August 22, 2013

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Students to be Dismissed Earlier on Early Dismissal Days in Harford County this School Year

Early dismissal time for elementary school students will come a little earlier in the coming school year, under schedule changes announced to parents Monday by Harford County Public Schools. Students will now be dismissed 3 hours early, rather than 2 ½ hours early on the ten early dismissal days designated each year for elementary teacher planning. In the 2013-14 calendar, such days are scheduled once per month on a Friday. “The early dismissal time was moved up by 30 minutes in order to allow time for our buses to more efficiently accommodate all stops and schedules on early dismissal days”, according to Teri Kranefeld, HCPS manager of communications. For most elementary school parents, the change means that students will get out at 12:30 p.m. rather than 1:00 p.m. on early dismissal days. Elementary students on fourth-tier busing will get out at 1:00 p.m. rather than 1:30 p.m. The first early dismissal day scheduled in the new school year is September 20, 2013. The complete list appears below. The schedule change, announced one week before the start of school on August 26, comes amid a number of budgetrelated cutbacks to bus service affecting elementary, middle and high school students. The service cuts were implemented to save $890,000 in the fiscal year 2014 budget, sparking a backlash from some parents. The changes: • Consolidated bus stops implemented for middle and high school students: Stops have been reconfigured to decrease the number of stops and shorten routes where possible.


• Four elementary schools added to the fourth tier bus schedule: Bakerfield, Red Pump, Bel Air and Forest Lakes elementary schools will now operate on the fourth tier bus schedule, meaning that school will start at 9:30 a.m., and students will be dismissed at 4:00 p.m. on regular school days. • Exceptions to transportation policy eliminated: As a matter of policy, elementary students who live within a one-mile radius of school, and middle and high school students who live within a one-and-a-half-mile radius, are not eligible for bus service. Previously granted waivers to this policy have been eliminated; exemptions were lifted. • Depot stop system implemented for magnet programs: Bus service for students enrolled in magnet programs at Aberdeen, Edgewood, and North Harford high schools has been reduced to a depot stop system. Parents are responsible for getting their student to and from their chosen depot stop located at any one of nine county public high schools. Depot options for afternoon only include Harford County Public Library locations in Jarrettsville and Fallston. School officials have urged all parents to pay close attention to bus stop locations and bus numbers, indicating they had most likely changed from prior years. See attached for Elementary School dismissal dates!
(Source: Reprinted with permission, The Dagger. Some changes were made)


Saxon’s Opening Third Store Near Wegmans
The new business, XO by Saxon’s, will be a boutique store located in the Wegman s shopping center in Abingdon.

The well-known jewelry store with locations in Bel Air and Aberdeen will open XO by Saxon’s this October in the Wegmans shopping center in Abingdon, also known as Boulevard At Box Hill. Saxon’s has been in Harford County since 1958, and co-owner Kevin Ferrell said the new store will be a slightly different notion. “This is a new concept store for us. This is going to be more of a boutique type store,” Ferrell said. “We are going to carry a lot of things we don’t carry in our stores now.” Pandora lovers can rest assured; XO will carry their favorite charms and beads. However, Ferrell said the Abingdon store will carry more “fashion items.” “We are going to carry some accessories, which would include purses. Predominately it will be jewelry, but more fashion types,” Ferrell said. XO will carry popular lines like Belle Étoile, Angelique de Paris and Ti Sento. The store will also carry designer purses. According to Ferrell, the store is targeted to open around mid-October. The building where the store will be located is currently under construction. Ferrel said XO will offer a new look for Saxon’s. The store will have some customer favorites as well as some new items and plenty of fresh and fashionable jewelry. “This store will have its own identity,” Ferrell said. “We are hiring a whole new staff for this store. It is going to be more fashion oriented, than bridal oriented and will have a whole new look.”
(Source: Some changes were made.) *********************************************

Abingdon Community Council
August 26, 2013 at the Abingdon Public Library 6:30pm – 7:30pm 2510 Tollgate Road, Abingdon, MD

Special Guest: Andrew Nau, Recruitment and Retention Coordinator with Abingdon Fire Company will discuss raising awareness about the Abingdon Fire Company
Cynthia Hergenhahn, Chairperson C. David Copenhaver • Carlin Cook Earl Grey • Gregory A. Beaty • Joan Hamilton Recording Secretary: Donna Copenhaver


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