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234 Class: ________

Name: ________________________ Date: ____ / ____ / ____

Guide to 7th Grade Mathematics HOW TO WIN THE GAME OF LIFE MATH CLASS 1. Set goals for success. BIG CLASS CHALLENGE: CAN YOU
Grow by at least 2 grade levels by the end of the school year? Raise your scores by at least 1 performance level in each unit? Discuss the question what can you do with this? every lesson?

Ms. Lei

2. Learn the rules, and make reasonable choices. EXPECTATIONS Be on time and prepared to work. Respect the speaker. Participate. EARNING REWARDS Individual & Partner Student Manager Jobs Partner Choice Bonus Assessment Points Teachers Desk Privileges Stamps and Prizes Class 1-For-2 Homework Deal Days Extra Credit Questions Snack Days RULES
1. Follow directions when they are given. 2. Raise your hand to speak. 3. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself. 4. Use respectful language.

Rules and expectations exist to push us to be the best we can be, and help us learn as much as possible. Conduct grades help you maintain self-control and succeed. Consequence Best Grade E S S/N N U

Warning Check Journal /Note Home Parent Call Detention

I.S. 234 Class: ________

Name: ________________________ Date: ____ / ____ / ____

3. Use the system and policies to help you succeed. Assessments = 50% GRADING POLICY Notebook & Homework = 25%
Notebook = 10% Chronological (by date) Readable and organized Updated and completed daily Homework (15%) Daily assignments Notebook updates & review Incomplete/ Late Assignments receive half credit. To receive full credit on an assignment completed late due to an excused absence, a signed parent note is needed.

Tests/Quizzes/Projects (40%) Pre- and Post- Unit tests Weekly quizzes Daily Do Nows and Final Fives Projects Tasks (10%) Independent Tasks

Classwork & Participation = 25%

Daily conduct grades (E/S/N/U) Student manager jobs Leadership and teamwork


Beginning Class / Do Now Begin class seated. Take out your notebook, unit and homework folders, a sharpened pencil and highlighter. The Task Manager will hand out Do Now slips. Work independently for five minutes on the Do Now. Ready Desk A ready desk has an open notebook, unit and homework holders, a sharpened pencil and a highlighter. Students must have a ready desk to leave the room in the middle of class. Leaving the Stay in the classroom during the Do Now and Final Five. Room Raise 4 fingers to request to leave the room for water or the bathroom. You are expected back in class within four minutes. Ending Before the last five minutes of the lesson, put all materials but a pencil Class/ Final away. Five The Task Manager will hand out Final Five slips. Work independently for the last five minutes of class. Technology Students and parents will receive log-in access to Engrade and Khan Academy. Review Ms. Leis Math Blog at for regular updates. Academic Students will practice academic integrity by only producing their own work Integrity honestly and refraining from plagiarizing and/or cheating. Any work that is found to be a product or cause of plagiarism or cheating will receive a

I.S. 234 Class: ________ zero grade.

Name: ________________________ Date: ____ / ____ / ____

4. Use the right tools for the job. REQUIRED MATH MATERIALS Math Material Policies Bring to class on Monday, 9/9/13.
2 composition notebooks (with a multiplication table on the inside cover) 6 two-pocket folders (preferably plastic) o 4 unit folders o 1 homework folder o 1 in-class portfolio folder Pencil case 1 package of multi-colored highlighters 1 package of washable markers Twelve #2 pencils (preferably mechanical) o Sharpener, if using regular pencils One package of 5 x 8 (large) index cards Eraser 1 package of dry-erase markers* 1 box of tissues* *used for in-class whiteboard slates

Papers, notebook, folders must be labeled with your full name. Please label your supplies with your first and last name, using a label or a permanent marker. Work may not be written in pen. Your teacher uses pen for grading and comments. Math papers and work go into your folder, not your desk.
To receive an excellent conduct grade for the day, you must be prepared.

A scientific calculator is not required, but recommended for home use.

5. Remember how important your hard work is to you, your family & your teacher.


I.S. 234 Class: ________

Name: ________________________ Date: ____ / ____ / ____

Check the statements below as you read them. You and your parent/guardian will sign to show that you have read this document and agreement.
I understand Ms. Leis Big Class Challenge, expectations, rules, rewards, consequences, policies, and procedures.

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I have reviewed these with my parents/guardians.

I agree to do my best to meet the rules and expectations outlined in this document. My parents/guardians agree to communicate with Ms. Lei to help me meet academic and behavioral expectations.

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