t…. fast. he just stopped. bucking her hips.don’t turn me. And then her eyesight changed. “You won’t turn. She felt like her veins were on fire. He jerked hard on the chains. Buffy saw him reach for the tattoo ink and tool again. He put the tattoo tool down and started to ram into her ass hard enough to push her down into the table till she almost couldn’t . “I’m thirsty. She started to rub her own clit. all her senses were alive. He pressed his bloody wrist to her mouth. She drank it till he moved his wrist away and stood watching her. Her pussy was throbbing with desire. At first there was a burning in her stomach. Buffy tasted his cold coppery blood. Her blood mingled with the red ink until it was impossible to tell one from the other. waiting for the effects of the dark blood to work its magic on her.” He stabbed her right butt cheek with the tattoo tool and she started to scream again. “Have to place my mark on your ass. giving herself the stimulation she’d been craving.” He rammed his hard cock into her anus as hard as he could. He stabbed her again and again. hurting her as he flipped her over onto her stomach. Angelus was enjoying watching her. She could smell Angelus’ scent. Her skin felt ultra sensitive. She came with a scream that echoed off the basement walls. Buffy screamed until her voice went hoarse.

following her scent into the basement.” she begged as he came into view. He let himself relax on top on her and licked the trickles of blood off her neck. She tried to ignore it. He stopped suddenly when he came to the fresh tattoo. “Preeetteeee. she had managed to cut them into her skin. He ran his fingers over the design. still chained to the table. He slowed down enough to reach underneath her and pinch her clit. He could smell her arousal as her pussy started to get wet. and as she came. please. but he did notice her naked body. His fingers found her nipples and he gently rubbed and pinched them till they were erect little nubs. he smelled the Slayer. sniffing the air. chained to the table.” Buffy was really uncomfortable.breathe. Buffy was sitting up. “Spike! Help me. “No. “Spike!” Buffy pushed at him. spilling his cold cum deep inside her. kissing a trail down her stomach. help me. He weaved his way amongst the furniture. He was rough on her. The A underneath the Griffin was directly above her mound. His eyes popped open. Chapter Three: Chapter Three: Spike wandered into the mansion so drunk he could barely stand up. Spike moved lower. And now he was starting to snore.” he said. she shifted until her legs were wrapped around his waist. thinking the pleasure was part of a dream.” “Druuuu. Time to make some memories. “Damn it. He knew why it was there.” Spike passed out on top of her with his head right between her naked breasts. Buffy didn’t move. Then he moved lower and kissed a light trail between her breasts. get these chains off my wrists. He knew that pattern well. It had to mean Angelus had left his . But he couldn’t remember a second of it. She was naked beneath him. her naked. Spike awoke slowly. In spite of herself. “Slaaayyyerrrr. She listened to his snoring. When Buffy fell asleep. He wanted to find Dru and Spike.” he slurred drunkenly and swayed about as he made his way over to her. He thought he smelled the Slayer in here. She was naked and cold and she’d been tugging at the chains on her wrists so hard. It was his sire’s. it was making her sleepy. I’m not eeeevill enough. and her arousal. wet pussy was rubbing right against his crotch. forcing her to feel the stimulation. She was starting to wonder if she could slide one of them off her wrist if she broke her own thumb when she heard Spike stumbling down the stairs. Buffy could smell the whiskey on him. perfectly centered. He wanted to put his family back together. Spike couldn’t remember how he even got there. it can’t be. He licked a small trail behind her ear. And he started to kiss her neck softly.” Spike was too drunk to even notice the chains. He pinched and rubbed till he felt her ass clenching. “Please. Angelus got up and dressed quickly. she was getting aroused. sayyyzzz. Slayyyrrr. Angelus came hard in her ass. he thought. but he was a dead weight on top of her. But he just assumed he’d had a wild night of kinky sex with Buffy. She fell asleep an hour later with him still on top of her. But she could feel the effects of Angelus’ blood starting to wear off. focusing on the sound. he bent forward and sank his fangs into her neck just to taste her Slayer blood. sleeping. Spike. She moaned in her sleep.

Spike came with a loud groan. “Do you know what happens to FLEDGLINGS who take what’s mine?” he growled menacingly. They didn’t die from it. He moved quickly and slid into her opening to the hilt.. but it felt so good.. He guided it toward Spike’s anus and pushed it in only an inch. He collapsed on top of her. She knew it was wrong. Both of them had been so involved with each other that they didn’t notice the two figures who’d come down the basement stairs. making her shudder. Angelus unzipped his pants. leave now. he thought wickedly.” he whispered and bared his fangs. “Not a fledgling. Her pussy squeezed his cock. Spike looked up at the sound of her voice. She could feel a stiff cock inside of her. He moved his tongue a bit higher and gave her clit a lick. knowing there was going to be hell to pay. She could feel the weight of someone on top of her. If you are not into it. Spike. but he only thrust in harder. sending her over the edge. He’d seen it happen. He watched as his sire’s game face appeared... won’t stop me.Wait………Her eyes snapped open. they just suffered unbelievable agony. She moaned in her sleep. Then he paused letting Spike know what he was in for. Angelus leaned down so his lips were next to Spike’s ear. exposing his naked ass and straddled him. She couldn’t believe she was being fucked by Spike..mark on her. screaming. Chapter Four: Author's Note: WARNING. Weight…….. “Ahkk! Stop!” Spike struggled again. Her hips moved up to meet him. listening to the sound of her heart beating. He couldn’t believe Angelus was . Spike stopped and unzipped his pants. Spike could feel Buffy tense up underneath him. didn’t stop me last night. Spike lapped up her juices. but he knew it was no use. she moved her hips to match his pace.” Dru said gesturing at him with a doll she was holding. To have all his vampire blood drained and then left to starve. it's twisted. making her moan with the unwanted pleasure. this scene gets really bizarre and sick and twisted. She didn’t try to resist him again. It felt so good. He moved his head lower. “Bad. Angelus growled like a wild animal. well. He bent his head and kissed her. struggling alittle. shifting so her swollen clit got the stimulation she craved. Her jaw dropped as she realized she was being fucked by Spike. but Angelus had him in a death grip. giving her one final hard thrust as he spilled his cold seed into her. Buffy started keening from the intense pleasure as Spike broke the kiss and licked her neck. it's Dru. It's bizarre. “No! Spike stop! No!” She tried to push him off of her. Dru said she could smell the Slayer on me.. it's sick. wanting to taste her wet center. Buffy thought she was having an erotic dream.” Spike answered. He leapt at Spike and threw him on the cold basement floor face first. milking him. his cock was rock hard. It was one of the worst punishments for a vampire. freeing his hard cock. loving the taste and scent of her. Spike’s eyes widened in horror. let her smell me now. Giving in. quickly sinking them into Spike’s neck as he pushed his cock into Spike’s ass to the hilt. He yanked Spike’s pants down. Well. he thought. “Drained dry. Buffy was drowning in the pleasure and the horror. Angelus was next to her and he looked pissed. He plunged his tongue into her opening and her body convulsed on the table. plunging his tongue into her as he plunged his cock in and out of her throbbing pussy.

