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Protecting and Managing Large IP Networks

Solution Description
NarusInsight is the foundation for one of the communication industry’s most advanced real-time cyber protection, intercept and traffic management solutions. The solution begins with ubiquitous collection directly from the network links or from the elements themselves that moves through a massively scalable processing engine. NarusInsight has the ability to simultaneously provide deep-packet analysis and full traffic correlation across every link and element on the network. Regardless of the consuming application or whether the information required is based on full packets, application-layer metrics or basic flow-level information, NarusInsight captures and processes the information in real time and as part of a single system.

IBM Segment
• Data Management

Business Function
• Network Administration

Target Industry
• Communication Service Provider • Government

Features & Benefits
NarusInsight offers real-time protection and management of network, intercept and forensics, traffic management and analysis on a single system. The solution’s open interface allows for easy third-party integration. NarusInsight is field-proven in monitoring over 30 percent of the world’s Internet traffic and meeting the most stringent requirements of the world’s largest networks

Value Proposition
NarusInsight is the most scalable traffic intelligence system for capturing, analyzing and correlating IP traffic in real time. NarusInsight delivers on the promise of one common system for the cyber protection, intercept and traffic management of all IP services. Often traditional legacy, siloed security, lawful intercept and network management solutions fail to scale. NarusInsight offers a massively scalable and distributed processing system that is easily extended by sophisticated Traffic Intelligence Modules, which provide the essential insight required to support both the rapid deployment of new services and smooth secure delivery of current services.
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For more information, contact: Narus 570 Maude Court Sunnyvale, CA 94085 (408) 215 4300

Company Description
Narus is a leader in real-time traffic intelligence for the protection and management of large IP networks. For more information please visit www.narus.com.

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