This LICE}{SEA}'ID AFFILIATION AGREEh{ENT ghe*Agreenrcnf} is cntered into effective as ofDwsrrber 4, 2012 {&c*Effffitfve Datd} by and bgtwcen Cifiasns sfthe World Charter School$, a Califarnia nonproft pubtic hnsfit corponation (ticmsof or.tryf,?, and Citizens ofths Warld Charter $chool New Yorkl, a Hsw-Yorlc educstiotr corporu,ion

AACT.TAI,$ WI{EREAS' Licensee is organlzed ttndsr the Cksrtsr Schools Act af 1998 (as the ssrne may be amendsd and in efut ftom time to tirne), Licrytsec hns enterod into a Chnrtsr Agrrement.iuitlt ) and hss been grrnted aPnovisionnl Clarter by, the Bonrd ofRegenrs ofThe Unifrrsity ofthe StatB ofNew York $or and on bshalfofthc Nennr Ysrk $tate gducdion D€Fsrfrnentn the "Au&orir*ro; to operab ons or mare charter sshools in Ne$r York City {t* ..$chooi$'),
WHEREAS, CWC win$ establi$hed to provide m srcellent pubtic cducaCion thnt i* acadeinically d rigorrorn md socioeconsnTtn[g racially and rulffratly diverse and builds uommunity within and outside ofthe CWC schools;


WI{EREA$, CWC schools will s€rve divsrse neighborhood cornmunitis$ pmyiding a highqualtty education far all students ftom kinderynrt-n thrcugh high school. -litithurdptioilt lsadsr$hip at sll lsvels mdopportunitls to psrticipate in int€rarfive, rigorurs Imrning expcriencw $rl1h stlldents from all bnckgo*ds, C\ffC studenu willbe*prepared for succes$ itr mllege, a divers scisy, an$ a globat economy. In addifion, by oftririg a *utte public school option in these ncighborhoods, CWC will bring famities back into th* pulfic slfisroril;
lryHEREAS' with qftole conmunities sngagrd wi&. eash otfrer in fte public system and wimes$ing childnm of all backgrounds thrivi in a high-perforning divmse puUU* schoot, ClryC will cuhivab a tnre mderstanding that public ducation can work for alt snnaerrts. lffith a neal 'oskin in the gams,* CWC schools' familie$n lilcs CWC, will bs fueled by an incrsased sense of u{g€ncy to rslhs our cou$try's still untsppd potential" By investing in i* $r$ffi$S our cofilmunities witl help ils rnov& our counfy closer to an excellent, *[*C-cl*** Amerjcan public E education



WHEREASI CWC'$ approach to t€nching and lmrning stems ftom &e fotlowing cops belie& rcgarding when Immlng bst occursl


$tudw$ are treated as individuals, n'ith uugbt in scveral way$

lessons tailorcd to

fieir differencw and

elrplorqtion in the contnxt of"real world" sdnariosi'a*'projess
Studoffi$ hnrry


and high

md en&u$iastic srrppofi


elryemafions and t*cciw *pp*priane guidance

?!n08.000002 EMF_U$ 3gSSsS{tuI E


and urld0r$tatrd othens'perspcctivm;

tcsts provide only s smffll part ofthe picene in detenuining student actrrwcnrents students know how to collaboram, coopenatq and. nqotiu0e rr,i& w people -'--. diverse






World'and'titirens ofthe world
activitiss in sre territory identified

uffiEREAs' Liwnsor hg$s rights to certsin t*demed$

and de$isn

connestion with unitod ststes &ndem$ applicatian and Licensee deslres to use the h,ifrtcs'in

Charter $cftml,'n including


ffinn;ti;;';-h;profit vs !r'- ***

ssial N;.

rnarh for octtieens ofthe bfiooilmi1gd to righb in


(collectively, ttrc

WHEREA$, Licensor and Licensee snc rnuhmlty comnnitted to co-cruating asd supporting public schools conforfoiing to .ll ofqu goals outlinsd in *e nnove' paragrfrphs as firrther rurrusr t'r'lYrr*t''rr sit dehiled in Sgction 3, bslow, thg;.gWC Fundarnentalst); ra-r?*rr'*' finctuding WHEREA$, Licenmr has provided and cantinucs-to provide Licerrsffi u.ith cerfain n?rpfurnnationo ssmics$ in ordJr to sssist Liccnsee with de rorydirrg ortt u $chaols, including witlrout limitation' a$$isting with the preparuim md submithl irtn* inifial charter petitions, providine futrditrg for the formation andinitial aprations of Licen$oe *u tlre schools, assisting y/ith ths !€tTtlie€ffi sfthe initiat officers, directons and founding psru6, n$$isingwith ths talent and facil$es-*cqulsitions, assisting with &e prcpsration

ths'Toruding Supporf);

of1,icensss,e Hennl taxcxemption applicttioa and pnoviding otfi'tt sdminftrntirano technical sqppCIrt (collwtivety,

WHEREAS, Licen$sr s,Iryscts tn continue to provide Licensee and &e $chcols wi& acndemic, financial' sdministnative, tschnical and othcr io** ofsupport in furrhersnce ofie educational plrpo$es and the cwc Fundamenhls,g arpreswd trereful" i*-l-;Jidi**o,rt limitation" the servicss set forth in $ryhlhit,,S,(col lesrively,'tfts twgs6'vi"ro")ffig WHEREAS, Licen$or and Licensso look fornurf to ongoing collsbonative effofi& through dialoguo, commtmicntion" iutenacdon and mr&lal rh* s*ools and thsir opcnationsr cunisulqna, environrnent, ff,sixities, communitie$ and edusntiassl cxperience and ---*** outcomes, ell in firrtherfinse ofthe CWC Fnudameirtials.


NOTII' BE fr RESOLI{HD, in considffition ofthe mufrxl covenant$ and conditions containd hcrsin, Licensor nnd Lice.rt*w hereby qgrss as foiloqf;$:





As used in this Agreemrsnt, ths follortrins terms shall harre &e follawing mearrings:


program$' sncolBpn$slng stildent$ in gadss from kindffiHprten through te, which shall be fisailciclly susfainablJana dwien* to

i&lucational Activitist''f,ball moan nonprcfit educstiotrd activities and




?YfiI8,ff10001 EidF_US 39iE$S96ry r S






Liaison'n shdl have the meaningprovid*d in


**$shool" on

Tfdat*$' shsll mean and include alt fademnrkq seffice mffkq design mnlks' fiads namsq domdn nsme$, rcgishntio;;*a applistions for rcgfsnntion thcrreo{, and sny somrnon la* risrm p*hi"i:ng thereto, bclonging to the Liceusoq in*ruAing amcnl* her€to ss


or *$choals'shall rns&n frosr New



public schaols





msffns New

york $tde.




loigeqse' As ofthe Effsctive Drtl and subject ts tre tenns and conditions of this Agpeem0nl Licenmrhsrsby granbio Ucenscs s nou{ansferable, trloll*sub-licensable nnd non-€F(duiive license to u$E rryruduce and {isplay dre Msrks in connwion with ie Educrtiond Activifies in the Terrltory and only $,itr rerymt to Licensee find ths $chml, ith; *License'J.


