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The Exeter & District Branch of the British National Party held a meeting at The Twisted Oak, Ide, near Exeter on Wednesday 26th March 2013, which commenced at 19.30 hours. What follows are details of topics discussed at the meeting:

Cliff Jones said that he had recently spoken to Damian Kitt concerning the renewal of his annual contract of employment with the Devon education authority as a teaching assistant. His contract for the past year had included clauses that prohibited him from being a member of any right-wing extremist organization namely the BNP. On his new contract this clause has been deleted, and he was puzzled why this should be? Could this be directly linked to the recent case of the BNP bus driver Arthur Redfearn whose victory in the European Court now makes it illegal to sack anyone on the grounds of political opinion or political affiliation? Cliff said that he recently attended Exeter Crown Court in support of John Coles, who was hoping that the injunction against him would be lifted and he would be allowed to visit his wife at the Greenslades nursing home. A group of people had gathered to support John including a Ruth Allan from the UK Column; Brian Gerrishs organization. Come the time of the hearing we were informed that the judge had decided that it would be held in chambers, consequently the general public were excluded. So John, an aged semiilliterate man, was unrepresented at the hearing he, therefore, had no chance to put forward his case against Sanctuary Cares highly paid barrister. The hearing finished after an hour and John left in a very distressed state as he had been told that the injunction banning him from visiting his wife would be enforced for another year. Furthermore, he was informed that he must not contact Greenslades by telephone to enquire about his wifes condition. Because of Johns distressed state he was unable to give us a report on everything that had been said in the chambers. The barrister acting for Sanctuary Care refused to brief us on what had been said in the courtroom, declaring that it was confidential and that it would be in contempt of court to reveal such details. However, he did mention that details displayed on the internet were included in the hearing. Well; there you have it! A massive corrupt organization like Sanctuary Care bludgeons a little man into submission for revealing the truth about malpractices within their organization, and a bent judge who is more interested in maintaining the status quo instead of ensuring that justice is done. Is it still possible to have any confidence in our legal system?

Newsletter, March 2013


Cliff said that he had recently received a telephone call from the local police station in Newton Abbot requesting the he calls into the station to have his fingerprints taken - naturally Cliff refused. Its been three months since he was last interviewed by the police in connection with the distribution of leaflets around Newton Abbot, which some politically-correct bigot thought was racist. It appears that the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) wants evidence that his fingerprints were on the leaflets, so that they can bring charges against him. Its amazing that the police can devote so much time and resources on something as trivial as distributing controversial leaflets, yet do nothing when a poor woman in Rotherham is threatened with physical violence by her Pakistani neighbours. It was pointed out that Mike Whitby of Merseyside had recently been convicted of using racially abusive language when he told a Nigerian traffic warden, who had just placed a parking ticket on his car, that he should learn to speak English properly. The police jumped at the opportunity to fabricate charges of verbal abuse against Mike, even though the evidence produced in court clearly indicated that Mike abused no one he merely expressed his righteous anger at being the victim of entrapment by a corrupt traffic warden who was maliciously abusing his authority. The left-wing magistrates in Liverpool were only too willing to convict Mike. If anyone else had behaved in the same manner as Mike it would never have come to court but Mike being a high profile BNP member, it was inevitable that the corrupt establishment would fabricate charges and convict him.

Any Other Business

Joan Bridge-Taylor expressed her view that UKIP are currently in the ascendency, which will probably last for another 3 years; then their bubble will burst. She felt that the Nationalists should be uniting instead of splintering into fragmented groups united we stand, divided we fall. Cliff pointed out that in Devon, Cornwall and Somerset we currently have just under 200 paid-up members; but very few are active. Cliff went on to say that he sends out, by E-mail only, the monthly Newsletter to some 350 current and lapsed members. Unfortunately many members in the South West are elderly and do not have E-mail, so are therefore out of contact with what is happening in the area. Cliff would like to think that if it wasnt for his monthly Newsletter, the BNP in Devon would have totally collapsed. Hopefully, some of those lapsed members will rejoin at some future date. Contrary to all expectations, after a fall in membership over the past 2 years, the membership in Devon is slowly increasing.


