Executive Summary

Introduction Love & Pair Co. is a partnership business with a purpose of selling lovebirds within and outside the Philippines. It offers many breeds of lovebirds such as Fischer’s, Peached face, Black Masked and Nyasa Lovebirds for various choices of customers. Love & Pair Co. has the potential to compete with other sellers of love birds and pet shops because the facility will not only include a store but also a capacity for breeding and an aviary to ensure the good quality of the love birds. Love birds are to be sold in the international (Southeast Asian Countries, particularly in China) market as export products. Additionally, Love & Pair Co will cater the domestic market by being a supplier to pet shops within the vicinity and also selling to walk-in customers.

Summary and Findings:  Marketing Aspect Lovebirds as the product of Love & Pair Co. is marketable to people. Factors that support this conclusion are as follows: the trend of owning lovebirds as pet has paved the way for this unique business venture. These factors tied up with a good use of marketing strategies and impeccable location suggests success in market positioning with the use print ads like flyers, brochures and posters to easily inform the target audience. On the grand opening of the shop, the store will offer promotions to encourage the poeple to buy. The broad variation of people as the main target market of Love & Pair are type of market that

influences big market or has the ability to aim viral marketing, in that way Love & Pair would be easily known by the market.


Technical Aspect Love & Pair Co.’s need for materials (both direct and indirect), labour,

equipment, tools, utilities, and aviary and shop location is affordable, existing and accessible. The processes used for manufacturing the products such as Process of Breeding, Breeding/Reproduction, Sexing Lovebirds, Egg Laying and Hatchlings, Hatchling Care and Weaning, Selling Lovebirds within and outside the country are technically possible.

Management Aspect The owner of Love & Pair Co. decided to manage the business to be a hands-

on type business in order to maintain the quality of the products that is being produce during the production process. Employees will be compensated and treated well by the owner and will have a seminars and trainings focusing on how to make the product and explain the benefits that could get in the product to make sure that the products to be sold will be understood well by the consumers.

Financial Aspect The 5 Partners will contribute Php 400, 000 each totalling Php 2,000,000 as

an initial investment for the business and each of them has a wide knowledge in managing the day-to-day and business operation. Profits will be shared by the partners equally as a form of return of their contribution. Earnings of the corporation are taxed with accordance of Tax Laws and Regulations. Financial statements are projected for ten (10) years consisting of Statement of Financial Position, Statement of Financial Performance, and Statement of Changes in Owner’s Equity, Statement of Cash Flows, and Notes to Financial Statements.


Social Aspect

Love & Pair Co. provides good quality and satisfactory service to its customers. Additionally, it gives those out of work the opportunity to be employed. It also builds a well-balanced relationship among its employees. Moreover, it complies with different requirements of government agencies. 

Environmental Aspect

Proper waste management is adopted and put into operation to ensure that the environment will not be sacrificed for the firm’s purposes. Since Love & Pair Co. is an environment-friendly business, its biodegradable wastes are handled and used as fertilizers. Furthermore, Love & Pair Co. carries out activities that comply with different environmental regulations. The company has its two socio-economic plan, first Environment consciousness program in this program it is to help maintain the clean environment near the facilities, also it helps to avoid floods and prevent clogged drainages.

Owner and workers of Love & Pair will be participating in the corporate social responsibilities by helping cleaning a barangay near the shop, in order to show their concern with the surroundings, which they are willing to participate with other environment maintenance programs.


Project Background and History The following names listed are the project promoters who will be contracting under a corporation type of business:

PROMOTERS Castillo, Jophet M.

RESIDENCE 10th Avenue, Caloocan City Marilao, Bulacan

Cañas, Arbiegail D. Liparo, Caloocan City Indiongco, Mark Harold V. Parada, Valenzuela City Naranjo, Pauline Mae L. Sangandaan, Caloocan City Tumalad, KlevinEmilor E.

Mission The company endeavours to be acknowledged in the national and international market, specifically Southeast Asian Countries as a highly regarded source of a wide selection of good variety and quality lovebirds. The company aspires to be involved in the endorsement of the sustainable progress of lovebird species by adopting ethical breeding practices, and supporting its preservation both in their captive and natural environments. Vision Cognizant of the challenges of the rapidly developing digital age, Love & Pair Co. envisions to eventually be a One-Stop Bird Shop in the vast global market with the upgrade of the company's telecommunications technology, thereby making web-based viewing and purchasing of bird variety fast and easily accessible.


To earn revenue in return for the lovebirds sold. 3. 2. To satisfy the needs of those who owned and wants to own lovebirds. Secondary objectives are the following: 1. Customer Service Goals • To set up questionnaires and feedback channels to quickly respond on their complaints • To constantly conduct customer service research process to quickly adapt to their changing demands and improved quality of product • To build a strong customer relationship so as for them to continuously patronize our products Revenue Goals • • • • To cover up daily operating expenses To efficiently use available resources To increase sales and net profit by the end of each current year To maximize the wealth of the owner by providing a positive return on investment • To pool excess into funds for expansion 5 . To offer comfort to customers with the joy that lovebird can provide.Objectives The primary objective of the business is to offer quality and finest lovebirds both inside and outside the country and o provide accessible lovebirds breeding and selling in Metro Manila.

A simple yet elegant logo to show that simplicity will show the beauty on it. Love and Pair Co. 6 . L & P represent the words love and pair.Community and Environmental Goals • To involve the company and its employees on environment-friendly practice and policies • • To continuously use eco-friendly packaging materials To promote campaigns and outreach programs that has positive effects on environment • To alleviate unemployment in the locality Logo This is the logo of the company. Just like the products. offers good quality lovebirds.

Love & Pair Co. The business is named love & pair because it primary deals with lovebirds. By doing so. is a business name not only pertaining to taking good care of the lovebirds but also the customers because this type of business is created for lovebirds enthusiasts.Business Name LOVE & PAIR Co. the researchers came out with the idea of naming the business as Love & Pair. they can pair and match their lovebirds gradually. With this. Another thing is that. 7 . the owner should love the lovebirds first. it must be in pair. lovebirds cannot live alone. the researchers believed that in able for the owners to achieve a successful owning and breeding of lovebirds.

Parañaque City. They usually eat fruits. Although a bird is not the most popular pet. Small breeders can be found in the Manila and Quezon City areas. Cainta. They are rather small but can be a marvel to look at since they possess different bright colors which are part of their natural characteristics. Most breeders of lovebirds would take the time to share selling tips with each other. Laguna. vegetables. Lovebirds are most commonly kept in pairs since their popularity is largely due to their monogamous pair bonding and the long periods in which the pair will spend sitting together. Valenzuela City. These pets are now becoming popular as business ventures as well. Breeders though in Bulacan. With that. A lot of large breeders have established aviaries in different part of Luzon. the researchers came up with the idea of breeding and selling lovebirds not just in NCR area but also outside the country. Good business.Chapter I Marketing Aspect Current Market Situation Love is in the air – lovebirds that is. and Batangas are often willing to bring their birds to the city by arrangement at no or minimal additional costs. The most popular pets are dogs and cats. Laguna. it is a very nice addition to the home and can even become part of the family. low maintenance and a tidy return investment all combine for an ideal alternative to the old school tradition of breeding of other kinds of pets. The lovebird is one of the many breeds and varieties of birds that people choose to keep as pets. 8 . some grasses and seeds. as well as in San Pedro. They freely lecture on care and other know-hows and are happy simply to find others who share their interest. You can find one in Bulacan. Direct selling will also be applied for those people who just want lovebirds as their pet. Rizal. Cainta.

Indonesia. Love & Pair Co. Word of mouth. Experienced management and well-mannered personnel. Taking care of love birds need adequate attention. As such. and Korea are just some which exports this kind of bird. Most customers make another purchase if they are happy with the initial bird/pair bought. different colour mutations of love birds as a product of pairing will also be a factor for customers’ purchasing decision. will offer a variety of breed of which the customers can choose from.ph. Varying methods of selling lovebirds are currently employed.com. 2. Sulit. Weaknesses 1. etc. also with the trends of new technology and social media. 2. 3. Love & Pair is located along McArthur Highway. Higher cost will be incurred in hiring well-experienced love bird breeder. Valenzuela. If they do not have adequate attention either from another lovebird or from the caretaker they may become depressed and die. Accessibility of the shop. 9 . Moreover. Love & Pair’s aviary is managed by well-experienced and knowledgeable breeders of lovebirds to maintain the quality. placing ads in Pet Care and classified ads magazine such as Buy & Sell. Facebook. Asian countries like Thailand. Referrals from seller to seller are also given. it will be easier to market lovebirds through selling online on personal websites and advertising at different community seller and social sites such as Ayosdito. SWOT Analysis Strengths 1.Love birds exporting industry grows bigger. Malaysia. print advertising. Tumbler.

3. Korea and Australia are just some of the love bird exporting countries in the world. This is to establish. 4. Love birds exporting industry is growing faster. Opportunities 1. There are risks and exposure love birds to health problems (e. They can provide everything who is indulge i nto taking care of lovebirds. 2. The number of love birds grow rapidly in a short span of time through breeding.g bird flu) that may be transferred to humans as well as the effect of natural and environmental threats to these love birds. 10 . Bahrain. as Thailand. Love & Pair can be a supplier of love birds for small pet shop owners because it has breeding facility. maintain and keep the specialty for love birds. The demand for love birds fluctuates from period to period. thus. 3. breed. the demand for love birds can be satisfied because of adequate supply. Threats 1. Love & Pair exports lovebirds not just in the Philippines but also in some other parts of the world. In the domestic setting. and colour mutations. In domestic setting. It is a shop for lovebird’s enthusiasts. Competition is growing. Bigger market. 2. It promotes Philippines. Love & Pair Co sells love birds alone. lovebirds industry all over the world. a number of small pet shop owners which also sells love birds can lead to tight competition. Malaysia. There is a need for premium pricing of love birds depending on the age. Indonesia. It opens Philippines’ doors to foreign investors as Love & Pair partnership goes well in the foreign market. Unlike any other pet shops. 3. 5.