She placed the leeches on a tiny teacake plate on the table. She couldn’t stop it. She cried out as she came. wait. Dru went and opened up an old black trunk that was in the corner of the basement. “Please. “Tea party…. Dru came back and pulled each blood filled leech off of Buffy. don’t. but she couldn’t get away from Dru. She went into her gameface as Angelus finished with Spike. She didn’t know what to do. don’t hurt me. Dru began to talk nonsensically to the doll. Angelus got up and picked up the now limp and nearly lifeless Spike. trying vainly to get away from the pleasure as the tiny creatures sucked her blood from her most sensitive areas. Buffy could feel an unwanted orgasm building up and tears spilled from the corners of her eyes. Buffy screamed as she felt an intense stinging sensation as the leech’s mouth bit into her clit. Dru stood between Buffy’s legs. please.” Dru said and she cut one of Buffy’s wrists and held it over the teacup till it was full of blood. Dru opened the jar and pulled out a squirming black leech. easily keeping her thighs apart. “No. She picked up one of the teacups and walked over to Buffy.” she said. one for herself and one for her doll. She pulled out a sharp knife that had a coiled dragon design on the handle. hurting her. She looked up and saw Dru holding the knife. He figured that would be punishment enough for her. leaving his dark daughter Dru to play with Buffy. Then all she could feel was the sucking. who was now crying hysterically.and you’re the teacup. “Going to have a party. As Buffy watched. Dru wasn’t even paying any attention to her. The leech on her clit was particularly aggressive and it sucked her clit hard. She pulled out some actual teacups made of old china with little flowers on them.. “Slayer candy.” she said to Buffy. Then she filled a second cup and placed it on the table. Buffy screamed again as she felt it bite into her.” she sang.” “Time for tea. it felt incredibly good. Buffy watched in horrified fascination as Angelus drained Spike.going to do that to him. She made two place settings.” she begged. Her pussy was throbbing. Dru was busy digging through the trunk again. He carried him out of the basement. Dru took another wriggling leech and placed it on Buffy’s left nipple. She started to setup a table with the china as though she was going to have a real tea party. She started to cry at that. make it stop. but he could already feel himself getting weaker as Angelus drank. holding the doll out like it was a dance partner. And then she felt the same unwanted pleasure as it sucked away at her sensitive nipple. hard. placing another leech on Buffy’s right nipple. Dru walked over to her and started to hum a little tune. Dru did it again. and perversely. chattering away as if she were having a real tea party. But Dru wasn’t finished with her yet. She sat the doll in front of a teacup and sipped a cup full of . making her scream again. “No. Some kind of old waltz. Then she went and took a jar off a shelf. “What are you doing? No!” Buffy struggled against the chains holding her to the table. She took the slimy leech and put it right on Buffy’s clit.” he begged. She danced around a bit. bucking her hips on the table. “Can’t have tea without the cake. Buffy could see something moving inside the jar and her stomach tensed into knots. Then Buffy started to squirm on the table.” she said and took the leech over to Buffy.

Nothing ever hurt so much. Dru rubbed and pinched her clit until she forced Buffy to have an intense orgasm. It had a head that was about six inches in diameter and long curly hair. Then she ate the leeches. then he took his own clothes off and laid down next to him. pregnant with the doll.” Dru said. She thought she would go insane if Dru didn’t stop. Dru pushed the doll in slowly. Dru put the doll’s head right at Buffy’s wet opening. And Dru didn’t stop. forcing her to feel perverse pleasure. His veins were pulling at him and squeezing in painful spasms. Dru parted Buffy’s thighs.” Dru picked up the doll and took it over to Buffy. “No!” Buffy screamed in horror. “Dolly wants to feel you. Chapter Five: Angelus laid Spike’s limp body on his bed in the master bedroom on the second floor of the mansion. Dolly wants to be all warm inside. splitting her as though she was giving birth. Buffy could feel every painful curve and contour of the doll’s face inside of her.” she said. Buffy’s stomach was all distended now. giving birth to it. Dru. Buffy curled into a ball on the table. He left the lights off. She could feel her tissues being ripped and her muscles being stretched farther than she’d ever been stretched before. an inch at a time. “Bad Slayer. Satisfied at last. And she started to rub Buffy’s clit. Spike was in the worst agony of his life.” she said to Buffy and then left the basement carrying her doll. She pushed and she even pulled Buffy’s legs apart wider until she got the doll all the way inside of her. She took her fingers and stretched Buffy’s pussy as much as she could to accommodate the doll’s head. “There. He was very weak and all he could do was stare at his Sire as he shook uncontrollably from the pain. The doll was about the size of a small child and made of hard plastic. fucking my Spike. forcing her to push out the doll. but it didn’t bother his vampire vision. easily pushing past Buffy’s cervix. pushing the doll all the way into her womb with only the feet sticking out of Buffy’s opening. The room was dark. Buffy’s overstretched pussy contracted around the doll causing her a mixture of pleasure and intense pain. Dark glass eyes with lids that blinked at Buffy. and Buffy couldn’t believe how much it hurt. her blood was starting to lube the way. “Lonely dolly. Buffy was crying and screaming and thrashing on the table as Dru finally got the doll’s head inside of her. She could feel its long hair. put her hands on Buffy’s stomach and pushed down. The shoulders were wider than the head by about two inches. Dolly’s all better now. and Buffy thought she was going to throw up watching her. only in reverse. as much of a ball as the chains would allow. Buffy squirmed on the table. but couldn’t get away from Dru’s fingers. stretching her painfully and scraping her delicate tissues. The doll was wearing a long powder blue dress. down his . Angelus busied himself with removing all of Spike’s clothes. Angelus ran a cool hand down Spike’s chest. “Noooo!” Buffy started screaming as Dru started to push the doll inside her pussy. and she cried herself to sleep. leaving his childe naked on the bed. Then she began to work on pushing the shoulders in. finally ripping through Buffy’s perineal tissue. The doll’s face was all covered in Buffy’s blood and cum and Dru licked it off the doll’s face as Buffy continued to cry hysterically. He needed blood and he knew Angelus wouldn’t let him have any until he was ready.Buffy’s blood.

