Summer Sabbath Themes at the Allied Jewish Chapel June 29—August 31 2013

1. Exodus 20:12 ‫ֹלא תִ נְָאף‬ Thou shalt not commit adultery. 2. Lev. 18:20 .‫בָּה‬-‫טמְָאה‬ ָ ‫ל‬ ְ :‫ָרע‬ ַ ‫לז‬ ְ ,‫כבְתְ ָך‬ ָ‫ש‬ ְ ‫תִ תֵ ן‬-‫ֹלא‬--‫מיתְָך‬ ִ‫ע‬ ֲ ,‫אשֶת‬ ֵ -‫ואֶל‬ ְ ‫כ‬ 20 And thou shalt not lie carnally with thy neighbour's wife, to defile thyself with her. 3. Numbers 5 12 Speak unto the children of Israel, and say unto them: If any man's wife go aside, and act unfaithfully against him, 13 and a man lie with her carnally, and it be hid from the eyes of her husband, she being defiled secretly, and there be no witness against her, neither she be taken in the act; 14 and the spirit of jealousy come upon him… and she be defiled… or she be not defiled… 18 And the priest shall set the woman before the LORD, and let the hair of the woman's head go loose, and put the meal-offering of memorial in her hands, which is the meal-offering of jealousy; and the priest shall have in his hand the water of bitterness that causeth the curse. 19 And the priest shall cause her to swear, and shall say unto the woman: 'If no man have lain with thee, and if thou hast not gone aside to uncleanness, being under thy husband, be thou free from this water of bitterness that causeth the curse… 20 but if thou hast gone aside, being under thy husband, and if thou be defiled, and some man have lain with thee besides thy husband… the LORD make thee a curse and an oath among thy people, when the LORD doth make thy thigh to fall away, and thy belly to swell 22 and this water that causeth the curse shall go into thy bowels, and make thy belly to swell, and thy thigh to fall away'; and the woman shall say: 'Amen, Amen.' 23 And the priest shall write these curses in a scroll, and he shall blot them out into the water of bitterness. 24 And he shall make the woman drink the water of bitterness that causeth the curse; and the water that causeth the curse shall enter into her and become bitter. 29 This is the law of jealousy, when a wife, being under her husband, goeth aside, and is defiled; 30 or when the spirit of jealousy cometh upon a man, and he be jealous over his wife; then shall he set the woman before the LORD, and the priest shall execute upon her all this law.31 And the man shall be clear from iniquity, and that woman shall bear her iniquity. 4. Job 24 ;‫אבְיֹון‬ ֶ‫ו‬ ְ ‫ענִי‬ ָ -‫קטָל‬ ְ ִ ‫י‬--‫ח‬ ַ ‫צ‬ ֵ ‫ י ָקּום רֹו‬,‫ יד לָאֹור‬.‫בנ ְתִ יב ֹתָ יו‬ ִ ,‫רכָיו; וְֹלא יָשְבּו‬ ָ ְ‫הכִירּו ד‬ ִ -‫ ֹלא‬:‫אֹור‬-‫בְמ ְֹרדֵי‬--‫ הָיּו‬,‫המָה‬ ֵ ‫יג‬ .‫שים‬ ִ ָ ‫פנ ִים י‬ ָ ‫וסֵתֶ ר‬ ְ ;‫עי ִן‬ ָ ‫שּורנִי‬ ֵ ְ‫ת‬-‫ֹלא‬--‫שף לֵאמ ֹר‬ ֶ ֶ‫ְרה נ‬ ָ ‫שמ‬ ָ 13 These are of them that rebel against the light; they know not the ways thereof, nor abide in the paths thereof. 14 The murderer riseth with the light, to kill the poor and needy; and in the night he is as a thief. 15 The eye also of the adulterer waiteth for the twilight, saying: 'No eye shall see me'; and he putteth a covering on his face. 5. Mal. 2 14 Yet ye say: 'Wherefore?' Because the LORD hath been witness between thee and the wife of thy youth, against whom thou hast dealt treacherously, though she is thy companion, and the wife of thy covenant. 15 And not one hath done so who had exuberance of spirit! For what seeketh the one? a seed given of God. Therefore take heed to your spirit, and let none deal treacherously against the wife of his youth. 16 For I hate putting away, saith the LORD, the God of Israel, and him that covereth his garment with violence, saith the LORD of hosts; therefore take heed to your spirit, that ye deal not treacherously. ,‫ועֵין נֹאֵף‬ ְ ‫ טו‬.‫גנָב‬ ַ‫כ‬ ַ ‫ יְהִי‬,‫ליְלָה‬ ַ‫ב‬ ַ ‫ּו‬

