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YOUR PICTURES This months pictures from Dubrovnik, Orasac & Trstino..FULL DUBROVNIK CITY GUIDE Where to eat, what to do, the best night life and attractions worth visiting. TOP LUXURY DUBROVNIK HOTELS Our choice of the best luxury hotels..


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This Months Destination: Dubrovnik
Dubrovnik i s an o l d ci t y o n t h e Ad ri at i c S ea co as t i n the e xtre m e s o u t h o f C ro at i a. It i s o n e o f t h e m o s t promine nt t o u ri s t res o rt s o f t h e M ed i t erran ean .
Today Dubrovnik is the proudest feather in Croatia’s tourist cap, an elite destination and one of the most beautiful towns in the Mediterranean. Dubrovnik used to be an independent republic, surviving mostly on trade. It managed to survive many centuries, with constant threats to its territory, particularly from the mighty Ottoman Empire and Venice. As early as 19th century, it was discovered by celebrities as a place to be seen. George Bernard Shaw once said that “those who seek paradise on Earth should come to Dubrovnik and find it”. Royalty, presidents and diplomats have all favored the city. The late Pope John Paul II was a fan of Dubrovnik and was even made an honorary citizen. Out of the 23 top luxury hotels in Croatia in 2010, 13 were located in Dubrovnik. Dubrovnik is steeped in stunning architecture and sculptural detail, and boasts spectacular churches, monasteries, museums, and fountains. A multitude of typical towns and excursions include: The Elaphiti Islands, the attractive town of Cavtat,the Konavle valley, Mljet Island, Korčula Island, Ston and Peljesac Peninsula. The neighbouring towns of Kotor and Perast in Montenegro or Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina also make for intrigiuing day trips.

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Dubrovnik Coastal Hideaways
Some of the most charming untoched villages we feel you should see on your visit to Dubrovnik. We feature our favorite destinations on the coast north of Dubrovnik. Orasac, and Ston.

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Montenegro Day Out Guide Dubvovnik Guide
A full guide to the attractions, cafe, bars and museums of dubrovnik to enhance you stay
Montenegro’s lower areas along the coast enjoy a Mediterranean climate, having dry summers and mild, rainy winters. Central and northern regions have Continental climate, where temperature varies greatly with elevation. Podgorica, lying near sea level

Dubrovnik Airport
Full traveller information for you to plan your Airport experience. The airport is also called Cilipi, after its location. Dubrovnik is a popular tourist destination on the Adriatic coast. It has only one terminal and handles approximately one million passengers annually.



Top Hotels
Our top choice of luxury hotels in the Dubrovnik area for a comfortable stay.

Reader submitted photos from Orasac, Dubrovnik Gruz harbour & the old town


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Dubrovnik Coastal Hideaways
Nestled along the Croatian coast near to Dubrovnik are some of the most charming untoched villages we feel you should see on your visit to Dubrovnik. We feature our favorite 3 destinations on the coast north of Dubrovnik. Orasac, and Ston.

S ton In order to know Pelješac as an unique and historical entity, it is best to start with Stonska Prevlaka (Ston Isthmus), the single connection with the mainland. Recessed among hills, it extends 1.5 km between the southern and northern coasts. Archaeological finds here show that Mediterranean and Balkan cultural groups were both present, and in prehistory an exchange of goods took place by land and sea. This area has attracted streams of men and merchants from the mountainous interior and the open

OrašaC Orašac is a village in southern Croatia, northwest of Dubrovnik, between Trsteno and Zaton. It is located in the Dubrovačko Primorje (Dubrovnik littoral). There are many old churches (such as the St Nicholas church build in 1250) and chapels, including the Arapovo castle, where the chief magistrate of Florence, the gonfalonier Piero Soderini is believed to have stayed, before he left for Florence in 1512. Six villages are scattered in the surrounding area.

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There are a wide range of restaurants in the Old Town, mostly offering a very similar menu of local seafood and some meat dishes. The cuisine may not be very imaginative, but it is usually of good quality and very fresh. trap enterprises operating and still charging high prices.