With that. For the domestic market. cities. Love & Pair Co. It involves targeting and narrowing-down the markets. this involves the geographic criteria as to nation. 7.Objectives 4. 6. To offer comfort to customers with the joy that lovebird can provide. will primarily apply Psychographic Segmentation which means the business will focus on the group of consumers according to their lifestyle. the business will find its way to be more effective and marketable. Target Market The researchers of Love & Pair had identified two target markets of lovebirds. and personality being considered. To offer quality and finest lovebirds both inside and outside the country. To satisfy the needs of those who owned and wants to own lovebirds. By giving it a marketing edge. It is the division of a market into a distinct group of consumers that require different products or marketing mixes. Segmenting a group of consumers as the target market will make it easier for Love & Pair to promote the product effectively rather than focusing on the average customers. 8. location. Love & Pair will target the pet shop owners in Metro Manila and across the Philippines to be their supplier of lovebirds. For the foreign market. For the domestic market. Love & Pair will apply two market segmentations due to the domestic and foreign markets which the said business is involved. the domestic and foreign market. values. In 11 . and neighbourhoods. To provide accessible lovebirds breeding and selling in Metro Manila. To earn revenue in return for the lovebirds sold. Market Segment Market segmentation is the process of identifying groups of buyers with different buying desire or requirements. Love & Pair will apply Geographic Segmentation. 5.

tied up with internet research of some information regarding the countries that import birds. Eighty percent (80%) of their breeder birds are imported from 12 . Domestic Competitors  Badilla Aviary Badilla Aviary is situated in Parañaque City which is currently breeding seven of the nine species of African love birds. only direct competitors from the National Capital Region are considered. competitors in the Southeast Asia region are considered for foreign engagements. Love & Pair considers two types of competitors based on geographic location. This aviary is engaged in exporting. For domestic competitors. For the foreign market. On the other hand. The countries that are included here are based on the results of the accomplished survey. and Singapore. the researchers take into account the location of its competitors in relation to the location of the Love & Pair Shop and Aviary. Love & Pair Co. the company will serve walk-in customers for either retail or wholesale purchases of lovebirds. Japan. will target the individual or household pet lovers who reside in Metro Manila. Indonesia. the domestic and foreign competitors. Competitors that are considered in this portion are those who are involved or engaged in selling or breeding primarily birds alone and not any other live animals. Competitors Since the business is intended for domestic and export selling. Also. Love & Pair will target the importers of lovebirds in Southeast Asian region such as China. Thus. A.addition.

It has a tagline “Only the quality love birds you can find”. African love birds. B. cockatiel. zebra finches. They perform out-breeding or cross-breeding to heighten the diversity of love bird mutations. Foreign Competitors  Pin Farm Pin Farm is located at the tropical country of Thailand. The business is also engaged in exporting birds. Manny Ballada also owns a pet shop situated in Pasay City. YutthanaImanothai. society finch. They export love birds to different countries around the world with Cites Paper and Certificate of Health. The farm has 700 pairs of male and female breeders. also owns a bird shop called Pin Shop. opalinelutino and opaline white face. 13 . Thailand. The farm has around 6. the owner of Pin Farm. The farm is open for visitation and maintains excellent quality when it comes to cleanliness and use of technology for its facilities. eyering love birds. They import love birds from these countries to infuse new blood to their existing flock and to acquire the latest mutations other countries has to offer. Aside from being an exporter of love birds. In addition. gouldian finch.000 species of small birds including parakeets.  Manny Ballada Farm Ballada Farm is located in Valenzuela City. United States and Holland and the other twenty percent (20%) comes from the top five percent (5%) of their own production.Belgium.

Falling under this marketing mix strategies are the successful identification of the factors affecting the marketability of love birds. Place Love & Pair Co. Product Love & Pair offers a variety of love birds. among these are print media. Process The process that may be involved in the business is the caretaking and breeding of love birds. interactive. To ensure the good quality of the product. It has as its neighbour a school where there are many children who can be the target market of selling love birds. breed and color. will be situated at the #38 MacArthur Highway. color and age.Marketing Mix Strategies Love & Pair plans to have more than a few advertising tools and strategies in promoting the product as well as its shop and aviary. CITES and Veterinary charges subject to change. the researchers used the following strategies. social and internet media. 4. Lovebirds based on their species. Prices excludes freight charges. Potrero.proper and adequate knowledge of the technical aspects of caring for love birds 14 . as well as customer relationship management. 2. It is strategically located in the place because it is accessible and can be easily found by customers. Malabon City. and work toward building purchaser constancy and referrals. For export. Price Love birds are reasonably priced depending on its age. 3. The researchers plan to establish customer awareness regarding the products offered. the seven P’s: 1. subject to devaluation and that the birds are unsold. kind. With this.

6. proper ventilation. clean shelter and a nestling area within its cage. the details of it and it helps in the decision of the market whether to buy the product or not. water and vitamins). the following promotion strategies will be executed: a. location of the shop and list and pictures of the 15 . With regards to the caretaking of the love birds. For Love & Pair Co. nestling) about love birdsin order to heighten competence. The said flyers and brochures will contain the company name. a well-trained and keen in observing the proper pairing of love birds in order to ensure that they will produce an offspring on expected time after pairing. the potential customers may have a grasp of what the product is all about. People The personnel that will be employed in Love & Pair will undergo a thorough screening and tests to ensure that they would fit in and qualify for the positions or work they are task to do. breeding.should be possessed by the caretaker. and to avoid lapse of time if the pairing is not successful. Promotion Promotion is a way of communicating or introducing a new product to the market. Also. Caretakers will be required to undergo trainings or workshops in relation to the proper caring and treatment. Print Media Flyers. the caretaker must be well-experienced and knowledgeable about the love bird stuffs and must possess a loving and caring attitude towards animals. technical knowledge (feeding. as well as. Love birds must be provided with sufficient nutrition (food. brochures and business cards will be given to the target market containing message that proponents will seek to communicate. 5.. pairing. By way of promoting the product. to develop communication skills in dealing with customers.

Multiply and the like. Twitter. brochures and business cards. Love & Pair will be able to reach a vast array of prospective customers and spread a more explanatory form of advertisement for both domestic and foreign market. prices and contact details will be included to provide the customers with 16 .products offered. Love & Pair will also create an official website for online advertisements wherein pictures of product lines. it is much easier to connect with other people from different places through social networking sites like Facebook. Broadcast Media The researchers of Love & Pair strongly believe in the power and influence of online technology and internet in gathering information and as a means of communication. Added factor to this is the wide access of people to the internet. Print ads will be posted on different areas in Metro Manila. Below is a sample design for the print ads of flyers. Nowadays.

: c.convenience and a preview of what the company is offering to them. Customer relationship management Love & Pair will prioritize in establishing long-term and good relationship with the customers. This is the web design of Love & Pair Co. as well as building the trust and confidence of the customers to the quality of lovebirds and products 17 .

Know their complaints and handle it promptly.000. Word of mouth and referrals are effective advertisement. Ask the customers how they found out about the business. Query handling on telephone as well as personally. Interactive marketing Know customer’s satisfaction level.00 brochures to showcase not just the species and breeds of love birds that Love & Pair is offering but also to showcase our shop and aviary as well as the quality of our facilities. MARKETING PROGRAM DATE One before operation PROGRAM MECHANISM BUDGET week Flyers Flyers will be distributed in some Php 600.that Love & Pair are providing. feedback and new expectations to help increase the enjoyment of the customers.00 malls in Metro Manila to increase the awareness and attention of having a Lovebird shop and aviary near place/ Tarpaulins Love & Pair will be using Php 2500.000.00 tarpaulin to attract and call attention of the target market At least once Leaflets/ a during operation cycle month Brochures the Love & Pair will use leaflets and Php6. Accept comments from customers. Start of Social Media This marketing mechanism will Php 6.00 be used to communicate operations to Marketing and an indefinite Internet virtually with almost all people to 18 . d.

period website bring to their attention the existence of the Love & Pair. Through creating social network accounts in sites like Facebook. Love & Pair can discuss matters related with providing introducing the product to the target market. Tumbler and blogs. an official business website will be developed in order to provide a wide range of information to the potential customers with convenience and ease 19 . In addition. Twitter.

20% of the total survey population answered “Others” in this question. The online survey questionnaire was spread on to different people across the country and to some other parts of the world through Facebook chat. it is identified that this percentage represents the number of 20 . of Respondents 96 29 125 Percentage 76. The 23. majority are residing in the Philippines.00% Location of Respondents 23% 23% Philippines 77% 77% Others The location or residence of the respondents is considered in determining the target market as well as the probable demand for love birds in different locations. Primarily. the business will not only cater foreign transactions (exporting) but also.PRODUCT SURVEY A monkey survey was conducted in the internet through Google and Facebook.20% 100. In that case.80% 23. According to the survey conducted. will attend to the demand of Filipinos (domestic). Survey Results Location of Respondent Philippines Others TOTAL No.

20% 24.foreign respondents who took the survey.60% 100.00% 21 . What kind of pet do you prefer? Dog Cat love birds Fish Total No.40% 13. of Respondents 49 31 28 17 125 Percentage 39. The following figures show the tally of foreign respondents with their respective locations/countries: No.80% 22. of Respondents 3 3 1 2 1 1 1 4 3 2 2 1 2 3 29 Country California Canada Chicago China Colorado Dubai Hongkong Indonesia Japan New Jersey Singapore Taiwan Thailand UK Total Survey Questions: 1.

