1960 1. Courthouse Square Denver, Colorado Completed 1960 2. Erieview I Urban Renewal Plan Cleveland, Ohio Planning completed 1960 3. Erieview General Neighborhood Renewal Plan Cleveland, Ohio Planning completed 1960 1961 1. Town Center Plaza Washington, D.C. Completed 1961 2. University Gardens Apartments / Hyde Park Chicago, Illinois Completed 1961 3. Downtown North General Neighborhood Renewal Plan Boston, Massachusetts Planning completed 1961 4. Government Center Urban Renewal Plan Boston, Massachusetts Planning completed 1961


1. Place Ville Marie Montreal, Canada Completed 1962 2. Market-Mohawk Urban Renewal Plan Columbus, Ohio Planning completed 1962 3. Southwest Washington Urban Renewal Plan Washington, D.C. Planning completed 1962 1963 1. East-West Center, University of Hawaii Manoa, Hawaii Stage I completed 1963 2. Kips Bay Plaza New York, New York Completed 1963 3. Luce Memorial Chapel Taichung, Taiwan Completed 1963 4. Bunker Hill Urban Renewal Plan Los Angeles, California Planning completed 1963 5. Weybosset Hill Urban Renewal Plan Providence, Rhode Island Planning completed 1963 1964 1. Cecil and Ida Green Center for Earth Sciences, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Cambridge, Massachusetts Completed 1964 2. School of Journalism — S. I. Newhouse Communications Center Syracuse, New York Phase I completed 1964 3. Society Hill Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Completed 1964 4. Washington Plaza Apartments Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Completed 1964

Central Business District General Neighborhood Renewal Plan Oklahoma City. Hoffman Hall. Massachusetts Planning completed 1965 1966 1. Central Business District Project I-A Development Plan Oklahoma City.5. California Completed 1967 2. National Center for Atmospheric Research Boulder. Oklahoma Planning completed 1964 1965 1. Polaroid Site Selection Study Boston. California Completed 1965 2. New York Completed 1966 2. United States and abroad Completed 1965 3. New College — Dormitories. Kendall Square Redevelopment Plan Cambridge. Colorado Completed 1967 3. Franklin National Bank and Office Building at Roosevelt Field (renamed European American Bank) Garden City. Florida Completed 1967 . Student Union and Academic Center Sarasota. FAA Air Traffic Control Towers (50) Various cities. Century City Apartments Los Angeles. Oklahoma Planning completed 1966 3. Graduate School of Business Administration. University of Southern California Los Angeles. Massachusetts Study completed 1966 1967 1.

New York Preliminary design completed 1968 8. Bedford-Stuyvesant Superblock Brooklyn. New York Completed 1968 4. Completed 1968 6. Academic Center.C. Uruguay Completed 1969 . D. State University of New York Campus Master Plan Fredonia. University Plaza. Chancellery for United States Embassy Montevideo. Kiryat Sir Isaac Wolfson Development Plan Jerusalem. St. Illinois Completed 1968 5. L'Enfant Plaza — Phase I and 10th Street Mall Washington.4. Everson Museum of Art Syracuse. George Place Staten Island. New York University New York. State University of New York at Fredonia Fredonia. Israel Planning completed 1967 1968 1. New York Completed 1967 5. California Completed 1968 7. New York Completed 1969 2. New York Completed 1968 1969 1. New York Completed 1968 2. Squaw Valley Development Concept Squaw Valley. Des Moines Art Center Addition Des Moines. O'Hare International Airport Chicago. FAA Air Traffic Control Tower. Iowa Completed 1968 3.

