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Beware of investment
Najib to BN: Stick together scams: Commission
by Giam Say Khoon
with all information needed on the

in good and bad times

by Tim Leonard do anything at all to gain party position, although they
PETALING JAYA: Investors should be
wary of schemes promising extraor-
dinarily high returns within a short
period as investment scams are on
the rise, warned the Securities Com-
mission (SC).
“These disclosures form part of
the protection required by law for in-
vestors, and they must always ensure
they have this protection by asking
for a copy of the prospectus if they
have not been provided with one.”
The SC encouraged the public to know that they don’t have the support of the people. In a statement yesterday, the contact it should they be uncertain as
“It’s okay if we have to sacrifice ourselves, because SC issued the alert that investment to whether the offer of such securities
KUALA LUMPUR: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Ab- we personally are not important. What is important is scams were being marketed to the complies with legal requirements.
dul Razak wants all Barisan Nasional (BN) component the party ... This attitude must be adopted if we want public, disguised as various types of The SC also reminded investors to
parties to stop being only “fair-weather” friends and to take the party forward,” he said. business or investment opportunities thoroughly check the company and
start working in unison at all times He said he was glad PPP’s that might involve investing in differ- its schemes and to verify that it has
to strengthen the coalition. outstanding issue, which ent types of products. a sound basis to justify the promised
“We need component parties (or saw two rival factions It stated that any issuance of returns and that the regulatory ap-
friends) to stick together in good claiming control, with the securities requires the SC’s approval proval has been obtained.
and rough times. Stop indulging in Registrar of Societies (ROS) under section 212 of the Capital Mar- The statement said regulated
internal bickering and politicking,” has been resolved. kets and Services Act 2007, including activities such as dealing in securities,
he told more than 4,000 delegates On another note, Najib the issuance of shares by a public investment advice or fund manage-
to the 56th People’s Progressive said he would decide on company or unit trust products or ment related to securities must
Party (PPP) general assembly in the position of sacked PPP
bonds. be licensed by the SC and a list of
PWTC yesterday. supreme council member
It said any distribution or sales licensed persons is available on www.
Najib said BN parties, no mat- and Deputy Minister in the
of such securities would require a
ter big or small, must realise the Prime Minister’s Department
prospectus that is registered with The public can report illegal invest-
common objective of working for Datuk T. Murugiah based on
the ROS’ findings. the SC so that the prospectus can be ments by calling 03-62048999/8777
the people instead of being “overly
“I will be guided by the issued to investors to provide them or e-mailing
obsessed with internal politics”.
“It is important that we learn decision of the ROS and the
from the 12th general election re- party leadership,” he told a
sults and start working together,” press conference. PKR-DAP
he said. “But for the record, Muru- ties Thai PM visits
giah is not against the BN. In
“As for the PPP, its members
too have a role to play in BN. It
is important to stop all internal
fact, he has worked for and is
supportive of BN’s policies,”
again briefs Malaysia
bickering and start working said Najib. pg 5 Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva will
harder for better results,” he “He has been sacked make his first official visit to
added. (by PPP) and that has to
Delay subsidy Malaysia today since assuming
“What must be avoided is the be looked into by the ROS withdrawal: Union the post on Dec 17 last year.
‘inward-looking’ attitude to the whether it was done accord- KUALA LUMPUR: The National Wisma Putra said in a
extent that they are prepared to ingly.” Union of Bank Employees yester- statement yesterday Abhisit
day called on the government to will be accompanied by his
delay the withdrawal of subsidies deputy Suthep Thaugsuban,

Nude couple found dead for sugar, bread and flour until after
the economy improves.
Its general secretary, J. Solomon,
Foreign Minister Kasit Piromya
and senior Thai government
by Charles Ramendran apartment on the 22nd floor. Robert Lopez, 44, a taxi driver, had said the government should use part During his one-day visit, The relative called the police on slash wounds on his wrists and of the RM10 billion stimulus pack- Abhisit is scheduled to meet with
finding the nude body of the male hands. age to provide for the subsidies. his Malaysian counterpart Datuk
KUALA LUMPUR: The bodies of a victim in the hall. Police arrived He said police have yet to deter- He told Bernama that the mid- Seri Najib Abdul Razak to discuss
couple, dead for at least two days, minutes later and discovered the mine the motive behind the deaths dle and lower income group in Ma- issues of mutual interest and on
were found with slash wounds semi-nude body of the dead man’s until a post mortem is conducted laysia are struggling to make ends enhancing bilateral relations and
yesterday at a unit of the Idaman- wife in a room. and evidence is gathered. meet and that they re surviving on cooperation between the two
Sutera Apartments in Medan Ida- Sentul police chief ACP Zakaria Zakaria said the couple had borrowed income. countries.
man, Setapak in what is believed to Pagan said initial checks showed three children, aged between six Even borrowing, he said, was The statement said Abhisit
be a case of murder-cum-suicide. the woman, identified as Brenda and 18, who live with relatives and not easy for the individuals as they is also scheduled to have an
A relative of the couple, who Elizabeth Karen Pereira, 43, who the victims last contacted their had to overcome so many red tape audience with the Yang di-
could not reach them by tel- worked as a secretary with the families on Friday. and credit verifications. Pertuan Agong Tuanku Mizan
ephone, went to check on them Asian Football Confederation, had a He said police found a parang at “Such hurdles drive an indi- Zainal Abidin.
at about 2pm and prised open the deep slash wound on the abdomen the house but there were no signs vidual straight into the arms of Najib will later host a dinner
doors on getting a stench from the while her husband, Gerard Lopez of forced entry. loansharks,” he said. in honour of Abhisit. – Bernama