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With Accenture’s help, a major chemical company develops a data management program that puts it on the path to high performance.

Project background: A global chemical company hired Accenture to develop its information strategy and build a leading-edge data management and architecture program.

Business challenge
This global chemical company needed to give its management access to timely, accurate information that would help it make rapid and effective decisions. Recent Accenture research among 162 CIOs in Europe and North America revealed that 75 percent of them aimed to have a comprehensive enterprise-wide master data management program in place within the next three years. When our client conducted a benchmarking effort to compare itself with others in the industry, it found that others were making greater headway in this critical area. Despite major investments, the company was deriving limited value from its extensive IT systems. Among the challenges: information was not captured in a standard way or format across the enterprise. Information was also housed in dispersed databases and locations, making it difficult to locate and integrate data for corporate reporting and business analysis. There was a lack

of global data governance, common definitions and formats, and it was challenging for the systems to respond to requests by business units. Also, many of the processes required manual intervention. In general, data was not managed as an asset in the way it was at other leading organizations. The company needed a trusted third party to help it build a leading-edge data management and architecture capability. It turned to Accenture, which had already had successful collaborations with the client. Accenture has helped businesses worldwide develop the superior master data management capabilities that underpin high performance. Accenture brought to the table a combination of market-leading expertise in the development of master data management-based solutions and proven capabilities in the delivery of accelerated, high-quality results with its existing frameworks, and reusable assets available through Accenture Information Management Services.

Recent Accenture research among 162 CIOs in Europe and North America revealed that 75 percent of them aimed to have a comprehensive enterprise-wide master data management program in place within the next three years.

How Accenture helped
Working together with the chemical company, Accenture helped create a powerful new enterprise information management framework. Accenture helped define the vision, build the business case and develop a detailed road map for data competency that used leading business practices and maximized previous investments. Accenture delivered a change plan for the program that addressed all aspects of the business operations, including the impact it had on the organization, people, processes and technology. The project included identifying seven key areas such as customers, vendors, materials and finance, and evaluating each area against Accenture’s framework, measuring these against benchmarks that indicate where the company is today and where it should be in the future. For each area, Accenture also identified the key issues and capabilities necessary for the management team to minimize challenges and add value to this particular global chemical company. For each data area, Accenture checked whether sponsorship and data stewardship existed to move forward with the task of cleansing the data. Accenture also delivered a three-tofive year phased project implementation plan. As part of the implementation plan, Accenture recommended using proven technology, including alliance partners SAP’s NetWeaver Master Data Management software and Informatica’s software. One of the biggest challenges was convincing key stakeholders about the benefits of solid data management capabilities. By developing a prototype, Accenture was able to show these stakeholders the value of managing data from 100 global locations in a central repository. Now Accenture is in the process of implementing the new data management system and architecture, leveraging its deep industry knowledge, specialized skills and an industrialized approach to systems integration that stems from a proven track record of large-scale, complex transformation projects.

High performance delivered
When fully implemented, the new enterprise system will allow the company to leverage key enterprise data to optimize and enhance productivity. For the first time, the chemical company will have a powerful enterprise information management system that will treat data as a valuable asset and manage data centrally, instead of across multiple legacy and enterprise resource planning systems. The new solution also produces a single source of “truth” for master data that enables informed decision-making, drives a competitive advantage, and allows the company to pursue strategic initiatives with greater confidence. The company’s superior master data capability has already improved business insight, allowed rapid integration during mergers and acquisitions and accelerated the retirement of multiple legacy systems, thus facilitating the company’s conversion from the legacy systems to enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management. With access to timely, accurate and standard information, the company’s managers will be better positioned to make faster, improved decisions. The new system will significantly streamline and simplify data management processes—it will be easier for employees to quickly find the right data. Also, the new system will increase profitability through master data management initiatives to provide a single source of accurate information. In addition, the company will gain a host of other benefits. The company will benefit from streamlining data management and consolidating data for vendors and materials. The company will benefit from reduced inventory levels, consolidated purchasing and faster material order processing and vendor responses. This holistic approach to managing information will help the company gain better business insights. The global company’s data management and architecture project has been innovative in several ways. For example, the company implemented a proactive approach and solution to manage information and to prevent

data quality issues in the future. Also, the project illustrates how a company can look at data management holistically as part of its business strategy—the company will now be able to use data management tools to improve the likelihood of success for mergers and acquisitions. The project also represents pioneering use of technology as it is the first instance of SAP Master Data Management and Informatica technology integration. Accenture’s continuing research into the characteristics of highperformance businesses has identified the traits that they share. These include the ability to rationalize, simplify and standardize IT to manage the total cost of ownership, to enhance productivity and to show a demonstrated willingness to extend capabilities by teaming with thirdparty organizations. By choosing Accenture to help deliver improved data management and architecture, the global chemical company has taken major strides towards its goal of becoming a high-performance business.

For the first time, the chemical company will have a powerful enterprise information management system that will treat data as a valuable asset and manage data centrally, instead of across multiple legacy and enterprise resource planning systems.

About Accenture Information Management Services
Accenture Information Management Services is a global cross-industry organization focused on bringing clients solutions to better manage their business, interact with customers and make strategic, financial and operational decisions. Working across Accenture's service lines and industry groups, this network of 16,000 professionals specializes in information management services including business intelligence and analytics, portals and content management and data management and architecture. For more information about Accenture Information Management Services, visit informationmanagement.

About Accenture
Accenture is a global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company. Combining unparalleled experience, comprehensive capabilities across all industries and business functions, and extensive research on the world’s most successful companies, Accenture collaborates with clients to help them become high-performance businesses and governments. With more than 187,000 people serving clients in over 120 countries, the company generated net revenues of US$23.39 billion for the fiscal year ended Aug. 31, 2008. Its home page is

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