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Lawyers against Abuse (LvA)

provides legal services to survivors of gender-based violence. We recognise the trauma of abuse.

LvA Art Auction

16 September 2013 Stephan Welz & Company, Rosebank

violence includes domestic violence, rape, and child abuse
Guest Speakers: Prof Michael Katz and Prof Bonita Meyersfeld

Bernstein, Derek
Patience Oil on canvas Size: 53 x 58 cm: Unframed Estimate: R6,000 R8,000

Grant, Sue-Pam
Portrait: Girl, 2013 Monotype & Hand coloured Paper size: 36 x 30cm; Framed Estimate: R4 ,100 - R4 ,500

Cnoops, Bob

Radebe, Puleng
Osborn I; 2012

Burnt out Restaurant Goblins Magaliesburg Van Dyke Brown Antique Process Print; 1/10 Fabriano paper Paper size: 104 x 74.5 cm; Unframed Estimate: R9 ,000 - R12, 000

Dry point etching; A/P

Paper size: 50 x 35 cm; Unframed Estimate: R700 R1,200 E-mail:

Hobbs, Stephen
Joburg skyline; 2012 Archival inkjet print; 1/6 Size: 40 x 60cm ; Framed Estimate: R 4 500 - R5 000 Email:

Joseph, Helen
Coloured People series: Untitled; 2011 Oil on Canvas Size 50 X 40cm; Unframed Estimate: R4 800 R6 000 Email:

Van Rooyen, Maria

Voiceless Charcoal on Paper Image Size: 42 x 29cm; Framed Estimate: R1 500 - R2 000

Meyersfeld, Michael
Pissoir, 2010 Image Size: 37.5 x 50cm; edition 7/25 Estimate: R12,000 R20,000; Framed Website:


Mogosi Nat
Mixed media, 1984 Image size: 61 x 42.5 cm; Framed Estimate: R 1,300 - R1,500

Ronbeck, Dominique
Acrylic on canvas, 2013 Size: 102 x 76 cm; Unframed Estimate: R2,000 R5,000

Britten, Sarah
The Bride Price, 2013 Lipstick and eyeliner on board Estimate: R3,000 R9,000

Lutaaya, Benon
Trapped, 2013 Mixed media on canvas Image size: 83 x 62cm; Framed Estimate: R65,000 R90,000 Website:

This painting of an Nguni cow includes the names of each of the cattle traditionally given by a prospective groom to his in-laws. The text also refers to extracts from academic papers on the practice of lobola. The painting is a reflection on gender relations within an African cultural context, and so speaks directly to the cause at the heart of Lawyers Against Abuse

Strydom, Colijn
Untitled; 2010 Two plate Colour etching; 3/45 Paper size: 36 x 38 cm; Unframed Estimate: R1 500- R1 800

Keith, Marlise
Take a load off Manny, 2009 Three plate colour etching and aquatint; 38/40 Unframed Paper size: 34,5 x 38cm ; Mounted Estimate: R1 500 - R1 800

Radebe, Puleng
A side unidentified, 2012 Linocut, A/P Paper size: 35 x 50 cm; Unframed Estimate: R800 R1,500

Nhlapo, Nkosana
Mind game; 2012 Screen print 1/1 Paper size: 35 x 50 cm; Unframed Estimate: R 800 R1,200 Email:


Nhlapo, Nkosana
No Doubt; 2012 Linocut 1/3 Paper size: 35 x 50 cm; Unframed Estimate: R 800 R1 200 Email:

Lampiro, Sipho
No Dia; 2012 Mono-print 1/1 Paper size: 66.5 x 48.4 cm ; Unframed Estimate: R 800 R1 200 Website:

De Wet, Bevan
Karyotype, The Nymph; 2-10 Dry point Etching; 4/6 Unframed Estimate: R2 ,500 - R3 ,000

Nxaba, Bonginkosi
Nongoloza; 2013 Linocut 4/4 Unframed Estimate R 800 R1,000

Gray, Peter
"Location, Location, Location" Image Size: 16.5 x 23.5 cm Estimate: R 8,000 R12,000

Gray, Peter

Not yet received Tully, Ann-Marie

The bozzetto, preliminary sketch, for, "Top Cat

Image size: 16.5 x 23.5 cm Estimate: R 8,000 R12,000 Email:


Halfon, Jack
Lady with a chicken, Goa, India, 2013 Photograph on Archival matte paper, 1/5 Paper size: 40 x 27.8 cm; Framed Estimate: R2 ,000 R 2 ,400 Email:

Rolfes, Andrea
Walk in the Park, 2008 Mono-print Paper Size: 25 x 35.5 cm; Framed Estimate: R1,800 - R 2 ,000 Email:

Baqwa, Basil
Ethnic scene
Mixed media on paper 1/1 Image size: 32 x 24cm; Framed Estimate: R1,400 - R1,600