D u b r o v n i k c u i s i n e i s c h a r a c t e r i s t i c a l ly n o t v e r y s p i c y a n d i s f a m o u s

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Konoba Pjatanca, Koločepska 2 (near the public beach Banje and hotel Excelsior, out of the tourist crowd, you pass the Ploče gate), +385 20 420 949 (rase.pavo@du.t-com. hr). 10:00-24:00. Traditional Dalmatian kitchen, nice atmosphere, fresh fish every day and only restaurant with local specialities, domestic Smoked ham and Cheese in oil and most wanted dish Baked lamb or veal under the bell “Peka” . La Luna, Andrije Hebranga 60, +385 20 419 736, [26]. 09:00-24:00. Large portions. Really good pizza with fresh ingredients. Best to have a medium pizza for 1 person or large if you are really hungry - a large can be split in half for not that hungry couples. Only pizza is served before 17:00, for pasta or other dishes you will have to wait until 17:00. 45 kn/medium pizza. Lokanda Peskarija, Na ponti bb, +385 20 324 750. Traditional Dalmatian appetizers and meals, you get your meal in a large black fisherman’s style pot. Marco Polo, Lucarica 6 (near St. Blaise church), +385 99 801 45 66, [27]. 10-24. Good traditional food served in a small outdoor courtyard. Not really budget, but really nice restaurant with different types of food. Mea Culpa, Široka Street. One of the best pizzerias on what is becoming a ‘pizza street’. Go for pizza or a coffee and brandy and exchange banter with the staff. 70 kn/pizza+bottle of water. Nishta, Prijeko 30 (At the top of the first set of stairs on Palmotićeva, which is the 3rd street on the left when walking from Pile gate), +385 92 218 8612, [28]. Dubrovnik’s first and only vegetarian restaurant, with vegan and gluten free options available upon request. Pekara Zlatno Zrno patisserie, Petra Kresimira (outside the city walls near the fire station), +385 20 412153. Nice patisserie / bakery that stays open late. Expensive, but cheaper than those within the city walls. Poklisar, Ribarnica 1 (in the old harbour), +385 20 322176. Limited but good menu, including pizza and some very enjoyable live piano music. Pizzeria Scala, Mata Vodopića 3 (near Tommy’s supermarket), +385 091 412-5110, [29]. 08:0024:00. A very nice pizzeria between Lapad and Babik Kuk. Pizza specialities.
Dubrovnik Harbour Beautiful Dubrovnik architecture

Bokar Fortress Dubrovnik old town

f o r t r a d i t i o n a l i s m . m e at s , v e g e ta b l e s & f i s h a r e p o p u l a r


C O N Tp Ee Na Tn S T r av e l g U I D E e u r o

Bukovac House (Kuća Bukovac), Bukovčeva 5, Cavtat, +385 20 478 646, [13]. 9AM - 1PM, 4PM-8PM, Sun 4PM8PM. Closed Mon. Includes works by Vlaho Bukovac (1855-1922), one of the most famous modern Croatian painters. Part of the house is devoted to exhibitions of works by young artists. Dubrovnik Natural History Museum (Prirodoslovni muzej), Androvićeva 1, +385 20 324 888. 9AM4PM, closed Sa-Su. The collection of 100 year-old taxidermy specimens dates back to 1872 and may not appeal to everyone. Franciscan Monastery Museum, Placa 2. 9AM6PM. Houses artifacts from one of the world’s oldest pharmacies. 30 kn. Sigurata Convent Museum, Od Sigurate 13, +385 20 321 467. Upon request. Entry: 10 kn. Synagogue and Jewish Museum, Zudioska 5, +385 20 321 028. This originally Sephardic Synagogue is supposed to be the second oldest still in use synagogue in Europe today. Entry: 20 kn. Dominican Monastery Museum, Sv. Domina 4, +385 20 321 423. 9AM6PM. Paintings and artifacts from Dubrovnik’s past. Entry: 20 kn. The Sponza Palace Museum (Museum of the State Archives). Entry: 20 kn. The Rector`s Palace Museum, Pred dvorom 1, +385 20 321 437. 9AM-6PM. Artifacts, paintings and furniture dating back from the time of the Dubrovnik Republic. Entry: 40 kn. The Treasury of Cathedral, Kneza Damjana Jude 1, :+385 20 323 459. 9AM-6PM. The Treasury has 138 reliquaries which are carried around the city during the Feast of St Blaise. Entry: 15 kn. Maritime Museum, In St. John Fortress, +385 20 323 904. 9AM-6PM. Considering how vital sailing and shipbuilding were to the growth of the Dubrovnik Republic, this is one of the city’s most important museums. Entry: 40 kn. Home of Marin Drzic, Široka 7, +385 20 420 490. M-Sa 9AM-1PM and by appointment. Memorial house of Marin