60% 100.1. Are you willing to have love birds? 42% 58% Yes No 22 . Are you willing to have love birds? Yes No Total No.40% 41.00% 2. What kind of pet do you prefer? 14% 39% 22% 25% dog cat love birds fish The respondents were asked what kind of pet they prefer in order to estimate the potential buyers of the product. of Respondents 73 52 125 Percentage 58. 2.

majority of the respondents. From where do you buy pets? 3% 4% 5% 6% Pet shop Market vendors Online sellers 82% Breeders Others The inference that may be gathered in this question is the marketplace or location where there is a demand for pets. 23 . in the form of competition. This question also estimates the demand for love birds in the population.00% 4.40% 3. there are possible threats. in these places.00% 3.60% 6. From where do you buy pets? Pet shop Market vendors Online sellers Breeders Others Total No. In here.80% 100. 3.20% 4. Those who answered “others” have acquired their pets as a gift from someone and some through direct purchase from breeders. of Respondents 102 8 4 5 6 125 Percentage 81. Majority of the respondents answered “pet shop” as the main source. which constitute 58% of the total population sample affirmed.The respondents were asked if they wish to have love birds. Also. and opportunities.

16% 2.4.59% 100. 5.00% 24 . of Respondents 80 13 3 21 11 128 Percentage 62. Why do you buy pets? Passion for pet Breeding purposes Buy and sell Hobby/collection purposes Others TOTAL No.50% 10.31% 6.54% 100. The results of the survey shows that majority (62.00% 4. Why do you buy pets? Passion for pet 9% 16% 2% 10% 63% Breeding purposes Buy and sell Hobby/collection purposes Others *Respondents can have more than one answer.34% 16.40%) of them buy love birds because of their passion for pet. These may particularly relate to the different preferences of them which may result to the demand of customers to a product. Some reasons are motivating the respondents to buying love birds. What benefits do you get in having pets? Happiness and satisfaction Form of income Others TOTAL No.41% 8. of Respondents 107 8 15 130 Percentage 82.15% 11.

40% 7. If given a chance.80% 100. more demand will generate to more revenue. of Respondents 98 9 4 3 11 125 Percentage 78. how many love birds are you willing to buy? One to three pairs Four to ten pairs Eleven to twenty pairs Twenty to one hundred pairs Others TOTAL No. the more that he is willing to buy and ask for more. What benefits can you get in having pets? 6% 12% 82% Happiness and satisfaction Form of income Others The more benefit and satisfaction that a customer gets from a certain product.20% 2.20% 3.00% 25 .5. Thus. 6.40% 8.

00% Percentage 7. of which majority answered passion for pet and happiness and satisfaction. How many love birds are you willing to buy? 3% 2% 9% One to three pairs Four to ten pairs Eleven to twenty pairs Twenty to one hundred pairs 7% 79% Question No. the researchers may conclude that a large number of potential buyers are individual purchasers and they buy for personal or emotional satisfaction. not for business purposes. 4 and 5. No. In relation to the previous question nos.60% 7. 6 generally answers in numerical terms the demand of potential customers for love birds.80% 17. The findings in this question shall be used as a basis for the analysis of demand to be further discussed in preceding sections of this chapter.6.40% 100.00% 2. of Responde nts 86 22 9 5 3 125 68.20% 4. How much are you willing to spend in buying a love bird? P600 – P1500 (approximately 15 to 37 USD) P1500 – P3000 (approximately 37 to 73 USD) P3000 – P6000 (approximately 73 to 146 USD) P3000 – P6000 (approximately 73 to 146 USD) P9000 above (approximately 220 USD and above) TOTAL 26 .

7.00% 100. 8. of Respondents 29 42 34 20 125 Percentage 23.60% 27. How much are you willing to spend in buying a love bird? 2% 4% 7% 18% 69% P600 – P1500 (approximately 15 to 37 USD) P1500 – P3000 (approximately 37 to 73 USD) P3000 – P6000 (approximately 73 to 146 USD) P3000 – P6000 (approximately 73 to 146 USD) P9000 above (approximately 220 USD and above) The costing of the product is also considered by the researchers by asking the respondents how much they are willing to pay for a love bird. What type of love birds do you want to buy? African Eyering Any type available in stores Others TOTAL No.20% 16.00% 27 . This will serve as the basis on the range of prices the researchers can sell their product that the customers are still willing to buy.20% 33.

What type of love bird do you buy? 16% 23% African Eyering 27% 34% Any type available in stores Ohers The variety of love birds are also considered by the market in buying. Are you willing to buy love birds from outside the country? Yes No TOTAL No.8. 9. most of the respondents would like to buy Eye-ring love birds.60% 100.40% 57.00% 9. Each breed has an assortment of species and subspecies. of Respondents 53 72 125 Percentage 42. the researchers would want to know the breed of love bird which will provide greater demand and that to be able to observe the fill up the demand for that specific breed. Are you willing to buy love birds from outside the country? 42% 58% Yes No 28 . Exposed in the survey. Here.

00% 10.The analysis that can be reaped from this question is the potential demand of love birds in the export industry.09% 6. 26 are foreigners (about 90% or 26/29 of the total non-resident respondents who took the survey). This implies the positive demand for love bird exports in other countries. From that information. Out of 53 respondents who said Yes. 10. 70 are Filipinos (representing a majority of Filipino respondents who took the survey). it may be concluded that there are also great demand for love birds in the domestic setting.47% 28.90% 100.) 9% 7% 4% 32% 19% 29% Philippines (for foreign respondents) Africa Thailand Malaysia Indonesia Others *Respondents who answered “Yes” in the previous question may select more than one option in this question.57% 19. of Respondents 25 22 15 7 5 3 77 Percentage 32. If yes. what country? Philippines (for foreign respondents) Africa Thailand Malaysia Indonesia Others TOTAL No. out of the 72 respondents who said No. If yes.49% 3. Furthermore.48% 9. what country? (Refer to previous question. 29 .

Indonesia. said that demand for lovebirds is increasing. Pangan. From the information gathered. Computation of Demand To compute for the estimated total demand for love birds. the researchers conducted the following: a. Through this. he already had 6 regular customers who commonly ordered 15 lovebirds and he honestly said that he could not supply this at some time. Through this. 30 . 2012 they were able to get data regarding the demand for lovebirds. evidenced by having the biggest percentage in the survey population. Though. Engr. The middleman told the researcher about the countries who were importing lovebirds namely: Thailand. This shows a great opportunity of the love birds exporting in the business industry. He told the researchers that there are four (4) businesses that he was working to regarding the exportation of lovebirds. he only delivered lovebirds to small pet shops and he had four regular customers who regularly ordered an average of 10 lovebirds every week. During 2011. The researchers also interviewed a middleman who was buying lovebirds to Engr. the demand and supply for exportation is based. Fred R.800. it is showed that demand for lovebirds is increasing.This question identifies which among love bird-exporting countries are likely to be the tight competitor.00 each. b. Africa is the most selected after by the Filipino respondents. Fred. In an interview conducted by the researchers on November 24. a breeder for almost 10 years. Philippines seem to have good standing when it comes to exporting. He ordered four (4) lovebirds costing Php 3. As of 2012. Korea. Bahrain and Malaysia.

29 In the table above.33 0.33 0. Through this. They were also selling via online.Weekly (in pairs) Vendor 1 2011 2012 2 2011 2012 3 2011 2012 12 16 Average Growth Rate (Export) 6 8 14 20 6 8 14 18 8 10 demand supply Growth rate demand supply 0. we gathered the needed information to get the growth rate of exportation. Sir Raymond 2011 2012 2.25 .33 0. Sir Jessie 31 Growth rate demand Supply demand supply 14 20 8 10 0.43 0.35 0. Another interview was conducted last January 18 at five (5) pet store owners in Cartimar Shopping Center in Recto.43 0.29 0. the researchers were given estimations regarding the demand for lovebirds and it is shown in the table below: Weekly (in pairs) Vendor 1. it showed the demand and supply of three vendors from China interviewed via Internet. Through this.25 0. c.

40 0.60 0.22 0. Based on the question number 1.41 0. Fred 2011 2012 7. Sir Gerald 2011 2012 6.33 18 22 Average Growth Rate (Domestic) 10 12 0.Engr.2 0. These countries were California. Sir Joseph 2011 2012 4. Chicago. it showed that the countries where lovebirds had a large market.25 10 16 4 6 0.40 0. the given data from 2011 and 2012 are used.33 10 14 6 8 0. Canada.31 For the computation of growth rate. 32 .Sir Francisco 2011 2012 10 14 6 8 0.50 8 12 6 8 0.33 14 18 8 10 0.29 0. Jun 2011 2012 5. China.50 0. Growth Rate = (Present Demand – Past Demand) Past Demand d.2011 2012 3. By getting the difference of present and past demand then divide the difference to the past demand you will get the growth rate.