Arlington National Cemetery Arlington. Bushnell Plaza Hartford. New York Planning completed 1969 1970 1. Delaware Completed 1971 2. Design completed 1969 7. American Life Insurance Company Building (renamed Wilmington Tower) Wilmington. Texas Completed 1969 6. New York. D. Robert F. Cleo Rogers Memorial County Library Columbus. New York Completed 1970 1971 1. Kennedy Gravesite. Harbor Towers Boston. Camille Edouard Dreyfus Chemistry Building. Christian Science Center Boston. Massachusetts Institute of Technology Cambridge. Indiana Completed 1969 5. Columbia University Comprehensive Master Plan New York. National Airlines Terminal (renamed TWA Terminal Annex) JFK International Airport. Massachusetts Completed 1971 3. Massachusetts Completed 1970 3. Connecticut Completed 1970 2. Washington Post Building Washington. Massachusetts Completed 1969 4. Virginia Completed 1971 .3. Tandy Residence (renamed Hunter Barrett Residence) Fort Worth.C.

Tête de la Défense Paris. Cornell University Ithaca. New York Planning completed 1972 1973 1. The Choate School Wallingford. Commerce Court Toronto. Connecticut Completed 1973 5. Canada Completed 1973 3. France Design completed 1971 1972 1. New York Completed 1973 2. D. Spain Design completed 1973 .4. 88 Pine Street (Wall Street Plaza) New York. Paul Mellon Center for the Arts.C. Dining Hall and Dormitories. Completed 1971 5. Herbert F. Raffles International Centre Development Plan Singapore Planning completed 1972 3. Massachusetts Planning completed 1971 6. State University of New York at Fredonia Fredonia. Third Church of Christ. New York Completed 1973 4. Parque Urbano / Torre Real Madrid Madrid. Scientist and Christian Science Monitor Building Washington. Yonkers City Center Development Plan Yonkers. New York Completed 1972 2. Johnson Museum of Art. Harvard Medical Area Development Plan Boston. Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce.

New York Planning completed 1974 4. Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation Centre Singapore Completed 1976 . Governors Residence Halls. John Hancock Tower Boston. Massachusetts Completed 1976 4. Massachusetts Completed 1976 5. Massachusetts Planning completed 1973 1974 1. Midtown East Station New York. Princeton University Princeton. Nebraska Completed 1976 6. AT&T Boardroom New York. Lafayette Place Development Plan Boston. Hawaii Planning completed 1974 1975 1. Honiron Site Development Plan Honolulu.6. New Jersey Completed 1974 3. Massachusetts Institute of Technology Cambridge. Laura Spelman Rockefeller Halls. Collyer Quay / Raffles Square Development Singapore Master Plan completed 1975 1976 2. New York Completed 1974 2. Ralph Landau Chemical Engineering Building. New York Completed 1976 3. State University of New York at Buffalo Buffalo. National Bank of Commerce Lincoln.

Industrial Credit Bank Teheran. Chamber of Commerce of Greater Augusta Augusta. Texas Planning completed 1977 1978 1. Maryland Completed 1977 5. Wilson Commons. Dallas Centre Development Plan Dallas. Rhode Island Phase I completed 1976 1977 1. Orchard Road Development Plan Singapore Planning completed 1976 11. Broad Street Mall Augusta.C. East Building Washington. Texas Completed 1977 4. University of Rochester Rochester. World Trade Center Baltimore. Georgia Completed 1977 2. Singapore River Master Plan Singapore Master Plan completed 1976 12. Georgia Completed 1977 3. Downtown Development Plan New Brunswick. Nathan Road Development Plan Singapore Planning completed 1976 10. New York Completed 1976 8. Completed 1978 2. D. Social Neighborhood Development Program Woonsocket.7. Dallas City Hall Dallas. Iran Planning completed 1978 . National Gallery of Art. New Jersey Planning completed 1976 9.

Augusta / Richmond County Civic Center Augusta. Oklahoma Planning completed 1979 6. Kapsad Housing Teheran.3. Georgia Completed 1980 2. John Fitzgerald Kennedy Library Boston. Texas Phase I completed 1979 3. Iran Phase I design completed 1978 1979 1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology Northwest Area Development Framework Plan Cambridge. Galleria Development Plan Oklahoma City. Massachusetts Completed 1979 Extension completed 1991 2. Massachusetts Completed 1979 1980 1. Kuwait Planning completed 1979 5. Commercial Plaza II New Brunswick. One Dallas Centre Dallas. Texas Completed 1980 . One West Loop Plaza Houston. New Jersey Completed 1979 4. Al Salaam Development Plan Kuwait City.

