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Open System platform for Advanced Process Control using the MATLAB/SIMULINK-DDE-Client The MATLAB/SIMULINK-DDE Client, in the form of a set of blocks for SIMULINK, is a real-time online interface between MATLAB/SIMULINK and any dynamic data exchange (DDE) servers. It enables you to reduce substantially the amount of engineering time and effort needed for advanced process control projects. It ensures a quicker transition from offline simulation under SIMULINK to online testing in the actual process rapid prototyping of automation functions with the full range of the MATLAB functionality. This assures security and you do not need to implement again the algorithm that was developed in M ATLAB, which in turn saves time and money and prevents errors.

For Advanced-Process-Control
Product Description Version 10/02

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ADVANCED PROCESS CONTROL Advanced control strategies are gaining an ever stronger foothold in the process industry. The growing demands on control functions cannot be met with conventional PI(D) controllers. Improvements in the performance capabilities of automation equipment hold out the prospect of using advanced process control as a means of fulfilling these more stringent requirements and at the same time achieving a distinct competitive edge. Since APC algorithms are not in standard use in process control at the present time, they are developed individually for each particular application. This means that it is essential to weigh the costs involved against the benefits that can be achieved. This in turn is only possible by means of online testing of the algorithms using the actual ongoing process and must on no account endanger the security of process control. The MATLAB/SIMULINK-DDE Client represents an ideal solution to this problem.

Sample application Multi-variable controller for quality control of a distillation column with a compensating net-w ork.

M ATLAB/SIMULINK is a highly versatile mathematical software tool with a variety of functionality in the fields of automatic control engineering, data processing, model construction, reengineering, and data analysis. MATLAB/ SIMULINK – the most widely used software tool for the development of advanced functions (algorithms) in the context of advanced control. Up to now, integrating these functions into the process in real-time mode has needed a considerable amount of time, effort and expenditure. You can save time and money by incorporating directly the experience that you gained offline into the online process using the open system platform based on the MATLAB/SIMULINK-DDE Client.

Using Siemens AG’s SIMATIC PCS7 process control system (based on WinCC) and the integrated DDE (Dynamic Data Exchange) server, makes available all the variables that are declared in WinCC via a DDE channel for both read and write access within SIMULINK.

MATLAB/SIMULINK and the DDE client can be installed on one of several available redundant operator stations or on an additional PC. Communication is initialized and controlled by the DDE client.

MATLAB/SIMULINK-DDE Client is available for . The trigger block synchronizes and monitors communication and issues alert signals if there is a fault or break in the DDE channel. . This consists of three blocks: Order number: 2XV9450-1WC12-0LA0 Trigger-block: This allows users to specify the DDE communication partners. which can then be integrated into the distributed control system PCS 7. • Testing and optimizing the solution on the process.siemens.Connection to older control systems.Connection to any DDE servers. .com/it4industry Version 1. • Offline synthesis of possible solutions using M ATLAB/SIMULINK. and the standard @aGlance-DDE-Bridge. I/O block: The “Adde” block writes data from MATLAB to the DDE server. • Configuring any backup functions that are needed in the process control system (PCS 7) if not yet realised. • Offline testing by simulating the algorithms using MATLAB/SIMULINK. • Connection of the process control system (PCS 7) to MATLAB/SIMULINK using the M ATLAB/SIMULINK DDE-Client. TCP/IP. • Configuring the connection in the process control system (PCS 7).com http://www.Network connection to PCS7 via an @aGlance server “@PCS7”. 06/2004 © Siemens AG 2004 All Rights Reserved . .g. • If applicable. TELEPERM M via W inTM/Serv. Germany Siemens Aktiengesellschaft Contact: Telephone: Fax: E-Mail: WWW: Your IT4Industry Team +49 (91 31) 7-4 61 11 +49 (91 31) 7-4 47 57 it4industry@siemens. transfer of proven functions into function blocks. please get in touch with us directly or visit our Internet/Intranet sit If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact us at the following address: Siemens AG Industrial Solutions and Services IT Plant Solutions I&S IT PS 21 Werner-von-Siemens-Straße. parameterization of the DDE server on the system platform. including analysis of the measured process data in MATLAB/SIMULINK. 60 91052 Erlangen. the data format and the sampling time. If you would like more information about the M ATLAB/SIMULINK-DDE Client for Advanced Process Control.Connection to any SIMATIC systems via a PG/OS with W inCC/PCS7 and the associated DDE server or directly via the SimaticNet OLE/DDE-Manager. The “Edde” block reads variables into MATLAB and converts them to the appropriate format.0.Typical procedure: • Offline analysis of the problem to be solved. e.