"Yes, of course I've been playing a comedy! A comedy!

That's a good no half-measures, and it was hard to see what business a gentleman like this could would transfer their luggage, which lay in a narrow blue net over a seat, to another for the most part with loose reins that the driver guided the dripping horse. -- Could suddenly, against all the usual practice, a larger expedition is considered right, for one Raban did not answer, shut his umbrella, and the sky closed over him in pallid for a moment Raban was walking against Lement's outstretched arm. only has to send the maid into the others' apartments, where they are sitting over a palpitations, then he walked quickly along the park pool, went along a narrow, badly his father had clean changes of underwear. He had not yet explicitly discussed with his me today? -- he explained some things to me, didn't he, and described everything as it "You have no friend in St. Petersburg. You've always been a leg-puller and you balcony who cut a broad cross in blood on the palm of his hand and held the hand up impossible for him to take a look outside then, still, he did not mean to abuse anyone no discussion beforehand either, for all will be expected to get together quite easily if "Yes, that could be done -- but it wouldn't be very nice if I didn't go -- and I'm between the shafts. Raban rubbed his feet thoroughly on the seat, pulled on clean stirring, dripped slowly through a crack into the carriage. about eye level, and the many raindrops on the glass were white, often single ones will appear to me. He came up and spoke to me and then walked with me, in spite of with triumphant glee, and stalking away from his father with the closed face of a there was anyone in the bus he might say so. "Yes, yes, and he would like to start now, you're answering me be you still my living son -- what else was left to me, in my back had been cleared up, I were to arrive in this station again on my way back, then I many a windowpane -- all were shut right up to the top -- a hissing arc lamp hung at passengers would change places, discussing these changes with each other, or they darkness. haven't even shrunk from pulling my leg. How could you have a friend out there! I he at once come and asked? reason one mustn't miss it. But if there is no such sight to be seen, then there will be have here, and he would be getting there soon enough anyway, so that he need not go 85 like, and no one with whom I could make more strenuous expeditions, no one there and really never know for certain where all the others are, for if there is a ruin in the would move. Raban could hear the noise from the platform even when he had shut the have offended him even with a single word. I did refuse to spend the evening in town, can't believe it." fans of puddle water formed, with a rushing sound, behind the turning wheels; it was tired, yes, I'll go all right. If a telegram came, they'd get a fright, into the bargain. -But then, later, you got on with him very well. I was proud because you listened to him strutting through the world, finishing off deals that I had prepared for him, bursting slammed down on the counter the ticket he had been asked for and the change. Now the reflection of his stable lantern jumping through the puddles at his feet. Irritably he slipping off his dressing gown as he stood feebly enough, "it'll soon be three years since benches leaning against little trees, then went more slowly through an opening in the Now he'll lean forward, thought Georg, what if he topples and smashes himself! who did not understand that. Apart from that, this place here was a filthy dump, and booking clerk looked out, said it was really high time, took the bank note, and Wrapped in the canvas of two sacks that had been cut up, the driver came over, with the other. The coach that he entered was brightly illuminated by the great but your mother has given me so much of her strength that I've established a fine room, plagued by a disloyal staff, old to the marrow of my bones? And my son

and remember me to "But your friend hasn't been betrayed after all!" cried his father. . And yet I don't know whether I shall be able to. my friend has his peculiarities." The lantern was attached to the end of the shaft. All by myself I might have had to give way. If the scenery does turn out to be boring. he said. having been come over here and that you're only hanging back of your own accord. Well. began to pull. each time putting the suitcase on the step above and then following himself. "I've been representing him here on the spot. "I were to get into a wrong train." against such invitations. and yet I can't who could show me how his crops are doing or show me a quarry he is working there. and believed that with Georg knelt down at once beside his father. that can't have offended him. realized at once the harm "He has pockets even in his shirt!" said Georg to himself. Since Georg did not come any "You comedian!" Georg could not resist the retort. Well. as if the care he a short thread through the eye of a needle. after a while "Stay where you are. Often the they had just been getting on fine when the train came. He but that was only natural. I was only thinking. Then it would at Page 108 shouted at in a muffled voice.had something else to do." Raban thought. thinking he ought to be getting more. he had been playing cards with Lebeda and people you know fairly well. carriage door and sat down on the last little free bit of a light-brown wooden seat. Anyway I couldn't back if I want to. emphasizing . made his knees give. It would really have been should certainly feel much better. If you think back you're bound to remember. in the old man's weary face he saw room. 86 began an explanation: listen here. a good journey. and the water on top of the bus. it was a quarter to six. and nodded and asked him questions. for I shall have no one there whom I could pay calls on whenever I The station clock struck. on closer inspection. for it is not so "If at least. . the darkness outside made it appear as and appealed to the mob.and while sure! I am still much the stronger of us two. or hadn't own future establishment. and since he found no guard. Page the point with stabs of his forefinger. but a His father leaned forward but did not topple. he climbed up the steps of the nearest coach by himself. But now all of a sudden he has gone away. in one place drifting limply past the face of a girl. It almost looked. 84 Raban tried to count his change quickly. Don't be too "Then it's really better for you to go. The not particularly clean appearance of his underwear made him reproach used to tell us the most incredible stories of the Russian Revolution. He The road was perhaps hilly. It was bright enough. You've told that story yourself once or twice since. For instance. leapt through the station entrance. while calling out "Thank you. for they socks. crossed it. Raban stopped because he had 93 Page There Raban looked around. been wanting to go by the omnibus. railings into the street. the horse. thank you!" to the porter. as Lement bride-to-be what arrangements should be made for his father in the future. I could quite well understand your dislike of him. Addio. I don't need you! You think you have strength enough to pipes and cigars. now set the fact that there was nothing he wanted to find out from me and that he himself still bethought himself and pushed his suitcase under his seat. on the seat opposite. for he is a sensible person. so he had at once come and asked. there was surely mud flying up into the spokes." expression! What other comfort was left to a poor old widower? Tell me -.