. Otr all of itu correspondffico, websites, documont$ signagr, ibrnin&-displays and d;rtL-ttns or sdvertising nnderials ofanykin4 ffisfu sctroot rnall prominelilli identig ttself by ttre name of such $chaol 8$ $sr forth on *JJrtrrr nor rcfer to irself Sr[i[it$ by any othErname wi&out&e sfl-icsnsor. In all cas{ss' u{F of the li'sccsfid [rIff*s shalt bs in **pfi*** with Licensor,s fiadenffrk guidellnes T rya-y bc prnvided to u6sce *om tinne to time. E*-lopchooJ


opcreted by tic€nse' shalt bs li$rd;E=di;ffi:*nirn sbatl be updatd by Licqrsorfrorn time t" trr"*



acquire Licensor's rights, titl€s and interests ia the lvfnrks, and (ii) use its besf efforts to Protc{LtheMarlcs" Ucenseo shnll rspsrt pmmptly to Licensor 8ny infringcmcnt ofany of the hdsd$ it hss become awa$s' Ths License grented heiein is not intendd t- br {and shall not be consfuired as) an assignnnsuf' and nothing hsrein *of*o on Liconsee any

Licenw schrowledges and agrffi &at the Markq all applications md resstratioxts therufore, snd all Gociafcd rights, tirle snd goodwill, are or shall bs owned solely bythe Liceuso1; and that Licensee shall nBvf{ directly ar indirectly cont# Licmsor,s ownership or the validity ofthe h{srk$- I*i,censee shalt,, at Licsaffi,s w6 cost and ffiPels, {i} assi$! a$ csopsrate urith Licensorts pnrfu, *15o,, o,


?9!08.00000t EIUf_.lU$ 39j$S5*6rl s

risht' title or intarest in tbn lvls*s othertrnn the lialitd pwnitted by this Agreerncnt

6sn of usqgs

nsmc alonc or fhay

of its Mf,rl$. Licensw $hall pr,uvide reasombls ssrirose to and Licensr in cornection &ermvith *s may be nffcsssry to gtve effest to the frregoing" If Licensor eleets ts igitiai* sny $tion lr proffieding in connestisn with the licenscd h{nr*& it may do so in its own
eoopenrte uti&

h{dgq Pmpr#ign. Liceusor rfisemss the sole and wclusivs rist at its discretion to as$srt claims asainst thitd puties for isingement ar urisuse



join Licenme

f,$ fl


Licensorjoins Licmws as a party, . Licenses sirtt


h the event that lgt objwt to snch -

Vse cnd,gth$r,l\4iltg- Atl u$e of the licsnsed lrdnr{ffi shall ingrc solcly to *re bsncfit of snd on b*mffs{ Limnsor. I"icens€e $hall not uss or npply ta rcgtster 8ny frtdema* trat incorpornteq inclldq is n derivatiu* would tend to dilute my lv{sxkthst ls the subjm* ofihis Agrcemsn[ except


or in psft' withont ths pri,ffiryritten apprcval of tre Licensor. Licensffi &st it shnll not fipply hr regisna$on of any sf&e licen$ed Mfrrl(g It qt any fiademadr" nslffi' Iogo or other ds$ignifiou &at Licensor beliwes, in gcod fsith, to be csnfi$ingly simifrr fa or which muld dilub &e distinctivene$s of the ticend Marr$.

pemit any thfud psfl.y the li$ht to use any ofttre ticrrrsd l\ilarks, in whole

a$ st(Pressly authorieed hs{tsItr. Licensee shatl not

effiser, sublicense or


milmer drnt is dlsparastng fo or that could ffi€firise hsnn tbe goodwill s$socisted wi& tre lv{a*& or in any manner &* suggests or in'plies a rel*ionship between the prties other thsn &e rclafi;*ip thrt is ser forth
in this Agreement aud ffiy cfier agf€qment$ benn'een the partiee. 2,7
UBf; of Mdq. Liwnscs shdl at no chargc b Licessorprovide Licensor with sanrples, copies ar picfires of any anc au good& prckxgrng dosumentationn mcnual&_edverrtisiog, wensihe ma*;iing oi othe,

Handisp,anagp,$nn* Lics$sss ihall not uss ths lic€nsd Marl$ in a

matsrials that bear sny ofth* licensed hdsr{$ sr &g Lidses intends to uss or distribute in cmno$tion with ttre Madrs for Licsn$otrs approval. tt-*^ryrye qgrces fiat ths quelity ofany websiteq gods snd ssrvices with ufrich it use$ dre licensed h{tr!$ sh{i Ue m &s quallry of wpbsitw, Sood$ and ssfficst wi& which the Lisensffi u$ss the licinsed




Futurq Claim$. In ths wemt th*t (a) therc is a sleim or dffirand made Licessor sr Licem*Ec rryittrr raspgct to any licsrsed ldarb or (b) ffrere is a detenninstion in *ny ootfi gf*ornpstssrrjurisdiction or nirfry other govsruing authoriry &sf the right to use a ticesssd lr,faik is

?Y208.0{HX}2 EMF_U,S



(including rensonable asarn*y's fms) (coliuctiwly,-'b**g) arising ib continued usg of any lsail* sfi€rthii period of*inm

unenforceable, or {c} Lisffimr Feasotrably bclieirs$ tfust it may be mable to sbtain or maintein &s rightto use a licensd in rjurisAi$ionn or {d} Licsnsor rraa$onsbty bellevw ttr*t ths uss sf a lisens$d in a jurisdlction could zubjffi Lineo$or or Licenre to * clrirn for infringenrent or nny othsr liability, Licmsor may notiry Liwrro in nffiting &at i[ i* tsminsing or modlfying tk Licffisc'$ ti$t to us the ffilevant lvlark in sudtjurisdic*ion. tn &s *rent of sush a ao:ticr offfirrinatisn or modification, Licensss shell bo prmitbd areawmble period oftimE not to excsed thirfy (3S) dtyx, to comply with such notiw" i;cen$€e strati Uc solely rcsponsible sfid llcbte far any slninn, dcmsnd, prcglnlty ot








In ordsto maintnin tlequalify afthe Educatianal Acrivitiss and goodrrill associ&d with tfre Mark$ {i} ti*eroor shelt providc the CWC Servisss ro Licenw md fte schools, m ryplicnble, and iii) l.i**$ee qg!ffs to ttre compty wi& ths fbllowing pmvision$ arsil ffimm, as apptimble $'itit'ropu*t to each

(a) Licenss€ shall mmply wifle and be carnmised to, the CWC mission snd CWC Fundamsiltals afAc*demic Srrcellermq Divmsrty and Cornmu$ty' ns deftwd in the approved Chfits Praposal unC*r Key 9oip Elemens. Thc CWC mission md CTIC Fundanrenals require &m Lissnsse's Edumtisnffl Activities pravidr s s*ciseconomically, r culfirrallY, and rssiettr,y diveme commilnlry ofstrds#$ with an intell€ctually chalk*rgi*g t*eining enviru,rmefit g6at develops each
as citizsns of thc nnsdd in which we livs. Fidelity ts CTyC's mission md the CIVC Fundenreurtnls shall be evidmd ny, *ittr respecito

individtul shrdenfs confidenc€, potsntisl, asd individ$al r€sponsibility

esch $chool

1. $osiossonomis trivffiify * Annuat baard-adcpted enrollment tsrysts and recruiffiGilteffsrB &at ffi$urc thst a rninimum of40% of tbe lotftry participanb fsr each $chaol arc eligibte for ths National $chool Lunch Pragrsm {"fru Engible};
ensuns &f,t the demmgrnphic makeup ofcacfu $choal rsflecg fte $chool's diverse as described in ths Charter ryrnunify, rypt6-*O Pnoposal for each $*hss[ inctuding etlmic, ffilftril'snd rgcial