16th Street Transitway Mall Denver. Mexico Planning completed 1981 1982 1. Immobiliara Refotib Mexico City. Oklahoma Completed 1981 8. 499 Park Avenue / Park Tower New York. The South End — Plan for Civic and Community Initiatives Stamford. New Jersey Completed 1981 6. Collins Place Melbourne. Akzona Corporate Headquarters Asheville. Argentina Planning completed 1980 4. New York Completed 1981 2. Johnson & Johnson Baby Products Headquarters Complex Montgomery Township. Australia Completed 1981 4. Ohio Completed 1981 5. Connecticut Planning completed 1980 1981 1. Massachusetts Phase I completed 1981 Phase II completed 1986 7. Museum of Fine Arts — West Wing and Renovation Boston. Colorado Completed 1982 . Austral Lineas Headquarters Buenos Aires. Gem City Plaza Dayton.3. North Carolina Completed 1981 3. One Galleria Tower Oklahoma City.

Texas Completed 1983 2. Texas Completed 1983 . California Planning completed 1982 9. Texas Completed 1982 8. Texas Completed 1982 4. China Completed 1982 3. JPMorgan Chase Tower (formerly Texas Commerce Tower) United Energy Plaza Houston. Indiana Completed 1982 5. Johnson & Johnson World Headquarters New Brunswick. United Engineers / Robertson Quay Development Concept Singapore Planning completed 1982 1983 1. Sunning Plaza Hong Kong Completed 1982 6. Hilton Houston Post Oak (formerly Warwick Post Oak) Hotel Houston. Continental City Los Angeles. Mobil Exploration and Production Research Laboratory Farmers Branch. ARCO Tower Dallas.2. Indiana University Art Museum and Academic Building Bloomington. Texas Completed 1982 7. Texas Commerce Center Houston. New Jersey Completed 1983 3. Marina South Development Plan Singapore Planning completed 1982 10. Fragrant Hill Hotel Beijing.

Massachusetts Completed 1984 3. California Preliminary design completed 1984 4. New York Planning completed 1983 1984 1. Maine Completed 1983 5. United States Exhibition Building Beijing. IBM Headquarters — Entrance Pavilion and Site Enhancement Armonk. originally CenTrust Tower) . California Planning completed 1984 1985 1. New York Completed 1985 1986 2. International Design Center Development Plan Long Island City. IBM Corporate Office Building [now MasterCard International Global Headquarters] Purchase. Massachusetts Institute of Technology Cambridge. Bank of America Tower at International Place (formerly Miami World Trade Center. Portland Museum of Art Portland.4. China Planning completed 1983 6. Mission Bay Development Plan San Francisco. New York Completed 1984 2. Ferry Building Restoration and Expansion San Francisco. Wiesner Building / Center for Arts & Media Technology. Charles Shipman Payson Building.

Sainsbury Wing. New York Convention Center completed 1986 Plaza completed 1988 5.Miami. Massachusetts Phase I completed 1981 Phase II completed 1986 6. Galerie der Stadt Stuttgart Stuttgart.C. Israel Preliminary design completed 1986 10. Pitney Bowes World Headquarters Stamford. Completed 1987 2. Commerce Square Philadelphia. Fountain Place (originally Allied Bank Tower) Dallas. Florida Completed 1986 3. Pennsylvania Phase I completed 1987 Phase II completed 1992 . New York Master plan completed 1986 1987 1. Connecticut Completed 1986 7. Germany Winning design. Texas Phase I completed 1986 4. Museum of Fine Arts — West Wing and Renovation Boston. Columbia Square Washington D. Jacob K. Jerusalem Supreme Court Jerusalem. Raffles City Singapore Completed 1986 8. Javits Convention Center and Plaza New York. JFK 2000 Redevelopment Master Plan New York. invited competition 1986 9. National Gallery London. England Preliminary design completed 1986 11.