Someone asked how things went for the BNP at the recent Harold Hill local by-election. It was pointed out that it was a UKIP win, the results for the first five places being: UKIP Labour Conservative Rate-payers Alliance BNP 39% 27% 13% 11% 9.5%

Clearly, there was a vote against the established parties where were the LibDems? There was one other candidate who got just over 1% of the vote. Only 20% of the registered electorate bothered to vote so voter apathy won the day! During the meeting someone posed the question Why do you support the BNP? The responses included: Because England is full and can take no more immigrants. I like the kind of folks who join the BNP. I want my country back. It supports our Christian values and heritage. Its the only party that tells the truth about the true state of our country. Cliff went on to say that the mainstream parties no longer represent the true British people with: Conservatives only interested in supporting the wealthy bankers. Labour only interested in gaining power by appeasing the welfare classes and immigrants who are their core voters they have long abandoned the genuine working man. LibDems are more interested in the rights of sodomites and lesbians than the normal heterosexual population; also obsessed with green issues like wind-farms and bio-diversity regardless of whether they work effectively.

Chris Stones Election Campaign

The main business of the evening was to discuss Chris Stones election strategy, and to ensure that all the necessary documents were available and correctly filled-in with the required signatures. 2000 leaflets had been produced and arrangements were made for members to distribute them throughout the St. Leonards and Priory Wards.


It was stressed that all leaflets must be distributed before the 16th April 2013; the cut-off date for postal votes and as more than 50% of votes cast are likely to be postal voters, it is essential that these people get Chriss details prior to that date.

Group Discussion: Chris Stones Election Address

In addition to the leaflets, a blog had been produced detailing Chriss Election Address that gives his views on a variety of topics that affect Devon folk and are the responsibility of Devon County Council. The web address of the blog, which is printed on the leaflet, is:
The blog gives a description of Chris and what he stands for. At this meeting the intention was to discuss his Election Address and amend it should the need arise. The topics discussed in the manifesto included: Housing and the Environment What particularly concerned those members present was the sheer scale of the new housing developments with plans by both Birmingham and Manchester Councils to buy houses at these locations for their surplus immigrant population. Transport and Infrastructure With perpetual congestion in both Exeter and Plymouth an alternative solution to transportation must be found. It was generally agreed that old railway lines must be re-opened and more stations opened on existing lines in particular Collumpton and Tavistock. Education, Training and Employment The consensus was more discipline in schools, more apprenticeships with less emphasis on university degrees. Society It was generally felt that too much money is being spent on immigrants with Devon County Council setting up organizations like the Safer Devon Partnership that actively promote immigrant activities at tax-payers expense. Social Services The ongoing case of John Coles indicates how care for the elderly can be abused by the care-home providers with the collusion of Devon Social Services and a corrupt legal system that favours the wealthy. The Election Address has been modified in accordance with points brought up at the meeting. The amended article can be seen on pages 9 to 19 of the Newsletter.


4 Conclusion of Meeting
After a lively and enjoyable discussion the meeting finished at 9:10pm. A collection raised 43:55 which will be used to off-set the debt incurred by the purchase of inks for the Xerox printer. The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday 24th April, details will be sent to members when the date has been confirmed.

John Ings Letters to the Plymouth Herald

There have been letters in the Herald recently criticizing L. Irvings opinion that a remembrance plaque, in the Mount Edgcumbe English garden, to holocaust victims is inappropriate. It even drew comment from Karen Pollock (MBE) of the Holocaust Educational Trust. Yet how can it be controversial to want any memorial in an English garden, to be for the English. The holocaust has now become a huge money spinning industry and there are ample sites dedicated to this tragedy world-wide. K. Pollock supports the plaque because it reminds us of British soldiers helping to liberate BergenBelsen in 1945. What she conveniently does not mention is the brutal treatment of our people by the Jews in Palestine shortly after the liberation. British soldiers and civilians were slaughtered by Israeli terrorists (particularly Irgun and Stern gangs), often in cold blood, as they tried in vain to keep peace in the region. Menachem Begin (who was inexplicably awarded the Nobel peace prize) even had the audacity to blame the British for the brutal murders at the Hotel David. Perhaps Karen Pollock could use some of her influence to elicit an apology from Israel for these atrocities. It would be a refreshing change from the pathetic spectacle of our bowing and scraping politicians who adopt responsibility for all the ills of this world. No, any memorial in a dedicated English garden should be for the English. Yours faithfully,