can still go my friend came to see us last. I forgot to tell you that. Then he heard someone from the station shouting: "Hi!" if On his left. bit his tongue back. and if later. although he was actually sitting with me in my me? Do shut your umbrella. It's a quarter to six. as I should like to drop in at talking about the price of goods. and had to knock for a while on the iron shutter. after all." Raban answered." And what for. that's the saw many people's backs. There socks. as I'm sleepy. At amount of light from the main hall of the station. it is not difficult to protect oneself upon some time before. only too late. for that very For one isn't at all sure even of acquaintances of long standing. anyway?" found the booking office. for I don't want to go through the wet park with you. and between them the carefully taking off the woolen drawers he wore over his linen underpants and his doorpost with his right hand. Then. These words went hissing through his mind. From a little distance Lement then called back: "I say. where would we go. he straightened himself again.nearer. Only just now Herr Pirkershofer -. till the pain letter or books and are delighted by this news. there will probably be a walk all together to that ruin. I didn't have a chance to tell Gillemann's. But now he made a quick. "They're commercial travelers. the pupils. that need not be a disadvantage at all. in which it was standing. the left hand held open. so that least twice I kept you from seeing him. close to his mouth. send a telegram. Eduard. his eyes starting in his head. It should have certainly been his duty to see that "Georg. it stopped raining ages ago.if you please. in front of district." any rate seem to me that the whole enterprise had begun. junior assistant clerk -. leaning out of the door. One will spend more time in the rooms everyone!" and complain anywhere. one must look forward to it. And now I shall say goodbye. after the mistake alone in the old house. so not too late." Raban thought and." Raban said. Well. and sat up straight. inside his collar. can you hear himself for having been neglectful. after all. it will have been agreed sprung?" had both of them silently taken it for granted that the old man would go on living you. He would go over and straighten it. when he was on a business trip to Kiev and ran into a riot." said his father in a low voice. at the window. holding on to the done and. too. two gentlemen were sitting opposite each other. which he had opened. and saw a priest on a says. as he had expected. In some places smoke was curling from though the omnibus had black distempered walls and no glass in the windows. however. Raban also "Adieu. Wasn't Lement nice to connection with your friend and I have your customers here in my pocket!" Lement turned to the right and held out his right hand to say goodbye. overlarge. Page Meanwhile Georg had succeeded in lowering his father down again and was no need to think that there were wheels under the floor and in front the horse would have his attention drawn to this. go with you today. firm decision to take him into his "That's quite easy. I remember that you used not to like him very much. Then the upturned faces of people on the seat opposite. lighted path between large shrubs. and the backs of their heads. easy as I imagine it now when I am still alone and can still do everything.had come in and had said he thought a small fair man had meant to lavish there on his father might come too late. rushed into an open place with many empty . for paying calls on The rain gushed down the back of his neck. fixedly looking at him from the corners of the eyes. porter who was walking nearby hurried him through a glass door onto the platform. without moving.

then the owner "Just think back a bit." said Georg. I. Father.respectable businessman! Do you think I didn't love you. and on the handle of the suitcase . from whom you are one. lifting his father from the chair and Page supporting himself on his umbrella with one hand. If a stick or the metal-covered corner of a suitcase stuck out.

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