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A Project Report On

MARKET RESPONSE FOR RL PRODUCTS IN UTTARAKHAND DISTRICT For The Partial Fulfillment of Degree in Master of Business Administration (M.B.A)

Submitted to: Akshay Kohli MBA-3RD SEM

Submitted by: Mrs.Ritu

Amarpali Institute of Management Studies & Computer Application Shiksha Nagar, Lamachur, Haldwani. 2013

This project has been undertaken as a partial fulfillment of the requirements for the awarding of the degree of Bachelor of Business Administration by Kumaun University, Nainital. Further I declare that this project is my original work and the analysis and the findings are for academic purpose only. This project has not been presented in any seminar or submitted elsewhere for the award of any degree or diploma.

There is always a sense of gratitude which one express to other for the helpful so Needy services they render during all phases of life. I would like to express my Gratitude towards all those who have been helpful to me in getting this mighty. Task of training to a successful end. First of all, I consider it a pleasant duty to express my heartfelt appreciation, gratitude and indebtedness to Mrs Ritu tiwari mam for her keen interest, Invaluable pain taking & excellent guidance, patience, endurance, Encouragement & thoughtful advice throughout the project work duration. I would also like to be thankful to Mr. sanjay mishta (ASM, RL Products, HALDWANI), who has given me the right Way to prepare my project report. I am also thankful to all my friends who gave me constant & continuous Inspiration to complete this project.

Contents : Chapter I
Introduction Objectives of study Period of study Methodology Scope of the study Limitations of the study Chapter arrangements

Chapter II
Industry profile Company/ organization profile

Chapter III
Data analysis & Interpretation

Chapter IV
Findings Suggestions & Recommendations Conclusion

Bibliography: Annexure

The project is a study of Market response for RL products in uttrakhand district. The study is undertaken to understand all the negative and positive perceptions about RL products. RL was chosen because it produces packaged foods indifferent range - spices, vermicelli, papads , pickles, chips, snacks, soyaari, gulab jamun mix and namkeens. For the purpose of this study we prepared research tools like questionnaire, to find out t he relevant primary data pertaining to know market response for RL products. The data was collected based on the information provided by the shopkeepers. Besides the primary data collected with the help of the questionnaire, we also collected secondar y data from internet blogs. Based onthe relevant primary and se co ndary data, a comparative study has been also due to understand the Market response for RL products in uttrakhand district.This is conducted in july-august 2013 in Uttrakhand district ,India; so the information is relative to uttrakhand state only. The whole project is divided in four Parts: 1. First part consists of introduction, Objective of studies, Research Methodology, scope of study. 2. Second part consists of industrial profile, Company profile. 3. Third part consists about Data analysis. 4. Fourth part consists of Recommendation and suggestion, Interpretation and findings.


Summer training is a part of the MBA programme structure. A requirement to be a fulfilled for award of the degree. The summer training was done in Kumar Audyogic vikas P.v.t L.t.d (R.L Masala). In Uttrakhand district (Dharchula,pithoragarth,Daniya,Almora,Ghat ) .During training I will meet their shopkeepers and distributers to talk about our products. Marketing is typical seen as the task of creating, promoting, and delivering goods and services to consumer and business .In fact, marketing ten types of entities, goods, service, experience, events, persons, places, properties, events, persons, places, properties, organizations, information and ideas. Marketing is a societal process by which individuals and groups obtain what they need and want through creating, offering and freely exchanging products and services of value with others. Marketing can also be described as the art of selling products, but marketing is not selling only, selling is only tip of the marketing in charge. The marketing of today includes different subjects like, product management, sales management and most important is the consumer business which includes, the consumer retained, motivation for consumers, the buying patter of consumer their attitudes and perception towards the products. The marketing department is much concentrated on the consumers attitude and their Behaviour as the midpoint of marketing action. This project deals with the consumer perception .Perception can be described as .How we see the world around us. Two individuals may be subject to the same apparent conditions but how each person recognizes them, organizes them and interprets them is a highly individual process based on each person own needs, values and expectation. The market for processed foods is growing at a consistent rate due to a strong shift in consumer taste and preferences. Company like MTR have introduced a variety of products at a disposal of a consumer, which as encouraged the use of ready to eat items because now a days consumer wants ready to eat items. The perception of the consumers towards such products is fast Changing in accordance with the different life style and opinion. Retailing giants like FOOD WOR LD have encouraged and pushed the processed food products towards unimaginable sales. The concepts of this type of products have strong roots in retailing, as they are responsible for pushing processed food. R.L has been in the market for the last 10 years. The Company has focused on building its brand value through variety of consumers regarding R.L a product. The study was carried out to understand the Market response of R.L products in uttrakhand district