New Jersey. Indonesia.41 and . add all the lovebirds of every vendors interviewed then multiply by two since the quantity indicated in the table is by pair then multiply by 52 which is the number of weeks every year since the indicated demand and supply of every vendor is every week. However. Singapore. among these countries. Through this demand and supply of every year will be computed.31 are used for the projection of demand and supply. The average growth rate of . Thailand and United Kingdom. Domestic Unfilled Demand HISTORICAL 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 8736 8772 8808 8844 8880 8917 8953 8990 9027 9064 4992 5007 5023 5039 5054 5070 5086 5101 5117 5133 3744 3764 3785 3805 3826 3847 3868 3888 3910 3931 16% 18% 20% 22% 24% 26% 28% 609 689 769 851 933 1016 1101 Supply Demand Percentage Quantity Per Year 33 . Dubai. respectively. Projected Demand and Supply In computing the demand and supply every year. only in China had a bigger market in order to sell lovebirds. Hongkong. Japan. For Year 2011 (demand): ((14+10+14+10+8+10+18) x 2) x 2) = 8736 For the growth rate. Taiwan.Colorado. we compute the growth rate of every vendor then get the sum of it then divide by seven (the number of vendors interviewed) to get the average growth rate.

2021 2022 2023 9101 9138 9176 5149 5165 5181 3952 3973 3995 30% 32% 34% 1186 1271 1358 The computation of demand and supply as well as the growth rate of domestic and export have the same computation of growth rate. Export Unfilled Demand HISTORICAL 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 3952 3972 3992 4012 4032 4052 4072 4092 4113 4133 4154 4175 4196 1872 1877 1883 1888 1894 1899 1905 1910 1916 1921 1927 1933 1938 2080 2094 2109 2123 2138 2152 2167 2182 2197 2212 2227 2242 2258 18% 20% 22% 24% 26% 28% 30% 32% 34% 36% 382 428 474 520 567 615 664 713 762 813 Supply Demand Percentage Quantity Per Year 34 .

35 . It offers many breeds of lovebirds such as Fischer’s. lovebird colors have been developed to a variety colors by human. is a partnership business with a purpose of selling lovebirds within and outside the Philippines. It lives with its couple. A. Lovebird is a small breed type parrot. requirements from different government agencies and the breeding process. With the original color of green. It is a charming and playful bird. violet color lovebird has existed. Description of the Product Love & Pair Co. Additionally. Lovebird has average age of 15 to 20 years and it can be breed throughout the year. Love & Pair Co will cater the domestic market by being a supplier to pet shops within the vicinity and also selling to walk-in customers. Love birds are to be sold in the international (Southeast Asian Countries) market as export products. Black Masked and Nyasa Lovebirds for various choices of customers. has the potential to compete with other sellers of love birds and pet shops because the facility will not only include a store but also a capacity for breeding and an aviary to ensure the good quality of the love birds. Love & Pair Co. Peached face. It has its original birthplace in Africa and can be divided into 9 types.CHAPTER II Technical Aspect This chapter deals with the methodological phase that will give people understanding about the exportation and domestic selling of love birds as well as the shipping services. Until now. There are a lot of colors in lovebird.

the Grey-headed Lovebird. each species are classified into many colors as shown below. They live in small flocks and eat mainly fruits. They are among the smallest parrots. In the wild the different species are separated geographically. while the Grey-headed Lovebird is native to Madagascar. And then. Lovebirds are divided into two main classifications: eye ring and non-eye ring. there are four species of lovebirds. Through this classification. Seven species are native to the African continent. 36 . it shows the product lines of Love & Pair Co. monogamous pair bonding and the long periods which paired birds spend sitting together. Their name stems from the parrots' strong. and the Masked Lovebird have a prominent white ring around their eyes. characterized by a stocky build.According to Wikipedia. some grasses and seed. Many color mutant varieties have been produced by selective breeding of the species that are popular in aviculture. they belong to one of the nine species of the genus Agapornis. The Abyssinian Lovebird. a Greek term which means “agape for love and ornis for bird”. Classification of Love & Pair Co. Black-cheeked Lovebird. This is a very good reason why African lovebirds adapt well in tropical countries like the Philippines. vegetables.’s Lovebirds In this chart. All species are native to Africa. prices of every lovebird are determined. sharp beak. a short blunt tail. The Fischer's Lovebird. depending on the species. Lovebirds are 13 to 17 centimetres in length and 40 to 60 grams in weight. eight species live on continental Africa while one. Wild type lovebirds are mostly green with a variety of colors on their upper body. B. Under each categorization is divided into four (4) categories which pertain to the ages of every lovebird. the Madagascar Lovebird. and a relatively large. They are a social and affectionate small parrot. inhabits Madagascar off the African eastcoast. Under this.

Lovebirds Eyering Egg Young Breeder Adult Non-eyering African Lovebirds Egg Young Breeder Adult Fischer's Lovebird Normal (Pure) Normal (Split) Blue, Light Blue, White,Dilute Jade, Dilute Olive Violet Peachfaced Lovebird Normal (Pure) Black Masked Lovebird Normal (Split), Blues Opalines, various colours from Silver Cherry, Red Eyed Yellow Other Colors Lovebird Species and Mutations A. The White Eye Ring Group 1. Black Masked Lovebirds The Black Masked has many mutations including violet, lutinos, albinos and pieds, the parYellow and parWhite are are much more rare. They have a red beak, yellow collar, green body, bluish rump, and black and red band on the tail. Length: 6-6 inches Nyasa Lovebird Normal

2. Fischer's Lovebirds Normal Fischer's have an orange face and throat, red forehead, red beak, green body, and green tail with blue tips. There are also blue, yellow,

seagreen, lutino, pied, and spangle mutations. Length: 4 inches

3. Black-Cheeked Lovebirds The overall colour of these birds is green, with brown/black cheeks and forehead. The back of the head is yellow/green, and the throat is orange. They have a red beak, and green body. While no color mutations are known, many of these birds have been hybridized with Maskeds, Nyasas, and Fischer's. Length: 4 inches

4. Nyasa Lovebirds Mainly green birds, with a red beak, red forehead, and orange/red throat and cheeks. The tail has a dark band near the tip. There is a Lutino mutation of the Nyasa Lovebird, which has a red head and yellow body. These Lutinos are smaller in size. Length: 4 inches The Intermediate group 1. Peach-Face Lovebirds The normal Peach-Face is primarily green, with a red face and throat and horn colored beak. They have blue rumps and a green tail with some black, rust, and red colors in it. There are more than 75 mutations of the Peach-Face. The most popular being the Lutinos with the same red head face, but with a yellow body, and the Blues who have a pale blue body and a softer peach colored face. Length: 6-7 inches


C. Growth Development of Lovebirds Age Egg Description Laying Time Chicks After hatching of the egg 36 Days = 1.2 months; and development of the 44 days before leaving bird Young the nest = 1.47 months and Period of Time Incubation 31 days = 1 month old

From the day the lovebird 2 months old if fully formed


The lovebird will start to 10 months old mate and reproduce The lovebird does not lay 5 – 10 years old eggs anymore


D. Description of the selected manufacturing process A. Process of Breeding Breeding/Reproduction For breeding lovebirds, each pair of birds has 2 nest boxes for sleeping and nesting. These boxes are at the same type and size, and placed at the same height on the same wall. Lovebirds breed

willingly as single pairs and some species of lovebirds can bred in a colony setting.

Breeding Age for Lovebirds Lovebirds are at least 10 months old, though 12 to 13 months is better. Also birds that are 5 to 6 years or older are retired from breeding.


Sexing Lovebirds Visual characteristics are needed to determine in order to know the sexes of the lovebirds. A female’s tail appears squarer while males appear more rounded. The female will do most of the nest building work. An anal inspection is done but takes experience in sexing these birds to make a fair determination.

Egg Laying and Hatchlings The female will lay about 5 eggs, though the clutch could be as few as 3 eggs or as many as 8 eggs. The incubation period is 22 - 25 days, with 75% to 80% of the eggs hatching. The hen will start to brood after the second egg is hatched. Often the male will join the hen in the nest. The chicks will begin to leave the nest in about 38 - 50 days and will be independent about 2 weeks after leaving the nest. Incubation Time On average, Lovebirds incubate their eggs for about 23 days. This can vary by a couple of days in either direction. For calculation of future hatch dates, Love & pair Co. always count forward from the day the hen begin to sit on the eggs. Hatchling Care and Weaning Love & Pair Co. allows the hen to feed the babies from hatching to the age of 2 or 3 weeks. From there, they will pull the babies out of the nest and place them in a brooder for hand feeding. Most Lovebirds need to be handfed until they are between 6 and 8 weeks old.

B. Selling Lovebirds (Within the Philippines) Love and Pair Co. will sell lovebirds through a pet shop located along McArthur Highway in Potrero, Malabon City. It will accept walk-in customers and enthusiast breeders within Metro Manila. It will offer many types of lovebirds that

Through online.they could choose in the aviary. There will be middleman to assists Love & Pair Co. Complete shipping requirements will be submitted then the lovebirds will be delivered in the said country. Philippines Pet Passport & Quarantine Information .Export procedures for much different kind of living animals. will establish a website that will serve as a medium to the foreign customers. Love and Pair Co will also distribute lovebirds to other places in the National Capital Region.Pet immigration rules are specific to each country worldwide. Also. 41 . Selling Lovebirds (Outside the Philippines) Love and Pair Co will export lovebirds to their target customer from China. These are the agencies that are concerned regarding the exportation of live animals like lovebirds. LOGO NAME Bureau of Animal Industry is the agency that provides Import . Love and Pair Co. it offers bird accessories. in transacting exports. bird foods and maintenance materials for birds. C. customers will choose their lovebirds and will order in bulk. and pet owners/sellers/breeders need to be familiar with these rules before traveling/selling to avoid pet quarantine in countries that require it. They provide the permits and legal papers for the approval of selling lovebirds outside the country.