2. Cultural snd Rssial Biversify * fuinual rerui&neat eftr*


reprcsentafion. AII aotioil$ mken to achisv* cularrat rnd racial diversity will be in $tict edh$mmcc to the lant

?9tO8.0000@ EMF_I$ 395$ffi86,v



Eligible' students

*try to nttsin ruru g;h, tlrat thst at lensr 75Yt oftlre stude'nt populntion perforil f,t orabove ler,"l 3n f,s messued by drc New York stats ns*s$$m€mt fwrsA,) and as may h further dc$crikd in trc Accountnbil.iry prsu in ** cnafier proposal foreach $chsor, y, fargaaus not coveid a,s measured by benchmalk, int8rtnil uoo no* a$se$$nrmb as ndninistersd by dre school' ffs perfnrnning *t grrd- rwel, ruoil**ore, Licenses sltall sn$rE that eeis are adeSuate rlot*r iu prrceio identify, hack nnd repofi any signifiuant*rai'":u**#6no nny ofthe various $ubgnoups rcpr€$slrtsd withio *ls*ool,
and rnmsurcublc

Acadsnic AchlsYem€nt * fuinunt board-fidoptd *cademic goalg





a'd oftss

Stql* q{ $noiffigogli* as identifisd,




gap*" {as d$finsd any *statisticnlfy $chool and ttross


the iruending rhe

ranguags Leann€rs


hoposar for each $chooln the bosrd ofticens; shall *uiu* ior uxmilGncs by adopttng academic goals rrnl*ed b inc'r€asing *d;*_rrngs ofsfirdents wtro score at level 4 ukine nnssureebJ;-d;to attain snrclrgoals,
itoring tlre

outlined in the Accountnbiltfrp:*

e* *q#ts-d-#**inre 3f "sifficant achle-*r-1t s*f'$hnll *oo , differmce of I j pencentage points or mslt"stafr$ticf,lti valiff shall rnsf,n a sanrple larye enough lo prutert &e privacy orflII studms *n"n reviewing tlre relevant testing data- u aaaitign b meetfug fte praficiencygoals
$chool' A

befirssn &e stnno#ufued ru$ting results Yqldt iss defin-d b-lo subgroups within )



nmong subgnoups, and reqpondine to

istmw sf $tili$*i*l

ffi;ificarrt **hi****enr ;i-&pr &at may exist;


insuuctioml usdsl that adhwss to &e projest-bsslcon$fiuOini*r*{_*il rnpmach *r}d the educational prcgram as outlinsd in t&e
approved ci,nrt#itrr

4' Educational


ru*t irHool; and

5. Conrmunity Engggcffis4t: p$ograms that involve dre $chool communiry in rhe ae"rivirie"of&e S*n*l,li*_O*u Lrt not timited to: sile-bassd councils, $chool *oc ***uory events* frrndrai$ing, and participation in smd*nt*Id nsfivities. shfiil ensurc drat tools are used to tnnch r**nd ryport levsr$ ofcamurunitv .rd engpgcncnt and supporr at



intsrvarJ*ruo;;il* 1*r,

{b) tic€n'$ss sgr$es e$ &s sstur€ nnd quatiry ofall Educarional Activities undsttskgn in connection ioi*r l&e licru$sd Marks shall
Licensor after sssd faith uissussions unlh by (i)

conform to the mininum s'tandards rguyfio*, or such higher - stnndards with rssp€cf to tny $choot ur *"yL *qufu€d

uc*nscs or (ii) the Authoriser' Licensffi 4grffi$ tlrst tison;,orill ruquifis qualfy control tests and standnrdr offinancial

viabiliry,illa* n"*_i;;

sole righr





to dstffimin$, is gsod fhftfr, ufrc&er the Liumw's Edusational Astivitie$ srset euch mlnimum or higher$&ndard$, fin ths cags
as otherwise

may be.

(c) Licensor or its aunhsrteed reprrusailrtives shpil havs &e right, &rrcept
fscillties ard Schoots at sny rcasonable timq inciueing flre riglrt to visit and inspect Licq$Es's frcilitie$, and Licsoses shail suoi
pruvidnd by law, to monitor and fu$psct Licensee,s

Activitt€$, to cffifirm Lictrr$Bois conpliance wifr thc CTyC
Fundaruentals and this

Lice-nsee's progmm*, brdget$, prucdurus, opwations

Licensor or its authmiawl reprtscntntivss to rcview snd observe

ud Hucatiosal



{d) Licsnsee shall mainhis compietr records of its astiritics in a manner occ$ptflble to Licensor an4 unless ottreffii$e pruvided by larv,
Licensor or its dssisssc tn rwiew and insp*i sush rccords on "Ho* reasomble notica ts sonfirm Licsn$ce's drsptiance ffi& the CIHC Fundamentals 8rd ei$ Ageenrsnti Lice,nsee shnll su66it any gther infonuation relatod t) it$ Enusatioeal Acthfitig$ to Licsn$or at

Licensor's requtrq udws otherwise prohibitsd

bt 1g;.

(e) Licensm shall pruvid* regular ftranciat repo*ing to the Licensor as pnrt oflicsn$ss's ruquire,m€nt to meet *aidardiof finansial
Licensoc shall provide sil

financial reporting prcsemted to Licen$ffi's Board ofnireclors as part a minimum, Licensffi shall provide financial reports to Liwnsor on a quartorly basls aud will include appropriate periodic Income ststement[ n*lro** hsstq crsh Flow $tatemeuts, as wpll *s approved Budgets *a Fo*ecrss,

viability, --timely basis to Licwsor all rcgutar-

ofpublic Board meer$ngs. At


criErisn-r€ftreo** bs*" ootnmsrcially available sts$dardidry$ and/or ottrsr similsr asss$sment tools requested by Licens*r- Licensffi shall prurnptly p*ui6* any and all of ths sbove'refercnced dafif, and test resuits ts Licsn$or upon availability and Licen$or's

uing state'mand*td

Educational Activitieq includilg courpliancc rn i$r $ecrion abwe' $aid dats inctr*dm, withiut liriimrioq spFsopriarc 3. I(e114], and timely longitudinel datn sn &s ac*demic achievefficut le*retr of its st'dents

Licensee shntl collscf nnd maiutain data on t&e acadsmic achievemsnt trsvel of imgudents sffcimt to ationn Liceercorto evaluste the progires$ oftbese $ftd$'qfs snd dre sffectivsnss$ ofthe Licensoe,s




