8evenue, CosLs and ÞroflLs
1he lounder lnsLlLuLe
!ohn Allen
lounder, ulglSofL.Lv
Scalable 8evenues?
Cr noL?
Choose wlsely
valldaLe all assumpLlons
L.g. 82C - Lvery 1,000 consumers y|e|d 200 h|ts
Lach h|t y|e|ds 52S
L.g. 828 - Lvery 10 targets y|e|d 2 dea|s
Lach dea| y|e|ds 52S00
200 br|cks bu||d a 51m wa||
3000 br|cks bu||d a 51Sm wa||
And so on
Scalable 8evenues?
know your unlL CosL
And your cosL Lo scale
1argeLs, noL pro[ecLlons
ÞroflLs fundlng growLh
720 987 9374

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