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In 1989 History Came to

an End!
In 2009 History Came
Back Again!

Once upon a time there was a big ship. It was tall and strong and
beautiful. It sailed the seas so stately-so. It visited all the oceans.
It withstood storms. Resisted high waves. Broke chunks of ice and
tilled on through to its destination. In its wake its friends followed
comfortably. They depended on the big ship to open new frontiers
for them. For decades everyone was happy. Then the ship stalled.
It began to take on water. Will it sink? Will it slurp into the deep
and suck along with it the leading industrial nations? Why not?

If one needs evidence that the DisUnited States of Northamerica

has lost its stature as the so-called “leader of the world,” it might
be wise to visit one of the hundreds upon hundreds of think tanks in
existence where muddled “thinktankers,” in disarray and desperate,
can be scrutinized. It is as if these intellectual obscurantists have
mislaid all sense of reality—theirs! They have been smitten cruelly,
and their haughtiness has been placed on a backburner. One of
them—who, as did Columbus—presumed the world was flat, that it
was finally a level economic playing field for the entire globe, has so
much egg on his face, he hesitates to appear before public
audiences to avoid being pelted even more.
For twenty years these dabblers, these eradicators of History rode
high on their megalomania touting here, there and everywhere that
their Northamerican-Anglo dynasty, their Judeo-Christian
“Democratic” Capitalism was humankind’s best destined political
aspiration, the winner of the tug-of-war between autocracy and
democracy, and that the globe would be showered with the manna,
from the heavens above, produced by the unselfish efforts of a
worldwide oligarchy working night and day for all our benefits.
Amen, brothers and sisters, Amen! Amen!! Amen!!!
Listen to once-Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, The Little Fat
Witch, on 19 February 1998: “We stand tall and we see further than
other countries into the future.” They certainly do! As of today,
each and every Northamerican, all 300,000,000 of them, owes
Chinese banks $3000! And who knows how many other liabilities
Northamericans will have to reimburse in coming decades to pay off
their bacchanalia of greed and corruption.
Those Jesuit-like conventionalists, padded with the lovability of their
verbal drivel, who had divided the world up among the DUS, Europe
and China, are in for another merciless jolt: the free-falling
deterioration of respect for Western Civilization and its Judeo-
Christian “Democratic” Capitalist hegemony suspected by all on all
corners of the globe.
One can observe that the most vociferous proponents of the anti-
autocracy crusade are those who have become tyrannical
themselves. Very often they are in cahoots with authoritative
coteries that influence, flagrantly, the mechanisms of that
“democracy” they define as the one which belongs to the people.
These elites block the average citizens’ likelihoods of participating
in their government by employing economic, legislative and judicial
obstacles which serve to wall out qualified political personages in
opposition to them. The despots spiel on about the “openness” of
their “democratic” system, but, in fact, it is “clubby” and restricted
to the few. When elections are held little choice is offered. There is
a political echo rebounding throughout the “democratic” domain:
“One party is just about the same as another.” Voters do not
choose, they ratify. Government is under surveillance. The legal
arrangement is used viciously to punish political enemies. For
minor political reprobates there are prison stretches often founded
on trumped-up charges. The DUS’s detention system is a shameful,
shoddy conglomeration of injustice and inequality both of which
promote recidivism.
The media too often works hand in hand with this oppressive cabal,
and at press conferences queries are posited to accommodate
political postures. All journalists know well what questions they
dare not ask. Any individual who possesses the minimum inkling as
to what is evolving in this world, can predict, sarcastically, the
questions noodle-headed penny-a-liners posit at these journalistic
The conservation of supremacy has become more critical than the
endeavour to manage an economy more resourcefully and fairly for
all. That is an obvious imperative. Body guards, super-protected
limousines, isolated summit latitudes and longitudes (Bill Gates
pronounced that video-conferencing will be the next stage in the
electronic evolution) and foodstuff tasters come together to deflect
our attention from pertinent issues. The image of a supernatural-
like, almost religious happening is screened for us to give the sense
that there is in progress some only one of its kind paranormality.
While concentrating on matters considered more important than
ones which truly affect the lives of citizens on our planets, politicos
have been irresponsible and dangerously naive. Particularly after
the Second World War—yet well before that—three crucial life-
threatening dilemmas afflicting the human race and the planet
upon which it exists were marginalized and discussed, as a rule,
with put-off-to-tomorrow expressions of aloofness:
I. The Population Upsurge. In 1961, there were more
or less 3,000,000,000 Earthly inhabitants. Today, the world is
approaching 7,000,000,000. Modern science has designed
agricultural methods which have removed for many the burden
of having to grow their own food. As a consequence, people
have roamed from rural areas into enormous megatropolis.
There they have stressed unimaginably the Earth and the
resources it offers us endangering their own lives and those of
their neighbours. The strain in the biosphere and the
consequent disasters that ensue are corollaries that
necessitated consideration at least a century before.
II. The Spectre of Injustice & Inequality. Throughout
the world people are outraged and violence, more and more,
has become the exclusive outlet for many. Half the world lives
on a daily pittance that would buy someone a bag of French
fries/chips in an industrially advanced nation. The distribution
of wealth is dramatically lopsided. Poor people believe that
they are the victims of the industrial world’s voracious appetite
for their natural resources, and the historical sense of
grievance they bear, exacerbates their condition and goads
them on to voice disapproval.
III. The Haves & The Have-Nots. The world is tending to
divide itself into two mammoth movements: the “rich” and
the poor, those who have and those who have not—if but a
little. Already, rage is being foisted upon the Robber Barons of
the Judeo-Christian “Democratic” Capitalism, and people, from
all socio-economic strata, duped by banks and financial
organizations, are rebelling as never before. The situation is
so desperate, government leaders are joining forces to plug
those gaps left by the horrible debauch of self-indulgence and
sleaze now that the party is over.
There is a money factory in Washington, DC. Officially, it is called
the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. Engraving money is a
complicated process which involves more than sixty-five separate
and distinct steps. The Money Factory declares that in FY2008 38
million notes/bills were produced each day with a face value of
about $629 million. In FY2008, a total of 7.7 billion notes, at a cost
of 6.4 cents per note, were delivered. Ninety-five percent of the
notes printed each year are used to replace notes both in and out of
circulation. (By the way, if you had ten billion $1.00 notes and
spent one every second, it would require 317 years for you to go
broke. [See]).
Well now, where do we go from here? Multiply 7.7 billion by 6.4
cents and see what you come up with! Enough to see the Dow
Jones drop another 100 points? Enough to realize that a little more
than one note, of differing denominations, is printed for each and
every human being on Earth. What does this say about economic
planning? What does this mean for Judeo-Christian “Democratic”
Capitalism and Socialism?
We are not going to solve the world’s problems printing paper
money! What is at stake is very much further from the lone
consideration of economic factors. If the world is to survive, it must
come to reflect on those basic concerns which affect each and
every one of us. People must come together. Governments must
encourage the interplay of social and political affairs which reach
out to all. President Barack Obama will not be able to “pull it off”
because the DUS has not the respect of the rest of the world.

Authored by Anthony St. John

6 April 2009
Calenzano, Italia

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