Commodity Clearances/Certificates and Certificate of Origin. These are:     Bureau of Animal Industry (BAI). Bureau of Customs (BOC).Pet Passport The Pet Travel Scheme ("PETS") is a system which allows animals to travel easily between member countries without undergoing quarantine. as part of that procedure. Bureau of Animal Industry (BAI) A. Quarantine/Veterinary Certificate – document issued by Bureau of Animal Industry. DENR-Protected Areas and Wildlife Bureau (DENR-PAWB) Department of Environment and Natural Resources – NCR Office I. 42 . Department of Agriculture (BAI-DA) for animals certifying that these are free from evidence of dangerous communicable animal diseases or exposure thereto. Philippines Customs.Pets may enter as passenger's checked baggage REQUIREMENTS: One-Stop Export Documentation Center The One Stop Export Documentation Center (OSEDC) houses under one roof different government agencies that handle the processing of Export Declaration/Authority to Load. Currency & Airport Tax regulations details . A Pet Passport is a document that officially records information related to a specific animal.

No fees were collected from acquiring the Export Certificate. 2.Color . Health Certificates issued from a licensed veterinarian – issued within 10 days of the travel date and should state that the animal has been examined and free from any communicable disease.Sex .Age . Upon arrival at NAIA (Ninoy Aquino International Airport). Information required in applying for an Export Permit from BAI (Bureau of Animal Industry) .Weight .) 43 .Name of Pet . Vaccination Record – containing details of the vaccines administered and date of vaccination.Requirements for Pet Export from the Philippines This may also be applicable for local air travel in the Philippines.Breed .Species Documents required supporting the above application: 1. report to the quarantine desk and the officer will get the copy and issue you another travel permit upon payment of 100PHP. (A 2-sheet (1 original pink copy and 1 duplicate) veterinary health certificate (Export Certificate) will be issued by BAI.

Issuance of Certificate of Shipment III. Bureau of Custom Export Transactions 1. send. Re-issuance Fee – payment made for processing and issuing the same document for replacement of expired CITES/non-CITES permit. Processing of Export Declaration and Issuance of Certificate of Identification 2. Wildlife Farm Permit – permit to develop. E. Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) – National Capital Region (NCR) Office Since Love and Pair Co. DENR-Protected Areas and Wildlife Bureau (PAWB) A. Costing of Permit   Certificate of Wildlife Registration Wildlife Local Transport Permit (LTP) 1000.500. office and bird farm is location within National Capital Region. from the Philippines to other countries.00 44 .commercial breeding/propagation of wildlife with capital of more than Php 1. Large-scale Farming .00 100. Issuance of Certificate of Origin with Pre-exportation Evaluation of Goods 3. Processing of Certificate of Origin 4. trade and/or scientific purposes. Non-CITES Export Permit – permit authorizing an individual to bring out nonCITES wildlife from Philippines to any other country. the permit from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources of selling and breeding lovebirds will be released for the DENR-NCR Office. CITES Export Permit – permit authorizing an individual to bring. C. D. or transport wildlife listed under CITES Appendices.II.000. operate and maintain a wildlife breeding farm for conservation. including its by-products or derivatives. B. IV.

Deposit and Payments 1. Love & Pair Co.00 (3% of Value of Product) 300. 45 . most secure and inexpensive method of transferring funds internationally. Telegraphic Transfer A telegraphic transfer represents the fastest.F. Love & Pair Co. will coordinate with Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (S. a member-owned cooperative through which the financial world conducts its business operations with speed. certainty and confidence. Payment is through telegraphic transfer only in US Dollar.00 200.I. If payments of balance and arrangements for shipping delivery have not been made by the purchaser within that period. This will serve as the main currencies direct telegraphic transfer in connection with BDO here in the Philippines.      Processing Fee Wildlife Export Certification (WEC) Certification of Export Permit Exportation Fee Inspection Fee Travel Permit 100. Full payment of balance should be received 14 days before the schedule delivery.00 100.W.T). 3. especially when denominated in the beneficiary's local currency.00 200. 2. reserves the right to cancel the order.00 Shipping Policy of Love & Pair Co. Deposit of 50%should be received within 7 working days upon agreement to purchase.

2. Potrero Malabon City. If a bird should die. Birds coming with 3 day guarantee from day of shipment. Birds are not returnable except under these conditions set out in this health guarantee. If there is health problems determine that cannot be cured or cost prohibitive. Account Name: Love & Pair Co. We do reserve the right to get a second opinion at our expense. are not responsible for airfreight charges nor do veterinary charges after birds leave our facility. discretion. it must be examined by an avian veterinarian for necropsy and histology within 24 hours of death. 46 . notification within 24 hours of any signs and symptoms and the birds should be seen by an avian veterinarian to perform a health examination within the same time frame. does guarantee all our birds to be free of pathogenic bacteria.The following bank details. Bank: Banco de Oro (BDO) Branch: Banco De Oro (BDO) in Malabon City Address: 110 MacArthur Highway corner Riverside Street.: +63 52 481 4482 / +63 52 481 4481 US $ Account No. viral and congenital defects. 3. Any purchase of any of our birds indicates acceptance of this guarantee. If a health concern should arise after arrival. Metro Manila Phone No. we will refund the money. Love & Pair Co.: 181003863 SWIFT Code: DNORTHMM Health Guaranty 1. Love and Pair Co. at Love & Pair Co.

subject to devaluation and that the birds are unsold. Will depend on how fast CITES/PERMITS are released. Bank Account Details:        Account Name: Love & Pair Co.Love & Pair Co. Terms and Conditions Prices Prices excludes freight charges. Bank: Banco De Oro (BDO) Branch: Banco De Oro (BDO) in Malabon City. PotreroMalabon City. Metro Manila Address: 110 MacArthur Highway corner Riverside Street. Payment Payment has to take place in advance via Telegraphic Transfer 50% within 7 days upon agreement to purchase with telephone confirmation to our banker. Metro Manila Phone No. 47 . CITES and Veterinary charges subject to change. Packing All our boxes are made according to International Air Transport Association (IATA)rules.: +63 52 481 4482 / +63 52 481 4481 US $ Account No.: 181003863 SWIFT Code: DNORTHMM Delivery Time The delivery is within 2~3 weeks upon receipt of balance payment.

Same as transport from airport to destination to your farm is your own responsibility. Determination of the size and production schedule Love and Pair will start breeding using 300 pairs of different breeds of lovebirds. 280 (E ) Fifth hatchling of lovebirds 48 . via email/fax about the damage. 140 (B). If it is collected later from the airport. within 4 hours upon arrival. 280 (Y) This month lovebirds will start to lay their eggs. 280 (C ). Lovebirds will look for their partners. 280 ( C ). 280 (C ). 840 (Y) Fourth batch of eggs will turn into chicks as well as the fourth batch of chicks into young. it should be accompanied by a damage report from the carrier signed by Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA). Table 1. Lovebirds turn into young. 140 (B). guarantees shipment is alive at airport of destination if you collect the consignment within one (1) hour upon arrival of the plane. Second hatchling of lovebirds The second batch of eggs will crack. will buy 300 pairs of lovebirds. 280 ( C ) 140 (B). 280 (C ). 280 (E ) Fourth hatchling of lovebirds 140 (B). 140 (B). 840 (Y). The eggs will be cracked and turn into chicks. 280 ( C ). 560 (Y).1 Month January February March April May June July August September October November December Quantity (Per Piece) Age of Lovebirds 600 Breeder Number of Lovebirds Description Love and Pair Co. Consignee should notify Love & pair Co. 140 for breeding purposes and 460 for selling purposes. Claims If any of the birds die en route. 280 ( E ). 560 (Y) Third batch of eggs will turn into chicks as well as the third batch of chicks into young. 280 ( C ). D. 280 ( E ) 140 (B). 280 Eggs 280 Chicks 280 Eggs 280 Chicks 280 Young 280 Eggs 280 Chicks 280 Young 280 Eggs 280 Chicks 280 Young 280 Eggs 140 (B). 280 (Y) 280 (E ) Third hatchling of lovebirds. 280 ( C ) 140 (B). our guarantee is over. at the airport of destination. A colored photo should also accompany said report.Guarantee Love & Pair Co. 140 (B). 230 pairs will be sold and 70 pairs will be used as breeders.

they are transferred for display in the pet shop. and refilled at least once a week. It is convenient to have two sets of food and water dishes so that they can be alternated and washed each day. E. Lovebirds need activity in the cage to stay healthy. Food dishes can stay longer. ladders.1 as well as the total number of lovebirds for the first year which will be the basis on the succeeding years. with room to fly from one to the other. When are already adult. furniture and fixtures 1) Housing of Lovebirds Age Breeder Young. Swings. When they already a breeder. but food dishes do need to be completely emptied. These cages are for breeders. Perches have a size that is appropriate for the love birds for them to move from one to another. in every cage there will be minimum of two lovebirds per cage and a maximum of four lovebirds.2 Legend: E C Y B A eggs chicks young breeder adult Total: (First Year) 280 280 840 140 NA The table above explains the meaning of every letter on Table 1. Water must be changed and the dish washed every day.Table 1. Adult Number of Lovebirds 2–4 5 – 10 Cage Size 81 x 50 x 50 cm 183 x 183 x 91 cm Lovebirds need a cage which has at least two places to perch. Selection of machinery. which is a flight cage. Chicks. with food added each day if preferred. and interlocked bamboo rings are favourite’s. washed. equipment. 49 .

00 Cage 400 Php 45 Php18.000.000.00 Amount Php 200.00 50 .3 Size of Bar and Perch for the Cage Quantity 200 Picture Price Php 1.3 years old lovebirds 1/2" to no more than 3/4" 4 – 10 years old lovebirds 3/4" to no more than 1-1/4" Table 1.000.Bird Size Age Bar Spacing of Cage (inch) Perch Diameter (inch) Chicks & Young 2 months-old Lovebirds Breeder Adult No more than 1/2" 3/8" to 3/4" 5/8" to 1-1/4" 1" to 2" 1 .

