VISION STATEMENT Aledo is a community with a rich heritage and dynamic future.

We will continue to be recognized as a community of excellence with solid family values, high-quality schools, a business-friendly atmosphere, and a strong sense of community that envisions sustainable growth, increases quality of life, and ensures a growing and vibrant local economy.

Perceptions of Safety

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Project Prioritization & Implementation Guide

• Facilitate the vision of a community of excellence with a strong sense of community and high quality of life • Incorporate the 2008 Safe Routes to School Plan • Guide the future growth and development of the Parks and Recreation Department through 2023

Aledo’s Priority Parks Projects
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Trails-Safe Routes to School Renovation of Community Center Park Middle School Trail (to Community Center Park) Development of Elm Street/Brown Trail Park New Parkland Acquisition

Residents would like a place to gather for festivals and markets. A multi-use skate area, amphitheater, and historic depot museum were mentioned. Bathrooms and picnic areas were requested.

Residents would like a covered pavilion capable of increasing the park’s popularity and charm. A looped nature trail and a trail connection to Aledo Middle School would make the park relevant to the community.

Residents would like this park to be developed into something “beautiful, useful, and natural.” A charming, historic gazebo; playground equipment; native plants and grasses; signage to commemorate the historic Brown Trail; benches for shoppers & visitors in the district; shade.

Residents would like this park to have shade. Other suggestions include: a walking trail, playground equipment for older children, a safer route and crosswalks to the park for children to visit it alone, and irrigation for trees. “Bearcat used a lot when kids were young, until about age 10”

Residents would like this park to stay natural and retain the mulched walking trails. In addition, picnic areas and a small playground were suggested. “I use Mockingbird Park to explore nature: native plants and flowers, bugs and animals with my daughters.”

Residents would like this park to be upgraded so that it can become a useful and enjoyable amenity in the neighborhood. “…a more family-friendly, neighborhood meeting place.”

• Simple • Diverse trail types • Provides connections throughout the City • Identifies locations for greenways and regional trails • Includes all the Safe Routes to School Plan’s routes.


Subdivision Ordinance
PARKS AND RECREATION ORDINANCE • Chapter 46: Sections 1- 18 of the municipal code for Parks and Recreation should be completed as soon as possible. The online Municode online version is still incomplete. • The Parks and Recreation Ordinance in Chapter 46 (B -2008-012, § 1, 8-28-2008) of Municipal Code should include additional rules on trail use and maintenance. In addition, the ordinance should address the use of natural and conservation areas. PARKLAND DEDICATION Chapter 66 (sec 51 -58) of the City’s Community Facilities Policy, addresses several issues related to Parkland dedication. These aspects could be strengthened: • Large, contiguous parcels should be dedicated during subdivision development. • Parcels of land should not be too close to streets or hazardous terrain. • New developments should have sidewalks that provide access to the main streets and greenways. • Subdivision policy should also address the loop-and-lollipop street patterns commonly found in suburban housing developments.

Grant Resources

Possible Construction Cost Estimates

Possible Construction Cost Estimates

Possible Construction Cost Estimates

Value of Parks and Trails
• How Cities use Parks for Economic Development

• Economic Impacts of Protecting Rivers, Trails, and Greenway Corridors
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