Baqwa, Basil
Ethnic scene Mixed media on paper 1/1 Image size: 36 x 48 cm; Framed

Estimate: R1,600 - R1,900

Hasegawa, Shoichi
Chateau sur la Coline Etching; 157/160 Image size: 59 x 50 cm; Framed Estimate: R5,000 - R5,500

Rolfes, Shiela
Nude; 2013 Conte on paper Paper size: 59.5 x 42 cm; Unframed Estimate: R1,400 - R1,700 Email:

Sibiya, L
Untitled, 1992 Woodcut print 19/30 Image Size: 33.5 x 24 cm; Framed Estimate: R 900 R1,000

Sibiya, L
Omakoti II, 1992

Woodcut print 28/30

Image Size: 28 x 30 cm; Framed Estimate: R 900 R1,000

Not yet received Work from Gordon Massie

Myerson, Kim
Here I am, 2010 Oil on canvas Size: 22cm x 34cm

Da Silva, Lino
Mother and Child Oil on Canvas Size: 50.5 x 50.5 cm Estimate: R4,000 R6,000 Website:

Estimate: R6,000 R10,000; Framed Website:

Krige, Leon
TOPSTAR - CITY & SUBURBAN , 1962 Gelatin Silver Print on archival matte fibre based paper 1991 Limited edition 1/3 Image size: 27 x 36cm; Framed Estimate: R 5,400 - R6,000 Website:

Marinovich, Greg
Tracks 1.5m x 1.5m Estimate: R18,000 R25,000 Website:

Moteane, David (Katlehong Art Centre)

The Lady
Linocut on rice paper; 4/100 Image size: 34.5 x 20 cm ; Framed Estimate: R400 R900

Moteane, David (Katlehong Art Centre)

Linocut on rice paper; 4/100 Image size: 30 x 20 cm ; Framed Estimate: R400 R900

Darvall, Francis
Bull, 2011 Oil on canvas 42 x 59.4cm Estimate: R5,000 R8,000 Website:

Kuijers , David
A boy with his head in the clouds III Acrylic on Hinterglasmalerei Image size: 400 x 400mm Estimate: R4,000 R8,000 Website:

Opper, Sascha
1955 Mercedes-Benz 300 S Cabriolet A , 2010 Image size: 24 x 30cm; Blocked Canvas (45mm high) Estimate: R2,500 R4,000 Email:

Opper, Sascha
Vintage Mercedes 9011 Estimate: R2,500 R4,000

Not yet received Tully, Ann-Marie

Image size: 30 x 40cm; Blocked Canvas (45mm high) Email:

Goss, Kirsten
Bete Noire, Grace earrings

Wiles, Lucy M (deceased)

Oil on canvas Image size: 60 x 50cm Estimate: R7,000 R15,000 Website:

Yellow opal set in 18kt gold vermeil Estimate: R2,000 R4,000 Website:

Moteane, David (Katlehong Art Centre)

Untitled Linocut on rice paper; A/P Image size: 31 x 37 cm ; Framed Estimate: R600 R1,000

Ziqubu, Ephraim Rorkes Drift & Katlehong Art Centre

July 07 NotHandicap yet received Linocut on rice paper; A/P Image size: 30 x 30cm; Framed Estimate: R600 R1,000

Tully, Ann-Marie

Advanced Weather Station

Donated by the Bruce Family
Advanced Pro Weather Station gives you all the weather data youll need from your own back yard! It tells you over 10 weather measurements temperature, humidity, wind speed & direction, barometric pressure, UV, rainfall and heat index, etc. Now you can freely and easily access full weather information just around your desk. Estimate: R3,000 R5,000

Wright, Donna
Fleur 1 Edition 1/3

Image size: 29.7 x 42cm

Estimate: R500 R1,000 Email:

A few artists are finessing their pieces so there may be additional artworks available on the night See our Facebook Page for regular updates

The Details
Venue: Stephan Welz & Company, 13 Biermann Avenue, Rosebank Parking: Hyatt Regency Hotel, opposite Stephan Welz & Company Preview: 14 & 15 September 2013 (10am 1pm) Saturday & Sunday Auction: 16 September 2013, Monday (6pm for 7pm) Guest Speakers: Prof Michael Katz and Prof Bonita Meyersfeld

PBO Registration Details: Income Tax Exemption Reference Number: PBO 930037235 Bank Account Account Name: Legal Centre for Gender Based Violence Association Bank: FNB Account Number: 62333686345 Branch Code: 200607 Branch Name: 4 Merchant Place Swift Code: FIRNZAJJ Contact: 079 902 4530 Light refreshments will be served Entry is free There will be a charity raffle with great prizes to be won EFT payments can be made on the night. Please bring your banking details

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