00 Food container TOTAL: Php 236.000.00 Water container 200 Php 15 Php 3.BIRD PERCH 200 Php 60 Php12.00 51 .000.00 Nest box 200 Php 15 Php 3.000.000.

some fruits. and various garden herbs.2) Care and Feeding In the wild. chickweed. Seed Diet: A seed only diet offers much more variety but requires additional vitamin and calcium supplements. bananas. and small parrot mixes which offer a mixture of both. grapes. watercress. endive. corn on the cob. endive. lovebirds feed on seeds. and kiwi. grains. A. Water Lovebirds drink a lot of water. Bird Baths Most lovebirds love a bath either in a flat earthenware dish or by spraying them with a light mist of lukewarm water. Bird Supplements Supplements include fresh vegetables. peas. help a body to heal itself. fruits. and agricultural crops of corn. C. either pelleted or extruded. so will need fresh drinking water every day. grasses. Phytonutrients are believed to boost the immune system. seed only diets. parsley. Additional proteins can be offered such as nuts. berries. and millet spray. Some of the greens and vegetable supplements include spinach. D. Bird Food Foods available for Lovebirds include formulated diets. and tree branches for the bark. pears. Formulated Diet: A formulated diet provides a good nutritional base so does not require the addition of vitamins. greens. B. field lettuce. Some of the fruit supplements include berries. radish. apples. carrot tops. leaf buds. Vitamins can be added to the food or drinking water. dandelions. If you use a bathing 52 . and to prevent some diseases. Their food and water dishes are best if earthenware or porcelain as they will get gnawed if plastic. maize and figs.

Bird Grooming Lovebirds generally maintain their nails and beaks on their own through climbing and chewing.dish.000.00 sunflower seeds 4 Pack (Good for a one month) Php 235. They prefer this kind of bath to getting into the water. Quantity 4 Pack (Good for a one month) Picture Price Php250.00 Amount Php 1. you will see the birds perch on the edge and dip their heads and upper bodies in the water and beating their wings.00 Bird seeds 53 . Another good use they make of their tree branches.00 Php 940. E.

00 Cuttle bone 4 Sacks Php 100.00 Wood shavings Total Php 6.00 Php 400.800.292.00 Php 1.00 Php 1.116.00 54 .4 Pack (Good for a one month) Php 279.00 Canary seed 200 Php 90.

285.00 placed with Php 3. 1 Picture Product Desktop Price Php Total Php Computer is 23. printed 55 .3) Office Equipment Qty.599.599.00 desktop computers to convert electronic version of an document to its form.285.50 used for keeping files and such breeding.50 23. and records as 1 Printer This be along the Php would 3. customer orders other important files.

1 Fax machine This be Php Php 4.00 50.00 would 4.50 would 4. Another will of be placed in the office to monitor pet the shop 56 .50 used to a convert printed document to its electronic form.000.00 used to and send receive documents over telephone line.1 Scanner This be Php Php 4.790.198.00 a be placed at the pet shop for entertainment purposes the customers.000. 2 Television This would 25.198.790.

through CCTV Camera.000.000. the breeding room and stock room.00 57 .700.00 25.400 pet shop.00 20.273. 1 Cashier Counter For receiving the order and payment of Php Php 20.00 the lovebirds. 2 a Closed-circuit Php television camera This monitor will the Php 12. Total: Php 131.

490. office breeding 2 Office chair Php Php 8. 1 Office table Php Php This would be 5.00 placed at the pet shop for area the receiving for customers. Another two in the office for relaxation purposes.490.000.500.0 used office.00 This would be 6.200. in the 0 58 . and room.00 This would be 4.4) Furniture & Fixtures Qty.00 used in the pet shop.00 5.100. 2 Picture Product Sofa bed Price Php Total Php 13.

00 This will serve 3.1 Computer chair This would be placed at each computer desktop.00 used sanitary needs of the people inside the premises.800.00 4 Whiteboards Php Php 12. 1 Washroom fixtures These be the Php as the manual 0 record in the breeding room to monitor the lovebirds’ hatching eggs.00 Php 500. Php 500. would 00 for of Php 38.107. 59 .

380. 3 Fire extinguisher Php 1. TOTAL Php 106.400.00 whole This would be 0 used protection small during 60 as to fires .140.497.2 Air conditioning unit This serve ventilation purposes in would as Php 14.200.0 Php 4.00 Php 2.232.00 5) Tools Quantity 18 Picture Product Fluorescent Light This would be used lighting purposes of for Price Php 124. 00 Php 28.00 Total the rooms and the building.00 the pet shop and office.

00 This would be 1.00. Total: Php 10.300.00 61 . 272.00 of to 6) Delivery Equipment Quantity 1 Picture Product Delivery Truck This will be used for delivering birds to our sellers as well as going to airports for exportation. Price Php 695.0 placed along 0 the halls of the school detect unwanted presence fire.900. 3 Fire alarm Php Php 3.emergency situations.

Project Engineering After identifying the possible and suitable location for the project’s site. will rent a building for its pet shop and breeding center. It requires two month deposits. It is a two-storey commercial building. The rent will cost Php 70. Identification of plant location Love and Pair Co. Malabon City along McArthur Highway. two months advance and a lease contract.F. Each floor measures 120 square meters. It I located at #38 Potrero.000 per month excluding electrical and water bills. 62 . the next thing to be done is to create a design of the pet shop layout for renovation purposes.

Pet shop. 63 . On the second floor.Floor Plan Design This will be the design of Love and Pair Co. office. The first floor will serve as the shop where customers will be accomodated by the staffs. . stock room and the breeding room can be found.

utilities and labor requirements The project has available materials in the form of love birds accessories. At the second floor of the Love and Pair Co Pet shop. P. the pet shop will sell 230 lovebirds. food dishes. Domestically. Rizal Street. Marikina City 1800. there will be the breeding place of the lovebirds. Building G. Study of the availability of raw materials. Internationally. maintenance and food supplies. This will be the main supplier of Love and Pair Co for all the needs of the lovebirds. 64 . These consist of cages. H. Production Scheme There will be 300 pairs of lovebird breeders that will breed in an aviary located at McArthur Highway. These are obtained from JBlaza Lovebird and Pet Supplies located at J. maintenance. Philippines.This will be the replica of the arrangement of the cages on the second floor of the Love & Pair Co. Love and Pair Co will export birds depending upon the demand of the targeted customers outside the country. Also. etc. lovebirds will be given a monthly check-up to ensure their health. Customers may choose from those love birds. perches. Weekly purchases of food-for-one-week supplies will be done to ensure the proper diet of the lovebirds.

Biodegradable    Bird Food Bird faeces Rotten eggs Non-biodegradable   Sacks Plastics 65 . Determination of type and quantity of waste to be disposed Love and Pair Co. Pet Shop for proper ventilation and lightning in the pet shop as well as the breeding room of love birds. sanitation. MERALCO will be the trusted electricity provider of Love and Pair Co. Labor force of Love and pair Co.Utilities include services to provide for water supply. Pet Shop will be composed of the employees who will be in the shop that will entertain the needs of the customers. Cleanliness of the cages will ensure the lovebirds to be protected from any illness. will maintain the cleanliness of its pet shop to avoid having problems regarding waste disposal and also to attract customers. Love and Pair Co. Pet Shop’s facilities will be entrusted on the utilities personnel employed through different agencies. electricity. Utilities personnel will be the responsible for handling. Also. In addition. processing and disposing all types of wastes on a daily and weekly basis. Daily clean-up and weekly general cleaning will be executed also so that cages will be properly maintained. and maintenance. This will also prevent any unpleasant odor that could possibly arise if it not cleans properly. Love and pair Co. will hire employees who are knowledgeable enough in taking care of lovebirds and they will be assigned in the Breeding room. I. The water supply will be primarily run by the Maynilad Water Supply. will hire a veterinarian to check the lovebirds and maintain their healthy living. These employees undergo the process of recruitment to ensure that only qualified personnel will comprise the organization. There will be segregation process when it comes to garbage. Sanitations and cleanliness of the Love and pair Co.

the management procedure in the day-to-day operations. and the required documents to be submitted. and responsibilities of the employees. Business Logo 66 . the organizational chart. Love & Pair Co. specifically Southeast Asian Countries as a highly regarded source of a wide selection of good variety and quality lovebirds. envisions to eventually be a One-Stop Bird Shop in the vast global market with the upgrade of the company's telecommunications technology.Chapter III Management Aspect This involves the determination of the form of ownership to be adapted. thereby making web-based viewing and purchasing of bird variety fast and easily accessible. The company aspires to be involved in the endorsement of the sustainable progress of lovebird species by adopting ethical breeding practices. and supporting its preservation both in their captive and natural environments. It explains the pre-operating actions of the business of the company. duties. Mission The company endeavours to be acknowledged in the national and international market. Vision Cognizant of the challenges of the rapidly developing digital age. and the qualifications.