John Ings (Manor Park)

Im pleased to say that this letter was actually published in the 15th March edition of the Plymouth Herald.


Homosexuality a Christian perspective

I saw the following articles, written by a certain David Skinner, in the English Churchman newspaper, which I believe will be of interest. I have slightly edited the article to remove references to other articles in the newspaper, but the pieces below are basically unaltered.

Hatred and Violence Underwritten By Stonewall

Let us be reminded again that it is Stonewalls objective to give homosexuals, like those mentioned in previous editions of English Churchman, the confidence to take more and more ground whilst encouraging the public to give more and more territory. This is not a faceless organisation but was established by activists like Sir lan Mckellen, who merits a study all of his own, but sadly space and time do not allow me to do this. Its first chief executive was Angela Mason who is a lesbian, ex- anarchist, Marxist, IVF mother. In 1970 she appeared in court along with others of the Angry Brigade, on a charge of terrorism. Whilst others received hefty prison sentences, she escaped conviction, but emerged as the first chief executive of Stonewall in, l989. In 2003 she handed over this position to Ben Summerskill, whilst she became Head of the Womens Equality Unit of the Department of Trade and Industry (the homosexual, Peter Mandelson, was the Commissioner for Trade and Industry of the European Union at the same period). It was here that she oversaw the Civil Partnership legislation, the Sexual Orientation Regulations, Gay adoption and the setting up of the Equality and Human Rights Commission. In addition to all this, she is the civil partner to Elizabeth Wilson, who with Peter Tatchell, wrote the preface to the Gay Liberation Manifesto a document that vowed to get rid of the family centred around a mother and father, presumably with the result that children will be made the property of the state, as has happened in all tyrannical states like Nazi Germany and Russia. The only serious obstacle to the eradication of the family and the complete re-engineering of society are Christians who have been described by lesbian QC Karen Monaghan, working for the Equality and Human Rights Commission, as an infection. She is a member of the Fawcett society, whose chairwoman is no less than Angela Mason. Angela does not work alone. Lord Ali the homosexual Muslim works with equal vigour within the House of Lords. It is this political elite who agitate and incite your quiet homosexual and lesbian neighbours, friends and relatives to feel victimised and denied things that they neither wanted nor are entitled to: such as the mixing of men with men, marriage. Homosexuals like the pop singer Will Young who just a year ago said that he had no interest in marriage is now demanding it. Homosexual and Neo-Marxist agitator, Peter Tatchell, not so long ago, poured contempt on marriage: In many ways, our transcending of heterosexual mores is a positive and immensely liberating experience. Compared with most straights, queers tend to be more sexually adventurous with a wider repertoire of sexual behaviour, less bound by the strictures of traditional morality and more experimental in terms of relationships. We don't need a marriage certificate to validate our partnerships. Elsewhere he has said I loathe marriage. It is a patriarchal institution. And in another article, also entitled Beyond Equality he described marriage as an eroto-phobic and sexually repressive institution that limits sexual liberation of everyone, not just homosexuals.