“I’m going to give you alittle blood for tonight. Angelus yanked his wrist away. She belongs to me. but only a little. still stroking him. He gently pulled her thighs apart. there was still a lot of defiance in his gaze. Then he stood up. loving the taste of his childe.” “I’m taking you upstairs for a bath. “That’s enough for now. He gripped Spike’s cock and gently wrapped his fingers around it. He could still smell her scent and he’d loved the taste of her. Angelus slid down on the bed and took Spike’s cock into his mouth. sucking gently. and finally to his cock. But maybe it’s that you try that makes me love you best of all my children. He could see the dried blood on her thighs and the dried tears on her cheeks as she slept. And then we’ll see. sensing Angelus. She awoke and started to cry again.” Angelus took a fingernail and slit his own wrist. listening to his childe’s heartbeat quicken. He could see that her Slayer healing powers were already at work. blood tinged cum. Buffy stirred in her sleep. he wanted her ten times more. Understood?” Spike could only stare at him. Spike came with a cry. He took his hand and massaged Spike’s balls and then rubbed the sensitive skin underneath his sack. He was being surprisingly gentle. Get some sleep. He brought it to Spike’s mouth and Spike immediately began to drink. in the dark.” Angelus increased the pace of his fingers. He picked her up off the table and carried her upstairs to the master bedroom. And now he was combining that pain with this gentle pleasure. he opened the vein on his wrist and spilled some of his blood on her abused pussy. Spike. All vampires had the ability to heal a Slayer and vice versa. He could feel some of his strength returning. checking the damage that Drucilla had done to her. Angelus wasn’t sure if he liked that or not. Spike lay on the bed. don’t you? You know you can’t win. She didn’t try to attack him. the first chance he got. He knew how much pain Spike was in and he was enjoying his agony. You still need to learn some obedience. locking the door before Spike could say anything. Just when he started to feel alittle better. He bent his head and lightly kissed Spike’s lips. Angelus swallowed the weak. She just waited for him to do whatever he wanted to do. He liked it better when she fought him. Spike sat up weakly in the bed. To speed up the healing. I’ve seen the way you look at Buffy. Nothing ever tasted so good as his Sire’s blood. He was going to defy Angelus again. ********************************************************* Angelus went down into the basement to check on Buffy. thinking about Buffy. slowly. watching as the blood was quickly absorbed by her tissues.” Angelus unchained Buffy. squeezing slightly until he felt it stiffen. That was one of the things that made the Slayer such a prize amongst the vampire community. “Drucilla wasn’t the only one to notice. surprised to see Angelus carrying the naked Slayer in his . “Please don’t leave me down here. You won’t touch her again or I will wall you up the way you are now and leave you to starve for centuries. For only a moment the pleasure had taken away his pain. his hips bucked on the bed.stomach. but then it came crashing back down on him again and he shook on the bed. And now that he couldn’t have her.” Angelus left the room. “You always have to defy me. Angelus could still smell Spike all over her and he frowned. Then he began to stroke him.

feeling his hard cock stretching her ass and filling her back passage. until she came spasming around him. but he quickly brushed her hands away.” she moaned and squirmed against his cock again. He fucked her ass harder. gripping her hips tightly and forcing her to accept his cock up her ass. Angelus reached around and started to play with her nipples. pinching and squeezing them. He listened to her breathing and heart beat speed up. “Please.” Angelus moved a hand down to her pussy.Angel. increasing his pleasure. Spike sat on the bed listening to every moan coming from the bathroom. but he needed . “No! Please. She relaxed against him. He stroked her clit alittle and she bucked her hips again. knowing he was driving her insane. Angelus ran the bath water. He started to fuck her ass as he fisted her pussy. The bath water was getting cold and Angelus decided it was time to see if there was something going on between Buffy and Spike. guiding her ass toward his stiff cock. what?” he grinned. He rubbed her clit harder as he double fucked her with his fist and cock. she started to beg him. He brushed his thumb against her swollen clit and she moaned and bucked her hips. he pushed his fist into her pussy. He moved his cock in her ass. She started to squirm on his cock. participating in the fucking. stop.arms. It made his cock rock hard.” she cried as she felt his thick fist stretching her. He was still really weak from lack of blood and he could smell the Slayer blood nearby. He kept up playing with her nipples till she couldn’t take it anymore and moved her hands to touch her clit. He got in first and then pulled Buffy down. but she didn’t scream. but she couldn’t find one and finally just sat still. He went back to playing with her nipples. Angelus was making him suffer. “Tell me you love me. He knew it was part of his punishment. letting him do what he wanted. He bit her neck again and tasted a sip of her Slayer blood.” she said. He didn’t want to break her too soon like he’d done with Dru. “Bitch!” he growled and nipped her neck with his fangs. He made a fist and started to push it into her pussy. but she wanted to cum. He knew Spike wanted her. Then he snaked his fingers lower. just enough to drive her wild. She tried to move forward so he would slide it into her pussy. till his hand was in up to his wrist. She needed to cum and she moved her hips. Finally. Buffy didn’t know whether she was moaning from the pleasure or the pain. It made her empty pussy start to throb. please. He was combining her extreme pain with intense pleasure. Buffy hesitated and he pinched her nipples hard.” he said. but gently. but he was secretly pleased she’d defied him. He took his other hand and started to rub her clit. Buffy met his eyes briefly and he wondered what she was thinking as he watched Angelus carry Buffy into the bathroom. enjoying her pain and pleasure. until he came shooting his cold seed inside of her. moaning. “I love you…. but he positioned her. She wanted to cum so badly. trying to find a more comfortable position. stretching her painfully. He began to play with her nipples again and he could feel her empty pussy throbbing through the thin membrane that kept his cock in her ass. slamming his thick cock into her as hard as he could. She squirmed around at the pain. Angelus didn’t stop. “Please let me cum.. “Please.

and she needed to cum so see if she returned his feelings. He fucked Spike’s ass harder. Angelus grinned at her pain. sitting further down on the bed. drinking her juices. He wanted to fuck her and he wanted to drink her. She didn’t know what Angelus was going to do next. eat her out. but Angelus grabbed her ankles and held her legs apart on the bed. “No! Don’t. Angelus came in his ass with a final hard thrust. and he gently moved his tongue along her lower lip. Then he picked her up again and carried her into the bedroom. Angelus. Then he pulled Spike off Buffy and threw him to the floor. “Do it!” he commanded her. Buffy kissed him softly. Licking slow circles around her wet opening and then plunging his rough vampire tongue in and out of her. surprising Spike and causing him to involuntarily sink his fangs into Buffy’s clit. He could feel her start to relax beneath him. Suddenly. so Buffy was sandwiched in between the two vampires. “Kiss Spike. He knew Angelus was torturing him now. noooo. He drank her as he pleasured her. and felt a thrill of pleasure go through her.” Angelus moved. The nearness of her Slayer blood made his head swim with hunger. “It’s okay. propping his head up with a hand.” Buffy tried to get off the bed. making him clean him off. Angelus reached around and grabbed his cock and started to pump it. his fingers lightly tracing the tattoo. It confused her and she broke the kiss. making him groan. She didn’t want Angelus to hurt her anymore. throwing her head back at the sudden waves of pleasure. Buffy cried out in surprise. She shivered slightly. Buffy moaned. facing her. Buffy watched the two of them. I don’t want this. she moved her hands to her throbbing pussy.” he said to her softly and leaned his head toward hers. Spike watched as Angelus placed Buffy next to him on the bed. He stood and reached for a towel and quickly dried Buffy and himself. Spike felt that kiss all the way through his stiff cock. Angelus felt a wave of rage go through him. he knew she wanted Spike. Angelus moved in front of Spike and forced his cock into his mouth. hurting her. “What? No. He picked Buffy up by the waist and moved her off him. He could feel more of his strength returning. Buffy was alittle scared. his fingers were tickling her. Angelus got on the bed as well. She rubbed her clit fast and pushed two fingers in and out of her . He ran a hand down her stomach. He could smell her pussy and he buried his face in it. Spike. She screamed at the sudden sharp pain and her hips bucked uncontrollably. Angelus turned on his side.” he told her. He pressed his fingers into her stomach hard. She was afraid to look at Angelus.” She shook her head. She’d been about to cum and her clit was throbbing. “Spike. Angelus positioned his hard cock at Spike’s ass and rammed himself in hard. so she turned toward Spike. Spike withdrew his fangs and sucked at the blood coming from her clit. Spike moved lower on the bed and positioned himself between her legs. please. She met his tongue. He’d felt her stomach muscles tighten during the kiss. he was going insane.

