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= Armstrong Economics ” Anatomy-oF a Debt Crisis thay appears , only Tus Caesar, Cur Understood | a United States 30 Year Bond Futures Princeton Beonomies Internat a Hertin 4. Arno} Copyright Varein AL armstrong ALL s Reserved ane 3rd, 2009 Stamens Welcone: Aemstrongzeononicsdtiai?. COM (laremnationeliy) ee « Mailing address for Questions ‘and Compents Martin A. Armstrong... ~ #125 78-050 ¥CT Fort, Dix Canp FO Bax 2000 Fort, Dix, NI 08640 FLEASE REGISTER YOUR EMATL, ADDRESS POR ANY UPDATE NEWS ArmstrongEconomics@¢Mail COM Copcight Martin's. armstrong, all rights reserved This Report nay be forwarded as you like without charge. [t is provided as a Public Service at this time without cost. The contents and designs of systems are in fact copyrighted. AL a future date, a book will be released The Geometry of Time. The charta are often reproductions of an carlier publication from 1986 also to be soon republished The Greatest Bull Market In History covering from 1900 up to the 1980s. Additional updatiag 1s undervay to complere the Century and into the current time, providing a month to month history of the financial development of Western Society. Mee Austomy of a “Debt Crisis thet AppeARS , ely Tulus Cae sar | Rew Understood S Are there Lessons we can apply today? Gaius Julins Gesar (100-42 Bey By: Mortin A, Anustrong Former Chaimman of: Princeban Homanics International, Led. Foundation for the Study af Cycles here is no question that wa are in the early stages of a Debt Crisis that ia beyond ell comprehension of those who fail to investigate the lessons of Our past. There have been numerous panics where the stock market hag crashed and burned, and the wailing for new regulation that would prevent losses while ailoving unlimited profits have caused moze economic harm than benefits. The sheer jemorance of those who preside over the affairs of men creates the cycla of ral Segrmic doom, for they naver consult the past, constantly sry the sane measures, and inevitably set in motion the same cycle af mistakes and events that lead us fo Sonclude that indeed history repests. As a society, ve are plain too stupid unable to teaen from our mistakes. We keep sticking our Hiner in the flare to sea 1f pechaps this time, it will not bum. for those of us rot afraid of the past, a review of history produces a very Glear answer. The rise and fall of rere speculative booms and busts, 40 not toopie Soriety. However, when that boom and bust takes place within the broadey debt marke, At effects everyone, not just investors, and suppresses ccoronie aoloutions, This is phat 2 Debt Crisis is all akout as distinguished trom a mare economic caclina, T have hinted at in previous writings that the only politician in history who has ever in Sok Understood the mature of a Debt Crisis ard cane up vith prectical solutions, was falivs Caesar {100-4480}, But because of intense political corruption, those she hace mes granted in one year intervals. Cicero hincelf asked for ihe sane powers and was So Granted. Today, we have the same system, but we call it "Marshal Law" where the President can te granted that same gover that susperds the Constitution and individual zights. The ory way to understand history and events, is not to only Listan to the words uritten by contenpraries, ve must review the actions of men, for thas revesis Nhat words often evarlock. What. I am about to discuss to many willbe a shocking revelation of history, But let ne state now, what Caccar faced, we now also face. The corruption of the Pepublic of Rone is widespread today as well. Tf ve undecetand the mistakes of the past, va can escape the same -olitcome, or choose ta repos: evonea. 1