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HR Online Toolkit
A handy, online reference with tools and checklists for: • Audit  Assess your HR needs with this handy checklist. •  Employee Relations  earn fundamental policies and procedures that can help L nurture satisfactory relationships with your staff. •  Recruiting  Get the tools you need to bring talent to your team, including processes for posting open positions and conducting interviews. •  Compensation  Determine appropriate wages with salary surveys and other competitive market data. •  Benefits  stablish a competitive benefits package to recruit, retain, and E motivate talented and dedicated workers. • Training  elp your staff grow personally and professionally with a well H formed development curriculum. • Legal  earn which employment laws apply to your association, L such as the Fair Labor Standards Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act.

The National Association of REALTORS®
Donna Garcia, MSHR, SPHR, SWP, RCE
Human Resource Services Director NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®
In 1996, Donna joined the Human Resources Division where she has gained extensive knowledge in employee relations, training, compensation, benefits administration, and strategic workforce planning and implementation. Donna received her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from St. Xavier University and her Master’s Degree in Human Resource Management from Loyola University. She has obtained certifications in Organizational Development, Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR), Strategic Workforce Planning (SWP), and as a REALTOR Association Certified Executive (RCE). She is a certified facilitator for The Pacific Institute’s Investment in Excellence Program and DiSC training programs.   She is a member of the Society for Human Resource Management, the American Society of Association Executives, Aetna’s Consumer Advisory Council and the Illinois Chamber of Commerce’s Employment Law and Healthcare Councils. Connect with Donna on LinkedIn and join the Association Executives Group.

Employee Relations/Consultations
• Employee Relations  Guidance with conflict resolution, team building, and removing
other obstacles that hinder your employees’ effectiveness.

FREE Human Resources Consulting
S chedule a 30-minute meeting to discuss your personnel issues  or Human Resources Consulting needs. Sessions are available at all NAR meetings on a first come, first serve basis. Contact Donna Garcia at one week prior to NAR meetings to schedule your session.

National Association of Realtors® Human Resource Services 430 N. Michigan Ave. Chicago, IL 60611 Contact Information Phone: 312-329-8311 Fax: 312-670-1583 E-mail:

HR Connection Human Resource Services
for Association Executives
NEW! Strategic Plan Implementation!

Access your Human Resources Toolkit at

430 North Michigan Avenue • Chicago, IL 60611-4087 800.874.6500 •

HR connection
the convenience of “one stop shopping” for Human Resource services and information
HR information available includes: • H  R column in REALTOR ® AE magazine – Submit your questions to Selected questions will be answered in the HR Connection column •  Human Resources Toolkit – Services include: • • • • • • Strategic Plan Implementation Strategic Workforce Planning Compensation Analysis Employee Relations Assistance Training on Human Resource Issues Association Executive Search Assistance

HR connection Premium Services
Employee Manual Template
Are you looking for assistance developing an employee manual? Well, NAR has  what you need! This manual, which can be downloaded in MS Word and updated with your specific information, includes policies on current topics such as:

• • • • • • •

Sexual harassment E-communication Technology and social media Alcohol & drug abuse Privacy Safety and much more...

Human Resource Webinars
Check NAR’s AE INS for webinars to be offered in 2013. Registration fee is per location , so you can partner with surrounding associations or invite your staff or leadership.

Cost per location: $150 Members; $350 non-members

We strongly recommend that you send your completed manual to your legal counsel for review to ensure it complies with state law.

Tailored Training on Human Resource Issues
Supervisor and employee training is crucial to any successful organization. Courses are available for your association and/or members. A great way to generate revenue for your regional/association meetings! Following are some of the courses currently available: 1.  Pacific Institute (1.5 days) – This comprehensive, motivational seminar is a brilliant way to assist you, your staff, membership and/or leadership in working through barriers that may hinder them from reaching their potential. Topics include: a) a study of how the mind works; b) how to control the way we think; and c) how to increase self-efficacy.  Cost:  $3,000 facilitation fee, $205 per person materials fee

Cost:  $145 members, $195 non-members

Broker version is available for the same price.
To order go to

Strategic Workforce Planning
Do you have sufficient staff to meet your strategic goals? Are your staff’s  responsibilities properly aligned as effectively and efficiently as possible? Does your staff have the skills, knowledge and experience needed to take you to the next level? Where are the gaps and how can you fill those gaps to maximize your resources? These questions can be answered with a thorough Strategic Workforce Planning Analysis. Aligning staff with your Strategic Plan is critical in meeting your Association’s goals and providing value to your membership — now and in the future. Analysis includes:

Prices valid through December 31, 2013

(payable to the Pacific Institute), plus reimbursement of travel expenses
2.  Sexual Harassment – This 90 minute session addresses how to identify actions that constitute sexual harassment, ways it can be prevented, and how to establish company policies and procedures to address incidents of sexual harassment.  Cost:  $1,000 per class, plus expenses; minimum 15 participants


Strategic Plan Implementation
Don’t let your Strategic Plan sit on the shelf and collect dust! Show  your members the value of their dues dollars! Consulting services and tools are available to:

• Review of your Association’s Strategic Plan • Review of staff job descriptions • G  ap analysis of staffing resources, knowledge and experience
required to meet future objectives

• S  how members the VALUE of belonging to your

Cost: $  525 per position Strategic Workforce Planning with Compensation Analysis Cost: $650 per position

3.  A dditional Topics –Tailored training on topics such as communication, leadership, complete receive is time an own management, assessment personal on the etc., prior at are to the available. the course session. Participants and then The session results. online based

• Identify initiatives to achieve your Association’s goals • K  eep your goals on track and maintain accountability • H  andle initiatives that aren’t part of your Association’s
overall plan

Compensation Analysis
Includes, but is not limited to, determining FLSA status (exempt v. non-exempt), job description development, and reviewing your compensation system to ensure internal equity and/or establish pay ranges based on market data.






Cost:  Will vary depending upon course length and number of participants. Reimbursement of travel and direct expenses; minimum 15 participants required.

• E  nsure your staff have the skills and experience needed
to achieve your Association’s long-term goals In addition to Strategic Plan Implementation, this process may also involve Strategic Workforce Planning and/or Compensation Analysis.

Cost: $200 per staff position; $300 for Association Executive

Association Executive Search Assistance
Assistance includes, but is not limited to: 1. Initial phone consultation (no charge) 2.  Skills/experience/knowledge identification, resume screening, interviewing, background check, selection and contract negotiation

Cost: V  aries based on Association size and number of staff. Contact Donna Garcia (312/329-8311) or for more information.

Cost: $15,000 plus reimbursement of travel and direct expenses

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