Angelus went over to the bed and picked Buffy up. completely unsatisfied. She’d also never seen some of these kinds of daemons. pushing in quickly. “It’s a Larma daemon. He couldn’t wait to get his hands on her. It had long shaggy hair that covered its face. He carried her quickly out of the room. He came into the room behind her and grabbed her around the waist. She found them locked and her Slayer strength wouldn’t open them. she forgot she was running from Angelus. didn’t you?” Buffy was impressed. Buffy ran into the first room that was unlocked. sliding his . Buffy pointed to a round. They kill with soundwaves. She was so enthralled with looking at the trophies. The room was filled with stuffed. “Dru tripped on her dress and knocked a lamp into a puddle the daemon was standing in. glaring up at his Sire.” Angelus held her tight. Suddenly. It was a daemon trophy room.pussy while Angelus watched her. and Spike fell to the hard floor. She didn’t really want the sex. He immediately guided his stiff cock into her pussy. he spun her about in his arms. Dru did. letting him know she wasn’t running. She could almost believe she was still with Angel and not his evil counterpart. particularly the one with eight arms and tons of long razor sharp claws on each of its hands. Her defiance was both arousing and amusing him. mounted. He threw Spike off him. She beat on the doors in frustration. She wasn’t sure she could have killed some of these daemons. fucking her own fingers. enjoying the show she was giving him. breathing in her scent. “And what’s that one?” Buffy pointed to an odd half bird. She wondered briefly if she could bring Angel back.” He smiled remembering. there were just so many different kinds. thrusting his tongue in. as the intense orgasm washed over her. She leaned into his embrace. He was enjoying her cheerleader enthusiasm. half arachnid looking daemon. lifted her small hips so she was sitting on it. loving the feel of her. leaving Spike on the floor with his cock throbbing. He backed her up against a study desk in the room. Buffy had never seen the like. she just wanted to be held. He bent his head and kissed her. dead daemons. Chapter Six: When they got into the hallway. then turned and ran down the hallway as Angelus landed on the floor behind her. hairy daemon. There were hairy daemons that looked almost canine and then there were reptilian daemons and arachnid daemons. if she showed Angelus enough love. She sucked on his tongue as he started to move. She ran at the front doors. It felt good. “What kind of daemon is that?” “It’s called a Horla daemon. not caring that she was totally naked. Angelus pointed to that one now. You wouldn’t want to hear one scream.” Angelus bent his head and licked her neck. Buffy liked being held like this. She gasped at the sudden pleasure. staring. “You killed all of these. smiling when she shivered. She stopped short. short. She leapt out of Angelus’ arms and did a gymnastic swing right off the balcony down to the first floor. She came with a cry. They control wind and can cause hurricanes.” He ran his hands down her naked hips. “I didn’t kill that one. Buffy saw her chance to try and escape. by accident. She could feel his erection at her back. demandingly. She instinctively wrapped her legs around his waist.

the collar was choking her. He watched Dru come in and put the doll she was carrying on the dresser. Buffy felt her womb clench with pleasure as his fingers rubbed and pinched her. “You said you wanted ME. Buffy screamed her orgasm into his mouth as he kissed her. He quickly pulled Buffy to him and managed to get the collar around her neck even as she struggled and kicked him. no. The smell of her blood finally sent him over the edge and he came. With his other Her clit was rubbing against the base of his cock with every stroke he gave her and the combination of G spot and clit stimulation was driving her wild. splitting her tissues alittle. Spike howled in pain and shoved her away.” Angelus grinned wolfishly as Buffy’s eyes widened.” he growled at her. Then she bit down hard with her fangs. hard. You’re going to entertain them. He wasn’t ready to cum just yet. He could feel her pussy spasming around his cock. I’m throwing a party for some old friends. All she could do was gasp for air. chirping like a lil bird. slamming into her small body. She felt like her whole body was throbbing with pleasure. choking her. “I could take every one of your friends and put them in this room…or perhaps make a new room for them. “I think it’s time for your first lesson.. “You should be stuffed and mounted. knowing only a Slayer could take his strength. He wanted to feel the tightness of her ass again. Angelus was getting angry now. sending shockwaves of pleasure through her small body. He went and gripped her arm tightly. Angelus pulled out of her and Buffy started to pound her fists on his chest. “Please.” He ignored her cries and thrust his cock into her ass.” . “Nobody…ever…. Would you like that. he grabbed a spiked leather collar off one of the stuffed daemons. taking his hard cock into her mouth. “No!” she protested. Angelus withdrew from her quickly and moved her hips. warm body. hurting her.” “You’re a daemon. She stopped struggling and stood still.” She walked over to the doorway and stood waiting for him. You want the Slayer. too!” She shoved him away from her and stood up.cock against her G spot. I can hear her singing all around you. remember? You said you wanted all of me.. lubing his way. feeling the blood run down her ass. glaring at him. He fucked her ass long and hard. This position was perfect for her. she smelled like jasmine and vanilla. “You fucked the Slayer. Angelus increased his pace. Spike had gotten up off the floor. ******************************************************** Upstairs. “I hate you! I want Angel back!” She started to cry. She did take his threats of killing her friends very seriously.leaves…. You stink of her! And you’re going soft as the clouds. He moved his hands to play with her nipples. Buffy?” She couldn’t answer him. Angelus loved her small. Buffy. Let me out of this mansion. Everything about her drove him wild. He loved giving her pain. He loved her scent. pumping his cold cum into her ass. He pulled on the collar tightly. Dru slipped into the master bedroom. His cock was still rock hard and his balls were starting to hurt from the frustration. You brought me out.” she said. She came over to him silently and knelt before him. just like all the other monsters in this room. She started to keen as he fucked her harder. sliding his cock lower. Buffy continued to cry out as he stretched her ass painfully. “I want to go home.