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Cafes & Bars
There are numerous cafes and bars throughout the Old Town and the entire city with prices varying according to the location (particularly, those located on the Stradun are by far the most expensive but you are paying for the ambiance and people-watching as well). Most cafes serve a wide variety of drinks all day. Oliver Twist Bar, Vetranićeva 6 Dubrovnik Croatia (On one of the streets to the left of Stradun walking from the Pile gate). Cheap drinks in expensive Dubrovnik. This is an interesting,local bar with seating in and outside on the city stairs, good music, and FREE WIFI. Cafe Buža, Iza Mura (Follow a sign that says ‘cold drinks’ and enter through a hole in the wall on the south side of the Old Town. Just wander up the stairs (on the right side of Stradun coming from Pile gate), until you hit the city walls, and then walk all the way down.). The tables and chairs are set out on the side of the cliff and the beers are served in bottles and plastic cups. Casablanca, (On one of the streets to the left of Stradun walking from the Pile gate). Look for flashing red and blue lights. This is an interesting, slightly bizarre bar with seating outside on the city stairs, techno music, and may have erotic dancing. D’vino Wine Bar, Palmoticeva 4a (Coming from Pile Gate they are on the third street off of Stradun on the left.), +385 20 321 223. D’Vino Wine Bar has a selection of over 100 fine domestic and imported wine available by the glass, bottle, and in tasting servings. Largest selection of wines by the glass in Dubrovnik with a very intimate, romantic atmosphere, which is a change of pace from other bars in the city. Buzz Bar, Prijeko Street 21 is a newly opened bar, already popular among local people of Dubrovnik. It has great selection of local rakija, wine, beer but also has good coffee in the morning. It is especially nice in hot summer as the street is in shade. Nonenina, Pred Dvorom 4, +385 91 333 0601, [37]. Chill music fills this lounge bar at night, making it a great place to unwind after a full day of sightseeing. Nude Noir DubrovnikCocktail Lounge Bohemia (Poljana Paska Milicevica 3), Opposite the Onofrio Fountain. The palatial yet playful architecture of Onofrio, a stylish art and champagne bar and restaurant built into the fabric of a rare Baroque building situated in the centre of the Old Town, plays host to this season of Nude Noir cocktail lounge bohemia and laid-back decadence between beginning of June and end of Septembre every day from 22.00 till 04.00. Capitano, Pile. Various kinds of music from studio 54 to Croatian music. Low prices. Factory, Put Republike (Gruz, 1 km from the centre. Bus station is situated just 20 m from the Club.). Various kinds of music, many popular singers and DJs. gate.

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city wall
Walk on the walls around the old town, great views. It is highly recommended to visit the walls during the early morning hours or the late afternoon hours during mid-summer months as it can become hot. Dubrovnik is surrounded by City Walls which are 2 km long and for which it is famous all around the world. Through the history City Walls were protection from the enemy, today Dubrovnik City Walls brings Fort Revelin at Ploce. The main entrance to the City Walls is by the Inner Pile Gates. Minceta Fort is one of the most beautiful cultural attractions in Dubrovnik. It is situated on the northwest side of the city inside the City Walls. It was built according to the design of Renaissance builder Juraj Dalmatinac. Bokar Fort is situated on the seaward of City Walls. Hours: 8AM-7PM. Entrance fee to the walls: 90 kn for adults, 30 kn for children and students with an ISIC.