Chapter Arrangement:

Chapter 1
This chapter of the project includes the introduction, chapter arrangements, Objectives of study, Period of study, Methodology, Scope of the study, Limitations of the study.

Chapter 2
This part of the project report states the theoretical background and profile of the company.

Chapter 3
This part of project contains data analysis on the basis of questionnaire and findings.

Chapter 4
In this part of the project report I finally conclude the project with some recommendation.

Objectives of study:

1. To Study the Market response of R.L Products in Uttrakhand district . 2. To Study the sales of R.L Products in hilly areas in small towns. 3. To find that the customers are liking the R.L Product taste or not. 4. To find that sales persons are timely visited or not to check demand and sales 5.The study of this research also analyses the findings and provide R.L product with the effective recommendations or suggestions.

Period of study:
This project was executed during the summer break after second semester the researcher was associated with R.L products in Uttrakhand district from June-July (2 month)approx. One month adjusted to collect primary data. One month adjusted to analysis the data and remaining project work.

Sample size:
I have interviewed about 120 people as an sample size during the period time of 2 month uttrakhand district. As, I have taken only 120 people as an sample size because; It was a short period of time and working area are in hills.

Methodology Adopted:

Technique Used: Qualitative Techniques or measurement Techniques

(Collection of data, graph ,mean, median &mode)

Data source:
Data collected from: we are collected data from Uttrakhand district (Dharchula,Pithoragarth,Daniya,Ghat,Almora) we are collected data from small and big shopkeepers.

Data type:
Primary data was collected with the help of Questionnaires Company employees view Secondary data was collected with the help of Company broachers Internet

Area of Study:
The Area of study was basically in Dharchula, pithorargarh, Ghat, Daniya, Almora.

Sampling method:
Sampling method : Sample unit: Sampling units consisted in Dharchula,Pithoragarth,daniya,ghat,Almora. Research Instruments: Questionnaire is used to extract the information from the respondents. Questions were: Multiple choice

Scope of study:
The study is clear, as we analyze the performance of the employees to enrich their higher job and to make the job more interesting and challenging. Evaluation of performance of an individual employee, in the organization is essential for their development and also for the financial and moral upliftment of the employee. Through this study, performance of individual employees can be estimated in concern of promotion system of the organization, in all the three cadre of the organization viz. workman, supervisor, and executive and feedback is provided for the development of employee as well as organization.

Limitations of the study:

1. Survey is done under limited time constraint so the completeness Of the product may not be sure. 2. Market is more heterogeneous so the survey is not too flexible. 3. Consumer taste and preferences are hard to judge so it can change frequently. 4. People were hard pressed with time so most of them were reluctant to answer. 5. Money was another main problem during the research 6. Some of the respondent was not genuinely helpful, cooperative and responsive



FMCG industry
Alternatively called as CPG(consumer packed goods)industry primarily deals with the production, distribution and marketing of consumers packaged goods. the fast moving consumer goods is those consumables which are normally consumed by the consumers at a regular interval .some of the prime activities of FMCG industry are selling ,marketing, financing, purchasing etc.the industry also engaged in operations ,supply chain ,production and general management.

FMCG industry economy

The competition among FMCG manufacturers is also growing and as a result of this ,investment in FMCG industry is also increasing, specifically in India, where FMCG industry is regarded as the fourth largest sector with total market size of us(dollar)13.1 billion. FMCG sector in India is estimated to grow 60% by 2010 .FMCG industry is regarded as the largest sector in New Zealand which accounts for 5% of Gross Domestic product.

