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Difference between deciduous according to

& permanent


Anatomical Histological Clinical


PERMANENT 32 12C1P2M3 2 1 2 3 Eruption years) 7-8 Years 8-9 Years 11-12 Years 10-11 Years 10-12 Years 6-7 Years 12-13 Years 17-21 years

i). Total no. of teeth ii). Dental formula iii). Chronology of

Maxillary Teeth CI LI C 1st Premolar 2nd Premolar 1st Molar 2nd Molar 3rd Molar

20 DI 2 DC 1 DM 2 2 1 2 Eruption (In months) 10 (8-12) 11 (9-13) 19 (16-22) 16 (13-19) Boys 16 ( 14-19) Girls 29 ( 24-33) -


DECIDUOUS PERMANENT Chronology of Eruption (In Eruption (in years) Mandibular Teeth months) CI 8 (6-10) 6-7 Years LI C 1st Premolar 2nd Premolar 1st Molar 13 (10-16) 20 (17-23) 16 (14-18) 7-8 Years 9-10 10-12 Years 11-12 Years 6-7 Year 11-13 years 17-21 Years.

2nd Molar 27(23-31) Boys 27 ( 24-30) Girls 3rd Molar -

Anatomical Difference between deciduous and permanent dentition

DECIDUOUS Size Colour Smaller PERMANENT Larger

White in Colour Less Whiter (Because Less ( Because Highly Mineralized enamel Mineralized enamel so it So it is more opaque is yellowish) and whiter Crown-root Ratio Crown Shorter than Not so. root Cervical Present Absent constriction Enamel Thinner Thicker Thickness Mineralization Very Quickly attrited Less attrited because they because they are less are highly mineralize mineralize

Anatomical Difference between anterior crowns of Deciduous & Permanent Dentition

DECIDUOUS PERMANENT Longer Longer Crown than Incisocervically than Dimension Mesiodistally incisocervically mesiodistally
Developmental Labial Surface of Labial Surface of lines incisors are smooth incisors smooth and

they dont show any convex with to faint depression and vertical development developmental lines lines & grooves More prominent Absent Less Prominent Incisal ridge consist of three prominent mamelons

Cingulum Mamelons

Length of the maxillary teeth

DECIDUOUS Crown height 6.0mm 5.6mm 6.5mm --5.1mm 5.7 --

PERMANENT Crown Height 10.5mm 9.00mm 10.00mm 8.5mm 8.5mm 7.5mm 7mm 6.5mm

CI LI C 1st Premolar 2nd Premolar 1st Molar 2nd Molar 3rd Molar

Length of the mandibular teeth

Crown height 5mm 5.2 mm 6mm

Crown Height 9mm 9.5mm 11mm 8.5mm 8m 7.5mm 7mm 7mm

CI LI C 1st Premolar 2nd Premolar 1st Molar 2nd Molar 3rd Molar

--6mm 5.5mm --

Anatomical Difference between Posterior crowns of Deciduous & Permanent Dentition Cervical Bulge Chewing Surface Occlusal Surface DECIDUOUS Buccal & lingual surface are flatter about the cervical bulge Narrow
- Cusps are short - Ridges are not

PERMANENT More convex Broad

-Cusps are large &

Mesial cervical ridge

Sharp pronounced - Ridges are more - Fossae are not deep Pronounced - Fossae are more deep Prominent Not Prominent

Contact Areas Size of Molars

DECIDUOUS Broader, flatter & situated more gingivally

PERMANENT Narrower convex and situated more occlusally

2nd Molar Larger 2nd Molar Smaller than than 1st Molar 1st Molar

Anatomical Difference between Roots of Deciduous & Permanent Dentition Root Formation Root Resorption DECIDUOUS PERMANENT Root fully form about Take a longer duration one year after of about 3 years eruption Physiological Pathological

-Wider mesiodistally Anterior Root -Narrower mesioditaslly & longer compare to crown size - Roots bend labially Roots bend distally in their apical third to by 100

DECIDUOUS Posterior Root


- Longer & Slendar - Shorter Root - Roots are more flare - Roots are less flared to 1st molar

Histological Difference between Deciduous & Permanent Dentition

Mineralization Enamel Thickness Surface Shape Pulp Size Pulp Horn

DECIDUOUS Less Thinner More Closely to the pulp chamber Larger Extends Closer to the Outer surface of the Cusp

PERMANENT More Thicker Not So. Shorter Not So.

Thickness of Pulp Protective Dentin Number of Accessory Canal Porosity Root Canal





Present Ribbon Like & Multiple Pulp Filaments with more numerous accessary canals

Absent Not So.

DECIDUOUS Reticular & Present as a cap like Collagenous zones Fibers Apical foramen opening Blood Supply Wider




Reduced ( Because of more calcified nodules & ground substance present )

Clinical Difference between Deciduous & Permanent Dentition DECIDUOUS Less Typical PERMANENT More Less

Sensitivity to Pain Response to Infection & Inflammation Localization of Infection & Inflammation