The company endeavours to be acknowledged in the national and international market.000. NATIONALITY Filipino Filipino Filipino Filipino Filipino RESIDENCE Caloocan City Marilao. Profits will be shared by the partners equally as a form of return of their contribution. KlevinEmilor E. will have a total contribution of Php 2. is a pet shop with specialization for lovebirds only. Capitalization The Love & Pair Co. Lovebirds are known to be partners and they will die if they will have no companion. Arbiegail D. The chosen business type is merchandising since the business is involved in selling lovebirds inside and outside the country. specifically Southeast Asian Countries. The main goal of this formation of ownership is to earn money from selling domestically and among Southeast Asian Countries. Jophet M.Love & Pair Co. There will be five capitalists consist of the following persons: NAME Castillo. Because of this. Naranjo. Bulacan Caloocan City Valenzuela City Caloocan City Each of them has an extensive knowledge in supervision of the day-to-day and business operation. Mark Harold V.000 as contributed by the following: 67 . Indiongco. Pauline Mae L. Form of Ownership Love & Pair Company will be established as a general partnership type of merchandising business. the partners decided to name the business Love & Pair Co. as a highly regarded source of a wide selection of good variety and quality lovebirds. Cañas. Earnings of the corporation are taxed with accordance of Tax Laws and Regulations. Tumalad.

Indiongco.00 Php 400.000. evaluation of the financial condition and operations of applicants for security issue.00 Php 400.:  SEC Registration  Articles of Partnership  Barangay Clearance  Community Tax Certificate (Cedula)  Photocopy of Original Transfer Certificate of Title/ Photocopy of Contact of Lease  Picture of Establishment with sketch of location o Outside view with Signboard o Inside view Agencies concerned: 1. 68 .000.00 Pre-operating Activities In relation to the formulation of the partnership.NAME Castillo. Arbiegail D. legal processes are needed to be followed with strict conformity in local government units and government agencies.00 Php 400. These are the basic requisites in opening up the Love & Pair Co. Pauline Mae L. analysis of every registered security.000. Naranjo. All the necessary requirements must be approved before the organization can be put up. Mark Harold V. Jophet M.000. CONTRIBUTION Php 400. Tumalad.000. Cañas.Its major functions included registration of securities.00 Php 400. KlevinEmilor E. Securities and Exchange Commission.

Name Verification Slip. Articles of Partnership. For partnership with foreign partners a) SEC Form No. confusingly. and 3. or contrary to public morals.220. or public policy (not required if Articles of Partnership has provision on this commitment). F.00 100.000. Endorsement/clearance from other government agencies. or person has acquired a prior right to the use of that name or that name has been declared misleading. the word “Limited” or “Ltd” should be added to the partnership name.00 P 5. provided in its Articles of Partnership or as amended thereafter. partnership. Joint affidavit of two partners undertaking to change partnership name. Additional requirements 1. SEC Reservation of the Partnership Name Articles of Partnership Legal Research Fee Total P 120. 2. Articles of Partnership of limited partnerships should be under oath only (Jurat) and not acknowledged before a notary public. deceptive.Basic Requirements 1.00 5. immediately upon receipt of notice or directive from the Securities and Exchange Commission that another corporation. if applicable 2.00 69 . good customs. similar to a registered name.105 b) Bank certificate on the capital contribution of the partners c) For foreign partners who want to register their investments with the BSP: Proof of remittance Note: If it is a limited partnership.

Local Government Units .00 24.00 1.00 400. must submit a list of their employees to be duly recognized by the Bureau of Internal Revenue.528.00 500.00 400.500.00 1.00 200.25 3.25 600.00 100.00 156. must get requirements for its city of operations from different local government units.00 400. The needed papers in putting up a business are: Business Permits Community Tax Barangay Clearance Business Tax Mayor's Permit Fee Business Plate/Sticker Refuse Fee Garbage Fee Sanitary Permit Health Certificate Fee Building Inspection Fee Electrical Inspection Fee Plumbing Inspection Fee Billboard/Signboard Inspection Fee Fire Safety Inspection Fee Filling Fee Processing Fee Zoning and Land Use Verification Fees Locational Clearance Fee Mayor's Certificate Total P P 3.500. The necessary forms must be needed before their approval: BIR Registration Fee P 500.00 200.00 400.00 1.386.00 100.000.Love and Pair Co.460.00 50.Love and Pair Co.00 18.00 70 . Bureau of Internal Revenue.00 25.2.00 4.

00 P 515. specifying their birth dates. PhilHealth.00 3.Love & Pair Co. Articles of incorporation. positions.Certification Fee Documentary Stamp Print Receipts and Invoices Total 100. Social Security System.115. Also. must register with the agency in order to legalize all the transactions involved in the conduct of its business in local and international market. Employer registration form (Form R-1). List of employees. must secure an employer number in every agency as a reference of their monthly contributions. Home Development Mutual Fund (Pag-Ibig). by-laws and SEC registration. There are requirements that Love & Pair Co. Employment report (Form R-1A). c. monthly salary and date of employment.00 4. 71 .00 5. Department of Trade and Industry – Love & Pair Co.500. this would help for the diversification of Philippine trade both in domestic and foreign.00 15.00 P 4. DTI Basic Application Fee Documentary Stamps Total P 500. b. needs to have for the registration of the employer/company: Each Agency:  SEC Registration  Initial Mayor’s Permit SSS a.00 15. and d.

is selling live animals. Pet Passport . c. b. procedures in proper shipment of lovebirds and lastly.The Pet Travel Scheme ("PETS") is a system which allows animals to travel easily between member countries without undergoing quarantine. Copy of business permit. d. Currency & Airport Tax regulations. a. International Airport Travelling Association – the agency that take incharge of Philippines Customs. Employer data record (Form ER1). specifically lovebirds. Philippines Pet Passport & Quarantine Information – The agency that will provide papers regarding approval of selling lovebirds outside the Philippines regards to the health condition of the lovebirds. as part of that procedure. SEC registration. Employer’s Data Form (EDF) Member’s Data Form (MDF) 6.PhilHealth a. the protection of the lovebirds. d. Pag-Ibig a. Agencies about Animal Protection and Exportation Exportation needs a lot of legal papers to be able to have transaction especially Love & Pair Co. b. 72 . Report of employee-members (Form ER2). b. BIR registration. and e. Bureau of Animal Industry is in-charge of the Import . A Pet Passport is a document that officially records information related to a specific animal.Export procedures for many differentkind of living animals. The following agencies will provide various permits regarding exporting lovebirds. c.

renovation of the building.com – The agency that manages about how the lovebirds will be delivered to the customers of Love & Pair Co. These activities include the rent of the building. forecasting and assumptions regarding the business are planned in order to have clear preview of what will happen in the business.000 each as the initial capital of the partnership to finance all the pre-operating activities.com) Project Schedule These are the activities of the business with their respective time allocation starting from the month of September 2013 up to the start of the operation: Feasibility Planning Time Span: One month (September 2013) The first month is the feasibility planning phase. the target market and potential competitors of the business. Jet pets Animal Transport . instalment of utilities and other expenses. In this phase.e. f. Contribution of capital by the partners Time span: Two weeks (First two weeks of October 2013) The partners contributed Php 500. PetRelocation. It depends on the shipping that will be negotiated. 73 . It determines the demand and supply for the lovebirds.The trusted Pet Travel Experts (Same with PetRelocation. registration fees.

Securing business permits and license to operate from the office of the mayor. SEC registration of name and incorporation of the business. Philhealth. Getting Barangay Clearance from the office of the barangay chairman where the business will be located. Building Improvements Time span: One month and two weeks (November 2013 to first two weeks of December) The building will undergo improvement to accommodate the services that will be offered by the business. SSS and Home Development Mutual Fund. 4. It is a two storey building with the area of approximately120 square meters in each floor and it costs Php 70.Love and Pair Co. Registration of the business with the BIR. rents a building located at #38 McArthur Highway.Finding a premeditated location Time span: Two weeks (First two weeks of October 2013) To be able to have this business. Potrero. The partners chose a place where it is accessible and easily to be seen by the prospect customers. Malabon City. there must be a strategic location. It will be composed of a pet shop on the first floor 74 . 3.000 a month excluding electricity and water bills. Registration and completing required business permits and licenses Time span: One month (Last two weeks of October to first two weeks of November 2013) These consist the following steps: 1. 2.

These are selected to suit the facilities of the pet shop. Acquisition of furniture and fixtures Time span: One month and two weeks (November 2013 to first two weeks of December) The acquisition of furniture and fixtures will be made during the building renovations. onwards The Love & Pair Company will commence its operation after almost five month. Start of Operation Time span: First week of January 2014. Stated job qualifications should be met by the applicants to know if they are capable of the job that will be given. Renovations are needed in order to attract future clients of the business. All selected furniture and fixtures are chosen by means of its usefulness as well as the price of it. They will be informed as well of their duties and responsibilities to the pet shop as well as taking care the love birds in the breeding area. 75 . office and a stock room on the second floor. Hiring of Employees Time span: One Week (Third Week of December 2013) Employees are important in the business because they will serve the man power. The hiring will be administered by the partners. The acquisition of these furniture and fixtures are based on the needs of the pet shop and the breeding centre of Love and Pair Co.and a breeding room.

GANTT CHART Activities Sept Feasibility planning Contribution of capital by partners Finding location Registration completing business licenses Building improvements Acquisition of furniture and fixtures Hiring of employees Start of operation and required permit and strategic study Oct 2013 Nov Dec 2014 Jan 76 .

Organizational Chart Manager Accountant Cashier Storekeeper/ Caretaker Veterinarian Key Personnel Job title: Manager Job specification:         At least 20 Years old and above Must be a graduate of any business course Must have at least 1 year experience in a managerial position Must have the knowledge and skill about management Strong leadership skills Ability to effectively teach/develop others to next level. communication and organizational skills 77 . Good merchandising skills and a flair Strong interpersonal. motivational.

