Mahesh Reddy

I have over 14 years experience in software architecture, management, design and development, covering a wide range of technologies and businesses, through which I have developed strong technical, leadership and organisational skills. My main areas of expertise are in Java J2EE and J2SE in the e-commerce and Human Services domains. I am looking to put all of these skills to good use to deliver successful results and to exceed expectations in a technically challenging environment.

Professional Skills
• • • • • • • • • • Technical Architecture Technical Consulting Technical Team Leading and Management Object Oriented Analysis and Design, RUP, UML, Patterns Java: J2SE, J2EE. JDBC, RMI, JSP, Servlets, EJB, JTA, JMS, JNDI, Struts, JUnit, Log4J WebSphere, DB2, Tomcat Eclipse, Sparx Enterprise Architect, Rational Software Architect, Cruise Control, ANT Web and E-Commerce technologies, HTML, XML, CSS, Web Services Microsoft: .NET, C#, ASP, IIS, SQL Server, C++/C, Visual C++, MFC, COM Sun Certified Java Programmer, Cúram Certified Developer

Employer Summary
Jan 2005 - Aug 2009: Apr 2001 - Jan 2005: Jan 2001 - Apr 2001: Sep 1995 - Dec 2000: Cúram Software JD Williams / Zendor CSC IBM Global Services

Project Experience
Dates: Sep 08 – Aug 09 (Cúram Software) Project: Cúram Workers’ Compensation Release 2 Role: Technical Architect (Principal Technical Consultant) This was a substantial piece of new functionality for the Workers’ Compensation Module. The architecture was the Cúram J2EE framework, DB2 and WebSphere. • • • • • • Gathered initial requirements onsite with customers. Defined technical architecture of solution. Defined development practices and standards (including Java, Database, and Design standards), tooling, development, build and release environments, quality control process. Provided architecture and development guidance and mentoring to the UK, Bangalore and USA teams (approx. 50 people). Provided co-ordination with all of the necessary Cúram organisation units, including Business Analyst, Testing, Product Release and Management teams. Successfully delivered the project to the client on time and in scope.

Dates: Nov 06 – Sep 08 (Cúram Software) Project: Cúram Workers’ Compensation Enhancement and Support Team Role: Development Team Lead (Senior Technical Consultant) This was concerned with ongoing enhancements and support of the Workers’ Compensation Module. The architecture was the Cúram J2EE framework, DB2 and WebSphere • • • Led and mentored the UK and Bangalore development teams (approximately 10 people), successfully delivering numerous successful and timely major releases. Provided consulting services to Workers’ Compensation organization customers. Designed and developed various functional areas using J2SE, J2EE and Cúram.

Visit More Resumes At www.downloadmela.com/pages/resumes/resumes.h tml

www.downloadmela.downloadmela.h tml .com/pages/resumes/resumes. Visit More Resumes At www.com • Defined and setup the initial development and build environments and provided ongoing management of the build and release environments.

by example.www. and to determine and demonstrate how the benefit replacement program solution would be developed throughout the systems lifecycle. Rational Rose and related tools would be used to store and edit the work products. • Documented the interfaces between the main lifecycle phases and groups. including entry criteria to each phase.h tml . Dates: Apr 05 – Nov 05 (Cúram Software) Project: Department of Work and Pensions Launch and Macro Design Role: Technical Consultant This project was concerned with replacing legacy benefit systems with a new Cúram based system. Visit More Resumes At www. Design and Database concepts. covering Java. Dates: Mar 06 – Jun 06 (Cúram Software) Project: Department of Work and Pensions Pilot Documentation and Tooling Role: Senior Technical Consultant This was part of the overall project that was concerned with replacing legacy benefit systems with a new Cúram based system. Delivered courses onsite with customers. • • • Developed pre-interview exam.downloadmela. how Rational Software Architect (RSA). • Provided Cúram technical expertise to the customer and their various System Integrators. • Developed the UML Component Model for the areas of Service Adapters (File Transfer and Web Services). • Demonstrated how traceability would be recorded in the tools. Dates: Jun 06 – Sep 06 (Cúram Software) Project: Cúram Global Learning Services Role: Trainer (Senior Technical Consultant) This role was assisting the Global Learning Services group in the areas of course delivery and development. • Demonstrated. • Co-ordinated meetings and discussions with the customer technical and business units and the SIs in order to capture and clarify requirements in the relevant areas. • • Developed course material for a number of courses. the handovers to build teams and to testing.com/pages/resumes/resumes. including guidance on Cúram best practice and demos on various aspects of Cúram functionality. Technical interviewing and selection evaluation of candidates in Bangalore. and including.downloadmela.com Dates: Sep 06 – Nov 06 (Cúram Software) Project: Cúram Global Services Bangalore Development Group Setup Role: Senior Technical Consultant This role was supporting the setup of the development group in Bangalore. • Produced examples of key work products from requirements through the lifecycle up to. Delivering various parts of Induction training to new hires in Bangalore. creating guidance covering the whole development lifecycle from architecture definition through to UAT testing and sign off. Specifically this part of it was to ensure that tools and working procedures were defined to support solution development. Audit and Systems Management. Dates: Nov 05 – Mar 06 (Cúram Software) Project: Cúram Implementation Guidelines Role: Technical Consultant Principal contributor to the development of the Cúram best practices guides.

reviews and final review presentations with the Customer and SI lead architects. • Developed proofs of concept of new Cúram functionality.com • Conducted walkthroughs.downloadmela.h tml .www.com/pages/resumes/resumes.downloadmela. specifically around web services. including SI and Cúram staff. • Led the Audit and Systems Management Design teams. Visit More Resumes At www.

