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ABBREVIATIONS 51. luc. p. 52. m. 53. m., man. 54. m., mitt. 55. m.d. 56. n., noct. 57. n. mque. 58. n. et m. 59. ne rep. 60. non rep. 61. N.P., nom. prop. 62. o., om. 63. oc., ocul. 64. o.d. 65. p.a., part. aff. 66. p.a.a. 67. p. aeq. 68. p.c. 69. p.m. LATIN TERM / PHRASE luce prima misce mane mitte more dicto nocte nocte maneque nocte et mane ne repetatur non repetatur nomen proprium omni oculus omni die parti affectae parti affectae applicandus partes aequales post cibum post meridiem primo mane phiala prius agitata ENGLISH MEANING early in the morning mix in the morning send as directed at night night and morning night and morning do not repeat do not repeat proper name every, each the eye everyday to the affected part to the applied to the affected part equal parts after food afternoon early in the morning the bottle having first been shaken when required heavy precipitated for a dose on the next day

70. p.p.a.

71. p.r.n. 72. pond. 73. ppt. 74. pro dos. 75. prox. luc.

pro re nata ponderosus praecipitatus, a, um pro dosi proxima luce

76. pulv. 77. q., qq. 78. q.d.s. 79. q. dx. 80. q.h.s. 81. q.i.d. 82. q.q.h. 83. q.s. 84. quart. 85. quot. 86. Rx 87. rep. 88. rep. dos. 89. s. 90. s., sum.

pulverisatus, a, um quaque quarter die sumendus, a, um quantitas duplex quartis horis sumendus quarter in die quarta quaque hora quantum sufficiat quarter, a, um quotidie recipe repetatur repetatur dosis sine sumat sumatur sumantur sumendus, a, um secumdum artem

powdered every to be taken four times daily double quantity to be taken every four hours four times a day every four times as much as is sufficient fourth daily take let it be repeated let the dose be repeated without let him take let it be taken let them be taken to be taken with pharmaceutical skill (i.e. according to art) often once a day dried left, on the left label if necessary the half immediately let it be sucked to be taken three times daily

91. s.a.

92. saep. 93. sem in die 94. sicc. 95. s., sinist. 96. sig. 97. S.O.S. 98. ss. 99. stat. 100. sug. 101. t..d.s.

saepe semen in die siccus Sinister signa si opus sit semis statim Sugatur ter die sumendus, a, um

102. t.i.d. 103. t.q.d., t.q.i.d. 104. tuss. 105. tuss. urg. 106. u., utend 107. u.d., ut dict. 108. ut. supr. 109. v., vesp.

ter in die ter quarterve in die tussis tussis urgente utendus, a, um ut dictum ut supra vespere

three times daily three or four times daily a cough when the cough is troublesome to be used as directed as above in the evening

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