(g) Licstl$e9 $hall pa*icipate in and coopsrats with
by Licensor. This waluatisntffim
asaderuic program 8nd its compliance

a rnultiday fornnal school evaluation conductpd from tirne to drne by s term designated

nitl nssffi dqr-lit of Licens*,$ *itl, ** cwc Fundaruentds





snd'this A$t€smenl h fistherancc but mt in ti&igtisn of the forgoin8, d lffi$f nnuually, Licen$or or its designsg{s} mey conduct *n eualuation of enck $se$ol utilhing guantiativc rnd quntritativs da& !o bc provldsd by wefu e1lool $xfficient b enffqp tice.nsor ts id€ntify &snds asrcss ca& m"hsot s/ith a license ta utiliae tbe Mnrl$ snd including pmni*fug prartices to be shnrsd withis &e CWC Nefnrorlc, including ntith Lice'rsce and the $choolt snd fp sffer a source of fwdback to such C$rC Networlc schools thnt bsard members *nd schoollod* mey flftd u$sftt in ssttiilg prioritim and gmls. Notwithstnnding thc furegnin& Licensar mcy sonduct Uut shall uss rss$onrbls efforts tn to avoid conducting a &hool's evaluation during such timss s$ &e charter au&orizerfur such S$h$ol is mn&rcting nn nctiv* ran iew thtreof, Licensorshstrl make a good faith effon to (l) ssl$ct *n walu*tion tsem tic€$scr reason*ly bllieves should be accept*bl* tc Li,censee and (2) inundlrce its evitgation t€anq and any replccemeut or to Lice&sos. Licffisce may convsy to Liccnw; frsough the CSC Lisisotr, trlf rns*Brid issues or consGrns with the wsluation tenm. Licensor sMl u$s rlgasonabte sfforts to nddrsss sny silch issuss or ooncsn$ which Licefi$or concurs in good faith arc meftrlal

fquirsd to purws

tfoe C:WC

Fundarnentnls (ftc *CWC Networld],



(h) Licenryr shnll provid* a reguired templse fsr Principsl srd teacher evaluations. Sudr bmFltrs shalt allow erch $rhuol io supplffnsnt the required elemet$ rn'ith School-ryecific guals sffid mosn#. A prinrsry

$chool" Licsnsor ilHervss ths right t" rcqnl* the uss of certain aspects ofl,icenssr's Cl#C Network pmftssionat devsloprnent ptans snd initiatives

develryent plan shall be irestsd by the Frincipai ofeach


Li'sffisec's schuot tc*der must use hislhw best effsrts to attend the


annual mwting ofsc&*ot Imden that uss &e Sitirens of the



Licensee shatt ffifiotd, ffiFoild to and resolve sny complnints by parents' students srt€fishen rcgarding iS &lumtional Activitio, and sbilll prorride Licemwo uFsn rcqus$q wirA ftfi iufurmation and accs$s to docunnents rolatinq such comptnint* that ffie, o, huo, been, F subject to reviewby Licsnsm, including n r$visft. Uy


in noard of

{k) Licsnsee nrust pmm$y

change in its govstrmflEss.

$eck approval fi.orn Licensor for any proposed ' {nstsrlel change fu its pmgrams or Rlumtionnl .Aetiviti*s, oiof


?910f, .000{pl EnilF_I}S 39SS$SS6vIS


Licensor slrall direct and Isad the initiat school lnads serrches fbr Licensrens first E'xecutive Dirsctsr and Prtncipnl frr mch $chool. Licensor shall have the ftrther right to participatc in the ssl€ction proosss ftr firture Exscnrtive Dirsctor$, Principsts md School lmde6, Licensor specifically rc$srves the righL in ronsrtHtiou with Licensee, to qpprove 8ny submquent or replacement &ffisrxtive Directsr or Schoollrincip*|, stwft spproval not to be unrwnabty withheld or delryed, Licenses $helt han'e the right ts tsmrisfits im Exesutive Director, Principals and $chaol leffdcns fsr rtffsnable cause wifiout Licensor's con$snL [n addition, Licensor mfiy participnte r& or dirsct in mllrboration with the Licsnsse, the inittfrt hiining}nd o*entation

f'onboarding) for Licensee's initi*l

aud any subsequent

Exesutive Direstorsnd Priucipal fur ech $choc[ t$ snsurs ftnt they are adsquately srlppsfid in understnnding &c CffC Fundarncntals and the CWC Networh m e# thsy arc poised ta srcuruftlly lead Licenses or a S*a*L Ie fir&sranss but not in lfunitgtid of the foregoing Licmsor, ir cou*ulmtion with Licenses, may require specific onboarding wtivities inoluding but nst lirnitetrtu residency in a CWC Nehmrk s&ool

(mlticcnsse shall comp$ in all mnteriel rcryect$ wirh all appticable hws, regulationq charter sr oth€r agrcsmsnts rdating to ths implernentstio&
performance, pmductiou, plumotion or dishibution of semics related to ths&lucstionnl Aqtivitis.


pnrducb or

(n) Each School shsll afuit sfirdents of any rcffi, cctor, religioq national

and ethnic orisn to fi,tt the rights, priviiq*$, Fogrsms, and n*i"iti*s genennlly accorded ormade available to itude$ts the schaols. Licensee rnd trsh S&oaI $hall not discrfminafe o* trs besis of mce, color, ruliglon, n*ticn*l s$d ethnis origin iil *& fidrnl$isffition oftheir Educatisnsl Actlvitieq admissions poticies, whalarship and loan prograrns, and ddctb 8nd othsr school-rdministsrsd p$)gnarns.


' (o) Unless requircd by laur, Licensse shall not F€rmit snrdies or data

collections of auy

wi&ont fie prior &ryisffi sotlssnt of Licffissr.

qS b bs perfonned at any School by rhird purtio

32 I{ in ttrs reasonable deterffiinatistr oflicensor,

ons or mors af thc provisions of $ection 3"1 are not being ruef srss pursu$d, Licen$or sbsll p**U* nrrittsn notice ofmch failure to Liceuss in rssdsbh dstail, alnng with rccomilsndations for satisf*ction of such $tandardtqr&s diligeat pursuttihsresf inctuding but not limitS to altsratiotrs or additisls fis Sls l"ir"iseens &luestional Aetivities, subject to appro?al ofths charterauftsrira whsre rcquired by larr, andfor rssfrictions on the Licsnses's uss of lisen# h{erks. I{ in r**mnaUte ii$srstion of Licensor, {l} such resommendstions sre not implenrented within g0 days sf such


notice, or

19108"000@ ElilF;US




rycfin accordancs with g$nerally aecuped*r*il*tilg primtpleu as cvidwced by nogative audits and/or $fforu $tnrsment$ by sIJNr orit* doffimentation ofgross finnncial mismanagemsnt by ind€F€nd*t *aimo. --*

in any if such provisiorl or provisions aro trot being mcr for r poriod of ipemer flsn one y$ar nserths d;ts of such notice, or (a) Licmsw *y school *GrossFissssisl has engqgd in Misnrtnagpmenp tai ienn* below), thsn Licensor mfry unilaterally, nnd in iF sole oTscrstionrupon nrriffsn notiee to ths Boand' r€lnov€ any $chool from Er$ipf q (aoa t#r6ttsminsrs the Lisenss u/fih rc$p€ct to zuclr sclrool) or agneem*it iu its entinety. oGms$ Fiimncial Mismanagcmenf;san grd nornpi*




@ **


SSCilON 4: ffi






E)ffRE$s, nmtrEn, sreruroiv OR oTIIERynsq wrTrl REspEcT To TI{E tIcEhI$ED nIAItKs, INcrimnlc, wrnro[IT rnar*nor-1, Al'fy $/W OF I!f,ERCIIANTABILITY, NON-INFRNCEnmnrf,





$tsCfiONfr IltD

Indemnificatiorr brlicen$ss. Licen$ee shall indmrn ifydeferd snd hold harmless Licensor, and its officelt, directnm, employees and agsnb, from any Costs incurrBd by Liceirsor thst as & result ormylc#tr, ce'se$, claims, Tayfiri$e demands or procssdinry srisin'g fitm or relaM to *irrtioo or failure to act on *re part of Licen$ss. ucsn$or *a!l give ri*"*** prcnpt nofice of any such actions, clairns or prscTding$, and iilrotntation in &e powe$sion of Licensor that is reasonably requireu for thI dsfm* or*u"tt *uon*, J*i** or


by Licarsor. Llwnsor shail iodr*oify, dcfund and hotd harmless Licen$ec, and its sfficers, dfud;o *oro),ed and rgmts, fiom any cost$ incurred by Licensee thsf arise a$ a rei'orf orrny action, cau$Bs, claims, deman& q prooeedlnry arisirg fr-* or relatcd to my acfrion or failurc to act on the prt oflicsttsor- Licsnswinuu gttt-icenr*rpnrmpt mtice ofany such astions' claims or proceed{$ and ioro*rii,on in the possession of Licensso trat is reasonably required for ttrl crr*n* ofsuch actions, ;hir"- or procerdirgs.




