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III Supporting Area Meeting Konjic

11th of September 15th of September Application Form

This form together with a copy of your ID/Passport must be sent to samkonjic@gmail.comby no later than the 10th of August 2013. Application number: (for OC use only)

National/Local Group: Position: ELSA Member / Non ELSA Member / Alumni (please underline your answer) Which workshop will you attend?

Personal Information:
Name: Surname: Gender: Date of Birth: Address: Town/City: Post Code: Country: Telephone Number: Email Address: ID/Passport Number: Date of Issue: Expiry Date:

Do you require a VISA to enter Bosnia and Herzegovina? Do you have any allergies or medical conditions that we should know about? Are you a vegetarian? Do you have any special food requirements? (If yes, please specify)

How many nights will you be staying in Konjic? (Please tick x where applicable) Prices per night, per person: ELSA Members favored countries: 29 ELSA Members non favored countries: 33 Alumni: 40 Non ELSA Members:40

Wednesday 11thSeptember 2013 Thursday 12thSeptember 2013 Friday 13th September 2013 Saturday 14th September 2013 Who would you like to share a room with? Please enter name and national/local group. (Maximum 2 people)

Will you be staying any extra nights? If yes, please tick x where applicable. Price 40 per extra night per person Monday 9thSeptember 2013 Tuesday 10th September 2013 Moncday 16th September 2012 Tuesday17th September 2012

Registration fee
Registration fee is 50 and it must be paid within 10 days after you receive acceptance notification. In the case of withdrawal this amount wont be refunded. The rest of the money can be paid through bank transfer or in person upon arrival.

Additional costs
Please tick x where applicable:

Social Program (20 ) Sightseeing (10 )

Arrival information

Please indicate your intended means of transportation:






Date and Time of Arrival: Date and Time of Departure:

Contact person in case of emergency

Please state name and telephone number:

Payment details
Payment must be made by bank transfer. After we receive your application form and accept your application, we will give you details of our bank account and the fee that you have to pay. After receiving the payment details, the payment must be completed within a period of two weeks. The participation will be confirmed only after we receive your payment.

This Application Form, is considered to be a formal contract and commitment between ELSA and the applicant stated on this form. Both parties should inform immediately about the changes that are made after filling in the AF, or a new AF should be completed.
In applying for an S&C event through ELSA, the applicant is committing to:

Participating in the Event (unless due to special circumstances) Paying the participation fee Accepting the place in the SAM event in case he/she has been selected Filling in the Participant Evaluation Form and hand it in to the organising local group

ELSA is committed to: Providing the student with the necessary information about the SAM event in order to make a decision for which event he/she wants to apply for Providing support to the student to make it possible to participate in the event (accommodation, transportation, visa, etc.) Fulfil the description that was given while promoting the event, if the changes were not communicated to the participant. __________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________ For office use only Accepted__________________ Paid__________________ Remark__________________ Rejected__________________

If you have any questions regarding the application or questions of any kind, please do not hesitate to contact the OC at