But yet he is now demanding in the name of equality that we storm the gates of Heaven and seize ownership of marriage, change and redefine both its fundamental nature and morality so as to suit our own menu of specific wants and then to discard what is left of it as so much detritus. Boris Johnson, adulterer, recently said it is an Institution belonging to the Stone Age. Stonewall and the homosexual legions, driven by an internal rage and hatred, are already waging war on a defenceless population using public humiliation, fines violence and the threat of far worse to come. Dr Eric Anderson's aggressive interrogation of me: asking whether I liked sodomy with men; his screaming at me to get Out Out Out from the Bournemouth lecture; his inciting others to violently eject me; and his filthy obscenities directed towards the Archbishop of Canterbury in a public place with impunity. These actions are stereotypical of the rage and hatred that consumes those driving the homosexual agenda. This compilation of moral breakdown and hatred of Christians would not be complete without founder member of Stonewall and ripper-up-of-Bibles-in-hotels Sir lan McKellen's public rendition of the poem, The Love That Dares to Speak its Name, (Ed: It is not seemly to even describe the evil words of this
poem, all the more so in a family newspaper, so we have removed some of these reference)

Finally, these scenes show how the depravity at Manchester Pride is led by Sir Peter Fahy, Chief Police Constable, who appeared on BBC Songs of Praise, talking about how prayer was central to his life!

The Idiot's Guide to The Queering Of Britain

The Sexual Orientation Regulations of 2006/2007 state that it is unlawful for a person in the course of providing goods, facilities or services, to discriminate against another person on the grounds of that person's sexual orientation. These regulations sound as dry as dust and of no relevance to the ordinary working person. Indeed, ask anyone in the street what they mean and they will probably say that they have never even heard of them. But in practice this innocuous sounding piece of legislation means that anyone not delivering goods and services aimed at the homosexual market will be shut down. In other words any Christian organization or individual who does not celebrate the values and morality of the sodomite and lesbian lobby will be wiped off the map. Peter Tatchell, last year 2012, declared to the World: "There are no borders or boundaries when it comes to Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender human rights. No nationality, no culture, no belief system can stand in the way of the historic quest for LGBT freedom. What that means is that if you or I were suffering from homosexual desires and for the sake of the Christian values and morality that held our marriage and families together, we were seeking counselling or therapy to decrease these desires, it would be illegal to even search for help, besides which all Christian counsellors and therapists, would have been shut down. If you are a child seeking to be adopted by a Christian family, this will soon be impossible as already all Catholic adoption agencies have been shut down, and Christian foster parents are already being dismissed. As a child you are more than likely to join the growing numbers of children kept in social service accommodation, where they are vulnerable to paedophile predators, like Jimmy Savile and whom the Crown Prosecution didn't think it was in the public interest to investigate. If you are parents and child seeking an education that supports your biblical values and morality, you will have nowhere to go because schools teaching Christian values will have been shut down and teachers sacked. Home schooling will become illegal. All schooling will be run by the state. If you are a man or woman seeking to be married in a Christian church you will not be able to do so because churches that refuse to marry gay couples will have been shut down and sold off to become pagan temples, mosques, Tesco Outlets or strip clubs.


If you are someone seeking uncontaminated blood, forget it because the National Blood Service has been given less than a year to prepare for its first batch of homosexual blood. If you are someone seeking a Christian lawyer who appeals to the ancient laws of this land that were informed by the Bible, forget it, because all Christian lawyers will be removed from the laws courts to make way for pink lawyers, like Sir Adrian Fulford? The choice we are offered is stark either accept homosexual products or be removed from the public space. To appropriate the words of Churchill, in his famous Munich Agreement speech in .I938, And do not suppose that this is the end. This is only the beginning of the reckoning. This is only the first sip, the first foretaste of a bitter cup which will be proffered to us year by year unless by a supreme recovery of moral health and martial vigour, we arise again and take a stand for freedom as in the olden time.