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A bus ride from dubrovnik, ideal for an excursion or a few nights stay
Montenegro’s lower areas along the coast enjoy a Mediterranean climate, having dry summers and mild, rainy winters. Central and northern regions have Continental climate, where temperature varies greatly with elevation. Podgorica, lying near sea level in the valley of the central region, is noted for having the warmest July temperatures in Montenegro, averaging 35-40°C (95-104 F). Cetinje, in the Karst at an elevation of 670m (2,200 ft), has a temperature 5°C (10 F) lower. January temperatures range from 8°C (46 F) from Bar on the southern coast to -3°C (27 F) in the northern region. Montenegro’s mountainous regions receive some of the highest amounts of rainfall in Europe. In the northern mountains, snow is present throughout the spring. Montenegro may be small in terms of area, but it boasts stunning mountainous landscapes, dramatic coast lines, historic monuments and truly beautiful walled towns. The Montenegro coast is just as gorgeous as that of its better known neighbour, Croatia, and it is for good reason that its main tourist destinations can get crowded in summer. Nevertheless, if you can’t visit at another time, don’t let their popularity hold you back. Even the largest of cruise ship crowds will not stop you from enjoying this country’s magnificent Riviera and Medieval coast towns, especially if you’re willing to get up early and do your sightseeing ahead of the others. Of the country’s many churches and monasteries, the Serbian Orthodox Monastery of Ostrog deserves special attention. It’s spectacularly located against a practically vertical background, some 15 km from Nikšić. Founded in the 17th century, it’s one of the most visited pilgrimage destinations on the Balkans and boasts a magnificent view over the Bjelopavlići plain. Montenegro Daily buses operates from Dubrovnik through to Kotor, Budva or Herceg Novi.

M ontenegro

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montenegro information
l a ngu a ge The official language is Montenegrin. It is essentially the same language as Serbian, Croatian and Bosnian. In some municipalities with an Albanian majority (Ulcinj, Plav, Gusinje) and the Malesia district in Podgorica municipality, the Albanian is commonly spoken. F ood Cold hors-d’oeuvres include the famous njeguški pršut (smoked ham) and njeguški cheese, pljevaljski cheese, mushrooms, donuts and dried bleak. The main courses specific for the northern mountainous region are boiled lamb, D rink Montenegrin vineyards and the production of quality wine is part of the tradition of southern and coastal wine makers. The best known Montenegrin wines are the premium whites: “Krstač”, “Cabernet”, “Chardonnay” and reds: “Vranac”, “Pro Corde”.

i s being re - di s covered by touri s t s from around the globe .


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D u b rovni k’s in ternation al a i r po r t is o n e of C roatia’s mos t imp o rt a n t air ports . Th e airport is a l s o ca l l e d C i l i pi, after its locati o n. D u b rovni k is a p op ular touri s t de s t i nati on on th e Ad riatic c o a s t . I t h as onl y o ne terminal and ha n dle s approximately on e m i l l i o n pa s s enge r s a nn ually.

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D ubrovnik A irport
essential information if you are flying into dubrovnik airport
Dubrovnik’s international airport is one of Croatia’s most important airports. The airport is also called Cilipi, after its location. Dubrovnik is a popular tourist destination on the Adriatic coast. It has only one terminal and handles approximately one million passengers annually. Car and Bus The airport is located on the E65, approximately 24 kilometers south east of the center of Dubrovnik. There is an airport shuttle service (Atlas) between the airport and the Dubrovnik bus station. A ticket costs HRK 35.00. There is also a regular city busses service to and from the airport. The bus is the cheapest way to get to the airport. Car rental Dubrovnik Cilipi Airport There are several car rental agencies (Auto Europa, EasyCar, Economy Car, Sixt, Herzt and Holiday auto’s) at the arrival hall. You can also book a rental car in advance at EasyTerra, this website compares multiple car rental agencies and their rates simultaneously. Taxi Taxicabs are available in front of the terminal. A trip to Dubrovnik costs approximately HRK 250.00 and takes half an hour. You can book a taxi on line (tel. +385(0)98 725 769). Parking at the airport The airport has 200 parking spaces, both for short and long term parking. The first 15 minutes are free and after that the price is at most HRK 5.00 per 2 hours. Shopping and dining At the airport, there are a few shops, restaurants and (snack) bars. Baggage For lost and found items, please contact tel. +385(0)2 0773 328. Information At the terminal there is a service desk which provides information about the airport and timetables. Access for disabled people There are a number of facilities for disabled people. Other services At the terminal there is a bank, post office and an exchange office. Opposite the rental agencies, there is an ATM. The airport’s gardens are worth a visit. Business The airport has two lounges. Other than this, there are no business facilities


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Top luxury dubrovnik hote ls
Bellevue Dubrovnik Pera Cingrije 7, 20000 Dubrovnik This luxury hotel is a veritable sanctuary for people looking to relax their spirit and awaken their senses, whilst escaping from the haste of everyday life. It truly is a unique hotel for discerning individuals. Comprising a total of 91 guest rooms spread across 5 floors, it offers an appreciation of