Common FMCG products

Some common FMCG products categories inclutide food and dairy products, glassware, paper products, pharmaceuticals consumer electronics, packaged food products ,plastic goods, printing and stationery ,household products, photography, drinks etc and some of the examples of FMCG products are coffee ,tea, dry cells ,greeting cards, gifts, detergents, toba Cco and cigarettes, watches, soaps etc.

Market potentiality of FMCG industry

Some of the merits of FMCG industry ,which made this industry as a potential are low operational cost ,strong distribution networks, presence of renowned FMCG companies. population growth is another factor which is responsible behind the success of this industry.



KUMAR AUDYOGIC VIKAS L.T.D P.V.T Kumar Audyogic Vikas L.t.d P.v.t K 47/2 Visheshwar Ganj Varanasi There are few things that permeate Indian life so completely as spices. The aroma, colour, taste and texture of the astonishing varieties of spices in India nourish a rich variety of cuisines and cultures. Earlier, spices were chosen, measured, pounded and mixed, all in the kitchen. It took hours to prepare these spice recipes passed down by generations. Today, millions of homes enjoy the same authentic taste and aroma of traditional delicacies, with Everest's perfect blend of pure spices. These blends even bring the regions closer by providing the authentic taste of other regional cuisines, in the convenience of a pack, at home.

Legal Status of Firm

Private Limited Company

Nature of Business

Manufacturer, Exporter, Wholesaler, Trade

R.L wide range of products includes Spices, Gulab jumun mixes, soya bari and variety of pickles & papads, and Namkeens.

To be an indispensable companion in every kitchen to help create authentic and delicious Indian food. OUR VALUES : EXCELLENCE : s Constantly focus on building expertise, thereby enhancing R.L potential for quantum growth

PASSION: Create energy and excitement at work Motivate by example Conviction and courage to lead

INNOVATION : Constantly look for new and better ways to delight consumers

INCLUSIVENESS : Ensure individuals' dignity in all interactions by addressing the issue and not the person .Encourage ideas from people at all levels

OPENNESS : Give, receive and seek feedback without bias/prejudice (regardless of source)

Products : Spices Pickles Sweets

Papad Namkeens Other products

Spices :
Mutton masala Garam masala Chicken masala Chola chana masala Sambhar masala Kitchen king masala Pav bhaji masala Kasoori masala Kanda lasun masala etc .

Mango pickles Green chili pickles Red chili pickles Mix pickles

Gulab jumun mix Shevai vermicelli Rosted Shevai vermicelli Cut

Papad :
Papad Ata Papad Masala Moog Special Papad Urad Papad Disco Papad Tikila Papad

Namkeen :
Moong Dal Namkeen Bhujiya Namkeen Aloo Bhujiya Namkeen Chana Garam Namkeen Nut Cracker Namkeen


DATA ANALYSIS AND INTERPRETATION Q1 Are you aware about RL products ? Particulars Yes No No of Respondents 80 40


33% Yes No 67%

Interpretation:The above figure state that 67% of respondents know about RL and 33% do not know so we have to do a Awareness program.

Q2 What do you think RL should do a advertisement of its products? Particulars Yes No No of Respondents 80 40



Yes 67% No

Interpretation:The above figure state that RL should do a advertisement as 67% of respondents are saying this by this we can increase our sales.

3. Does your outlet cover entire range of RL products?

Particulars Yes No

No of Respondents 90 30


25% Yes No


Interpretation:In the above figure 75% of respondents cover entire range of RL products and those who are not covering they are saying that we dont because we dont have proper storage facility.

4. What is your Frequency of order taken?

Particulars Monthly once

No of Respondents 20

Monthly twice Monthly thrice Monthly four times

40 25 35

17% 29% Monthly once Monthly twice Monthly thrice 34% 21% Monthly four times

Interpretation:The above figure state that RL is performing well as the frequency of order taken by dealer is well it was 34% twice in a month and 29% four times in a particular month.

5.What is Your Frequency of delivery of stock?