Designed an improved secure payment and fraud checking process. Dates: Apr 01 – Feb 03 (Zendor) Project: Stanley Casinos Online Casino Role: Senior Software Developer This was a Java based casino application consisting of a Swing front end that connected over secure RMI to a bespoke casino games application server.1 in Dynamo.downloadmela. Responsible for the complete delivery of the Zendor C# web service interface between the existing Porsche e-commerce system and the Zendor fulfilment system.net classes. Installer application and client-side Fixed Odds Engine using Java. Microsoft Xbox UK. • Part of the design team involved with the integration of back end suppliers. • Designed and developed card animations. Led a team of two developers and refactored website checkout component for Xbox Developed C# web service interface components. SQL Server and IIS.com/pages/resumes/resumes.0 in Weblogic to EJB 1. Designed and developed a reskinnable version of the system for future re-use. Visit More Resumes At www. Dates: Sep 00 – Dec 00 (IBM Global Services) Project: NTL Digital Interactive Information Store (DIIS) Role: Senior Software Developer/Designer This was a Data Warehousing application. DB2 and WebSphere/Tomcat • • Evaluation of J2EE IDEs and Struts Framework for use in the rewrite project. MS Commerce Server. Xbox UK. primarily using Swing. • Led the team of developers responsible for rewriting a legacy part of the site from HTML/Servlet architecture to JSP/EJB. with web service interfaces written in C#. • Assessed and costed change requests submitted by the client. • • • • • • Responsible for the delivery of Phase 2 of the Sony Playstation project. Design. planning and resourcing for the team. • Led the team porting EJBs from EJB 1. • Led the client side applications team.www. The architecture was JSP/JHTML/EJB running on ATG Dynamo Application Server.downloadmela. Dates: Jan 01 – Apr 01 (CSC) Project: Taste web site (Sainsbury and Carlton) Role: Senior Software Developer/Software Development Manager This was a food and wine web site.h tml . consisting of three developers. in addition to the design. which was used by Sony Playstation. RMI and java. including the design of new components and leading a team of four developers. and in part by Porsche Cars GB. The architecture was ASP. with Oracle 8i DB and XML data storage. incorporating JSP/Servlets/Struts.com Dates: Nov 04 – Jan 05 (JD Williams) Project: JD Williams website Role: Senior Developer This was the JD Williams e-commerce platform. Porsche Cars GB Role: Solutions Architect/Senior Developer This was the Zendor e-commerce platform. development and testing of change requests Dates: Mar 03 – Nov 04 (Zendor) Project: e-commerce projects: Sony Playstation. providing the retrieval and storage of customer web activity data and tools to analyse this data. I was involved with the development.

• Member of the 24hr support team.downloadmela. Dates: Nov 99 – Sep 00 (IBM Global Services) Project: UBS Warburg Common Infrastructure Framework Role: Senior Software Developer This provided a standard platform for developing business applications. and COM for a C++/Delphi interface. running in WebSphere. providing support both on and off site. Education 1992-1995 1990-1992 Manchester University BSc.downloadmela. Dates: Sep 95 – Nov 99 (IBM Global Services) Project: Ministry of Defence – various projects for the Royal Navy Roles: Developer/Senior Developer/Development Team Leader Deliveries included a Sonar Trainer System and an Oceanographic forecasting system. It was a three-tier architecture of servlets and standard Java for presentation and business logic. • Provided mentoring to the client’s development teams on Java and OO design. • Developed the ETL software. Business Studies(A). and running practical sessions where the students used the ideas learned. and was developed entirely at the client site. • Provided technical support to the business projects that were the first to use the platform. Both systems consisted of client PCs and Unix servers running C++ applications. managed and developed a range of software using Microsoft Visual C++ with MFC and Select OMT.25. Maths(A). DB2 and UML in Rational Rose. Designed and developed the Managed Object Framework and Collection Classes framework using Visual Age Java. Blackpool 4 A Levels: Physics(A). This involved giving presentations on OO Design and an Introduction to Visual Age Java. General Studies(C) Visit More Resumes At www. using Visual Age Java and DB2. and a DB2 and MQSeries back end.com/pages/resumes/resumes.com • Designed the Extract Transform Load (ETL) system used for retrieving Apache web log data from NTL’s web servers.(Honours) Physics 2:1 St Mary’s RC Sixth Form.h tml . and storing it on an RS6000 running AIX and DB2.www. • • Developed the servlet software during the prototyping stage of the project. OSI LAN and VS-LAN protocols. tailoring it as required. • Designed. • Developed communications software in C++ for X. Dates: June 00 – Dec 00 (IBM Global Services) Project: Graduate Training Programme Role: Visual Age Java/OO Teacher I was regularly involved with the teaching of a two day course for new graduates.

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