you can’t be serious. where Spike had just finished getting dressed. “You know what to do.” Spike shuddered remembering.” Angelus dragged Buffy over to the armoire and pulled out one of Dru’s white babydolllike dresses. looking for something to wear. Angelus put the brush down. He reached for a hairbrush and began brushing her hair with long deliberate strokes. they nearly wrecked the place and us with it. stunning him for a second. Come on. Angelus snaked out his arm and threw Spike on the bed. it barely covered her pussy and her ass and Angelus didn’t give her any panties to wear with it. it’s not happening. Spike sighed and started to rummage through the armoire in the room. Spike’s eyes widened a bit at the site of Buffy being led around by the neck like a bitch in heat. She wrinkled her nose at it. Angelus loved her hair. he didn’t want to snap her neck and Buffy didn’t resist much for the same reason. Buffy liked the feel of it and she started to relax alittle. you know. leaving Buffy and Angelus alone. He pulled her into the master bedroom. It felt odd that she could only see herself in the mirror and not Angelus behind her. “Put it on. luv. “I’m throwing a party. And after a minute’s hesitation. It gave him an odd thrill to be brushing it. I suggest you prepare to help entertain my guests. “No more sex games.Spike rubbed his sore cock. Last time. The dress was really short. hard. I think we need to let them know. “Oh. He was careful. “Dru…. there’s been talk of the pack thinking they can take over Sunnydale.” he commanded her. so she still felt very much exposed.” He moved to walk past Angelus.” Buffy didn’t like the sound of that. It’ll be a night to remember. Besides. “She nearly bit my cock off! Why are you having them here anyway?” Spike made himself comfortable on the bed. just glad to cover her nakedness. she did so. William. “So.” He held out his arms to her.I still love you. knowing how much Spike hated them.” Spike nodded and left the room.” “Come now. But the thought of wearing one of Dru’s things turned her stomach. Angelus had Buffy sit down at the dressing table. for me. he went downstairs to the weapons room. “Time to greet the .” he threw up his hands. He handed it to Buffy. some black pants and a white silk shirt. who’s coming to this amazing party of yours?” Spike asked. He wanted a drink and he wanted to get out of this madhouse. “You’ll find out. Buffy watched as Angelus chose some clothing for himself to wear. you did enjoy Elani’s attentions. The hairbrush seemed to float in the air. tugging loosely on the leashed collar. push all of us vamps out.” “A blood party.” Angelus grinned. Chapter Seven: Angelus dragged Buffy upstairs. “What’s a Vonvorshien?” Buffy asked him. “I’m getting out of this loony bin. “The Vonvorshiens. then?” Spike liked the sound of that better. William. but she grabbed her doll off the dresser and left the room. “Buffy needs to meet some of our friends. you must admit. he had a bad feeling about this.

Angelus. Adriel had long black hair. Spike entered the dining hall. Albrecht had long dark hair and pale grey eyes. this is Elani.” Adriel sounded bored.” he commented looking around the foyer. The next guest was Heinz. her hair was expertly piled atop her elegant head.” Angelus reached for Elani’s slim pale hand and gallantly kissed the back of it. “Yes. She was wearing a cream colored evening gown that clung to her perfect curves. but it happened so fast. she almost didn’t catch it. He shook Angelus’ hand. everyone come into the dining hall. Buffy saw that it was raw meat in blood sauce.” he said and tugged on Buffy’s leash. There is plenty of food and drink. Buffy thought she was very beautiful. leading her downstairs. of course he is. Buffy wasn’t sure yet exactly what they were. It made her skin crawl. Elani was tall and blonde. Erzberger only nodded at Angelus in greeting. creamy white skin.” Spike smiled at her. She squeezed his cock hard through his pants and he groaned. the one right next to Elani. “Is Spike here tonight? We never got to finish out little game. We really must finish our little game. Buffy thought he gave a small growl at Angelus. But he surprised her by having a fledgling bring her a plate of roasted chicken with a bunch of her favorite side dishes. He was tall and slim. aren’t you? How cute.guests. almost spilling it as Elani put her hand on his crotch right under the table. Angelus greeted them as Frieda and Erzberger. Next came someone Angelus called Adriel.” She looked about the room. green beans. “Buffy. He poured her a glass of red wine to go with the meal. Next. Angelus had Buffy sit right next to him. but didn’t move. She was dressed in a stunning black and silver evening dress.” Angelus directed them. Her gray eyes glittered with an almost silvery veil to them.” Frieda seemed to almost be flirting with him. Some fledglings brought out trays of food and placed them on the table. The male had some gray hair mixed into his dark temples. It’s been such a very long time. She could smell a combination of wildflowers and a musky scent on Adriel’s hand. “Please.” Angelus moved to greet the next guest. pausing a minute before taking the only empty seat. He. Everyone entered the dining hall and the guests all took their seats at the dining table. ******************************************************** Angelus opened the front doors and Buffy watched as six of the most attractive people she’d ever seen entered the room.” she drawled at him. . had the characteristic silvery glint in his eyes. mashed potatoes.” He reached for a glass of wine. Last came a slightly older couple. “You’re just a little waif. He looked at Buffy and she could see lust in his eyes. Her dark eyes had the same silvery glint about them. too. daarrrllling. She had a very European look about her. Buffy shuddered at her touch. a handsome tall blonde male with light blue eyes. “Is this the Slayer?” Adriel reached out a hand to touch Buffy’s face. There was a blonde woman on his arm who also had a bit of gray in her hair. She had no intension of eating that and she resolved to defy Angelus if he tried to make her. too. He’ll be joining us shortly. Angelus greeted Albrecht. These weren’t humans. No one seemed to notice or really care that she was wearing a collar around her neck and he was leading her around on a leash. Angelus kissed the back of her hand. “Spike. “Looks like you’ve redecorated since our last visit. “How gooood to see you again. “I might just win this time. “How nice of you to invite us again. Another stunning European beauty.

Adriel was doing something similar to Angelus. Tears finally started to leak out of the corners of her eyes and she grabbed the napkin with shaking hands and tried to quickly wipe them away. Everyone seemed to be ignoring her. But he let it all happen. She almost spilled it. She was really enjoying how much self control Buffy seemed to possess. she’d rake her claws against his cock. Frieda continued playing with Buffy’s pussy. . He reached for more wine. She wished she was anywhere but at that table. She tried so hard to hold back her cum. Her pussy was getting so wet she could feel her juices leaking down her inner thighs.Angelus was seated on Buffy’s left and on her right was Frieda. Buffy could feel tears welling up in her eyes. Buffy was suffering terribly. Her nipples were going stiff underneath the dress.” And that’s when the real horror began. still trying not to let anyone know what was happening to her. Spike was in a lot of pain. Buffy was starting to sweat now. “Time for dessert. She started to push a finger into her. Her hips moved slightly under the table and her hand tightened on the glass of wine. Shockwaves of unwanted pleasure were filling her womb. but moving around only made her feel the pleasure more. It took all of her Slayer strength not to let them know as she felt her pussy start to spasm. He could smell her arousal. slowly. politics. The pleasure was almost unbearable and it was unwanted. Frieda pulled back the head of her clit with a finger and started to stroke her most sensitive place. And Spike had always been one of her favorite toys. But she could feel it starting to happen. Buffy reached for the wine. Frieda still hadn’t stopped playing with her clit. Finally. but he enjoyed the pain. Angelus was busy listening to Adriel’s idle chatter about how much she liked Europe better than America. Elani enjoyed giving pain. And now she could feel her snaking her fingers lower to touch Buffy’s wet pussy. Elani had freed his cock underneath the table and she was squeezing him too hard. And she squirmed again. All around her. he couldn’t wait for this night to be over. Angelus stood up and announced. trying to keep her hand steady. She gripped her napkin instead. She could feel her pussy getting wet. Buffy’s body went rigid. The combined stimulation was driving her wild. She was afraid of calling attention to herself. She had to take her hand off the wine glass for fear of breaking it. enjoying the tightness. She wondered just what it would take to push her over the edge. the guests were talking about shallow things. Buffy squirmed slightly in the chair. just when she was about to have a screaming orgasm. She was afraid to look at Angelus. She looked down and sipped her wine as Frieda continued to masturbate her. He was going to keep his guests happy right up until the end. The pleasure was getting unbearable and she was terrified of screaming in front of everyone. Even though she had cum. She looked down and squeezed her eyes shut. the weather. Her womb was throbbing. drawing some of his vampire blood. Angelus was well aware of what was happening to Buffy. No one seemed to notice. Buffy didn’t know what to do. Frieda wasn’t just rubbing her G spot. Buffy was just finishing her mashed potatoes when she felt Frieda’s hand slip in between her thighs and touch her pussy beneath the table. Occasionally. Frieda started to rub Buffy’s clit and Buffy involuntarily parted her thighs a bit. knowing she was tormenting Buffy. She used all her Slayer concentration not to cry out. Buffy didn’t know that Adriel had her hand on Angelus’ crotch underneath the table was busy jerking him off the whole time. she started to press her thumb into Buffy’s clit as she did so. Frieda’s finger found Buffy’s G spot and started to gently stroke it. She was terrified of cumming in front of all these people.

