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26. Describe any two social evils prevalent in Nepal. List any five damaging effects of drug-addiction and suggest remedies for its solution. The End

PRE-SEND UP Examination - 2065

Subject: Social Studies Classes: X Time: 3:00 hrs F.M: 100 P.M: 40

Group A (8X1=8) Very Short answer questions. 1. "This Development region has 3 big and famous national parks, the biggest and deepest lake of our country, many mountain ranges and peaks, famous Karnali culture and some famous religious places, yet a few tourists go there." Name the development region referred in the statement and give a reason for very few tourists visit in the region. 2. Suppose you are a social worker. What is your duty to prevent girls from being trafficked? Give any two measures to prevent Girls Trafficking. 3. The most important feature of a democracy is the elections. What should be done to make elections free and fair? Write one suggestion. 4. Why is latitude or distance from the equator taken as one the influencing factors in determining climate? Write in a sentence. 5. North America has made a great achievement in economic and technical sector. Nepal has also got benefits from it. But instead of being dependent on developed countries, we should be selfreliant. What should we do for this? Give one suggestion. 6. Which index (symbol) is used to denote the following facts in a map? (a) River (b) Capital city 7. What was the result of the referendum of 2036? 8. Late King Mahendra in his royal proclamation gave number of reasons for abducting democracy on Paush 1, 2017 BS. Which was the most convincing reason according to you? Write in a sentence. Group B (14X4=56) 9. Mention any four important physical features of Mid-Western Development Region.



18. Mention any four differences between the Savanna Grassland and the Temperate Grassland (Pampass). 10. In the western development region forested areas are being destroyed because of tourists. Suggest any four measures to promote tourism and also to conserve forests in the region. 11. After studying the lesson Woman and Development, Bhimratna and Shashikala made a research on woman development in their community. Their research got the following findings: Women attending campus and university -43 Women attending adult education -21 Women attending various trainings -30 Women reading newspaper -54 Show the given data in a bar diagram 12. We should learn the lesson from the past that we have suffered a lot from the conflict and we cant bear conflict again. The state should take special steps to maintain peace and order in the country. List any four ways to avoid conflict and maintain the peace and order in the country. 13. Martyrs Day is on Magh 16. Are you happy the way national days are observed in Nepal? What is your suggestion for observing martyrs day in a more meaningful way? 14. Folk song highlights culture, social norms and values of a specific place. It also represents way of life of people. Write a model of a folk song that is sung in festival, religious functions and local fairs in your community. Write one of the roles to preserve folk songs. 15. Girl trafficking is the most heinous crime that could be done in any country. Unfortunately, Nepal has this social problem for decades in-spite of the fact that Government and big NGOs spend huge resources for the cause. Write two prevention and two rescue measures to control and eliminate girls trafficking in Nepal. 16. Explain the establishment of the Scout and its contributions. 17. What kind of steps would you take to maintain Territorial Integrity if you were made the co-coordinator of the Territorial Integrity Commission? Draft a plan with any four functions. 2 19. Show the following historical events in time-line: a. B.S. 2046: First Mass Movement b. B.S. 2059: Encroachment upon the parliamentary system c. B.S.2063: Second Mass Movement d. B.S. 2065: Implementation of Republic System. 20. Answer the following questions on the basis of picture given below:

a. What types of rivers are suitable for rafting? b. How do such activities help for livelihood? 21. What is Federalism? What could be the future implications and advantages of Federalism in Nepal? 22. Prepare any four model questions, which can be asked to the Secretary General of UNO regarding the current affairs. Group C(4X9=36) 23. What are our major national concerns? Explain any three of them in detail. 24. Insert the following items by drawing an outline map of Nepal: Api Himal, Mustang, Bardiya National Park, Tribhuwan Highway, Coffee Producing Area, Kali Gandaki River. 25. Draft a dialogue including four causes and four effects of World War-II. OR You might have made a visit over a religious or historical or any of the geographical site. What were the objectives and findings of your visit? Write in brief.