About Myself
I am an Exeter resident, born in 1943 and brought up during the times of austerity in the late 1940s and early1950s. I attended the John Stocker School in the St. Thomas area of Exeter and left at the age of 15 for my first job at the nearby Willeys steel foundry. Working at the foundry became routine, so I sought employment with a haulage company and eventually became a truck driver. This suited me well as, within certain constraints, I was able to work at my own pace and using my own initiative to achieve the best logistical use of the haulage companys resources; it also permitted me to travel throughout Britain, Ireland and Western Europe enabling me to meet, socialize and understand local folks concerns on a variety of topics. Throughout my working life I have never been unemployed; if I wasnt driving a truck then I was working as a steel erector - with a wife and family to support, unemployment was never an option. From an early age I played drums with a variety of groups and jazz bands within Devon, and through this activity I was able to meet, converse with and befriend many people from a variety of backgrounds, races and creeds. It was through this interaction with various people that I became interested in politics and the need for social justice; and now that my working-life is over, I feel it is my duty to further the concept of fairplay and make it a better society for our children. I have recently been a hospital patient suffering from Crohns disease, as a consequence I was unable to stand as a candidate in last years Exeter Council election. Thanks to the excellent treatment received under the NHS my health is progressively improving, and I am now fit enough to serve the public in the capacity of a Devon County Councillor. My views on a variety of topics that are of concern to local Devon folk include: housing and the environment; highways and infrastructure; education; society; and social services can be summarised as follows:


Housing and the Environment

Devon has always been considered to be a rural county, with the main centres of population being Exeter, Plymouth and Torbay. Up until the 1960s most people still had easy access to unspoilt open countryside, with the roads being free from high density traffic and the environment visually unimpaired by the unsightly urban sprawl that now blights so much of our once beautiful landscape. Why do we need all of this new housing when the indigenous population of this country is in decline? We all know the answer to that question; it is solely down to immigration that was deliberately inflicted onto the British people by the arch-traitor Tony Blair who for electoral advantage opened our borders to uncontrolled immigration. Immigrant settlement within our cities has resulted in the ethnic cleansing of the indigenous populations from these areas as they see no future for their children as their Christian values and traditions are trashed to accommodate the needs of the immigrants. In desperation the indigenous residents are forced to sell their homes and flee to pastures new, free from the influences of the immigrant invaders. Many of these white flighters will come to Devon where they still see a part of the country that they believe will remain forever England they will soon become disillusioned when reality sets in. Cranbrooke
This new development will in no way benefit the local indigenous population, as the more desirable houses will be purchased by white-flighters with the rest being used for social housing to accommodate the fast breeding immigrants invading our country. It is known that both Birmingham and Manchester Councils have shown an interest in purchasing houses in Cranbrooke to house their surplus immigrant population.

The maximum sustainable population of the United Kingdom is said to be some 27 million folk (although most other estimates put it less than that figure), with a current population in excess of 62 million the UK is grossly overcrowded. Britain has twice the population density of Germany, four times the population density of France; and twelve times the population density of the USA. So its clear that Britain cannot sustain any more growth in population. To accommodate these immigrants means building evermore houses on green-field sites, so destroying the environment and drastically reducing the amount of agricultural land available for food production. With the average house in Devon now costing nine times the average local wage, it is clear that the majority of local people will never be able to afford a home of their own.


Under these circumstances it is essential that all social housing be reserved solely for the needs of local indigenous people.

Transport and Infrastructure

The increasing population of Devon creates problems that the existing infrastructure of roads and railways were never designed to handle; and it is apparent to everybody the current transport infrastructure is at breaking-point. The number of cars parked on our urban roads causes more problems than the moving traffic, as it restricts the smooth flow of vehicle through our towns and also creates hazards for pedestrians.
A scene that is now common-place in our urban areas, where the residential parking of cars on both sides of the road prevents the two-way flow of traffic. It also restricts parking for those people whose stay will be of short duration, such as delivery drivers. Often these vehicles have to park in the middle of the road to make their deliveries, so completely obstructing all traffic whilst they undertake the task of loading or unloading.

Most of our urban areas were built at a time when the growth of traffic on our roads could never have been envisaged by the town planners; unlike the USA or Australia, Britain does not have the available land to build towns with wide roads and open spaces we are stuck with what weve inherited, so we must make the best of it. Do we need as many private cars as we currently have? In the 1950s there were less than a tenth of the cars (per capita) than what we currently have, and yet society functioned better than it does today. Why is this? People generally lived within walking or cycling distance from their place of work, unlike today when many people commute 20 or more miles to work each day often spending an hour travelling each way. I dont know what the answer to urban traffic congestion should be, but it is a problem that needs urgent attention. What is lacking in Devon is good reliable public transport, in particular the lack of adequate railway links between our major towns. What train services there are, tend to be infrequent and overcrowded. As the roads are become more congested, the railways are now experiencing an increase in passenger numbers. It is therefore essential that some of the lines that were closed during the Beeching cuts are now re-opened; in particular the track between Exeter and Plymouth, via Tavistock and Okehampton, should be re-instated.



