Unit 1 What • • • are the classifications of kinematic pairs?

Type of reciprocating motion between element Type of contact between element Type of closure

Give the function of coupler links. It is used to connect the input link with output link.

Unit 2 State the purpose of Denavit-Hartenberg parameters. It is used to determine the shapes of the links. What is kinematic inversion? The process of choosing different links of a chain for the frame is known as kinematic inversion. Unit 3 Define cubic of stationary curvature. The locus of all points on the coupler or moving plane which have stationary curvature at the instant considered is called cubic of stationary curvature. What do you mean by fixed center? The instant center (P) is located at the intersection of the extension of linkage is moved through all possible position traces out the curve called the fixed centrode.

a)Construct the cubic of stationary curvature of the coupler of the position of the four-bar linkage as shown in figure 3-A where O AA = 32.5 mm, OBB = 64.5 mm, OAOB = 96.5 mm, AB = 97 mm Φ = 900

Firgre 3-A .

b)Find the center of curvature of the coupler curve traced by the point C of the four bar linkage shown in figure 3-B Firgre 3-B .

Useing the graphical method Synthesize a four bar mechanism to guide a rod AB through three consecutive position A1B1. A2B2 and A3B3 as shown in figure .Unit 4 1 How problems in synthesis of mechanism can be classified 1)Function generation 2) Path generation and 3) Body guidance 2Define the term structural error. The difference between the desired motion and the actual motion produced is known as structural error.

e. velocity of a slider crank mechanism .Solution: a) Derive the expression for displacement. . Let the crank AB of radius a rotates in a anticlockwise direction with uniform angular velocity ω1 rad/s and angular acceleration α1 rad/s2. The slider is attached to the connecting rod BC of length b. i. at an eccentricity CD = e from figure (a). A slider crank mechanism is shown in figure (a). Let the crank makes an angle θ with the axis and the slider reciprocates along a path parallel to the X-axis.

Figure (b) .

Unit 5 Define a cognate linkage. .

edu .cornell. These are called cognate linkages.library. Design a six link mechanism for generation of parallel motion cognate linkage from the four bar mechanism shown in figure by using Robert-Chebychev method? 4 kinematic.The original four bar linkage with a coupler curve point can always be generated by three different linkages.

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