Inffrancs' Licsnsse slrall obmin amd maintain a cornprehensivs general liability insrrrancc policy with conrbint rwe timit coverqgs ofno,t less thrur $l'000'000'00, and shall nfine udnsor as an additional in$n.d theirunder. Licensee shall promptty provide Licfmsor with a csrtifirds wtablishing pruof tlrat such *policy is in etrsct, and **tt ten {I0} dap qrritten notice of sve 8ny tcmnination of said insurarrce p[ticy, ot or*y intsntisn nut to ths pay the


rg20t.000$0[ EMF_W



brnninnte this A$uement.

pnenirun thereforc, at wtrich tirne l-icensor shall havs Sre right to automatically

$ECIION 6: ItsRtr{ ANI} fEEs


tetu of this Agreernent

for an initial terry gual to flrE duration of&e term oflicen$ffi,s fir$t apprcved $chool chartsr. mi$ Agnemnnt shefi bc automsicatly renewd for additionsl terms upon and cotrcurrsnt wiilr the last to eiryire ofany ne$r, reneurcd or extcnded school charterh$d by ticensec, Nstwith$tamding the fomgoin& ths


Telrn: This Agrcement shall

h effstivc ns offie Effffitivc nse and shall rsmain

*iui* v

to the tennination *'r,,i'tt'r l,t*ttllt'rlil pravigions spt forth l[.l 'lFt


Termination by Licensor: In addifisn to tlre terminsion provision sst forth in section la,above, Licensor msyffigliant$ uriu**so**r insluding 8ny license granted by Licsnssr herein, ot any rielrmgrantsd fy 1,i**# with rsptrt to sny ticensedMarlq at anjr tirne in flrcbfr bffi"h by Licensee of such limnse or tfris Agreement' or aterm or ressiction "f$runolir tn a licsn$€d Mark or ryplicebts to this Agpemenf, with respecttc urhich Licro*riitierons Licensee has not trken ndequate stqe to cure fotlowing ss d"y$ written notice ftom Licensor. Notrivithstutdhp tle foregoing,-ti**;" msy inrrnedintcly teruninnte this Agecrncnt' including ant ti**ss srsnt$d herein orrights grffnted by Licensor witb respect to any liiensd nm*irilr*sr*, in ffre rco$onsbl$ defermination of Licsrsor: (a) fails to obtain or mnhhin a connp:ehensiv* gmeral liability insurance policy in the arnount snd provided fi$ forin pnragrlph i.3n above; (b) file apetition in banknrptcy, bscom*iit*rvent orotrr*t*,i,se i*o*ure of meetiqg its financial or ifa recoiver is appointed for Licensss 9!tig-fisn$, or for ticense's busines$ (c) discontinuw itto use dre licensed Marks; {d} is in materiat brsnch ofanyi** "pr*iir"'*k bly nrbject to eure; (e) hss its operations come under thc dirmion or con$cl ufpensonncl other thsn thc pef,Io$ serving as school leffdr'r *s cfthe Effective Dat*, unlms ,*id personnel have bm npproved in advnncs ffid fn ffiiting uy-H**rsr;{s fails to cornply with the rcquirements for ta:r-emempt status uncir Internat Rwenue code section 50I{c}{3); or (s} bshavs' or it* p*ril**r ot *piorryt*ava in a manner thal in Licensofs neasonabls opinfuq fr) *ili have r **i*al dvsffie effsct on Licenso'r's reputation orths tics;;i na*tr, or the goodwil sssochted therswith and nras not




caused hy LicemoE"


by Licensse. tt,ryT1 m*y terminare rhis Ageurrent at any tirne in the event of a material brmch byued;ot,of wirh rcsps*to whish Licensee bclievs$ Lissn$trhas not t*"n aadirat* 90 days writen notice frorn ucsn$e&. {ens ts cure following fiqytcrminane this Agreernent, upon the good faith dstsmdnntiou ofl.,ir**o aftcr; consrltation with Licensor conducted in good faittt, in &e €,Tsnt of a rnaterial dimini$hmsni io goodwill associatnd with the ll{adrs u,hlsh a msasurablc matsrial harnr to any








39S$85&6y I S

$chool" (iD was not tunscd by an act or omission ofLicewee, and (ii$ continuw for rnors thsn 90 daye after nn lnitial notics ofsuch material dindnishment by Licensw ta Licen$or, such notise tn include a dcscri$iffi cf tha material dfunini*rment and harm to &e $chro{s) in zuffiqisnt d€fteil ta allow Licensor a reasonable opporftniry to rustore tha goodwill a,soriatd wift the Marks. Notnrithstnnding the forcgaing Licmsse moy lmmsdifitsly terminate this Agwnnmt if Licensor, itr tlre rffisotrnble dsterminstisn ofliscssw: (n) files a petition in banlruptcy, becomes insslvffrt or othenuise inryble of lnesting its financial obligationsn or if r recsiver is appoint€d for Licasor or for Licensor's business; {b} dismntinues its openntions; or (c) is in rutrsial breach of any tenn * not ref,sonfibly subject to



Fces: In consideration of LiceffFsns usc ofthe hildrs md Lfusn$ofs provision of scsdemic, financial, adminisuativc, tschnical and o&sr funns of support, including but not limitsd to ths Founding Suppart an4 ss dscribsd herein, certain ongrlng support to and oversight af Licensee nnd ths Schools Licensee shall poy to Licerrsor, within fiftmn (I5) days ofthe snd ofench montft beginning with *re first manth of the fisssl y$nr thet f itl include the first day sf*dcmt attendance at a School, a fes qual to eight p*ruent t8%) of Licerr$ffinr Aotal rwenue'(as required to bo calculated forpurp*m of IRS Forrr 99q Parf I, line 12, counting only per-pupil revenue) with respwtto fie applicable mssth for emh $chool for their first thrco yoars of shrdsnt anendancco six and ons halfperwnt (6.5%) for the fourth yeer, and five and ors hatfpcrcent (5.5?O for all ycfir$ thereafter. For the avoidancc of doubt, if Licen$or hns two $chools in ilrs fi$t ]rffi of&is Agreerncnt md adds two mort $rftools in the fifth )Gar, &e ryplicable pcrcentages for such fifrh ysar $hall bs five and ons half percent {5.57o} of Licensee's totnl rcvsnue *om the't{ns original Schosls nnd ei&t pcrcent (S%} of Licffi$es's futal nov$rrue from the two nsw Schools. Effest ofTennination. Upon tffiminstion, resigngtion or expiration of this Agreernent for any rc&sono Lioensss will not have any right to make ary uss wtratsasver ofthc Mad$ and Licsssr will not haw any sontiiluing right to enforcs the Licor$or Naming Right$ $st forth in $ectian ?.!. To the extent th* Lirers€B's cotponafe nam6 includes any offfre Marks, ifishding hut not limited to the "Citizens ofthe Worldo'nfims, and unlsss expres$ty agrsed to in vwiting by Licensorn Licensee shall (i) immsdiately rcqusst ofthe shfirter authorir,er thatig name be changed to a namc &at dss not include any oflhs lvfarks, or any portion of the t*{arks, following tenninntion or uryirmion ofthis Agrreruent, 6i1 use its b8st efforfs to puruue sush $sm€ chnnge rqus$t eild (ii} sxs€pt q&ers legally oblignted to use its current name pcnding such imrftsdiately coa$e use of its name drat includes the Mar*$ tr my portion ofthe lh{f,r*s pffiding such name changr and iurmediately begiu ltss"of a "doing busines$ as" fictitioui narne that doss not-includs any of the Marks, or eny portion ofthe lvlsrl(s.