Ideally, I would like to see a network of well maintained footpaths and cycle-ways provided throughout Devon; such that people can travel freely between towns and villages without being subjected to the dangers imposed on them by vehicular traffic.

Education, Training and Employment

It concerns me that the quality of education now given to our children does not seem to prepare them for the working environment. It is apparent that the reason for this is due to the complete collapse of discipline within our schools, and the schoolchildrens realisation that they can do as they please the teachers are powerless to enforce discipline as they may be subjected to legal action should a pupil complain. How Devon County Council intends to tackle indiscipline and the associated problems it creates is a topic that needs attention. Due to Britains industrial and technological decline there are now very few proper apprenticeships available for our youth. Most of the jobs available tend to be in the service sector that does not provide any high calibre training, or any career structure that permits a highly motivated youngster to progress through the ranks to a senior management or professional level. Too much emphasis is placed on going to university and obtaining a degree that in most cases is worthless; employers place more emphasis on work experience than a degree in a totally irrelevant subject. The education of our children is a vast topic that cannot be discussed fully within the constraints of this election document. However, within this blog will be found essays on secondary education, professional training and employment; written by a colleague of mine with experience within both the teaching profession and the engineering industries.

Since the 1950s our society has changed out of all recognition, and mostly not for the better. Why is that? The main factors that have changed our society are: unwanted and unnecessary mass immigration, with the associated problems of housing shortages and over-development on our once verdant landscape; to appease the immigrant communities the concept of political-correctness was implemented as a means empowering the immigrant by curtailing freedom of expression on the indigenous population; human rights laws that now give rights to the wrongdoer, but does nothing to define the responsibilities and duties they owe to society;



welfare dependency that gives the irresponsible the right to unlimited benefits that are denied to genuine working people who in most cases are financially worse off. As a Devon County Councillor I can do nothing to change these laws, but I can (and will) expose cases where the authorities are frittering away the tax-payers money on politically-correct initiatives that in no way benefit the local indigenous population. One such case concerning the misuse of tax-payers money by Devon County Council is the setting up of an organization called The Safer Devon Partnership which aims to promote a safer environment for people of BME (Black Minority Ethnic) heritage to go about their lives without fear. In its directory it goes on to say:
We believe that this right applies to everyone living in Devon, irrespective of where they have come from, and irrespective of their faith or their race. We want Devon to be a county free of prejudice and discrimination a county where opportunities are open to all.

All very commendable one may think; until one looks through the Directory and discovers that only organizations for BMEs are listed - not a single organization in support of the indigenous population is included. Definitely a case of institutional antiwhite racism! Furthermore, the use of the word Safer in the title indicates that it is the indigenous population that they should fear, which itself is a racist statement. The Directory further states:
The Safer Devon Partnership aims to work together to enable the people of Devon to feel and be safe in their homes and communities. Partners include all the local authorities in the County, the Police, Fire and Rescue Service, NHS Devon, Probation Service and the Youth Offending Service. Together we are stronger.

It is noted that various companies of solicitors are listed in the Directory; a clear indication that they are touting for tax-payer funded business to further the promotion of real, or imagined, race-hate crimes. It is outrageous that scarce tax-payer funded resources can be squandered on pointless politically-correct initiatives, merely to appease the demands of the already empowered BME communities. All this pandering to the immigrants demands does nothing to assist them to integrate into British society: in fact it has the complete opposite effect of segregating them into their separate communities. One way to speed their integration into the British way of life would be to remove all government published multi-language literature and free translation services if immigrants had to pay for these services, then they would soon learn to speak English and fend for themselves.