Japan Preliminary design completed 1988 4. Proposal for a New Williamsburg Bridge New York. California Completed 1989 4. Kansai International Airport and Related Facilities Osaka. Bank of China Tower Hong Kong Completed 1989 2. Javits Convention Center and Plaza New York. Bank Tower (formerly Library Tower. Singapore International Exhibition and Convention Centre / Suntec City Singapore Winning competition design 1988 5. New York Preliminary design completed 1988 6. Connecticut Completed 1989 3. U.S. . Illinois Conceptual design completed 1987 1988 1. Jacob K. Choate Rosemary Hall Science Center Wallingford. California Preliminary planning completed 1988 1989 1. O'Hare International Airport International Unit Terminal Chicago. New York Convention Center completed 1986 Plaza completed 1988 2. Kuwait Design completed 1987 4. Gulfstream Office Building Plantation. Creative Artists Agency Beverly Hills.3. Florida Planning completed 1988 3. Hilton Area Housing Kuwait City. Playa Vista Development Plan Marina del Rey.

Central Terminal Complex. New York Completed 1989 7. The Morton H. Potomac Tower Rosslyn. Johnson & Johnson World Headquarters Child Development Center New Brunswick. Belmont Estate Development Plan Loudoun County. California Planning completed 1989 1990 1. Virginia Completed 1989 9. Virginia Planning completed 1989 13. California Preliminary design completed 1989 11. New Jersey Completed 1990 3. Texas Completed 1989 8. IBM Office Building Complex Somers. JFK International Airport . Judiciary Building Washington. Regent South Coast Plaza Hotel Costa Mesa. California Completed 1989 5.originally First Interstate World Center) Los Angeles. Grand Louvre — Phase I Paris. France Completed 1989 Phase II completed 1993 6. California Planning completed 1989 12. Preliminary design completed 1989 10. Gateway Towers Singapore Completed 1990 2. D. Long Beach Museum of Art Long Beach.C. Meyerson Symphony Center Dallas. UCLA North Campus / Graduate School of Management Master Plan Los Angeles.

Florida Schematic design completed 1990 1991 1. Minnesota Completed 1992 3. Wildwood Office Park Atlanta. New York Completed 1992 2. Massachusetts Completed 1979 Extension completed 1991 4. Capella Tower (originally First Bank Place) Minneapolis. One Canada Square. France Design completed 1991 1992 1. Credit Suisse First Boston Canary Wharf.New York. Saudi Arabia Conceptual design completed 1991 6. Tallahassee Center Tallahassee. John Fitzgerald Kennedy Library Boston. Commerce Square Philadelphia. King Abdulaziz International Airport Terminal Complex Jeddah. 2600 Grand Avenue at Crown Center Kansas City. JFK International Airport New York. New York Design completed 1990 4. England Design completed 1990 5. Place de Francfort / Boulevard de l'Europe Lyon. Missouri Completed 1991 2. Canary Wharf London. Pennsylvania . FAA Air Traffic Control Tower. London. England Completed 1991 3. Georgia Completed 1991 5.

Ohio Planning completed 1992 1993 1. University of Cincinnati Cincinnati.4.C. Four Seasons Hotel New York. New York Completed 1993 2. 6. 5. Completed 1993 6. The Mount Sinai Medical Center Expansion & Modernization New York. France Completed 1993 Phase I completed 1989 3. Los Angeles Convention Center Expansion Los Angeles. 7. New York Completed 1992 The Kirklin Clinic. Alabama Completed 1992 Chance Oerlikon 2011 Master Plan Zurich. Grand Louvre — Phase II Paris. University of Alabama Health Services Foundation Birmingham. Taiwan Conceptual design completed 1993 1994 . Switzerland Conceptual plan completed 1992 Master Plan for College Conservatory of Music.C. Energy Reclamation Centers Pali and Hsin Chu. United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Washington. Warner Building / 1299 Pennsylvania Avenue Washington. Phase I completed 1987 Phase II completed 1992 Guggenheim Pavilion. Completed 1993 5. D. California Completed 1993 4. D.