And yet. She screamed on and on as he fucked her. standing next to Angelus as the guests started to rip off their clothes. making her womb . his fur covered cock felt so incredibly sensuous sliding along her pussy walls and G spot. Giles had warned her about them. He managed to get his cock in as far as it would go. but the fur on his cock seemed to help him slide it in better. but the barbs that were jabbing into her clit were so painful. clawed hands grab her shoulders and she was thrown to the floor by Frieda whose beautiful face was now the face of a wolf. But these weren’t just ordinary werewolves. they were stronger than her. about seven and a half feet tall. He downed the rest of his wine. In between Erzberger’s strokes. crashing all the plates and glasses to the floor. but it was no use. her stomach churning at the musky smell of Frieda’s pussy. pulling out and then slamming back in hurting her clit and stimulating her pussy. He pulled almost all the way out of her pussy and then slammed back in hard. He kept up the pace. “Bloody hell. Buffy watched in horror as the guests began to transform into werewolves. making sure those barbs hit her in her most sensitive place. The other guests stood as well. Frieda rubbed Buffy’s raw clit. tearing them to pieces. faster.Chapter Eight: Frieda took her finger out of Buffy’s pussy and stood up. Spike managed to grab his wine glass before the table went and he exclaimed. They were taller than humans. they all pushed the table over. but Frieda pulled her hands away and took a fur covered finger and pulled the hood of Buffy’s clit back. Buffy struggled and tried to kick. who had transformed into an amazingly large humanoid wolf. And then. Buffy felt strong fur covered. they were Alpha werewolves. Buffy jumped up out of her seat. She held Buffy to the ground as Erzberger. positioned his enormous fur covered fifteen inch long. to Buffy’s surprise. Stronger. Then Frieda moved so her fur covered pussy was over Buffy’s face and she forced Buffy to eat her out or suffocate. The pain in her clit prevented her from having any type of orgasm and her womb was clenching from the frustration. Alternately. Angelus was watching the transformation with amusement. The kind that walked upright like humans. here she was right in their midst thanks to Angelus. He grabbed Adriel and bent her now fur covered body over so he could fuck her furry pussy like the bitch she was. stretching her painfully. This was going to be fun. Buffy felt something sticking her clit like tiny cactus needles. It was this horrible preternatural sound and she knew what it was. the fur covered tip rubbing against her cervix sensually. Then she realized he had sharp barbs at the base of his cock. she’d never felt anything so good. forcing her to get the full painful effect of the barbs right on the tip of her clit. making sure it stayed over stimulated. Then the howling began and Buffy covered her ears. She screamed as he started to work that massive cock into her pussy. That fur covered cock was amazing. Buffy couldn’t stop screaming. the fur just slid over her pussy walls perfectly stimulating her. It was the worst combination of sensations she’d ever experienced. The pain in her clit was unbearable and she tried to cover her clit with her hands. causing her even more pain. He said she was never to confront a pack of them. that they had easily ripped apart a Slayer once. Frieda took her claws and stuck them painfully into Buffy’s nipples. Buffy licked at her fur covered clit.” knowing what was coming. she’d never experienced pain like that. The barbs jabbed her clit and it hurt so bad she screamed and her body spasmed from the pain. four inch wide cock at Buffy’s pussy.

take Buffy upstairs and get her cleaned up. I’m not fucking her with all that werewolf cum all over her. Angelus decapitated Erzberger and Frieda. She just lay on her stomach looking at the carnage. And the sound of Buffy and Spike’s screams only turned him on more. I’m going to take Dru and let the others know we’re still on top in Sunnydale. who’s head rolled for several feet before finally coming to a stop in the corner. nearly suffocating her. watching the orgy. He didn’t think she weighed more than a hundred and five pounds. one of the best fucks he’d had in awhile. Then she just stood silently in the corner hugging her doll to her chest. Her Alpha wolf pussy had the same barbs that were torturing Buffy’s clit. He was starting to think Angelus was wrong and they wouldn’t be able to fight these werewolves. Spike swung the axe at Elani’s head. Her clit felt like it was being smashed with a cactus and Frieda pushed her furry pussy down harder on Buffy’s face. He started to push his enormous fur covered cock into her ass. Then Buffy felt this warm rush as blood started to pour down onto her body. decapitating her. her insides were covered with their cum. Now she was being double fucked by the furry daemons. And it was about to get even better. Angelus was in his own twisted nirvana. “Spike. To him. Albrecht lifted Buffy’s hips and managed to slide underneath her as she was still being fucked by Erzberger. Then he quickly did the same to Heinz. He swung the axe at her head and decapitated her. Spike was screaming. Buffy just wanted to die. muffling Buffy’s screams. She could feel warm cum start to shoot up her ass as Albrecht came with a supernatural howl. Buffy thought she would die from the pain. Buffy was too stunned to move. barbed pussy. Erzberger finally came inside Buffy’s pussy with one final hard thrust that slammed his barbs hard into her clit. clit. Heinz moved to eat out Adriel’s pussy while Angelus continued to fuck her doggy style. Her headless body collapsed on his chest and he pushed her off his cock. grimacing at the pain as the barbs raked him for the last time. “I hate werewolf blood. Frieda seemed to cum on Buffy’s face. ass and nipples hurt so much. He loved the pain of the barbs in Adriel’s pussy raking over his cock. The guests were so enthralled with the sex that they didn’t notice Dru slip into the room. She buried her head in his shoulder. this was a great party. She didn’t think she could take anymore as he stretched her ass. only these barbs were on the inside of Elani’s pussy. Keeping her orgasm just out of reach. covering her pussy walls. She . He pulled on his clothes and grabbed Dru’s hand and left the dining hall. Her legs were unsteady and he picked her up. Angelus licked some blood off his fingers. Blood flowed as their heads rolled on the dining hall floor. Angelus came hard in Adriel’s furry. He couldn’t throw her off him.clench. forcing her to continue to eat her out. Spike went to Buffy and helped her up. Spike felt like he was being fucked by a Venus Fly Trap. She threw an axe to Spike and one to Angelus.” He spit it out. He pulled Erzberger’s headless body off her and pushed her aside as he went after Albrecht. And her pussy. nearly sending her out of her mind with the pain. Elani had jumped on top of him and was fucking his cock. wondering how such a small girl could possibly be the Slayer.