Hires and fires an employee Job title: Accountant Job specification:     At least 20 Years old and above Must be graduate of Bachelor of Science in Accountancy Must have at least one year experience in General accounting and Book keeping. execute. preparation of financial reports and bank transactions. 78 . execute. and manage marketing and merchandising programs Supervision of employee tasks and training Monthly duties and responsibilities:   Communicate. Other duties:    Can only make minor decision-making. and manage marketing and merchandising programs Responsible for preparation of work schedules. Must have good decision-making skills specifically in management advisory.Job description: Daily duties and responsibilities:      Monitors the daily operation of the pet shop Handles customer’s grievances and needs Ensure all orders are properly documented and released for pick-up Communicate. Develop and implement employee performance evaluations and improvement plans.

tax strategies. completeness. and other financial reports to assess accuracy. and analyze budgets. preparing periodic reports that compare budgeted costs to actual costs. and direct their work activities. Examine and analyze accounting records. maintain. and the assumptions underlying budget forecasts. Must have good communication skills Must have good mathematical and analytical skills Must be computer literate Job description: Daily duties and responsibilities:    Prepare forms and manuals for accounting and bookkeeping personnel.    Must have a pleasing personality and credibility in giving advises and decisions. Other duties and responsibilities:    Maintain an orderly accounting filing system Advise management about issues such as resource utilization. financial statements. Records the daily financial transactions of the business Provide clerical and administrative support to management as requested Monthly duties and responsibilities:      Process payroll in a timely manner Prepares schedule for receipts and disbursements Keeps the records of the inflow and outflow of cash Processes the utility bills Develop. and conformance to reporting and procedural standards 79 .

or keeping merchandise displayed in an orderly manner. Balances cash drawer and receipts.Job title: Cashier Job specification:      At least 20 Years old and above Must be a college graduate of bookkeeping/accountancy course Must have knowledge of basic arithmetic. Must have skill in handling and counting cash. Assists customers in locating specific items. Job description: Daily duties and responsibilities:       Counts money. documents discrepancies. shelf-stocking. Must have skill in communications with public. Maintains sufficient amounts of change in cash drawer. Assists in other areas of store. Job title: Veterinarian Job specification:      At least 20 Years old and above Must be a graduate of Veterinary Medicine course Must be a license veterinarian Must have skill and passion in working with animals Must have at least one year experience in veterinary position Job description:  To ensure that love birds are in good health condition 80 . Keeps register area neat and stocked with necessary supplies. such as clean-up. gives change and issues receipt for funds received.

nurture. water.  To inform the management in case the love birds are infected of a disease To provide medical aide to infected love birds Job title: Storekeeper/Caretaker Job specification:       At least 20 Years old and above Must be a college graduate Must have knowledge and experience in storekeeping Must have skill and passion in working with animals Must have skill in concentrating on routine tasks Must have at least two years driving experience as professional driver (for delivery purposes) Job description: Daily duties and responsibilities:    Feed. and care for lovebirds Clean and disinfect cages Securing the condition of lovebirds Other duties and responsibilities:      Ensure safe transport of animals Store and release supplies or equipments Record the number and the kinds of love birds supplies Compile the records of the supplies Checking the supplies from time to time 81 .

3. Each personnel will work for eight hours.Internal Policies Love & Pair Company set these following policies in order to promote harmonious relationship and provide a health working environment for the owners and the employees. Sick Leave . 2. he/she will inform the managers two hours before his/her shift starts and state a valid reason. Employees shall receive a maximum allowable sick leave of seven (7) days. Leave of Absence The following are the rules concerning specific leaves: 1. 2. If a staff will not be able to come to work. The regular pay rate shall be received by the employee during the said leave. The employees are expected to have a regular attendance. Working Hours  The store will operate from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. General Policy 1. Working hours are recorded using a database system to ensure the number of working hours.Women employees of Love & Pair Company are granted maternity leaves for their childbirth and will be paid based 82 . Absenteeism and Tardiness     The personnel are required to come to the shop 30 minutes before the shop open. Attendance.A medical certificate shall be presented in all cases of absence by an employee for three (3) consecutive days or more. Maternity Leave . Vacation Leave – Love & Pair Company personnel are granted vacation leave to be used for personal purposes. Employees shall receive a maximum allowable vacation leave of five (5) days.

on their regular pay rates. Below is an illustration of the t-shirt of the Love & Pair Co. Uniform  Every employee is required to wear proper uniform every time they will go to work. Their uniform is designed with the logo of the Love & Pair Co. 4. Paternity Leave . 5. A total of seventy five (75) days of maternity leave are allowed for the women employees.Men employees of Love & Pair Company are granted paternity leaves to attend to their legitimate wife’s delivery or miscarriage. medical emergency. uniform: (Front & Back View) 83 . death and any other urgent matters relating to their family members and immediate relatives. Employees can use their emergency leaves in case of injury. There would be a maximum of seven (7) days of paternity leave which will be paid in full. 3. Emergency Leave – Love & Pair Company will grant emergency leave to its personnel for a maximum of ten (10) days each calendar year.

00 2055 24660 Social Security System (SSS) – The Social Security System was created by the Philippine government.500.00 3231 38772 Employee Number of employees Cashier 1 Storekeeper 2 Total  SSS PhilHealth PAG-IBIG Total Employee's Share Monthly EE Annual EE 350 125 210 685 685 8220 350 125 210 685 1370 16440 1050 P375.1 Employee Benefit Mandatory benefits such as SSS. who is also a partner.00 P375. Payday/Compensation  The salary of the employees will be given on a semi-monthly basis. All employees will be paid on the 15th and 30th day.3.226.00 per day. 8282).00 P630. maternity. All employees hired by private companies are required to become an SSS member (Republic Act No.000 monthly. will be paid Php 15. Each employee is entitled to a basic salary of P525.00 P630.00 1077 1077 12924 Storekeeper 2 P742.000 monthly.PhilHealth and HDMF Contribution table provided by the law. PhilHealth and Home Development Mutual Fund (Pag-Ibig) Premiums are also provided to the employees and are based on the SSS.00 each month to which the said benefits are computed.00 1077 2154 25848 Total P2. old age and death. or other such contingencies 84 . disability. Number of employees SSS PhilHealth PAG-IBIG Total Employer's Share Monthly ER Annual ER Cashier 1 P742. accumulating to P10. This system aims to protect its members for when they are unable to work such as sickness.All personnel will be paid Php525 per day and the bookkeeper will be paid Php 12.00 P125 P210. The manager of the shop. 3.00 P125 P210.

but are usually given to employees anyway are: 85 .Under Article 87. if an employee is asked to work on their scheduled rest day or on a non-working holiday. This company provides the lowest interest housing and land acquisition loans to its members that are payable for up to 30 years. All employees are required to be contributors of this service (Republic Act 7875). an employee who renders over eight (8) hours of service per day shall be given an overtime pay which is equivalent to his regular hourly wage plus at least twenty-five percent (25%) thereof. Under Article 93. to the Home Development Mutual Fund (Republic Act 7835). on behalf of their employees.  Home Development Mutual Fund (Pag-ibig Fund) – Employers are also required to contribute. the employee shall be paid an additional compensation of at least thirty percent (30%) of his regular wage.  13th Month Pay – Based on Presidential Decree No. all Filipino employees are entitled to a year-end bonus equivalent to one (1) month salary regardless of the nature of their employment.  Other company benefits – Other company benefits that are not government mandated.  Overtime Pay and Holiday/Rest Day Pay . This gives every Filipino worker an opportunity to own a house in easy-payment plans that can directly be deducted from their monthly wages. Members are given health and hospitalization subsidies should they or a dependent be hospitalized. 851.not stated but will result in loss of income or results to a financial burden. The 13th month pay is to be given no later than December 24 of every year a worker is employed. Monthly contributions are based on actual employee monthly salaries and the amount of employee contribution is matched equally by the employer.  Philippine Health Insurance (PhilHealth) – The Philippine Health Insurance Corporation is the medical insurance company of the Philippines.

a. Christmas Bonus – This is given in December. 86 .00 each b. on top of the 13th month pay. This is considered as the company’s Christmas gift to their employees. Mid-year Bonus – A midyear bonus is given to employees for P2.000.

65 respectively.41%.  Repairs and Maintenance will increase every year by 10%  Property.  Advertising expense will decrease every year by 10%. Pauline Naranjo and has the following assumptions:  Each partner has a capital contribution amounting to Php 400. 40.35.  Operating rent expense for the lease is fixed for the 10 years.000.40. is managed by a partner. 41.  20% of sales are accounts receivable at the end of the year.  Financial statements are projected for 10 years. 41.  The 40% purchase is on account and 50% of it will be paid during the year.  SSS. a partnership type of business. 41.  Utilities expense increases by 5% every year.48.88.80 and 41. 41.80..  The exchange rates of dollar to peso for 2014 to 2023 are and 41.72.60. plant and equipment are depreciated using the straight line method. 41.Chapter IV Financial Aspect Statement of assumption Love & Pair Co.  Income tax is 30% of net income before taxes. contributions are based on the table provided by the government.20.  The fair values of Biological Assets are based on the ages of lovebirds. 41. 41.  90% of the purchased supplies will be used every year.  A bonus of 10% of net income after tax will be given to the managing partner.  Remaining balance of net income will be shared equally by the partners. PhilHealth and PAG-IBIG. 87 .  The inflation rate is 2.

 The export sale is zero rated vat.  We classified the breeders as biological asset and their chicks are reclassified to inventory which is intended for sale. Naranjo and Arbiegail Cañas will be directly accounted to their capital. Naranjo and Arbiegail Cañas who withdraw 6th to 10th year Php 300.000  After 5 years we purchase Tools and Office Equipment and depreciated using the straight line method.  The Mark-ups is 50% on domestic sales and 150% on export sales.  Every partner withdraw Php 30. 88 . Pauline Mae L.000 for 10 years except Pauline Mae L. The salaries of Managing Partners.

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