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Food Manufacturing Industry 
ERP Case study: Pickle / Masala Industry


Hygienically processed, this company makes pickle, Masala, and

papad, for Indian market as well as export.

Their strong business acumen added to our overall growth enabling

them to expand range of offerings. With a wide variety of Indian
mango pickle, mixed vegetable pickle, ginger pickles, spices and


• Perishable food items having expiry date
Pickle Items • Smoother and faster process flow
• Efficient distribution of information
• Mango Pieces
• Decentralization of task & decision

• Sesame Oil • Increased transparency and better control

• Protection/ Security of data
• Red chilli powder • Wastage, scrap, rejection
• Lack of quality awareness
• Mixed Spices
• Cost control
• Acetic Acid • productivity through elimination of duplication
• Inventory of raw materials, packing material, fruit &
• Mustard

• Asafoetida. • Delivery performance

• Sales and Distribution through branches.
• Amla, Lime

• Garlic, Ginger

• Jaggery

• Papad  Page 1 

Food Manufacturing Industry 

• Protect your business information

• Improve team performance through enhanced collaboration
Multi-location: Send and Received data – module to synchronize
two ERP servers was deployed, because in the Sarole factory the
internet connection was poor.

1. Security module 10. Production module

2. Accounts module – (Assembly Production
General Ledger Accounts and Process Production)
3. VAT / Sales Tax module CRM module (Customer
4. Multi-location: send & relationship
receive data on net. management) and pre-
5. Inventory Management sales module.
module 11. Automatic email alerts
6. Purchase & Pre- module
purchase module 12. Payroll and HR module
7. MRP - Material 13. Cost sheet module –
Requirement Planning preparing estimate
module / Supply Chain 14. Order Fulfillment module
Management (SCM) – Sales Accounting -
8. ISO 9000 – Quality (Shipping).
check module 15. Sub-contractor OUT
9. BOM – Bill of Materials module to manage
module outsourcing.


• Creates a positive environment to inspire individuals/teams

to increased productivity, produce greater results
• Energetic, impressive work ethic and at ease in high stress,
fast-paced situations with multiple responsibilities.
• Customer's order is linked with the Indent and Sales
invoice. Chances of mistakes / miscommunication are
reduced with this kind of tight integration. The work order
(job card) link with material issue from stores ensures high
level of material management.
• Top management involvement and necessary ERP training
made the project a success.  Page 2