Our top luxury hotels in the dubrovnik area to add a bit of luxury to your stay
luxury, superb service and attention to detail. The rooms all feature sea views of the Adriatic and the nearby pebbly beach right under the hote. The air-conditioned establishment welcomes its guests into a lobby with 24-hour reception and check-out service Dubrovnik Palace Masarykov Put 20, 20000 Dubrovnikle This luxurious beach hotel comprises a total of 10 floors with 308 rooms. Guests may make use of the air-conditioned foyer with a 24-hour reception desk, hotel safe, currency exchange desk, lift, TV room and conference facilities with Internet access. In addition to this, this hotel features a beach restaurant, bistros, café-bars, salons and aperitif bars as well as an air-conditioned à la carte restaurant with highchairs for younger guests. Room and laundry services are further features that can be taken advantage of. Car parking facilities are to be found outside of the hotel. Rixos Libertas Liechtensteinov Put 3, 20000 Dubrovnik The elegant Rixos Libertas Dubrovnik is conveniently situated in the “Pearl of the Adriatic”, enjoying panoramic views over the beautiful rugged coastline and the Adriatic Sea. It features vari-

ous restaurants and bars, a wide range of meeting facilities as well as the only casino of the city. The famous old town of Dubrovnik with its romantic historical buildings, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is within walking distance. Admiral Grand Rudera Boskovica Bb, 20232 Slano, Dubrovnik ing pursuit nay you looking. If on Surrounded by a scenic landscape with Mediterranean vegetation and forests of pine and olive trees, the Admiral Grand Hotel enjoys one of the most picturesque settings in the Dubrovnik area, in the lovely, peaceful bay of Slano which is more than 2 km long and features beautiful beaches. Dubrovnik with its enchanting old town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is about 29 km away; the international airport is at a distance of about 45 km.The luxurious hotel welcomes guests in modern and elegant surroundings with a bright

Dubrovnik Sun Gardens
This exclusive resort, built in 2009, offers stylish accommodation with private balconies and an amazing sea view. It comprises a total of 408 guest rooms. Guests can soak up the sun on one of the lounge chairs laid out on the exclusive beach, and enjoy fine dining at one of the many different restaurants at the resort. The air-conditioned property offers guests use of a wide range of amenities.

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International bu s i n e s s t r a v e l i s a n a c t i v i t y t h a t i s becoming far more a n d f a r m o r e c o m p l e x o n a d a i l y bas is . You ought to b e we l l r e a d y p r i o r t o y o u b e gi n your journey a n d b e r e a d y f o r a l l e v e n t u a l i t i es.

and airy style. The rooms are elegantly appointed and feature a stylish and contemporary interior design. Many of the rooms boast fantastic views over the beautiful Slano Bay and the surrounding hills. The hotel offers several fine dining options which are sure to tempt even the most discerning palate. Its tranquil atmosphere and peaceful environment make this grand hotel the perfect retreat for those wishing to escape the bustle of everyday life. Cavtat Croatia Frankopanska 10, 20210 Cavtat, Dubrovnik The air-conditioned hotel has several restaurants and bars, while lounges and terraces make it the ideal setting for banquets and receptions. The 487-room establishment welcomes guests in a lobby with a 24-hour reception and check-out service, a hotel safe, currency exchange facilities, cloakroom and lift access. Business travellers will appreciate

the hotel’s conference facilities and Internet access. Room and laundry services are also offered at this hotel. Hilton Imperial Dubrovnik Marijana Blazica 2, 20000 Dubrovnik This business and conference establishment combines 2 charming hotels, which were originally built in 1895. Fully renovated, the hotel has preserved its original 19th century architecture, while at the same time introducing a mixture of comfort and technology. The establishment comprises a total of 147 guest rooms and suites and prides itself on its ultimate event and conference facilities. The air-conditioned hotel welcomes its guests into a lobby with 24-hour reception and check-out service, a hotel safe, currency exchange facilities and a cloakroom.

Dubrovnik Sun Gardens

Dubrovnik Sun Gardens


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Y our P hotos
The best pictures submitted by our readers in the dubrovnik area


NT EU NI T e u r o p e a n T r aC vO el g DS E




e u r o C O N Tp Ee Na Tn S T r av e l g U I D E

Gruz Harbour Dubrovnik

e u r o p e a n T r av e l g U I D E



Dubrovnik Old Town

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