?9S8.000004 EMF

tK 395$85ffirl8


{'4}, and Co-Dewlopm,mt snd tnteiliinr* Praperry ($ection survivs the tenninuion oftlris Agrffiiemt for sny rss$orr

{topt ryIment otligatio$q subject to any spplicabls tfuniggtions thereon ($ection

$umival Llpon ?erminfition: Ths provision$ of this A$€em,snt relating to the of Marla ($cction t-3i, Msd$ Protesti*n i,sectian ?.4), tinnttation tisbiliry {section 4), Indemnifr,mtion ($wtion 5}, su&aoding Reimburscmcnt




and Licensffi shall u$€ $hsir best eftffs to collaboratu' erougb diatog$s, corumunimtion, inffiactisilr nilrd mgtusl supporf in 'co'dsvsloping and continudtyinrprovfng the $chools nnd their oporations, sm$cslnm' environruent, fssilitisf,, courmunities atd sd$satioo*t opoiroce and ots-Devclopment outsomss' all in findteranss of&e CWC Fundanre$hls \ tths

&-Detrelopment'': Licensor



pnomote$ ths Co-Developmffrt frsals. 7.3

Co-Ilweloprnent shsll include the identificatibn ofpotential improvemert$n problems or areas in need ofdeirultpmen! and analisi$ of impmvement sbategies and solutions with a view t$ adopting mutuntty agrs€d sq{isnJCo-Development b intsedd to entail useful mwhanism$ allowing th* partim tc work together in develophg solufions or projecfs dwigned to resfond io question sr a need fir*


suoh 8s a new

me&od of implementstisn fcr idsntifisd project.

The parties undsrstflnd trat the resills of Co-Development csn taks many forms, surricult'f, a Foliff, a nrle of pncedruq a ofprucedunss, a


d€dmind Uitb*parties, or ajointty



herso{ a Derivative lVork shsll atrss *cfueJany cornpildion thst incorporses srch I pffiexisting wot{c. 'tmpmnmrcab" inctude *y u*icloa refinenilcnt Sqor Sprovsment to ths cwC F. *ny Inprovenrcut shall be considerd a Derivative lryol*. Licenrar *hs,ll hnve sol* ano exclwive sqm,ership of all risht, title' and interest in and to thc cwc IP, atl copiw thereo{ and ag Improvements


ot *y other form in qrhish yclpreexisting rrcrks **y b* t****r, tnansnrmsd, or adap6, and e4 ifpreparud witlrout authsrimtion ofthe owner of tha copynght in such worh would constin** s sopyright iuf iog*ffit. Far pqpo$s

snd o&sr education-related r3rutems nnanaggmsnl wpyrigh*s, sts., upotr whistl Licenseo and the schools are nnd witl ue f,asod (tL* It i$ expacred trst cer'tain rsults ofCo-&velopnnmt will constit*s .Dsivstive WorlC, or "Impmveurents'with re$pffit to ifus cwc IP" *Terivativs Ttrffk o mean$ a work trat is hased on one or rnom rwistlng worksn such as arevision, enhanccmsnt, nodifimtio& hnnsletiotr" abridgffi,sft[ condensationn ;xryror-i-rt

The re$dts sf fsiDevelopnnmt aregrr.rerally e,ryecmd to bcjointly owned by the ryties hwto. For the avoidnnss afdoubt, hon'svur' th* prties ssknowlsdge that Licsrsorhas seatd and oum$ mrain inteiloctuat prqp€rfy, including curricula


?Y108.000fin EMTJUS 3g$8$jf 6v


ucensor: In rocognition offfrc conuibution Licensss makes in suppo* of any Dsrilative wbrk or [nprovernefis, Licemsor shefl grant no Lice*sw ariiowarrnrq prrrrt *1, non.sxsrusivg royarfy fisc' rrrorld*rvide right to use ffiy such Derivatiui wo* or &nprovenrcnt$ in Licensre's non-prclt educatis;r

&encon and otherDeriv$ive Tfi*q sersfioff fiircludiqg ownmhip of all copyrieh8 and other inteilffimrJropeily *ghdperr0iiniffttlemro), snd ag copies ofanyofthe foregoiug. ticensei rn*l not [rr* uu* o, ;;r*nip of&e cwc Ip (inchding frny netivalve lvork ar lmprovements), but $hfrli havc sre fogowing limited non's,(clusivs rights *ltn *,*p*t to any hnprwcmmg arDerivative work which us€ng*

tfut"*iili*"ropffi, mivities


$scfror{ B: cEFrsRAt pnoyrsroNs

8'l 8'2

any disgute rising &orn the perforrmncc ar breach thereof shsll be govcrned by ana *nitrcsd in nccordancc wirh the trs,fir$ ofthe stme of Nen'Yorb without reference fil any mnflict oflanr provisions.

This Agrwmeff snd


scvrrebitriu: rn the event trs.qrpmvision oftrisAgrwm€Nrt is &und to be illcgel or utrGnforpeabte ii

rmain in tutt




shatl not

aftct ild"dHirv, i-s-ilty

ail o,therpmvisions hereof sllsh invatiCity, iltqgntiry or

*i o,ffo*runiry of arr

bens,fir ofrhe

egr€emsnt, coulEs oracding or perfonhance. No ftiluns on of eifterparry to exercise nnyright the part or ruy rightprovided ot otil**tit{ *1"*rr i*p-ir;*iudi,ss o*ilorttt*ts

f'frh discussions ss to s*idd;j't* r** d€$cdb*d in $ection .64. n@ theforeoi,* r#*il*u waivs ofnnyprovisionirtff, *ffieff be no dmernent, mndification or unrr** *re, in n*niting by both parties hemts' No ptovision ortn* *ffi-it sh$il ne varied, oonuaaiged or exprained by nny onnl

puruuant tn section 6'I, the partiw desft€d modification$ 6 thrbtryc

No lvlsdification or waiven Af es& renewal of tre tcrm ofthis Agreement

*n il enter iot* good



*yth#G'qn, wbsrher by opcratian sfraw or ****nt oflic*os** No*ring in tSis Agreenrsnt shall be *n*ttutu ts liruffis right oiril*orto uscign flre fti$ Agrsoiltent, provided thftt thfisil-A** or as*igRe* sgffi in $ritingMarks or bound by trp tenns and condfrioor to be #mil Agreemsnt
otheryise' without the prioiurittw

Tttl Asrseffiont shalr b, bfudrug up'n and inure to trre Licenir *J fi*ffi-_ia tnii**p*tiveliffiro* provi'ded thnt tlris Agrcernentnrny and assigns, *ot u **igo*d;, han$&,,€d, directry or indiroctl)l
by Licente to