Maryland Completed 1994 1995 1. Barrow Neurological Institute. San Francisco Main Public Library San Francisco. American Association for the Advancement of Science Washington. Friedrichstadt Passagen Berlin.1. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame + Museum Cleveland. California Completed 1996 4. Germany Completed 1996 3. Joseph's Medical Center Phoenix. California Completed 1995 2. D. Rock Spring Park Bethesda.C. Completed 1996 2. The Netherlands Preliminary design completed 1996 . Ohio Completed 1995 3. St. Arizona Conceptual master planning completed 1995 1996 1. UCLA Anderson School of Management Los Angeles. Beatrixkwartier The Hague.

MID-Kyoto Development Project Kyoto. Completed 1998 4. Okura Hotel Jakarta. Anggana Danamon Jakarta. Texas Completed 1998 2. Indiana Completed 1997 3. Indonesia Completed 1997 2. John Joseph Moakley United States Courthouse and Harborpark Boston. Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation Centre — East Singapore Completed 1998 3. The Capital Group Companies San Antonio Office Campus San Antonio. California Design completed 1996 6. Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center Washington. Spain Design completed 1998 . Third at Mission at Yerba Buena Center San Francisco. Japan Master Planning completed 1997 4. D. Ball State University Alumni Center Muncie. La Caixa Bank Headquarters Barcelona (Sant Cugat). Indonesia Preliminary design completed 1997 5. Danamon Land Master Plans Jakarta. Indonesia Master planning completed 1996 1997 1. Indonesia Design completed 1997 1998 1.C. Massachusetts Completed 1998 5.5. Sheraton Hotel Jakarta.

Washington Opera House Washington. Phase II: 2006 2. China Europe International Business School Shanghai. Kentucky Design completed 1998 9. Preliminary design completed 1998 1999 1. Science and Engineering Quad. China Completed 1999 4. Republic of Korea Permanent Mission to the United Nations New York. California Completed 1999 3. France Conceptual design completed 1998 7. D. Stanford University Palo Alto. World Trade Center and Grand Marina Hotel Barcelona. University of Cincinnati Cincinnati.6. California Completed 1999 8. ABN AMRO Bank Head Office Amsterdam. POS Plaza (originally Silver Crown Tower) Shanghai. The Netherlands Phase I completed 1999. Buck Institute for Age Research Marin County. Spain . Thailand Design completed 1998 8. Vencor Corporate Headquarters Louisville. Pattana Building Bangkok. New York Completed 1999 7. Paris Rive Gauche Paris. Ohio Completed 1999 5. College-Conservatory of Music.C. China Completed 1999 6.

World Trade Center completed 1999 Hotel completed 2002 9. Ireland Master Plan completed 2001 2002 1. Completed 2001 Essensa Residential Towers Manila. Princeton University Princeton. Philippines Completed 2001 Friend Center for Engineering Education. Nebraska Completed 2000 2001 1. Texas Schematic design completed 1999 10. New Jersey Completed 2001 Tour EDF at La Défense Paris. France Completed 2001 The Israel Museum Entrance Complex Jerusalem. California Completed 2002 . Roman L. Hruska United States Courthouse Omaha. Washington. D.C. 3. 6. 4. 2099 Pennsylvania Avenue 2. Israel Design completed 2001 Trinity College Pearse Street Development Dublin. Taiwan Design completed 1999 2000 1. Hotel Sofitel Dallas Dallas. Shining Tower Taichung. Broad Center for the Biological Sciences. 5. California Institute of Technology Pasadena.

D. Blanche M. Bellevue Hospital Center Ambulatory Care Facility New York. 1700 K Street Washington. Spain World Trade Center completed 1999 Hotel completed 2002 2003 1. The Tomlinson Singapore Completed 2002 3. Louis. Taiwan Completed 2004 2. National Constitution Center Philadelphia.C. China Master Plan completed 2004 2005 1. Completed 2005 2. United States Courthouse Hammond. New York Completed 2005 . Louis St.2. Illinois Conceptual design completed 2003 2004 1. Beijing Central Business District Core Beijing. New York Completed 2003 4. World Trade Center and Grand Marina Hotel Barcelona. Missouri Completed 2003 2. Queens Family Court and City Agency Facility Jamaica. Touhill Performing Arts Center. University of Missouri — St. Indiana Completed 2002 4. Taishin International Bank Taipei. Illinois State Museum Springfield. Pennsylvania Completed 2003 3.