****************************************************** Sometime later. Her clit still hurt. They walked into the bathroom and Spike turned on the water.” Buffy let it slide for now as Spike pulled her into the warm bath water. bucking her hips off the bed. He moved so his cock would side gently over her G spot with each stroke. He licked her clit in tiny circles and gently sucked on the little nub. sliding his tongue past . He wanted her.” “He’d only chase us down. but she was so comfortable with Spike. She didn’t know why she wanted him so much. But this one was different. letting him help her off the bed. He wanted to erase all that pain. And he knew she belonged to Angelus. She threw her head back and moaned. She knew it was wrong. “Spike. Their tongues met with gentle caresses. “Buffy. but she did. And there was something about Spike. Before she could protest. They both groaned as he entered her. She chose a long black dress. we could leave here tonight. and he took his fingers and gently rubbed her clit. he was supposed to want to kill her. There’s no where to go. Her clit was raw. Buffy came hard. And he wondered what it was about her that made him want her so badly. He carried her upstairs to the master bedroom and laid her down on the bed. “Come on. Buffy hated having to pick through Dru’s clothes but there was nothing else to wear. He licked her neck. He’d killed two Slayers before. he bent his head and licked her softly with his tongue. He knew she was in as much pain as he was. The soft spasms of her pussy soothed his sore cock and let himself go. She ran her fingers through his white hair. She relaxed. Spike moved and positioned himself over her. She knew she should stake Angelus and Spike. She needed to feel his lips and she pulled his head down to kiss him. Buffy had never felt so relaxed. Before he comes back. but she didn’t want to. letting Spike make her feel better.liked the way he smelled. screaming into Spike’s mouth as her pussy spasmed against his stiff vampire cock. but her Slayer healing was starting to kick in. Spike dressed himself quickly. She felt so confused. You don’t want to push him too far. enjoying the feel of him running a soapy washcloth over her shoulders and back. nuzzling her and ran his hands slowly down the sides of her body. He wondered why sex with her was better than with any other human he’d ever had. He hadn’t gotten any pleasure out of tonight’s sex party and he wasn’t sure she had gotten much either. we better get cleaned up before Peaches comes back. cumming inside of her. He was fucking her slowly and gently and it was driving her wild. easily sliding his sore cock into her soft wet pussy.” “Did you ever try?” she asked. He was still a part of Angel. sending swirling sensations of pleasure through her. She relaxed. Spike lay on top of her. Her pussy was throbbing. breathing in her scent. they emerged from the bathroom both feeling much cleaner. Spike lifted is head. Spike gently parted her thighs. She started to buck her hips. He knew they didn’t have much more time to be alone and he pulled Buffy to him and kissed her passionately. She was the Slayer. leather and some spicy scent he wore. Buffy gasped as he bent his head and gently sucked on one of her nipples. but this felt so good.” He got off the bed and reached out a hand to her. you’ve only seen some of his cruelty. Even though Angelus scared her and hurt her.

Slime. digging her fingers into his shoulders. The Arguellians had come to take Spike and Buffy as payment for the bet. He looked up at Dru who was standing in the doorway. The daemons carried them off. and looked worriedly at each other. “What are they?” Buffy had never seen anything like these daemons before. surrounding Buffy and Spike. fat. “Damned if I know. There was something on her hand and she held it out to him. But he had done it anyway for the fun of it. Buffy and Spike couldn’t even struggle as the tentacles held them in a vice grip. He'd told Spike to clean her up. The daemons lashed out their impossibly long tentacles and latched onto the balcony pulling themselves up onto the second floor. He pulled Dru down on the bed to get some sleep till then. Arguellians were round. More tentacles snaked out and wrapped tightly about their bodies. hairless creatures that had nine long tentacle like appendages. not fuck her! He was going to have to punish his childe severely this time. There were at least five rubbery looking daemons with long tentacles on the first floor. he'd had to kill some of them just so he and Dru could leave the bar. A few rounds of virgin blood and some simple card games.her lips. Just then. but the daemons lashed out their tentacles. They parted. Chapter Nine: Angelus had simply lost a bet with some Arguellians at a Daemon bar. they cheat. Angelus could sense that daylight would come soon and he took Dru home back to the mansion. Angelus must have pissed them off. swallowing her vampire blood as she came with a scream. He knew better than to play against Arguellians. out of the mansion and into the night. He sucked on her clit. As a reward. scraping her vampire teeth against the sides of his cock just the way he liked it. he'd taken Dru to celebrate. She knelt before him. Not the most attractive of daemons. They ran to the upstairs balcony. Angelus watched the moonlight glinting off the stream as he came in her mouth. he parted her thighs and bit her clit with his vampire fangs. He took Dru to a bridge that ran over a small stream.” Spike pulled her back toward the bedroom. After losing the last round. calling him "Daddy" just before she took his thick cock into her mouth and sucked him hard. he lifted her up onto the bridge's railing. Pushing up her dress. After informing the vamp population about the Werewolves. ************************************************************** The Arguellians had taken Spike and Buffy to an underground cave at . but it was empty. wrapping them around Buffy’s ankles and Spike’s arms. "Spike!" Angelus ran up the stairs to the master bedroom. He could smell the sex in the room and it angered the hell out of him. they heard glass breaking downstairs. She met his tongue and pressed her body into his. And sunlight was coming up. peering down. As soon as they entered the foyer he could see the broken glass from the windows. he couldn't even go after them until sundown. kidnapping them. smiling when she cried out. Buffy and Spike were pulled roughly apart. "Damn it!" He knew what had happened now. It was Arguellian slime.

He had twice as many tentacle like appendages as his followers. making him groan in pain. He came into view and Buffy wasn't sure if she should be grateful or not. He was much too fat to ever leave his layer. She tried to squirm and twist but it was no use. The head Arguellian weighed about 600 pounds. . except his appendages all had huge thick cockheads at the end of them. "Hey! I heard you have something of mine." He turned to leave. Tears started to stream from her eyes as she felt herself being torn and she could feel blood running down her legs. the Arguellian withdrew its appendages from both the vampire and Slayer and left them bleeding on the dirt floor in front of his fat body. "Please. Angelus!" "Bastard!" Spike yelled at him. "Agreed.the edge of town. She could feel another cockhead pushing at her anus. Stripping them naked. And it might not be too bad for Buffy to learn a few new tricks. "These two…. rubbing her clit. The Arguellian grunted and deposited a load of slime-cum into her pussy. the cockhead kept pressing forward into her ass. "Blood sucking scum…. She didn't want to cum for this disgusting creature. It was a good way to make Spike suffer for fucking Buffy." Angelus' voice. The it deposited its slime-cum into his ass and mouth. "No!" Buffy cried out. enjoying her pain." he said and nodded his head. squeezing his cock. He continued his assault. The Arguellian even tried to push more appendages into the same toll!" The Arguellian grunted at him. Finally. She couldn't even scream because she was being choked by the cockhead in her mouth. Make sure they're in the same shape they are now. He also had Spike in much the same position.two weeks…. He took another cockheaded tentacle and wrapped it painfully around Spike's cock. He whipped out his tentacled cocks and wrapped them around Spike and Buffy. ass and mouth. The Arguellian pushed each appendage into her pussy and ass as far as he could. A grossly obese blob of a creature. corkscrewing her." Angelus thought about it for a minute. Buffy wanted to die. milking him painfully. stretching her even wider. She felt like she was being forced to give birth. Then he worked a cockhead into Buffy's dry pussy. Each cockhead sought entrance into the vampire and Slayer's most private parts. The Arguellian forced a cum out of Spike as well. She had no choice but to swallow the slime or choke on it.. He pushed a cockhead into Spike's mouth and one up his ass. you can't just leave us with him. squeezing him. feeling her pussy tighten against his other appendages. they deposited them in front of their leader. Finally. He pushed a cockhead into each of their mouths to suck on. stretching her painfully. Then to her horror. cruelly twisting and turning.lost bet….toll paid. "Two weeks and I come get them. she felt another one of his appendages start to rub against her clit. He managed to get two of his tentacled cocks into Buffy's brothel…. he felt her spasming as she came. The fucking went on for hours.