Social Services
Social services is an activity in which Devon County Council is deeply involved, and its reputation in this field has a lot to be desired. A case with which I have been personally involved concerns a certain elderly gentleman by the name of John Coles.



John Coles approached me at a British National Party stall set up in the St. Thomass area of Exeter and pleaded with me to assist him in his attempt to visit his wife who is incarcerated within the Greenslades Nursing Home in Exeter. I said that the BNP may be prepared to help him if he can send us details of his predicament, so that we will have a clear picture of the causes resulting in the actions taken against him. As a consequence he gave us some 700 pages of correspondence concerning his case. We slowly read through these documents, and what was revealed is a disturbing story of corruption, deceit and dishonestly by a coalition of the care-home owners (Sanctuary Care), Devon Social Services and the legal profession to slur the name of an honest citizen whose only interest was the wish to visit his ailing wife and to ensure that she is treated in a decent and humane manner. As a consequence of John Coles plea for help the following leaflet was published and distributed around Exeter:

What was most disturbing about this case was the role the Devon Social Services played in actively assisting Sanctuary Care in smearing Johns good name and preventing him from visiting his wife at the Greenslades care home. It is not clear why Devon Social Services should go to such lengths to conceal the malpractices witnessed by John at the Greenslades nursing home; one can only assume that they were more interested in maintaining a facility to accommodate their elderly clientele rather than providing quality of care. As a Devon County Councillor I will do my best to ensure quality care is accessible to all those who need it within Devon.


Why the British National Party?

People say to me Why the BNP arent they a bunch of racist thugs of low intelligence? to which I reply Why Liberal, Conservative or Libdem do they really represent the common man? Contrary to what people say about the BNP I have found the local membership to be made up of decent intelligent folk, many being professional people such as teachers, lecturers, Charted engineers and social workers; we even have authors within our ranks hardly the type of people you would call brainless racist thugs. All of these people are patriots who are truly appalled at Britains decline as a result of mass immigration that has happened under a variety of governments. As a consequence they feel disenfranchised as no mainstream political party truly represents them, and see the BNP as the only option open to them. As a former Labour voter I have become disillusioned by the way in which the party has deviated from its Methodist working class roots, and degenerated into a left-wing extremist organization that now only represents immigrants and the welfare classes. It was the Labour party, under Tony Blair, that committed the greatest act of treason ever inflicted on the British people by opening the floodgates to mass immigration so as to gain electoral advantage from the newly imported immigrant voter. Labour no longer represents the true worker, as it now positively discriminates against them in favour the immigrant community and benefit recipients. The Conservatives has forever been the party of privilege, wealth and big business interests; it has never achieved its goal of making Britain a fairer society with the wealth more equally spread throughout society instead of the current situation where the wealthiest 10% of the population own 90% of its wealth. Social mobility (The ability for people to rise from the most humble beginnings into the top echelons of industry, commerce, academia, etc.) was at its greatest during 1959. Since then social mobility has declined with people not being promoted on ability, but on influence they have through personal contacts or wealth being highly competent at ones profession counts for little nowadays. The Conservatives are still the party of the privileged! The Libdems tend to be the party that caters for the fringes of society such as treehugging environmentalist, or human rights activists who are more interested in the rights of sodomites and lesbians to get married rather than attending to the needs of the majority population. Their obsession with green issues now means that we have a country littered with useless wind turbines that produce no energy when the wind doesnt blow. The Libdems are a bunch of idealists, remote from the realities of life a party that cannot be taken seriously. The BNP are now the only party that truly represents the common man with realistic and meaningful policies on a variety of issues ranging from:



withdrawal from the EU, only then will the British people regain true democracy; stop all immigration, which is the root cause of high housing costs; regenerate our industries by ensuring that where possible everything used in Britain is manufactured in Britain; promote British culture and values, and dispense with the failed notion that we are a multi-cultural society; the abolition of political-correctness and positive discrimination that is used to incriminate the indigenous population; British jobs for British workers. As a Devon County Councillor I cannot solve all of these problems, but I can speak on behalf of the true British people free from the constraints of politically-correct bigotry and dogma that encumber all the other political parties.