Illinois Completed 2005 7.3. Michigan Conceptual study completed 2005 2006 1. The Netherlands Phase I completed 1999. Drexel University Philadelphia. Princeton University Princeton. ABN AMRO Bank Head Office Amsterdam. Molecular. Luxembourg Completed 2006 3. E-Quad Café completed 2005. Richard J. Ferguson Center for the Arts. United States Air Force Memorial Arlington. Center for Government and International Studies. Musée d'Art Moderne Kirchberg. Cellular and Developmental Biology Building. International Monetary Fund Headquarters 2 Washington. Virginia Completed 2006 . Completed 2005 8. Massachusetts Completed 2005 4. University of Michigan Ann Arbor. Hyatt Center Chicago. New Jersey Renovation completed 2005.C. Phase II: 2006 2. Master Plan completed 2001 10. Bossone Research Enterprise Center. School of Engineering and Applied Science Master Plan / Renovation Program. Daronco Westchester County Courthouse White Plains. Edmund D. New York Completed 2005 9. Virginia Completed 2005 6. Harvard University Cambridge. PA Completed 2005 5. D. Christopher Newport University Newport News.

4. The Capital Group Companies. California Completed 2007 3. CHASS Instruction and Research Facility. Spain Completed 2008 6. Zac Danton Paris. Riverside Riverside. Waterview Residences | Hotel Palomar Arlington Rosslyn. Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City Kansas City. France Completed 2007 2008 1. Torre Espacio Madrid. California Completed 2007 2. Jacobi Medical Center Ambulatory Care Pavilion Bronx. Virginia Completed 2008 3. Palace Hotel and Apartments Jerusalem. Missouri Completed 2008 2. Orange County Campus Irvine. University of California. Virginia Completed 2008 . France Completed 2007 4. Institute for Critical Technology and Applied Science Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Blacksburg. Meudon Campus Paris. Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development Headquarters Paris. Israel Schematic Design completed 2006 2007 1. New York Completed 2008 4. France Completed 2008 5.

India Phase I completed 2009 2010 1. India Master Plan completed 2008 8. Arizona 9. New York Landmarks approval and schematic design completed 2009 8. NASCAR Tower Charlotte. Ronald O. 1155 F Street Washington. New York . NewYorkPresbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center New York. D. Queens Gateway to the Health Sciences Secondary School Queens. Principality of Monaco Coastal Extension Master Plan Monaco Master planning completed 2008 2009 1.7. Vivian and Seymour Milstein Family Heart Center. Greenberg Pavilion. NewYorkPresbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center New York. Inpatient Facility.C. WaveRock Hyderabad. Perelman Heart Institute. Saint Vincent's Manhattan New York. First International Bank of Israel Tel Aviv. Butler College Dormitories Princeton University Princeton. Integrated Township at Tellapur Hyderabad. New Jersey 3. New York 5. 2. NASCAR Hall of Fame Charlotte. NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital New York. New York 7. Israel 4. Arizona State University Scottsdale. North Carolina 6. SkySong: Scottsdale Center for New Technology and Innovation. North Carolina 3. New York 2.

Johnson Museum of Art Addition and Alteration. New York 5. Tapestry New York. Spencer Museum of Art Master Plan and Concept Design. Campus de la Justicia (Social and Commercial Courthouse. Phase II in progress . Wadala Vision Plan Mumbai. City of Justice) Madrid. Universidad Europea de Madrid Madrid.4. Juzgados de lo Social y Mercantil. Italy 3. Palazzo Lombardia Milan. New York Completed 2012 2. Kansas Conceptual design completed 2010 6. Borough of Manhattan Community College. India 2012 1. Spain Design completed 2010 2011 1. Miles and Shirley Fiterman Hall. Cornell University Ithaca. Kansas University Lawrence. Spain Phase I completed 2012. Herbert F. City University of New York New York. New York 2.

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