10th Imam Ali AlHadi(AS

Issue #3 2009

Imam Ali Naqi (AS)
Imam Ali Naqi (A.S.) When Allah was born on Friday 15th intends Dhulhijjah 212 a.h. in goodness for Surba, Madina. He is somebody, the son of the ninth He makes Imam, Imam him accept Muhammad At-Taqi the blame of (A.S.). His mother's the friends. name was Bibi Imam Ali Sumaana (Seyyida). Naqi (AS) She was a very pious lady who spent her whole life fasting. Imam Ali Naqi (A.S.) became the Imam at the age of eight. He is the eleventh descendant of our beloved Prophet Muahammad (SAW).It is reported that he had five children: Imam Hasan Askari (AS), Husayn, Muhammad, Jafer, and Aaliya. During this time the Abbasid Empire were threatened by the Turks and had to move the capital of Iraq from Baghdad to Samarrah. It was when Mutawakkil became caliph in 236 Hijiri (847 AD) the Imam was called over to the Abbasid capital Baghdad. Mutawakkil, was the most cruel and deadly enemy of the Ahlulbayt (AS), who tried to drown the Grave of Imam Hussain (AS) in Kerbala. He also tried to remove Imam Hussain (AS) body from his grave and burn but he did not succeed. He realized he could not harm the grave so he warned all the people who wanted to visit his grave, that

their fingers and feet would be cut off if they did. Imam still asked Shias to visit Kerbala. Imam Ali Naqi (as) served the longest period of Imamate (besides the 12th Imam) - 34 years which can be divided into two parts - 17 years of freedom and 17 years under arrest. In 234 a.h. Mutawakkil called Imam to Samarra. Imam was aware of Mutawakkil's intentions but went knowing that this would be an opportunity to show the Turks what true Islam was. On arriving in Samarra the Turkish spies sent with Imam were amazed at Imam's knowledge of the Turkish language when he had never visited the Turks before. It was an opportunity for Imam to prepare the men in Samarra for ghaibat. Imam was put up in an inn which was meant for beggars and criminals. From this inn he was removed and put into the custody of an evil man

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called Zarraqui (who changed to be a supporter of the Imam). While he was under house arrest Imam Naqi (AS) continued to spread knowledge of Islam and of the Ahlulbayt (AS). He spent most of his life trying to make the ghaibat of our twelfth Imam easier. Soon afterwards Mutawkkil was killed by his own son who could not stand the behavior of his father. After he was killed, his son Muntasir lifted the restrictions of Kerbala and freed the Imam. But this did not last long as Muntasir was killed six months later at the age of 25. Then came Mustan Billah followed by Mo'taz Billah who continued the cruel punishment on the Imam. Even though Imam Naqi (as) was under house arrest, he was still able to accomplish many things. During his imprisonment, the Imam had a grave dug up ready by the side of his prayer mat. Some visitors

expressed concern or surprise. The Imam explained, " In order to remember my end I keep the grave before my eyes." Mo'taz arranged for the poisoning of Imam through an ambassador and Imam was martyred on Monday 3rd Rajab 254 a.h. nobody except Imam Hasan Askery (a.s.) was present at the time of his death. he gave his father ghusl and kafan and wept bitterly.

The tyrant's treatment of Imam Hussain (AS) grave
The Abbasid Caliphate was built after the Umayyads were overthrown. Their rule ended in 1258 AD when Halgu Khan a Mongol emperor sacked Baghdad. Mutawakil was the 9th Caliph of this dynasty and was one of the most tyrannical rulers.

During the rule of the first Abbasid Caliph Al-Mansur the roof of the Shrine of Imam Hussain had been demolished. During the reign of Mahdi the roof was reconstructed. During Al-Rashid's reign the dome and the roof were demolished and the plam tree near the grave was cut down. Mutawakkil due to his hatred of the Ahlul Bayt prohibited the visitation to the grave of Imam Hussain (AS). In addition he diverted the river to drown the grave and it is said that he intended to remove the body and burn it. He also had ordered the land over the

grave of Imam Hussain (AS) be plowed over. He ordered the limbs of the pilgrims cut. Imam Ali Naqi (AS) continued to encourage the visitation to the grave of Imam Hussain (AS). Mutawakkil then let one pilgrim visit if another pilgrim from the same family was killed. When He ordered that the river be diverted to erase the traces of the grave miraculously the water diverted and even though the grave was at a lower level than the surrounding land the river did not flow over it. Finally the tyrant banned all visitation to Karbala.

Imam Ali Naqi (AS) became Imam at the death of his father at age 8. In order to insult the Imam (AS) the caliph appointed a renowned sunni scholar Junaydi as his 'teacher'. Junaydi was a well known hater of the ahlul bayt of his time. After some time had passed Junaydi was summoned and asked about his student's progress. “I am the student and he is the teacher. I now know what knowledge is. What I say is because of what I have been taught by Imam (AS)” Junaydi

Once Mutawakkil invited Imam Ali Naqi (AS) to his court and served him wine. Imam (AS) recited the following poem.

“Protected by valiant warriors they passed the night on the summit of their mountains but these mountains did not protect them. After all their power and pomp they had to descend from their lofty fortresses to the custody of the tombs. O’what a dreadful change their graves had hardly received them when a voice heard exclaiming, “ Where are the thrones and the crowns and the robes of State? Where are now the faces of the delicate, which were shaded by veils and protected by curtains. To this the tomb replied. The worms are now revelling upon these faces. Long were these men eating and drinking, but now they are eaten by the worms in their turn.”
Across 5) Imam Naqi's (AS) mother. 6) Name city where he was forced to live 8) Country where he is buried Down 1) Caliph at the time of the Imam 2) Empire during the Imam's time 3) Name of shrine bombed in Iraq 4) Imam Naqi (AS) prepared us for 5) One of Imam Naqi's names

Washington Post Foreign Service
Askari shrine bombed Thursday, February 23, 2006; Page A01 BAGHDAD, Feb. 22 -- Bombers blasted the gilded dome of one of Shiite Islam's holiest shrines into naked steel and gaping blue sky


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