Particulars Monthly once

No of Respondents 20

Monthly twice Monthly thrice Monthly four times

40 35 25



Monthly once Monthly twice 29% 33% Monthly thrice Monthly four times

Interpretation:The above figure state that the delivery of stock is also well as it was 33% twice in a month so we can say that company is doing well as distributers are delivering stock at a good pace to retailers means demand is there in the market.

Q6. How often the company sales person visits your shop? Particulars Visit regularly (every month) No of Respondents 80

Occasionally No visit

30 10



Visit regularly (every month) Occasionally No visit 67%

Interpretation:If we talk about the visit of company sales person 67% of respondents are saying that they are visiting regularly and only 8% of respondents are saying that there is no visit of sales man.

Q7. Are you satisfied with the distributor regarding the trade terms? Particulars No of Respondents

Partially Satisfied Satisfied Not Satisfied

60 35 25



Partially Satisfied 50% Satisfied Not Satisfied 29%

Interpretation:In the above figure 50% of the respondents are partially satisfied with the distributer trade term and 29% of respondents are satisfied with the trade terms.

Q8.What do you think about availability of stock of RL products? Particulars No of Respondents

Available Not Available

80 40


33% Available not available 67%

Interpretation:When it comes to availability of products 67% of respondents are saying that it was easily available and only 33% of respondents are saying that it was not available.

Q9.What do you think about customer preference about RL products?

Particulars Namkeens Sweets papad Pickles

No of Respondents 70 20 10 20




Namkeens Sweets papad 58%



Interpretation:If we talk about customer preferences about RL products most of the customers are liking its Namkeens which was 58% and after that they are liking sweets and Pickles which was 17%.

Q10.Which Product of RL is mostly liked by customers if we talk about Namkeens?

Particulars Chana bhujiya Nut Cracker Aloo Bhujiya Moong Dal Nmkeen

No of Respondents 60 30 20 10



Chana bhujiya 50% Nut Cracker Aloo Bhujiya Moong Dal Nmkeen


Interpretation:50% of the respondents are liking Chana bhujiya if we talk about Namkeens and after that they are liking Nut Cracker.



The main findings from the above Data Interpretation are as follows: Customers know RL without any advertisement. Company is doing well in terms of sales. Chana bhujiya is mostly liked by the respondents as most of the respondents are preferring as it was 58%. Retailers are also satisfied with the trade terms of distributers. Respondents are satisfied with delivery of stock as the stock is available every time to distributers and retailers Sales person are making a continuous visit to distributers which is always better for the company.


Company should focus on advertisement to bring awareness among customer. Company should focus on other products of RL rather than Namkeens. Company should provide store facility to distributors. Company should clear the claim of the distributors. Salesman should make a regular visit to stores.


According to the data collected by me under the survey i can conclude that company is performing well but its maximum emphasis is on Namkeens and sweets. Other products also have the potential to generate market but they need a good advertisement policy. On the other hand company should maintain a good communication to its dealer and they must be facilitating with proper store facility. There is a need for improvement in the sales of other precuts of RL and maintenance of current sale of RL.


Name:.. Occupation: Mobile No:..

Q1. Are you aware about RL products ?

A. Yes B. No

Q2 What do you think RL should do a advertisement of its products?

A. Yes B. No

Q3. Does your outlet cover entire range of RL products?

A. Yes B. No

Q4. What is your Frequency of order taken?

A. Monthly once B. Monthly Twice C. Monthly Thrice D. Monthly Four Times

Q5.What is your frequency of delivery of stock?

A. Monthly once B. Monthly Twice C. Monthly Thrice D. Monthly Four Times

Q6. How often the company sales person visits your shop?

A. Visit regularly B. Occasionally C. No visit

Q7. Are you satisfied with the distributor regarding the trade terms?
A. Partially satisfied B. Satisfied C. Not satisfied

Q8.What do you think about availability of stock of RL products?

A. Available B. Not Available

Q9.What do you think about customer preference about RLs products?

A. B. C. D. Namkeens Sweets Papad Pickles

Q10. Which Product of RL is mostly liked by customers if we talk about Namkeens?

A. B. C. D. Chana Bhujiya Nut Cracker Aloo Bhujiya MoonDal Namkeen


Web link 1. www.RL Pvt 2. 3. 4.