$uccessors and$ssignst


construd' to constitute

Indepmdent contractors: Nathing ln *ris Agreernent is inetdeq or is to be a n*tto*tutig o, Ly oth*r rriatioosnip br.tureen

the parties

7e?0efinm EMF-JUS 3$S8rs{ht

third party.

orto bind any other pnrfy ro any ffinmcl uoelttrrrhg orqgr*trrt with any

hffiEto. Neithcr of the prtios to this Agrcemcfit $hatt harrs my tr$rss or irnptisd right or authority to rssums or ffi any obltgntion * n*n*fofmy otlrsr party,


Snfirc Agpe€men* This Agresrne,$t embodiw &e cuttrp understsnding between rcqpect to &e liccm$d Mfirf65, and supenedes atry prlor oornmunicstions, r€Pm$ffitttioffi or undwmndiggs n'iflt r*rpo, thurto, whetbcr urritten or onnl.

fte p*rtier hereto, iottyditti **rt

Any noticss or other communicatiansrequhdto bs given by either psrty pursuant to this Agrccment sheil bs in nnitins snd pensonatty dsliysrsd orreilt ry #*ffi.d ar rugistered mait, m by commerciel ove'rnight coutlcr service *ith encking *prfilitim, costs prppsid, to the -

following nddrcsre*

c/o l(rup De$eL $ecretary 5731 Wilshire Btvd, $uite

citizens ofrhe world char$r schools

Los Angelss, CA g0tl36


Erith a copy to:

& Wiiliams LLC

550 $autt Hope Sfrest, $uite A00(} Lo$ Angels, Cnlifornia g00?l

Athr: Of€r




Citi&n$ ofthe World Charter $chool New c/o Diqne Robinson, plesident ADDRE$S:


With a copy to:
Goldban & Gotdban pI,tC 555 Fifth Avenus 6s New Yorb l.fy l00l7 Atfrr; David Goldban



(,$fgnafirru page

fo ltou'f,)

?U08.{f0004 EildS_{B 39iffi

g6v I


ffi r[$ffi$


* l$pw Yol* sdkodlon eorforrttq,

f,lfur afro. wurtd ch$tnr s*sd r$rnr u'rtl,


IN srrrNffis w$sREoF, Licenf,sr ild --* Licsnm cawrd thi$ '"w*'-r havs l.ran fl8tw$c$r Agreffr*nt r$ to bo I '*r'v vsr'crtr mtarud tn6 ro ofthg Effecilvg Df,tfi.

a csti&rnfin nourprorgqub$o

Clthgtrs of tbs lyorld Chsilsr $chook,

uun*t aoilorsrion

a}*knp Yo*k education

of rh* T[orrd chartgr sokosr


l*ffr vcrkl,

rumfi0oEsiqtflf 3'ffiffirrr



CWC $ervicee

8s08.000018 EIilF_IXS :HS,SSSHivt g

License and .*f;Hliatisn Agreement


Unlcss othcnriss

Licenm and Affiliation Agreeurenl

idisf,td, ternrs uscd hsrsin rhnll have ffre mssnings

ascri66d in the

communities asd ducational experienceurd outcomes, all in frrrtherffnce ofthe CWC Fundametrtals, and the partiw eipect tlnt &c followine cfirC be subje'r to discussion and cngngement on an ongoing bnsis.

Pursuant to the Agreerrrsu[ Liccnsor and Liccnsse espect to engage in ongoing collaborative effuts, thnouqh diatogue, conrmunlcatiort intwaction a$d mutual sqppo4 in co-developing the Schools end tfi'eiroperation*, cuniculurn, environment, facilitics,


This first phasc int'olves cwc's role in ticemsesk sfrart trp nnd leunclr pe*iod, During this phnse, cwc dstennined to enter$qregion rffe.r completiug a significant amount of cornmunity oufreash and tEssalth. pfoarrned all firncti".* obthin charter aproval. cs/c has directedlwc "[r*r"y to and co*tio,r*s to dircct thc rccruimeirl sslection and onbosding of License€'s founding boflrd membsrs school teadsr talent These cwc $eryic€s are rendercd for purposes afcrmting the and Ctnoor* and ensuring fireir $rccessfirl larnch.


$hrt-uprlaunch SupfrtfCharhr ltevelopmcnt



' fiffi!ffi-HffiH I
cwc mnffand

' t cwc €trgryss locat sxpsfis to gEin *nfrtuge on how to be succe*sfi,l in - --- -"' obmining chrter in sperified *groo" cwc is engngcd wi*l public reildons s$cgy as nreded to be ' adaptive responsive and

cwc assesses fit for school rnodsl by researching community interssts, dmogrqphics, and political climats_ cwc cng&8ffi wiill tocal coqmustfy, insluding outreach to prenfi, coss'unrfy Icadorq shrt'r sdvocfftss and odrerksy $tnkehordem.

to community oufteach n'sds, regutarlv to &e r*gion in order ro buitd ctnong retationships



ryplicabls Lic€nsss &urding board

msrob will att€md


c1t/c wiu insurrnar;{c*ing

palEnt engggunent documents snd hfinmatlon about ttr* cWC

s?rysfisss canristing of rnarketing mflnterat such as


w*t*orn and the

Rrorl Uahcom docwnmt prcfrry nrna

License and .&ffiliatian Agreement




CWC develops the oYerall acadsr$is *nm$rork and ds$igrt for th* $slrools within the arc'a$ ofCurriculumn llrsnnrctiannl lds&ds and *,sssssmffie, through thc chafisring pff)scss. The charts tpplicstion pxlcs$$ wiH bs isitiatd wift the chsrtering qg€6cy. Ths chartsr petition is writen tvith ttmrough descriptions ofths ssademic progrnm and goyernanse. CWC $tnffwill anend nreetings with frre *mrtering asency cfficials and respond to fusdbsck snd request for change,s in petition Uy cninerfng egffiay and stakeholdsrs. All aryec*s of the charter petitiou wilt be negotiated $rith thc ctrartering agpncy. CWC witl p*rfonn political advo*ary intendsd to ensur rpproval offre chaffer.



ofaction ofths CWC Nctwol*. CWC will assss$ regionnl land$ctps for blent pipelines nnd build rclstionshrps as needed w*th potential talent networ{qs.

CWC refiuits and *bnbostds" Licenree's frundlng board memtrgrs with educstian sboub and the bocrd membars cndorwn tre miseion, vision and tlreory

B. t I ' I ' ' I . I o ' 'I ' I

Schml OpemtioneiTinaneflnftsstruc{rrc $sfrp

CWC ssss$$es l€vsnue of region to understond the finsncid viability of the

dilrctons and officers.

Cwc dcvclops an initial school b*dget as part of the chartering proces$. CWC initiates frcility convsrsefio* *ittr fb**f *rrp*rt*. Lawyers frs engqged to adviss on the clrsrtsr apfticstion nnd Licen$ee,s corponete fffimation and tan-exempti*fi. CWC s€ts tlp corpornts structure etd undertakss initiel f*dpral, stato and local rsgulatory filings. Papoll hlr idsntification numbers rrill bc appli,sd frr, bo& fedsral and stats. Dfues'tors nnd officer"s insuancs witrl be s* up uy cwc t* Liccnsee,s



I,ocal hnk nscounts wilt be eskbH$hsd. CWC stnffwill recnrit and atffist Licrus*e's Executive Dirwtor snd $chool

cwc will frain Licensw board and sfftCI build contsxt snd knowledge on the CWC educntional model and cornrniheut to diversity. CUIC will nreisee *re dewlopmu* sffte opcr$ing [udg€,t cwc wiil provide zerointeresrsrur*ap fid;i;g, CWC will vst vendons and malce t***e*rdations to Licenses*$


cwc *affto Licensee direGtors aild $tnff, who $'ilt rccsive r"pport aad coaching by cwc. ingdng CWC $taffwill continue to havel ta rtrsjocal*iiln: -*- -v'v=
be mn$itlansd to from




Srrprl Uufrrorrn dssmnut Fropsrlf Dafls.

