Grandfather grows massive marrow which is heavier than a baby HIPPO in just five weeks

Retired gardener is hoping to secure his second world record His mighty marrow weighs 118lbs and still has three weeks left to grow He hopes it will win top prize in September's giant vegetable contest The grandfather of seven once held the cucumber world record
By Stuart Woledge PUBLISHED: 12:26 GMT, 14 August 2013 | UPDATED: 13:27 GMT, 14 August 2013

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A grandfather is hoping to break the second world record of his career with a marrow so mighty it already weighs more than a baby hippopotamus and takes two men to lift. Green-fingered Phillip Vowles, 65, was stunned when his marrow ballooned to a weight of 118lb in just five weeks. The retired professional gardener, who once held the record for growing the world's heaviest cucumber, is cultivating the gourd ahead of a show specifically for giant vegetables taking place next month.

Magnificent: Phillip Vowles's mighty marrow. that weighs more than a baby hippo and takes two men to lift Stuff of fairytales: Mr Vowles' 11-month-old granddaughter Sophia shows just how big it is by posing behind the gourd .

.the massive marrow falls just short of a metre in length. 'It’s the biggest marrow I have ever grown.which when born typically range from 55lbs to 120lbs . measuring 96cms.' Apart from weighing more than a baby hippo . I had to have my son help me lift it. it has only taken five weeks. said he had grown it using his special cross-pollination technique. It’s very unusual for it to grow so quick. 'The world marrow record is only around 150lbs so it could get close if it keeps growing at the rate it has. Mr Vowles. from Llanharry in South Wales.On top: Mr Vowles says his marrow is still growing and hopes that by the time the giant vegetable competition arrives it will have broken the 150lb world record He said: 'This marrow has grown exceptionally fast.

On the grow: Mr Vowles poses with another marrow which he is cultivating using his same special method. the certificate for growing the heaviest cucumber in 1990 . Right.

' Twenty years ago.5lb. which the professional gardner grew in 1990 The grandfather-of-seven explained: 'It was grown completely organically. It sounds very technical but it’s not. weighing a whopping 18.5lb. 'I grew those and then cross-pollinated them. who grew a cucumber weighing 27. It was broken by retired farmer Alfred Cobb in 2003. the former self-employed gardener and farm worker broke the world record when he grew the heaviest cucumber ever recorded. Mr Vowles added: 'Neighbours and friends get a big thrill out of me growing these things and the grandchildren like to see how big they are growing. .Record breaker: Mr Vowles poses with the heaviest cucumber ever. We went to Italy on holiday and I brought some seeds back with me. Mr Vowles's wife Brenda will probably turn the prize marrow into chutney and give it away to friends and family.' Once the competition is over. I have done it for years more or less all my life.

Giant: The grandfather of seven proves his credentials by posing here with some of his giant cabbages .


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