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floors with profiled steel sheeting.

All proprietary galvanized edgings and void fillers shall be incorporated into the floor construction. Suspended floors shall be of concrete construction where necessary to give the required fire rating. 5ROC. Roofs All roofs for plant related buildings shall generally be of lightweight construction using a suitable plastic coated galvanized steel insulated sheeting system. Where it is required to site heavy plant on roofs or if there is a specific fire protection requirement, then a flat concrete roof construction shall be provided. All concrete roofs will be of RC slab construction (similar to floor construction outlined above) with waterproof membrane, insulation and concrete ballast/wea ballast/wearing surface as detailed in this specification. Access for maintenance purposes shall be provided to all plant and equipment situated on the roofs. On lightweight roof construction this shall be provided by means of suspended steel walkways, stairways and ladders complete with all handrails and kickplates. Access routes shall be obvious and shall exclude the need to walk directly on the roof sheeting. 5ROC. Walls Generally, the external elevation of all plant and non plant buildings shall be clad with masonry to the lower levels and lightweight sandwich panels over. For some buildings the lightweight panels are used full height, and in these instances a precast plinth shall be provided to obviate damage to the external wall zone. A concrete or masonry wall shall be provided at all locations and floor levels where there is a possibility of damage from traffic, forklift trucks etc, unless suitable protective barriers are provided. Masonry panel walls shall be used as necessary within the buildings and built in steel posts or other suitable alternatives shall be provided as necessary for lateral stability. The design and detailing of all masonry shall be in accordance with ACI 530.1 Specification for Masonry Structures and the Uniform Building Code 1997 (UBC). Special reinforcing details set out in the UBC for seismic zone in which the R.O. Plant site falls shall be adhered to. It should be noted that there are no special construction detailing provisions for seismic zone 1. 5ROC. Stairs All stairs within buildings shall be of reinforced concrete or prefabricated steel construction. Generally all stairs within RC buildings shall be of RC construction. Stairways within steel framed buildings shall be either of RC or steelwork construction as appropriate. 5ROC. Electric travelling overhead cranes Overhead electrically operated travelling cranes (EOT) shall be provided by the Contractor. Permanent lifting facilities shall be provided for plant maintenance purposes for all items of plant where access excludes the use of temporary/mobile facilities and for certain items of plant where the expected maintenance is carried out on a frequent basis. EOT cranes shall be designed for the heaviest component it will be expected to lift and remove for maintenance. Specification No. MEW/ZSROP/RO1 5ROC(1) - 21 Contractor's Initial & Stamp