License and Affitia$on Agreement





CI$C n'iil pruvid* ***nsse 's bosrd and lesdership with Hurnan Re$ource ' ftiring papenuodg palsoll s€L €fic,)


h the second pfuass ofCWC and Licenses's rfilstion$in the role ofCSfC intentionagy diminishm with t&s ultimate goal of Lise$sffi schievind;h* sapscity to independently ftlfill ths role snd rcsponsibilities $st forth tn thc ctrartir. In phase'ih*, a C\ffC $tatr mernbsr may srve ss a Licenses board membeq ensurhg tlrnt &e €srgyear$ aru successfitl md benefit &om CTYC Nenvark les$ons learnir" rf ffces$rue requests ndditional ltslp $r seryicss frorn Cwc, and cwc is capable ofdslivc*ng such support st high lwsls of quoliry, cwc shdl undertakn its b*$t *tfar* ro accommof,at* *rr"ruqusst.
During Phasc finrc, as outlined in Sr*tloo 3 cfthis Agrccmenr *nd in tlre chsrtru CWC will (i) conduct $chool evsluations, (ii) fasilitats cwb Nehffork infsrffsfion sharing and wo*ing to replicme best practices *gng atrl *chaob in the CWC Naturork, and (iiil support ths $chools in deterrnining effssti*r,E knawledge rnansgsfitent s)ffitern$. In so doing, cwc ulill continue to puvide suppsfi in nnany arlsirs.



cwc will collaborate wie Licensee in snpport of curr,icular decislons aftd best ' practices for irnplementation


in the chartnr.

md exscuti*n ofth* p*grro, fird cunicula cutlined

cwc *ill supprt $chool

Schaols is s$ong. Teschsrevsluation models wilt bs uraM by CWC and providad ta Licen$€o with examplm for etrec'tivc impl,emen&tisn. school cvaluations will be dwslopd md conducied by crfc- Ths wsluntion prosess will' fucus of cutcaumee nnd ftlfiltmsmt ofthe mission and the 9n ryality CWC Ftmdsmefitals' Thsss rsvisws wlII provide fssdbachto School lenders that they lrlsy ulF in making prograrnmdic dceisions. In u*Oitio& this proctrs witl identi& ponnising practices to share fisno$s &e CWC hnetworfr.

CwC utiil pruvide $upport to En$uffi e&t ths-social emstisnnl-pigrnm in the

Imdsr$bip raining on pmysn pdagogicnl practicw,

B" I I t


Nefsrotk' Ptrsnt Network and Exeruniw

CWC wilt tupport Sshools in twemgtng talent ecrpss and be.rond fire CWC Nshmrk CWC will rupport key Licensse leaden$hip talent, including its Board of Dfupcto'q Exmufive Dfuwtors md $chmi hincipals. As p*rt ofthe cwc Networlq $clr*st lesders wili sain s*ce$s to a Frincipal


Dirwtsrfrrfi**r, all fffsilinated by

Brrarl Unknsrm

Sampnt prsp€rty r'rm&

Llcense and SffiIiation Agreernent




CWC wiH pnwide zupport to lsffil rcgiat'$c$nmunityuutrcach efbrts


l" 2, 3.

CWC support oftrffi$ition and onboarding ofneiu $choot leadens in cotlabbiation with Licem*oe's boar{ urith atffiition to parent nrd comrnunity rslatiomrhips snd contenl C$rC will develop rqlicable nratsrials fur Schmt teders in Se erca of parcnt/community outnessh,
CWC wiil fnoilitnte virtro"l parcnt rneeting* for the entire CWC Nefnork to frrr*rer bNdld mrnmunity rcms ths CWC Network and to ensurc &at netry Isarfifug$ arc $hf,red bstn*em camrnunitie$.

CWC will prnvide public relstio$s suppsrt to sufrance fte repuution oftlre brand sd thc $chsol ir the local canrmunig.


$chool Operafionsltr'Inanmffufrnstructure


CWC will prforur financial ovwsight {rvsr Liccnsee and the &hool$ fio ensure (i) thnt $tsng finnncial confiols nE in plm and (ii) overall financial h#nlth. CWC witl cpntinue to vet and ffis*mtuffid vcndors. CWC will shsrs best practicw ta insmss Licenseens opcrationnl efficiency. CWC will zupport Lice,r$se's leadership in cruating th€ir $ffisegy for futrre gluurth.

E" $ef*b*cks


In &s went proble'ms sdre in ths follorring afiBas, CWC will use fts bm support Licmsee and such Sclmol urittr rmlution of the ibsue:

eftrts to

Errorl Uuhown


prop€rty nams-

License and Affiliation Agreement


l. Acadsmic perfsrm*nss 7,, Community Reldiore 3. Diversity 4. chartcring Authories Regurations 5. Ernployce Rslations 6. Financial Condition 7, Internal Contuolsffraud 8. Vendor euality Assurance 9. $tr,:ategic Vision Alignmcnt 10" Cuniculum Design qlfclil4l$p{ *"
as the



Licenseg id€nti&:ng and resobrring problenr$ issues fisd challengcs thar arise n,ith respffi to &e sciroois or &is Agrucnsnl and rcDonuncndins mors e6uve coordinatian anl collabonation bctnrucn ttrc parties herstq as apprspride' Licensor shnll *-ki;;rod frirh sfforr to (U ssts$t r cwc Liaison that Licsnssrn?sonabty bclicvw*-tfid br;*rd6lh m Li-e$w ud (l) intnoduw &e cwc Liailolu toa any replr*anent sr $uscs$or th€fisof, to Lice'$ss. Licensee may convsy to Licensot, tioorigh ss cwc tiaisoi or thmrrgh officer of Licorunr' my manerisl issues or concstTrs a{& ths cwc ti8iffin. ticen$or 'nyshall u$e to ddress any such imrEs ot wtrich l.iwnsoi soncurs in good

ons $r moIE enefidive lsvel employes$ ofl,icsilsor shalf r8sponsible for Licsnsor sommunlc*lons with

.{clyc Liaison,

*n o*

trrort Unlunwn

dotnrmsm propertf




fI.S" TrEdEms* Regishntion NB. qSS?,fi4I
(Appliomiom !,*[o- 85ll3


Mnrk crrlzm{s or THE TroRI-D fiI{ARTER $cHool,



No. ?y209.S000fr2

2' All potcnthln pding or cxi*ting
li$tcd in

namss, rryisrcrions and application*

serviw rnfrrk& dmign rmrrsq 66a ${ms$, domain

iffir l, abvc,

"Cifisw$ ofths Ttfor{# and

orsny zubsmutfutlykmihrmarfq inclu6lry btttnut limited oC$ffi,

furrcSffitianih*n*or** ffipscf trtlre hadeinarlc


??Dfi n0Hnm'f FJWt9$ffiffi


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