some so large. Buffy stood up and went over to the dresser. She slammed that drawer and opened the next one." Spike stood behind her. but it wouldn't break. Buffy knew it was a two way mirror and they were on display for tons of daemons. a thrill of pleasure ran through her when she felt his stiff cock at her lower back. There was a dresser and a small nitestand next to the bed with an odd shaped lamp sitting on it. "This one is for enhancing pleasure. Dildos of various shapes and sizes were in it. "It's a daemon aphrodisiac. Buffy didn't even bother to try to cover her nakedness. He was sure he could collect a lot of bounty from his customers for such interesting specimens. She went over to the mirror and tried to smash it with her slayer strength. He felt her shiver alittle and he smiled. leaning his naked body into hers. He picked up a small bottle containing a smoky pink liquid. "Fuck or die!" They were told. making them cry out. In spite of herself. But she let Spike sit her down on the edge of the bed. Spike went over to Buffy and gently pulled her away from the mirror. There was also a door leading into a bathroom." his voice was alittle husky and Buffy felt herself getting wet from it. deliberately brushing her skin with his arm. Some are for magically enhancing pleasure or pain. The Arguellians used electric cattle prods to poke both of them in various places. luv." Buffy resisted him for a moment. "It's magically enhanced. She slammed the drawer shut and opened the next one. Spike reached around her. There were various S&M items in it. Another smaller mirror along the opposite wall. Come on. Buffy picked up a bottle containing a smoky green substance. whips and chains.Angelus ignored them. "Let us out! Let us out of here!" Unseen by Buffy. nipple and clit clamps. She wasn't sure what some of them were for. then the Arguellians left. He was already thinking about fucking Dru again. She took a moment to look around at the room. still furious at their kidnapping. A plain uncomfortable looking white leather chair. probably hiding a camera for filming any actions in the room. She beat on it with her fists screaming. "Most of those bottles are. It was red and kind of corkscrewed. she wondered who they could possibly fit. There wasn't much in it. Chapter Ten: Buffy and Spike were thrown naked into what looked like a cheap motel room except one wall was covered in a huge mirror. She opened the top drawer." Spike said from behind her. locking them in the room. we can't break it. come sit down. She turned to face him. Buffy couldn't believe he just left! How could he just leave?! The Arguellian gestured to his minions to gather up Spike and Buffy and take them to his daemon brothel. There were various bottles of lube and substances inside. there was a crowd of daemons behind the mirror laughing and cheering at the naked slayer. And some of them were covered in painful looking studs. .

They had paid to see a show and it was starting. He put an arm around her shoulders. too. "Spike. why not enjoy it. It was wonderful. She forgot all about the two way mirror and started to beg Spike for more. Buffy convulsed on the bed crying out uncontrollably." She tried to resist him. mesmerized. his cold cum shooting inside of her. She wondered briefly if he had done this with Dru and an odd pang of jealousy went through her. but he took more of the pink liquid and this time he gently massaged it onto her clit and she gasped. She'd never felt anything like it. but they used the cattle prod on her again and she screamed in pain. Buffy watched. loving the show. but his orgasm went on and on. Then she realized where they were and what they had done in front of countless unseen daemons. The Arguellians laughed and told the crowd plenty of pain was cumming soon. if we have to be here. we shouldn't. I can feel it. The liquid was working its magick on him. I know they're there. Her knees got weak and almost buckled. She sat up and put her hands over her face. the Arguellians came into the room. Finally. their orgasms died down." Her eyes were starting to tear up and Spike didn't know what to do. as he touched one of her nipples with it. He ran his tongue gently inside her mouth. He entered her with a quick thrust.Buffy. Her fluttering pussy was adding to his intense pleasure and Spike came. This time her legs did give way and he caught her and placed her onto the bed. caressing her. It only took a second. she cried out. then the other. spasming against Spike's cock. but the orgasm didn't dissipate. we have to get out of here. Unseen by both of them. too. Spike coated two of his fingers with the substance and he gently worked them into her wet pussy taking care to slide the liquid over her G spot. They pulled Spike out of the room leaving Buffy alone to await her first customer. "We could give them a show…."They're watching us. The intense pleasure sent shockwaves into her womb. They grabbed Spike and dragged him out of the bed. I could show you some things…. He started to pull her back toward the bed. Spike kissed her then. None of this is right. She'd never in her life felt anything so good. The pleasure just went on and on and she shook and screamed and felt like she was in heaven. "Buffy?" Spike sat up. The daemon crowd was going wild behind the mirror. the daemon crowd was really starting to cheer and catcall now. Spike was groaning loudly." she said and looked past him at the mirrored wall." He opened the bottle and put alittle of the pink liquid on a finger. Just then. Spike moved off Buffy and lay next to her. She felt herself cumming. "Please! Don't stop! Ooooohhhh!" Spike removed his fingers from her and coated his cock with the liquid and then he positioned himself over her. Buffy tried to fight them off. This isn't right. but some of them were screaming for the slayer to be in pain. It was no fun without the pain. . then she felt it. Buffy started screaming from the pleasure. "Spike. Buffy could feel an intense orgasm building up and she couldn't stop screaming. She didn't even know pleasure this intense existed.

listening to every scream of pleasure. It was a video tape with a small note. Her screams echoed off the basement walls. but she knew better than to beg him to stop.********************************************************** Angelus was whipping Dru. enjoying Dru's scream and the large bloody welt he left on her pale vampire skin. He was going to make her scream for him…. She was going to pay for that. A fledgling came down the basement stairs carrying a small package. "Hope you enjoy this. leaving Dru hanging naked and bleeding in the basement. Angelus went insane with rage when he saw how much they were enjoying each other. both of them were going to pay for that. He was going to collect what was his. TBC . Angelus stood up and walked purposefully toward his weapons room. He had her chained and naked in the basement of the mansion. Angelus turned quickly. He threw lamps and other breakables. He put the tape in a player in the study and sat back on the couch. Angelus cracked the whip hard. whipping her harder and harder. He took the tape upstairs. He started to tear up the room.scream and bleed.. Angelus tore open the package. She was no longer enjoying this. He was starting to think it was a huge mistake to leave Buffy anywhere near Spike. He could see it was a tape of Buffy and Spike. grabbed the package and backhanded the fledgling across the room. Then he sat back with quiet rage and rewatched the tape." Angelus could smell Arguellian slime on it. He was taking out his frustrations on her. The fledgling scrambled to his feet and ran out of the basement. till the room was coated in broken glass.

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