6. Ps 50 ‫רץ‬ ֶ ִ‫ וַת‬,‫איתָ גַנָב‬ ִ‫ר‬ ָ - ‫אם‬ ִ ‫ יח‬.‫ֲריָך‬ ֶ ‫ָרי ַאח‬ ַ ‫דב‬ ְ ‫שלְֵך‬ ְ ַ‫שנֵאתָ מּוסָר; וַת‬ ָ ,‫ואַתָ ה‬ ְ ‫יז‬.‫פִיָך‬-‫עלֵי‬ ֲ ‫ְריתִ י‬ ִ ‫חקָי; וַתִ שָא ב‬ ֻ ‫ספֵר‬ ַ‫ל‬ ְ ,‫לְָך‬-‫ מַה‬,‫ ָאמַר אֱֹלהִים‬,‫ָרשָע‬ ָ ‫ול‬ ְ ‫טז‬ -‫ֱרשְתִ י‬ ַ ‫הח‬ ֶ ‫ו‬ ְ , ָ‫שית‬ ִ ‫ע‬ ָ ‫אלֶה‬ ֵ ‫ כא‬.‫דֹפִי‬-‫ תִ תֶן‬,‫מָך‬ ְ‫א‬ ִ -‫בבֶן‬ ְ ;‫דבֵר‬ ַ ְ‫ בְָאחִיָך ת‬,‫ כ תֵ שֵב‬.‫ִרמָה‬ ְ ‫צמִיד מ‬ ְ ַ‫ ת‬,‫ְרעָה; ּולְשֹונְָך‬ ָ ‫לחְתָ ב‬ ַ‫ש‬ ָ ,‫ יט פִיָך‬.‫לקֶָך‬ ְ‫ח‬ ֶ ‫אפִים‬ ֲ ָ‫מנ‬ ְ ‫ועִם‬ ְ ;‫עִמֹו‬ .‫לעֵינֶיָך‬ ְ ‫ֶרכָה‬ ְ ‫אע‬ ֶ‫ו‬ ְ ‫הי ֶה כָמֹוָך; אֹוכִיחֲָך‬ ְ ‫א‬ ֶ -‫ הֱיֹות‬, ָ‫ דִ מִית‬16 But unto the wicked God saith: 'What hast thou to do to declare My statutes, and that thou hast taken My covenant in thy mouth? 17 Seeing thou hatest instruction, and castest My words behind thee. 18 When thou sawest a thief, thou hadst company with him, and with adulterers was thy portion. 19 Thou hast let loose thy mouth for evil, and thy tongue frameth deceit. 20 Thou sittest and speakest against thy brother; thou slanderest thine own mother's son. 21 These things hast thou done, and should I have kept silence? Thou hadst thought that I was altogether such a one as thyself; but I will reprove thee, and set the cause before thine eyes. 7. 2 Sam 11 3 And David sent and inquired after the woman. And one said: 'Is not this Bath-sheba, the daughter of Eliam, the wife of Uriah the Hittite?' 4 And David sent messengers, and took her; and she came in unto him, and he lay with her; for she was purified from her uncleanness‫טמְָאתָּה‬ ֻ ‫מ‬ ִ ,‫ ; מִתְ קַדֶ שֶת‬and she returned unto her house. 5 And the woman conceived; and she sent and told David, and said: 'I am with child.' 9 Wherefore hast thou despised the word of the LORD, to do that which is evil in My sight? Uriah the Hittite thou hast smitten with the sword, and his wife thou hast taken to be thy wife, and him thou hast slain with the sword of the children of Ammon. 10 Now therefore, the sword shall never depart from thy house; because thou hast despised Me, and hast taken the wife of Uriah the Hittite to be thy wife. 11 Thus saith the LORD: Behold, I will raise up evil against thee out of thine own house, and I will take thy wives before thine eyes, and give them unto thy neighbour, and he shall lie with thy wives in the sight of this sun. 12 For thou didst it secretly; but I will do this thing before all Israel, and before the sun.' 8. Midrash Mishlei to “A Woman of Valor” – trans. David R Blumenthal, in Marriage Sex and Family in Judaism


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